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Wind turbines kill birds and bats! Mass murderous fake energy efficiency by fake alternatives!

  1. Intro
  2. Fake Efficiency
  3. Murderous wind turbines are killing birds and bats.
  4. Some Video Documents
  5. Solar Perversion
  6. Non-recyclable trash
  7. Further sources

1. Intro
  • Wind power is, like everything else of Climatism, a fake alternative!
  • Wind turbines kill birds and bats!
  • Wind turbines are inefficient - only lower than 15% energy efficient!
  • Wind turbines cost much more than they deliver!
  • Wind turbines damage nature!
  • Wind turbines require additional nuclear and coal power!
  • Wind turbines serve only as distraction and disguise for the growing fracking and desert-farming industries!
  • Wind power supporters are lobbyists of ClimateControl mafia!

Kielings wilde Welt 1 2 - Rotmilan und Windkraft - ARTE

Rotmilane vergiftet, um Windräder zu bauen

A vulture is hit and badly injured by windmill blade.

Andreas Kieling showing the evidence of crime by the windmill mafia.

2. Fake Efficiency

Energy production by wind turbines and photovoltaic panels serves only for distraction from multiplying petrol and gas production by fracking and to disguise distract from the ongoing global scale climate engineering for control on water cycle and carbon cycle with all its deadly dangerous impacts!

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!

Compared to the rise of mineral gas and oil production, the so called "renewables" are irrelevant and will remain at this stage for ever! The propaganda is so successful that the suffering victims are conditioned to pay for their own brainwashing and fake alternatives.

The legacy hydro-power plants are put into the same pot like solar and wind to hide how irrelevant these energy production methods really are.

Here are some statistics about energy counsumption:

World Energy Statistics

A More biased by manipulating text but self revealing collection of diagrams is collected on CarbonBrief:

Wind turbines have a real maximum efficiency of about 15% and on many sites only 5%. If we also reduce the invested energy for production, not much remains to legitimize the use of any wind turbines, ignoring the damage on nature and people caused by them.

What is primary and secondary energy? (Original in German)

"According to the definition of primary energy of wind power, the wind turbines have an efficiency of about 40-50%, which is only slightly above the level of brown coal power plants."

The deadly dumb mantra about carbon dioxide being pollution!

"By using the wind power no pollution is produced, if compared with coal, particularly no carbon dioxide."

Real output of wind power sites - only 5% of nominal output in Baden Württemberg?! (Original German)
Publiziert am 14. Juli 2013 von Andreas Sindlinger

"It becomes more interesting, if it is compared to the installed output. ... By that we know which percentage of the installed power was really supplied. For Germany this value is 16.2%."

Here are more collected resources against the so called "renewables".

Economic viability of wind turbines in Germany and Baden Württemberg (Original German)

""A year has 8760 hours (365 days x 24 hours).

A wind turbine could produce electricity at 8760 hours under full load.

One 3 MW wind turbine x 8760 hours in year = 26.280 MWh = 26.280.000 kWh maximum energy yield per year. (= 100%)

As the wind doesn't blow all the time, the theoretical maximum yield has to be reduced to the level of actual blowing wind.

In Baden Württemberg the average wind blow is at 14.3 % of its maximum possibility in a year.
(Source: BDEW Bundesverband der Energie-und Wasserwirtschaft, Energie Info, Erneuerbare Energien and EEG: figures, facts, graphics, page 23,


so, this results in 14.3 % full load hours.

- The wind turbine in Langenbrand turned last year 12.1 % of full load hours
- The biggest wind farm in Baden Württemberg (BW) in Simmersfeld turned between 2007 to 2011 at an average of 15.8%
- The wind turbine in Ingersheim had 12,4 % full load hours
- St.Georgen in Schwarzwald 11,92%
Source: Transnet, “Owner/Operator” of all electricity network in Baden Württemberg. On the website of Transnet the data for each wind turbine in BW can be observed, including the compensation for current supply.


To get the real economic viability of an wind turbine at a specific site, the installed power has to to be multiplied with the expected full load hours.

3. Murderous wind turbines are killing birds and bats.

Some articles are collected here to show the deadly evidence about wind turbines. When propaganda is spread, the lies are self revealing by some notions like ...
  • most experts
  • some scientists
  • study suggested
  • warming world
  • pragmatic approach
  • peer-reviewed
Windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought

"Red kite agonizing under wind turbine, Spain.
Courtesy of association of ecologists GURELUR, Navarre."

Image is kept for supporting the quotation of the article.

"Wind turbines are actually slaughtering millions of birds and bats annually"

"By chance (if you believe in coincidences), a timely government study claims wind farms will kill “only” 1.4 million birds yearly by 2030. This new report is just one of many, financed with taxpayers’ money, aimed at convincing the public that additional mortality caused by wind plants is sustainable. – It is not."

"In 2012, breaking the European omerta on wind farm mortality, the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/Birdlife) reviewed actual carcass counts from 136 monitoring studies. They concluded that Spain’s 18,000 wind turbines are killing 6-18 million birds and bats yearly."

"Extrapolating that and similar (little publicized) German and Swedish studies, 39,000 U.S. wind turbines would not be killing “only” 440,000 birds (USFWS, 2009) or “just” 573,000 birds and 888,000 bats (Smallwood, 2013), but 13-39 million birds and bats every year!"

"Wildlife expert Jim Wiegand has documented how areas searched under wind turbines are still confined to 200-foot radiuses, even though modern monster turbines catapult 80% of bird and bat carcasses much further. Windfarm owners, operating under voluntary (!) USFWS guidelines, commission studies that search much-too-small areas, look only once every 30-90 days, ensuring that scavengers remove most carcasses, and ignore wounded birds that happen to be found within search perimeters."

