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Cowardly admitting Geoengineering SRM damage!

Exposing shameless lies published by BBC!

I have more of Geoengineering propaganda collected here:

But following is one of the best, so it deserves an own page! :-)

Jet traffic linked to ice haze

NLP:"Planes may be making a high-altitude icy haze that is brightening US skies, according to a group of scientists."

Translation: Solar Radiation & Water Management is applied within the Troposphere, but some scientiputas are trying to distract by producing lies. The so called "brightening" is the result of blowing artificial fine dust, which is turning the blue sky into a bright blue and block
ing the sunlight with SRM cloud covers.

NLP:"They have been looking for a reason why the total amount of solar radiation reaching the surface has been increasing over time."

Translation: Understand here the opposite! The sunlight is amount is SINKING, specifically not enough UV-B rays reach the surface, therefore more and more people develop diseases because of VitaminD deception.

VitaminD deception & SRM chemtrails! MIH, children tooth disease!

NLP:"Their studies suggest that part of the story is that jet exhausts could be generating a layer of ice crystals that promotes a more diffuse type of light."

Translation: Jet fuel cannot produce enough dust to create ice clouds, the fine dust is blown intentionally. This can be observed nearly every day over Europe, sometimes two airplanes with and without SRM dust flying in parallel! They produce additional lies, naming them "studies" to give them a serious "scientific" cover.

NLP: "Chuck Long, from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa), said that if his thinking was correct then what was occurring was an example of "accidental geoengineering". "If you look up the definition of geoengineering, it includes large-scale manipulation of parts of the climate system or the environment, and I believe this ice haze from jet traffic does satisfy that requirement," he told reporters."

Translation: Mr Long and other are fed up with lying about the SRM program and would like to bring it to public in an acceptable way. They start to name it as Geoengineering, but cowardly calling it "accidental". Large-scale is the manipulation effort all over the world and it is very expensive! Just consider how many professional liars as scientiputas, scientitutions, presstitues & promotion companies are financed. The collateral damage is ignored.

NLP: "It has been noted that skies are brighter now than they were in the 1970s and 1980s.
The change has been attributed to environmental legislation that has removed a lot of the pollution particles that used to be emitted into the air by vehicles, industry and power generation."

Translation: Admitting that the SRM pollution began in the 1990, specifically 1996, they lie again to create a manipulated suggestion about the brightening being the result of less pollution by vehicles and industry. The opposite is the truth, less pollution would clean the air to more clear & powerful blue skies!

NLP: "These would have dimmed skies by reflecting or absorbing sunlight. But Dr Long and colleagues argue that the observed changes are not as simple as they first appear."

Translation: Mr Long turns the facts upside down, that is the job of liar, but cowardly he admits that the sky is dimmed. 

NLP: "Yes, the light reaching the surface has increased but not in the way expected, he said in his press conference here.
Instead of seeing a simple increase in direct shortwave radiation, a more diffuse version of this light is being detected.
This indicates something must be scattering the light as it falls on the Earth.""

Translation: The light reaching the surface cannot increase, when it is blocked by SRM dust pollution and artificial ice aerosol clouds! The increase of "shortwave radiation" is HAARP, which is just for trimming of the SRM covers. The scattering stuff is the SRM dust, which consists of coal fly ash & other cheap industrial trash.

NLP: ""And Dr Long's analysis suggests this "something" is high-altitude ice particles, and he links their production to the water and other emissions in aircraft contrails."

Translation: Mr Long admits that it is done intentionally by airplanes, but turbofan engines burn the kerosene in a very clean way. There is nearly no dust in it and the water output is only 2.8% of total pressed air!

NLP: "You have to have a mechanism to generate the ice crystals and there is nothing in nature up there necessarily that we can identify that would consistently produce these ice particles, except the very well correlated and well documented increase in the commercial air traffic over the continental United States," he told BBC News."

Translation: The so called increase is mainly airplanes registered as passenger jets but used only or partly for blowing dust for Geoengineering SRM. Most of the huge Arab (Emirates, Ethiad etc.) & cheap (Ryanair, Jet-Air, Wizz-Air etc.) airlines jets modified for that. The onyl truth is the statement of "nothing in nature"!

See the difference!

NLP: "The team does not think the "sub-visual contrail-generated ice haze" has a major effect on global warming. It may, though, have some significant effects on biology, says Prof Martin Wild, from of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, who commented on the work."

Translation: Admitting that SRM is not for the scam of globalwarming but it creates climatechange and has dire effects on the biology because of blocking UV-B light.


NLP: "Plants preferred diffuse light, he explained: "If you have a canopy structure, the direct light is absorbed by the uppermost leaves. Everything below is shaded and so misses out on that energy. But diffuse light can travel deeper into the canopy and can be absorbed by the plants lower down. So in that sense, if you have more diffuse light those lower plants will profit."

Translation: The so called diffuse light is the admission of less direct light, which will be missed by fauna & flora! This is the biggest theft & crime of mankind! When the upper layers of of trees are damaged, automatically more light can reach the the lower plants, which is not because of "diffuse light".

NLP: And Dr Long said there were implications for solar power systems, too: "For solar renewable energy - they have two types. They have photovoltaic panels that they kind of slant to catch most of the direct sun; and then they have concentrator systems that use the actual sunlight - they track the Sun. "If you're decreasing the direct light, then you're decreasing the energy available for those concentrator systems.""

Translation: Blocking of sunlight by SRM also damages investments in solar panels!

Geoengineering projects around the world - map"ETC Group has produced a world map of geoengineering that represents the first attempt to document the expanding scope of research and experimentation in the large-scale manipulation of Earth or climate systems"

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