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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Climate Engineering without Chemtrails

Even if we don't like any of this technologies, we should know everything about them.

 The use of Mean Layer winds as a Hurricane Steering Mechanism
 The use of Mean Layer winds as a Hurricane Steering Mechanism

Here is a collection of statements of AQIESS INC. promising rain without chemtrails and other new methods. The list will grow, when new information is detected.

Weather Modification Using Electromagnetic Beams Common Knowledge at Aquiess,Inc. SD

Ad-Video of AQUIESS,  Rio 2012 World Sustainable Development Imperative - Aquiess Confronting Climate Change
Add-Video of AQUIESS, with Dr. Mahendra Shah

aquiess statement by Dr Mahendra Shah FAO Rome 18 August 2011

aquiess statement by Dr Mahendra Shah FAO Rome 18 August 2011
AQUIESS Advertisment for QATAR

Waterless Fracking promises more energy, less trouble

Weather Modification Incorporated: Another Company offering Tropospheric Water Management!

"Capturing the Sky's Knowledge

Our atmosphere supports virtually all life on the planet. Its gases allow respiration; its precipitation provides fresh water. Weather Modification, Inc., provides the tools to accurately and efficiently observe, measure, and monitor the atmospheric properties that govern how safely and efficiently these life-sustaining functions occur - we can apply these tools throughout the troposphere.

Our atmospheric assessment services provide a more complete understanding of local and regional atmospheric processes, a solid scientific basis, and a higher probability of success, for any cloud modification projects designed to increase precipitation, reduce hail or disperse fog.

Atmospheric Assessment & Evaluation Services:
Precipitation Development and Measurement
Cloud Formation and Character
Weather Monitoring and Remote Sensing "

The storms, waterspouts are engineered to lift huge amounts of water from seas and oceans and transport it very efficiently to the regions of industrial farming and fracking of oil and gas.

GEOENGINEERING is changing weather and climate to thieve TROPOSPHERIC WATER by SRM and HAARP for FRACKING and FARMING in DESERTs!

Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

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