"These research protocols are designed to guarantee extremely low mortality statistics, hiding the true death tolls – and the USFWS seems inclined to let the deception continue. In addition, bird mortality data are now considered to be the property of windfarm owners, which means the public no longer has a right to know."

"By 2030, the United States plans to produce 20% of its electricity from wind. That’s nearly six times as much as today, from three or four times as many turbines, striking more flying creatures due to their bigger size (even the mendacious study predicting 1.4 million bird kills recognizes this). Using the higher but still underestimated level of mortality published by Smallwood in 2013, by 2030 our wind turbines would be killing over 3 million birds and 5 million bats annually."

"But this is shy of reality by a factor of ten, because 90% of casualties land outside the search perimeter and are not counted. We are thus really talking about an unsustainable death toll of 30 million birds and 50 million bats a year – and more still if we factor in other hide-the-mortality tricks documented by STEI."

Will Wind Turbines Ever Be Safe For Birds?
Sure, it’s green energy—but it also results in hundreds of thousands of bird deaths each year.

"Wind turbines kill an estimated 140,000 to 328,000 birds each year in North America, making it the most threatening form of green energy. And yet, it’s also one of the most rapidly expanding energy industries: more than 49,000 individual wind turbines now exist across 39 states."

What does "cutting down on insects" mean?
Should we tolerate the poisoning of the nature with e.g. Glyphosat to kill the insects and frame the statistics of bird mortality by wind farms. What a pervert mind can write such a study?

"Bright Blades: A 2010 study suggested that purple wind turbines would in theory cause fewer bird strikes than the typical white ones. That’s because white blades attract insects, and insects attract foraging birds. So, cutting down on the insects could dissuade foraging avians from coming too close."

"Bright Lights" is nothing else than pollution of nature with more non-natural light!

"Bright Lights: Lighting systems are also being investigated as a deterrent tool: In 2012 the National Science Foundation awarded a $150,000 grant to researchers who showed that UV lighting could be used to deter bats and birds from wind farm sites. Right now, their patent is pending."

"Plus, it can take people 45 minutes to shut down turbines after birds have been detected, Linowes says—plenty of time for birds to reach them, and get hit. Some retrofits, like the condor avoidance scheme, factor this issue into the design—but many do not."

"There is one easy way wind companies can avoid bird deaths: Put wind farms in places where birds are unlikely to fly in the first place. “Right now one of our big considerations is siting,” says Christy Johnson-Hughes, a biologist from the USFWS’s ecological services. Migration pathways and certain landscape features—such as wetlands and migratory stopover points—are known areas where birds gather. “Putting turbines in those exact places is probably risky,” says Brian Millsap, USFWS national raptor coordinator. “Siting is the one and only thing that we really understand at this point.”"

"There’s no doubt that turbines—as we know them now—are flawed inventions, and it could be a long, experiment-filled time before we manage to craft the perfect design. But in a warming world, where more and more birds are going to be threatened by climate change, a pragmatic approach to energy creation and safeguarding the planet’s birds might be the one we have to accept."

"How Many Birds Do Wind Turbines Really Kill?
The giant spinning turbines are basically bird death traps - and often they cut through prime flying space making the carnage even worse

Do wind turbines kill birds?

The worst damage on all life comes from all applications of climate control, but this author is unaware of that and is selling the propaganda! Here it reveals that the fake alternatives are not ready!

"With U.S. dependency on foreign oil getting uncomfortably close to crisis levels, any viable alternative energy source is looking pretty good. With environmental damage from coal and gas-derived power already at crisis levels, even alternatives that are decades off are looking pretty great. Wind power, a viable energy source that costs far less than nuclear and coal power and contributes almost no pollutants to the environment, seems to many of us to be almost ideal."

"But there are some people who disagree and are fighting the installation of new wind turbines in the United States. They cite bird mortality as an unacceptable side effect of wind-generated power. Through lawsuits and protests against pending legislation, they hope to save huge numbers of birds from death at the blades of massive wind turbines."

These "most experts" are henchmen of climate control mafia and the statistics are only the peak of the hidden ice berg, which is sold as a "widespread misconception"!

"To most experts, though, there's a problem with the bird-mortality argument: The vast majority of research shows that wind turbines kill relatively few birds, at least compared with other man-made structures. The statistics are shocking if you consider just how many people are crying out against wind power for the birds' sake:"

Man-made structure/technology

Associated bird

deaths per year (U.S.)

Feral and
domestic cats
Hundreds of millions AWEA
Power lines 130 million -- 174 million AWEA
Windows (residential and commercial) 100 million -- 1 billion TreeHugger
Pesticides 70 million AWEA
Automobiles 60 million -- 80 million AWEA
Lighted communication towers 40 million -- 50 million AWEA
Wind turbines 10,000 -- 40,000 ABC

"Collisions with wind turbines account for about one-tenth of a percent of all "unnatural" bird deaths in the United States each year. And of all bird deaths, 30 percent are due to natural causes, like baby birds falling from nests [source: AWEA]. So why the widespread misconception that labels wind turbines "bird-o-matics"? I­t all starts with California, raptors and the thousands of old turbines that make up the Altamont Pass wind farm."

