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Selfrevealing Geoengineering Propaganda

  1. Fake Studies, Abuse of Science
  2. Using the Right Words, Countering NLP Newspeak
  3. Reverse Thinking
  4. Knowledge will save You!
  5. The bubble "agenda"!

1. Fake Studies, Abuse of Science

Lern it! Every time, when the warmist idiots use the wording "a new study" it is a heap of shitty propaganda lies. They are yet struggling to lead the debate, but see their influence eroding!

Selling the crime as natural by showing to the crime scene!
Look at some info and statements ridiculing the claims of the geoengineering mafia!

Nature is embarrassing the warmist HOAX.

Airline Passengers Told To Lower Shades During Chemtrail Spraying

Vitamin D deception and SRM chemtrails!

Blaming wild fires on the HOAX of CO2 caused globalwarming and climatechange !

Australia's Fraudulent Climate Change "Science" Exposed

Biggest Ponzi scheme, CO2 finance bubble will blow You away!

Designed like a religion, dangerous like the mafia!

2. Using the Right Words, Countering NLP Newspeak

Always replace their manipulative NLP wording of "climatechange" with "geoengineering" and "globalwarming" with Solar-Radiation-Management! Measured "hottest year", "hottest day", "hottest month" or "record CO2", "highest CO2" means always fake statistics to keep on fear mongering for the Strategy of Tension!

You read that I insult the propagandists by calling them "warmist idiots". I call them idiots, because only an idiot would make propaganda for poisoning the air he is breathing, the water he is drinking, the sunlight he is needing and the soil where is foods comes from. So it is not a real insult, but a factual conclusion.

Don't be fooled!

Don't be a victim of propaganda!

3. Reverse Thinking

Every time when the warmist idiots claim a problem would be caused by climatechange and globalwarming by human made CO2 use the reverse thinking methodology. As everything they tell is another lie to cover their fundamental lie about CO2, the opposite is the truth, as truth is always the opposite of lie!

When they tell about a drought made by Climatechange then be sure it is intentionally made by Tropospheric Solar Radiation Management and Water Management. When they tell about more hurricanes, than be sure they will saturate storms with more water and steer them on some target.

The reason could be commercial or military!

Who Needs to "Fear the Walking Dead" When California Has Its Own Climate Apocalypse?

Drought in Eritrea: Hunger despite government denials
How a Drought Became a Famine in Somalia

At the same time, further on land, the water falls in in floods, kills people and destroys property!

Ethiopia Hit by Flooding in North, South and East

Ethiopia: Floods - Oct 2014

Floods in Utah kill 16, leave four missing

Texas floods: Enough rain fell in May to cover entire state 8 inches deep

Flooding destroys parts of New Mexico Ghost Ranch

Boy Scout dies in flash flood while camping in New Mexico
Water by SRM has to be delivered a way, that it can quickly percolate through the surface and saved as ground water, to be used later for desert farming and hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas!


As most of their lies are too dumb to be believed, they don't stop there, in helpless desperation they just invent more absurd lies and sacrifice the reputation of yet another presstitute!


Following blabla article is just to deliver a "new normal" sky image for You! It is conditioning by framing! Do You realize the red shining Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management trails?

If you’re poor or black in New Jersey, we have some unsettling news for you


The water, sunlight and carbon thieves are naming their intention with accurate wording! They want to "engineer the climate"!

Climate Engineering Timeline
"The Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment has created (and regularly updates) a timeline that includes key events in the research and discussion of climate geoengineering, including links to primary literature and other key documents."

Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration and Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth


Annexation goes on city by city!
Hundreds of Cities Commit to Combating Emissions


Desperate Geoengineering Mafia asks the scientitutes and presstitutes to invent more lies.

"Professor Smith has brought to the attention of media specialists the importance of going beyond the natural sciences in coverage of climate change, altering the ways in which they present this demanding topic to the public."

Changing media coverage of climate change


The pace of environmental damage is ‘intensifying’ across the globe, U.N. agency says

"... overall, damage to the planet is happening more rapidly than before, through slights ranging from air pollution, to the proliferation of human and toxic waste, to water scarcity and climate change."