Animals as victims of wind power (Original German)
von Florian Wöhrle, Stand: 18.09.2012 18:26 Uhr - Lesezeit: ca.2 Min.,windkraft319.html

"The victim figures of native birds is frightening high: According information from Michael-Otto-Institute in Schleswig-Holstein, which is cooperating with NABU, about 100.000 birds die yearly on wind power installations in Germany. Institute director Hermann Hötker estimates, that particularly in northern Germany the victim figures are the highest, because more wind turbines are in use here in average. Experts of state owned Vogelschutzwarte in Brandenburg, where the data about bird death on wind power is collected, assume these estimations as realistic."

Yes, they are SHREDDERED!

"Mainly raptors like the sea eagle and the common buzzards, but also sea swallows and gulls get killed. They are not "shreddered", as very often called, but deadly hit by a rotor blade, when the fly through. Some birds also die because of whirling air by turbines and pushed to the ground. "

Stopping for bats and birds would totally eliminate the fake efficiency of wind turbines. The so called environmentalists, which stop any important building project for frogs or moths, are strangely tame when the should attack the interests of the climate control mafia. Why don't they demand the prohibition of wind power?

"At least the same amount of killed birds is the victim estimation about the bats. The small mammals die very often because of inner injuries, because the high air pressure near by the rotor blades tear their blood vessels. Some demands arise to temporarily stop the turbines during "bat weather"."

"A specific challenge for bird protectors are the offshore wind power installations, the so called Offshore-Parks. The victim figures can be hardly determined. Fears arise about bird swarms would be lured by the illumination of the facilities under specific weather conditions and hundreds or thousands would be killed by the rotor blades.

"The about 30 planned Offshore-Wind-Parks in the North and Baltic Sea are not primarily dangerous because of their blads, but because of their arches, which have to be rammed into the sea ground. For each installation of a single arch 2.000 to 3.000 strokes are needed, which produce under the water sound pressure levels up to 235 decibel and therefore become a threat for the sea mammals."

Billions are spent for these dangerous and useless facilities, why is not some money spent to examine their victims?

"It remains unsettled, if previous high amount of stranded porpoise is connected to the extension of wind parks. The carcasses would not be examined accurately because of high costs, says Ursula Siebert of Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wild Animal Research in Büsum (Schleswig-Holstein)."

Why should they waste money? The sea animals will never sue. Real organisations for environment protection don't exist, no threat for business!

"The impact of construction noise on other sea animals haven't or only badly been researched. In the Netherlands they seem to have taken the next step: There, during defined periods of the year, it is forbidden to ram the arches into the sea ground, to protect the fish brood, which serves as food for endangered birds."

Why did they construct, if the required technology was not available yet?

"At the German coast, the state agencies, nature protectors and companies try to rectify the noise problem with engineering skills. To meet the 160 decibel boundary value, demanded by the Federal Agency for Maritime Traffic and Hydrography, the ramming is isolated by building a noise protection wall of air bubbles, generated by a pressure hose on the sea ground."

"Also promising is the so called Cofferdam-Method, which was tested in 2011 in Denmark. For that the arch to be rammed is encased, to use the air cover as noise absorber."

"However it would be better to abstain from loud ramming and instead focus on a silent method: the so called vibrating in. For that a promising feasibility study exists."

So let the foundation stay without rotor blades and arches, that the sea shell and crab habitats may grow, that the construction scrap may find at least one sensible use. The damage caused by the wind turbines could be compensated a little bit.

"However, despite the noise problem the Offshore Wind Parks would also have a positive effect on marine life: A research on the first German Offshore Wind Park "Alpha Ventus" showed, that the foundations of wind turbines are populated by sea shells - some times with a thousand fold higher occurrence. The offshore boom could also be a blessing for the fish resources. The the extension of wind parks the fishing pressure seems to decrease."

Now follows a propaganda pamphlet of a apparatchik of NABU, who tries to relativise the mass murder by wind turbines with misplaced comparisons. No limits for fantasy, sure agrarian poisons on the fields and other things also kill, but none of the examples legitimize the acceptance of mass killing by wind turbines!

Bird death: Not only wind turbines
Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017, 10:18 Uhr

"A standpoint of Axel Mayer

Wind turbines kill birds and bats. That is a fact, which is discussed in the public and media vigorously. And in a time where some bird species are endangered, every killed bird - particularly the threatened ones - is one too much."

"However, it is astonishing, that there is no discussion about the more than 18 million birds, which die at window glasses in Germany. Also no debate about the much higher damage by the so called bird strike in traffic and along the rail and high voltage lines, also not about the threat by agrarian poisons and destruction on nature."

ClimateControl destructs all global habitats! ClimateControl is the biggest, imaginable threat, though the mass murder by wind turbines is not a small one!

"Why is the smaller threat considered discussed and the other ones not even mentioned? Who as an interest, that the main reasons for the extinction of the species, namely the loss of natural landscape and increasingly also the climate change don't become a topic?"

The 100,000 figure framed by selective statistics! Actually a manifold of this has to be assumed.

""Somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 per year is the factual figure of birds, which are killed by wind turbines", estimates Hermann Hötker of Michael-Otto-Institute of NABU (Naturschutzbund). This would match a quote of one to 5 birds per wind power installation and year"

""On window glasses 240,000 birds die daily in all Europe according estimations, in a year that would amount to 90 million animals" Tiere" writes the Federal Agency for Natur Protection (Bundesamt für Naturschutz) and explains that by an example: "During a one year research at the Post-Tower in Bonn about 1,000 birds collided only at this building, 200 of them died instantly, some hundred were doomed to die by disorientation and injuries.""

Mr. Mayer goes on with white stork being killed by electricity lines and eagle owl by collisions in traffic, sea birds dying in fish nets.

Now he tries it with the insects as the food of birds, without explaining the their mass extinction. Why are the insects dying? Who is destroying the food chain in the oceans and on land?

Murdering the Circle of Life!

Oxygen deprivation! Global suffocation!

Aren't they dying by agrarian poisons like Glyphosate and measures of ClimateControl?

"The worldwide observable mass death of insects eliminates the main food of swallows, swifts and bats and leads to a decrease of populations. If the population of insects has decreased about 80% in some regions of Germany, this will have natural impact on the population of birds. ..."

Mr. Mayer explains also that per 100 rail kilometers the bird death is about 30 to 6,100 and that the figure increases with higher speed. He also blames the highways as death traps for birds and lamenting about the lack of research!

Mr. Mayer also blames cats for preying on about many million birds and goes on with squirrels, martens and raven birds as killers.

Mr. Mayer blames human hunters for killing about "25 million migratory birds" per year."

Now we come to the real reason for writing this shitty propaganda pamphlet: He threatens more birds would be killed by "climate change".

"However, the biggest extinction of species will come by climate change. Each sixth species is threatened to extinct, if no additional efforts are taken against climate change, scientists said, who made calculations in a big study for the magazine Science. Wind turbines are an effective weapon against climate change, also because they amortize energetically after a half year. So why the public discussion about endangering the bird species within the niche of wind power debate?"

Now Mr. Mayer becomes more brave! :-)

"Nuclear- and carbon lobbyists pull together with climate change deniers, big energy corporations and some big industrial electricity consumers the strings of resistance against the usage of wind power. Even the US President Donald Trump, an oil and carbon lobbyist, is cursing the German wind turbines: "They kill all birds." For the lobby of coal, oil and nuclear industries, the wind turbines are a sting in the eye."

How can an employee of a "environment organisation", who is since the 1970s engaged in initiatives and having at least a school education be so dumb to compare CO2 with radioactivity?

"One disadvantage of wind power and a main toehold for resistance is just the decentralized distribution and good visibility of the facilities. Coal power and nuclear power plants are not so many and radioactivity and carbon dioxide have one big "advantage": They are invisible."

The only target of propaganda by the author becomes clear by placing the last words!

"... Part of the ecologic consideration are nuclear power and endangering the species by agrarian poisons, destruction of nature by man made climate change!"

He would be honest, if he said "destruction of foundation of life on Earth by global ClimateControl for owning water cycle and carbon cycle"!

Axel Mayer and the BUND behave like and therefore nothing else but lobbyists of ClimateControl mafia and fracking industry, which are making huge profits with petrol, gas and industrial food without being disturbed by any environment organisation.

The bird shredders could be mitigated that way
Von Harald Czycholl | Veröffentlicht am 24.10.2014 | Lesedauer: 5 Minuten

Obviously, wind power is rather bloody murderous method!

Carbon dioxide is the gas of symbiosis of life. It is not damaging!

Wind power installations are useless. The energy transition is a distraction show and a long term catastrophe for the industrial society!

This author starts with the main lies of ClimateControl mafia!

"On one hand wind power is a clean matter: No climate damaging carbon dioxide is build and the generation of electricity is comparably cost-efficient. Wind power facilities are considered as a key technology of energy transition, which is declared by the federal government of Germany. On the other hand the turbines can kill birds and bats."

Were these "scientists" sleeping, before the insanity was started?

"The research team of Firestone could during their two year study that eight times more bats than birds are killed by wind turbines. And the biologists could also prove that most died during the first two hours evening dawn – a time where the production of electricity is very low, because of missing the wind."

This is yet another proposal to further decrease the efficiency of already inefficient wind turbines!

"The result: When the rotors were only moved by stronger wind conditions, the figure of dead bats was decreased by 90%. Based on this finding, the operator company of the wind park has developed a computer program named „Bat Shield“: It manages the wind park depending on the day time, weather and wind speed und saves since that time the life of many bats."

"The regional agency of agriculture, environment and landscape of Schleswig-Holstein estimates that about 400 and 700 birds die per kilometer in a year at high voltage lines. The reason for collisions is that the lines are seen to late. Particularly migratory birds which don't know the area are in danger."

"Bird protection marks like balls and signal plates on cable lines can help and make the handicaps visible for the birds. Such markings reduce the birds strike on high voltage lines at 90% according statements of the company BirdConsult."

Now some empty phrases of NABU!

Dangers - Wind Power
Climate protection not on the cost of species and habitats

"During extension of renewable energies, NABU demands compliance with the effective environment law and appeals to the decision takers and investors, not to advance with climate protection on the cost of species and habitats."
With real interest on nature protection, shouldn't NABU demand the end of wind power?

"NABU supports the nature compatible extension of wind power on land as well as on the sea, but indicates on some grave shortfalls during selection of locations and the implementation of some projects."

Here, we learn how the bats die!

Mitigate the Wind Turbines als Death Traps
New study about the impact of wind energy on bats

"When dying on wind turbines, some of the bats are beaten by the rotor blades, others become victims of Barotrauma: By whirling and pressure decrease behind the rotor blades the lungs and other inner organs of the bats burst. Estimations assume up to 200,000 animals die at German wind energy facilities. The impact of using wind energy on population development of concerned bats and if the wind turbines could be mitigated is disputed."

How dangerous are the wind power facilities for birds and bats? (The video is in German)
Autorin: Nicoletta Renz (BR) Stand: 02.09.2016 15:56 Uhr

"How dangerous are the wind power facilities for birds and bats? | Video is available up to 03.09.2021"

"... The dead bats are not always connected to the wind turbines! . The striken victims - bird or bat - are taken by the fox or other scavengers. Therefore the clear figure of victims cannot be determined."

"Also storks are among the victims of wind turbines."

"The Progress-Study has now nearly four years inspected almost all 46 wind parks in the northern Germany area. 46 wind parks in Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg Vorpommern and Brandenburg have been systematically walked around to detect the amount of strike victims."

" ... It is estimated that about 12,000 buzzards 1,500 red kites collide every year with wind turbines and die. The figures of bats is much higher: About 240,000 get killed by wind turbines."

"These figures are frightening. But meanwhile some counter measurements exist to reduces the amount of strike victims. At the end the wind park operators want to sell "clean" energy. The operators already very often install measurement poles to detect the wind conditions at hub altitude. Without any problems the bat activities can be measured acoustically. By that it can be detected, at which wind speed and time windows the bats are on the road. And by that an automatic switch-off-algorithm for bats is build."

Those "switch-off-cycles" make the wind turbines more irrelevant!

"For birds, such an automatic switch-off-cycle doesn't exist yet."

"The nature protection agencies try to reduce the figure of strike victims by setting constraints. For example the operators have to stop the wind turbines for three days after mowing. The raptors pounce on the freshly mowed fields, as at this moment they catch their prey easier. The wind park operators must try to lure the raptors away on to "distraction plots" or to artificial nests. Distraction plots are fields, where clover and various grasses are grown and very often mowed. Artificial nests are build with more distance from wind turbines, that the raptors would not nets near by the wind turbines."

"... The biggest problem of the nature protection agencies is that they cannot prevent the construction of wind turbines, they can only attack the operation and even there they have not much changes at court."

Bats, Not Easy to Love, Dying Daily by Thousands
By COLUMN BY LEE DYE Nov. 24, 2013

"Every solution to this perplexing energy problem comes with a downside, and wind turbines are no exception. A new study from the University of Colorado, Denver, estimates that 600,000 bats were killed by wind turbines last year alone."

"According to biologist Mark Hayes, author of the study, that number is "probably conservative." It covers only the migratory period and it is based on the lowest estimate from each site, not the highest. It could be as high as 900,000, he noted."

"Why should anyone care? According to Bat Conservation International of Austin, Texas, the "low end estimate" of the value of bats to U.S. agriculture is at least $3.7 billion. Cotton farmers alone are saved about $74 per acre, the organization's study, published in the journal Science two years ago, concluded."

"Instead, a sudden but subtle drop in atmospheric pressure from the blades causes internal hemorrhaging, a condition known as barotrauma."

"... And during low-wind periods, the turbines barely move anyway, so would it be possible to leave the blades idle when the wind is low and not significantly affect the amount of energy produced? The answer, according to Edward Arnett from Bat Conservation International, is yes."

Bat Killings by Wind Energy
By Amy Mathews Amos on June 7, 2016

"Much of this slaughter—the greatest threat to animals that are a vital link in our ecosystem—was supposed to end last year. In 2015, with great fanfare, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), a trade group, announced voluntary guidelines to halt turbines at low wind speeds, when bats are most active, which would save lives. Conservationists praised the move."

"But some scientists say this promise falls short. The industry plan claims to reduce bat deaths by 30 percent, but holding the blades in check just a little longer could reduce deaths by up to 90 percent or more, a decade of research indicates, and would do so with little additional energy loss. A research review published in January of this year found that wind turbines are, by far, the largest cause of mass bat mortality around the world."

Praising the perpetrators!

"Paul Cryan, a bat biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and a co-author of the January bat mortality review, praised the industry’s voluntary guidelines as an important first step. But like Cris Hein, he worries about the ongoing impact of turbines on bat populations. “Bats are long-lived and very slow reproducers,” he says. “Their populations rely on very high adult survival rates. That means their populations recover from big losses very slowly.” He questions whether bats can handle such damage year after year."

Blaming it on the symptom of ClimateControl, instead of exposing it!

"The situation right now puts Hein and other conservationists in a difficult position. “We see the impact of climate change on bats, and so we’re in favor of renewable energy,” Hein says. “It’s unfortunate that one of those—wind energy—has this negative impact.” He is frustrated that industry has not acted more quickly on existing studies but acknowledges “it’s hard to get an industry to move on anything very rapidly.” ..."

News and Perspectives on Bird Conservation
Wind Energy And Birds FAQ — Part 1: Understanding The Threats
By Michael Hutchins April 08, 2017

As NLP wording is used, please interpret this as deadly unfriendly!

"Properly sited wind turbines are relatively bird friendly, especially when compared to fossil fuels. However, they are far from benign. Wind turbines and their associated infrastructure — notably power lines and towers — are among the fastest-growing threats to birds and bats in the United States and Canada. At the end of 2016, there were more than 52,000 operating, commercial-scale wind turbines in the United States and many more are currently under construction 3."

Please interpret this as intentionally underestimated!

"Unfortunately, the answer is no. All we have at present are very rough and potentially biased estimates 9,17, 25, 26 that are based on an accumulation of studies from individual, unidentified wind energy facilities."

"The reason? The wind industry treats these data as trade secrets and generally does not share them with the public or concerned conservation organizations. Some wind energy developers have even sued to hide these data from the public2, 14. Hawai'i is currently the only state that requires mortality data be collected by independent, third-party experts and makes the information available to the public on request 13."

"These estimates that are made public — all of which range in the hundreds of thousands of birds and bats killed annually — are based on non-standardized data that were collected and reported by paid consultants to the wind industry. This is a direct conflict of interest 15 that may lead to a reporting bias in favor of the wind companies (meaning, the numbers of killed birds and bats may be under-reported)."

"There are also methodological challenges. Dead birds are difficult to find under wind turbines, and studies have shown that even trained observers can easily miss them. Additionally, predators are known to locate and remove carcasses, which can also lead to underestimates of the number of bird and bat carcasses documented 15."

"The fact that the energy companies are allowed to self-report their own violations of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (BGEPA) is a violation of the first principle of scientific integrity — that is, those that have a vested interest in the outcome should not be the ones collecting and reporting their results to regulatory agencies 1, 5."

Here again we see, that all this article is framed to sell the lies of the ClimateControl mafia!

"Doesn't climate change pose a bigger threat to birds than wind turbines?
Aren't wind turbines better than the alternatives of coal or natural gas?"

"Climate change [by climate control] certainly poses a significant threat to wildlife and their habitats, and wind power is viewed as a major player in our efforts to combat [disguise climate control] climate change."

"However, there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical. Back in the 1950s and '60s, hydroelectric dams were viewed as a source of clean, renewable energy. Now they are being torn down due to their unintended environmental impacts 11. A recent study even suggests that hydroelectric dams may contribute to climate change 6."

"The same goes for biofuels, which are now being seen as a contributor to climate change, rather than a viable source of clean, renewable energy 23. Poorly sited wind turbines could be next in line for enhanced scrutiny."

"Unfortunately, many individuals — and even some conservation organizations — have embraced wind energy completely without asking the hard questions about its environmental impacts. The wind industry and its proponents have contributed to this situation themselves, downplaying its impacts on wildlife3 while simultaneously overselling the industry's ability to mitigate associated problems 8. At the same time, industry players have worked behind the scenes to try to minimize state and federal regulations and to attack important environmental legislation, such as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act 21."

"Wind turbines are a cleaner source of energy than fossil fuels. This is true. But does this mean wind energy developers should be less regulated than others in the energy sector? Should they be allowed to kill tens of thousands of federally protected birds and bats annually with impunity? We at ABC believe the answer to these questions is “no.”"

"In response to this very question, we at ABC developed the concept of “Bird-Smart” wind energy development. Put simply, this term is used to describe wind energy projects that are designed to minimize bird fatalities to every extent possible12. Bird-Smart wind energy: ensures turbines are located away from high bird collision risk areas; employs effective (tested) mitigation to minimize bird fatalities; conducts independent, transparent, post-construction monitoring of bird and bat deaths to help inform mitigation; and calculates and provides fair compensation for the loss of ecologically important, federally protected birds."

"Editor's note: Learn more about Bird-Smart wind energy, and look for the next installment in our wind energy FAQ series for more information."

Following article is a very ugly kind of propaganda but, this is very often produced by the lobbyists of ClimateControl hencmen.

Wind turbines kill around 300,000 birds annually, house cats around 3,000,000,000
Michael Graham Richard (@Michael_GR), Energy / Renewable Energy, September 16, 2014

"We love birds! We really do! That's why we think it's important to keep things in perspective and do the things that will really help them and make a difference. Many people have this obsession with wind turbines killing birds, probably because it's a really great story. As a meme, it really strikes the imagination because wind turbines are this green thing, right, so killing birds is antithetical to what they're supposed to be doing..."

"But if the goal is to save birds, we have to look at the actual facts on the ground and not just at whatever story makes for the catchiest headline.
A recent peer-reviewed study, which itself looked at 116 other studies from the U.S. and Canada, confirms that wind turbines are waaaay down the list of problems for birds; in fact by displacing fossil fuels they are helping birds, as well as everything else that is alive on the planet. A recent report confirmed that "hundreds of bird species in the U.S. — including the bald eagle and eight state birds, from Idaho to Maryland — are at 'serious risk' due to climate change. It said some species are forecast to lose more than 95% of their current ranges."
"For North-America:
Wind turbines kill between 214,000 and 368,000 birds annually — a small fraction compared with the estimated 6.8 million fatalities from collisions with cell and radio towers and the 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion deaths from cats, according to the peer-reviewed study by two federal scientists and the environmental consulting firm West Inc."

"We estimate that on an annual basis, less than 0.1% ... of songbird and other small passerine species populations in North America perish from collisions with turbines," says lead author Wallace Erickson of Wyoming-based West.

For those who don't have an envelope nearby to do the math, that's about 10,000x more deaths from just house cats than from wind turbines.
And that's not even looking at some of the other biggest bird killers out there: building and vehicles. That's probably millions, if not hundreds of millions or billions, of other birds right there. In the grand scheme of things, wind turbines are probably lost in the margin of error.
Here are the numbers from a different source, the 2014 State of Birds report (pdf):"

2014 State of Birds report/Screen capture
"This doesn't mean that wind power operators should stop doing what they can to protect birds. Wind farms should be properly sited and everything should be done to mitigate any risks.

But bird lovers need to go against the real enemies rather than spending precious energy fighting one of the main tools that we have to clean up our power grid and have a greener world.

Wind turbines kill fewer birds than do cats, cell towers
Wendy Koch, USA TODAYPublished 6:16 p.m. ET Sept. 15, 2014

So what, kill all the cats and allow wind turbines to kill more birds?

"Wind turbines kill between 214,000 and 368,000 birds annually — a small fraction compared with the estimated 6.8 million fatalities from collisions with cell and radio towers and the 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion deaths from cats, according to the peer-reviewed study by two federal scientists and the environmental consulting firm West Inc."

Estimations of liars result in additional lies!

""We estimate that on an annual basis, less than 0.1% ... of songbird and other small passerine species populations in North America perish from collisions with turbines,"says lead author Wallace Erickson of Wyoming-based West."

"The study based its estimate on data from 116 studies conducted in the U.S. and Canada, after adjusting for the fact that surveys don't capture all fatalities. Some carcasses are missed by monitors, disappear because of scavenging or decompose before they're counted. Nearly two thirds, or 63%, of reported fatalities were small birds of 156 different species."

So here we lern, what a pervert, psychopathic criminal Mr. Obama is! If he doesn't like the above adjectives, he must be an idiot, supporting such a "federal rule"!

"The wind energy industry has occasionally been at odds with conservation groups because of bird deaths. They clashed in December when the Obama administration, eager to promote non-polluting renewable energy as a way to address climate change, announced a new federal rule that allows wind farms to lawfully kill bald and golden eagles under 30-year permits."

Which perverts are allowed to pose as fake environmentalists and make such dumb and criminal claims? What a shame for Stanford, having such an criminal institute!

"Yet many environmentalists say wind power ultimately benefits birds. It is a "a growing solution to some of the more serious threats that birds face, since wind energy emits no greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change," Terry Root of Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, said in a statement accompanying the study's release."

So they cannot "adapt" to ClimateControl!
"Earlier this month, a National Audubon Society report said that hundreds of bird species in the U.S. — including the bald eagle and eight state birds, from Idaho to Maryland — are at "serious risk" due to climate change. It said some species are forecast to lose more than 95% of their current ranges."

These people cannot be scientists, they deserve to be name scientiputas!

""Our scientists are still reviewing this particular study," says Audubon spokesman David Ringer. He says his group strongly supports "properly sited wind power as a renewable energy source that helps reduce the threat posed to birds and people by climate change." He says it has helped develop guidelines for the wind industry to minimize harm to wildlife."

4. Some Video Documents

5. Solar Perversion

Solar perverts, did You ever imagine that other life is needing the sunlight, which You are stealing?

How can covering the nature with sunlight theft devices be a "sustainable" method for other living creatures?

How murderous is the sunlight left, when it is done on sea surface?

Sunlight theft is mass murder!

Solar Perversion

Indian Government launches the world’s first floating solar power program
Tuesday, 02 January 2018

"The Indian Government launched its National Solar Mission (NSM) in 2009 with a development target of 20,000 MW of solar capacity. This was subsequently scaled up to 100,000 MW by 2022. Given that solar PV power plant is land intensive, there are various physical and legal challenges to overcome in order to acquire the land for these projects. For this reason, the government is proposing to utilize the large amount of water surface area available in Indian reservoirs for installing floating solar PV plants."

6. Non-recyclable trash
It Costs $532,000 to Decommission A Single Wind Turbine

Wind turbines generate mountains of waste
Guest Blogger / 16 hours ago September 26, 2020

7. Further sources

Wind Turbines in Israel Kill Many More Birds, Bats Than Expected
Zafrir Rinat Dec 20, 2017 10:37 AM

"The impact of wind turbines on birds and bats exceeds tolerable levels recommended by nature authorities, and there is currently no solution to the problem"

Cruel Winds: Shocking data on slaughter of birds, bats by wind turbines

"‘Green’ hypocrisy is the new ‘black’. The pointless slaughter of millions of birds and bats by wind turbines, all over the globe is just another ‘inconvenient truth’ for the wind cultist."

Green Turns Red: Wind turbines blamed in death of estimated 600,000-900,000 bats in 2012
Martin Schumann | Nov 11 2013

"Bats, which play an important role in the ecosystem as insect-eaters, are killed at wind turbines not only by collisions with moving turbine blades but also by the trauma resulting from sudden changes in air pressure that occur near a fast-moving blade, the study said."

Wind Turbines and Bird Kills

"Federal Law Enforcement’s Double Standard on Bird Deaths"

First Scottish White-tailed eagle killed by wind turbine in February.

"It has just been revealed a White-tailed sea eagle, reintroduced into Scotland as part of a nature conservation programme, was found dead as long ago as February at Burnfoot Hill wind farm in the Ochil hills, near Tillicoultry in Clackmannanshire. A post-mortem examination by Government-approved scientists concluded a “likely cause of death” was collision with a wind turbine."

Birds killed by wind turbines – Pictures –

By Chris Warren

"EPRI Investigates Environmental and Human Health Aspects of Large-Scale Wind and Solar Plants"

Environmental Impacts of Wind-Energy Projects (2007)
Consensus Study Report
Ecological Effects of WindEnergy Development

Altamont Landowners Against Rural MismanagementEnvironmental concerns of The Altamont Pass, Alameda County, Livermore, California

"GOLDEN EAGLES AND OTHER RAPTORS HABITAT IS THE ALTAMONT PASS Welcome to The ALARM web page, on the web since October 1996 "

European Platform Against Windfarms!
UK's bird society goes over the top!

"Many thanks to for this cartoon which is a perfect response to the following article:
Wind turbine would help RSPB fight climate change | Biggleswade Today | Sept. 9, 2013

Scientists track down origin of bats killed by wind turbines using chemical fingerprints
March 17, 2016, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Broken Wing: Birds and Blades

American Birds Conservancy

"We’ve compiled these resources to help you learn more about wind energy and birds. Find out about our policy on wind energy, learn about birds impacted, read press releases and comment letters, and more."

Clean energy’s dirty secretWind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems
But that’s no reason for governments to stop supporting them

Feb 25th 2017

Europeans learning the hard truth about wind and solar energy
Germany, Denmark pay 3 times current U.S. rates for energy -- and our leaders want us to pay that much as well.

Date: 15/03/13 Kent Moors, Money Morning

"Unfortunately, cost increases hardly end there.

The so-called “green energy surcharge” applied to electricity bills across the nation will be moving up…again.

This will translate into on average a 200 euro ($260) per year additional expense for each household, after calculating an increasingly expensive energy bill.

This has led one of the leading German national think tanks to label the solar energy push “the most expensive mistake in German environmental policy.”

Following content is copied from:
The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

It perfectly shows the absurdity of wind energy. Wind energy fails most, when energy is desperately needed.

Frozen Wasteland

Posted on January 7, 2018 by tonyheller

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled”
– Richard P. Feynman
The eastern half of the US was frozen solid yesterday. There was no wind in the Midwest, as seen in this plume of planet destroying greenhouse gas H2O.

Evil fossil fuels were keeping the Midwest running, as the windmills were motionless.

Lots of ice around Chicago and southern Lake Michigan.

The Potomac was frozen solid.

I nearly got frostbite on my face due to the high winds and very cold temperatures in DC.

Democrats believe it is up to the people in this building to stop all this overheating of the atmosphere!

I had a long talk with a bright young science college student yesterday who was a big believer in global warming. He was astonished by what I told him, and said he had never heard any of that before. When colleges fail to present critical information, they are indoctrinating – not educating.
I’m hoping to do a DC bike ride today to document all man-made Polar Vortex ice. The winds have died down and skies are clear.

Modern Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously “Dirty” Electricity
By Catherine Kleiber

"Wind turbines are causing serious health problems. These health problems are often associated, by the people having them, with the flicker and the noise from the wind turbines. This often leads to reports being discounted."

Windkraftanlagen: Kollision und Barotrauma

"12.270 Windkraftanlagen standen Ende Dezember 2016 in Deutschland. 3630 oder 13 % davon befanden sich im Land Brandenburg. Leider haben sich Windkraftanlagen in den letzten Jahren als potentielle Falle für Vögel und Fledermäuse herausgestellt. Beide Gruppen können dabei durch direkte Kollisionen oder durch das sogenannte Barotrauma von Windkraftanlagen verletzt oder getötet werden. Das Barotrauma beschreibt die Verletzung der inneren Organe durch schnelle Wechsel des Luftdrucks. Diese starken Luftdruckunterschiede können vor oder hinter den Rotoren von Windkraftanlagen auftreten. Selbst wenn die Tiere bei einer Begegnung mit einer Anlage nur leicht verletzt werden, sind die geschwächten Tiere für Fressfeinde eine leichtere Beute."
"Mit Hilfe von experimentell bestimmten Korrekturfaktoren wurde die Anzahl tatsächlich kollidierter Vogel berechnet. Weiterhin wurden Verhaltensbeobachtungen von Vögeln zur Bewertung des Kollisionsrisikos an bestehenden Anlagen durchgeführt. Darüber hinaus sollte der Einfluss der zusätzlichen Mortalität modelliert und damit die Frage der Erheblichkeit auf Populationsniveau behandelt werden."


"Im Zuge des Ausbaus der Windenergie häufen sich auch Fälle von Verfolgung geschützter Arten und illegaler Zerstörung von Großvogelhorsten oder Fledermausquartieren. Wir bitten derartige Vorgänge der „Erfassungs- und Dokumentationsstelle Greifvogelverfolgung und Artenschutzkriminalität“ zu melden. Deren Website finden Sie hier."

16. Februar 2016

"Die Gleichmäßigkeit der für Pflanzen verfügbaren Strahlung unter den PV-Modulen wird maßgeblich durch deren Ausrichtung beeinflusst. Eine herkömmliche Modulausrichtung nach Süden bedingt eine heterogene Strahlungsverteilung am Boden, was zur Folge hat, daß Biomasseerträge unter ungleichmäßiger Strahlungsexposition (dies äußert sich z.B. in ungleichmäßigem Reifen) leiden. Eine – aus Perspektive der Pflanzen – optimierte Ausrichtung nach Südwesten oder -osten gewährleistet dagegen eine gleichmäßigere Verteilung der Einstrahlung. Die durch die Ausrichtung nach SW/SO gegenüber einer Südausrichtung entstehenden elektrischen Mindererträge sind vernachlässigbar."

Wie viele Windräder können ein AKW ersetzen?

"Um den Strom eines einzelnen AKW durch Windräder zu ersetzen, wären folglich knapp 4400 durchschnittlich große Windräder nötig. Ferner angenommen, diese Windräder würden zu einem einzigen großen Windpark zusammengestellt und die einzelnen Räder würden den nötigen Mindestabstand vom drei- bis fünffachen Rotordurchmesser einhalten, dann kämen bei durchschnittlich 70 Meter Rotordurchmesser eine Fläche von 322 Quadratkilometer zusammen. Der Windpark, der ein AKW ersetzen könnte, hätte etwa die Fläche des Bundeslandes Bremen. Alle 17 Kernkraftwerke zusammen durch einen Windpark zu ersetzen würde demnach theoretisch die doppelte Fläche des Saarlands in Anspruch nehmen."

Dieses Spiel sähe für Solarpanels noch schlechter aus. Die Energieversorgung einer Industriegesellschaft ist weder mit Solarpanels, noch Windrotoren möglich! Das lohnt sich nicht einmal in einer Wüste mit wenigen Menschen und ohne Industrie. Denn dann wäre der Aufwand viel zu groß, um solch ein System aufrechtzuerhalten und die Menschen können die Sonne direkt nutzen, ohne Solarpanels.

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