Tropospheric Water Management by Solar Radiation Management is causing all these effects:
  • It is polluting the air.
  • The aerosol dust which is sprayed in scale of thousands of tons intoxicates air, water and soil.
  • In many areas the rain is impeded, as these air regions are only for transit and don't have water rights. So they become dry and when it it rains it comes only as flash rain, super hail with super lightnings by heavy storms.
“The kinds of problems are recognizable. They’re just happening much more frequently,”

Extreme weather is a direct consequence of Tropospheric Water Management, which is already applied all over the world to deliver water for fracking of oil and gas and for large scale industrial farming in desert regions.

“the most authoritative study that UNEP has ever published on the state of the global environment.”
The reason the use the notion "authoritative study" is to compel the sheeple to trust and not to think and question! If they would call it geoengineering marketing, nobody would accept it.
“Every region, regardless of how it might be perceived from the outside, is suffering from water scarcity,” So where is the missed water? Look at the deserts of North America, Africa and Arabia!


Sorry, but there must be some idiots at work or maybe they are geniuses, wanting to break the scam by absurdity! :-)

Climate Change Is Moving the North Pole

"As ice melts and aquifers are drained, Earth's distribution of mass is changing—and with it the position of the planet's spin axis."


It is hard to sell lies, but some disgusting idiots are ready to lie for money, against their own interests and against the health of their own loved ones.

We tested how best to ‘sell’ climate policy. Here’s what we found.


A lot of propaganda is to make SRM look acceptable by conditioning the society for the expectable dangers.

One main lie is about the usage of "stratospheric" and the altitude of the Stratosphere. All Solar Radiation Management is done within the Troposphere (0km-11km in Temperate Climate Zone) and in the lower Tropopause (12km-20km). Stratosphere begins at a height of 21km and goes up to 50km (80km).

That does not mean, that they don't touch the stratosphere. They are intentionally depleting the ozone in the stratosphere to deliver more energetic radiation to evaporate and lift more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers! This is another topic!

Second important lie is about the intention of SRM. It is not to cool the planet but to harvest the tropospheric water, privatize and trade it for industrial farming and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of fossil oil and gas.

Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols


Dumb distraction propaganda from by using a fully SRM aerosol covered sky!
295,000 US deaths may be prevented by 2030 with cuts to greenhouse gas


Desperately preparing the next lies to keep the big lies alive!

Expanding tropics pushing high altitude clouds towards poles, NASA study finds

"The previous suggested reason was that climate change was shifting storms and the powerful air currents known as the jet streams – including the one that traverses the United States – toward the poles, which in turn were driving the movement of the clouds." "Scientists are working to understand exactly why the tropics are expanding, which they believe is related to a warming climate." "That information is a new insight that will likely be used by the climate modeling community, including the scientists who contribute modeling expertise to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change"


Climate change: Is the 1.5 C target a mirage?

“And that depends on whether we can remove large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.” and other lies!


Useless blabla about cities, just to place the picture of a fully chemtrailed sky of Paris with visible HAARP trimming waves.

The Year of the City: 2015 Will Be Remembered For Its Urban Focus


Elephant in the room, the extreme weather events!

All extreme weather which apologized by the propaganda as a result of climatechange can be better explained by Tropospheric Geoengineering Solar Radiation and Water Management!

14 Extreme Weather Events Linked to Climate Change


Manipulation by framing to cover the crime of Geoengineering Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management!

This is a open warning to all stupid money bags, sending their children to such brainwash machines like Stanford, Yale, Harvard! I will not use the word university for them, because they don't deserve it. It would be an insult on real universities!

Freudian slip of tongue! :-) :-) Idiots expressing their idiocy.

Textbooks inaccurately present science on climate change as uncertain and doubtful,
Stanford research shows that some California science textbooks by major publishers portray climate change as a debate over different opinions rather than as scientific fact.


Let some idiots from Germany speak about climatemarch.

Germany delivers the best conditioned pets!


NASA, or the mother of lie whores, is revealing us everything about the damage caused by geoengineering and some default lies, to cover the fundamental lie about CO2! Just replace it with climatechange and globalwarming!

They cannot give up the hockey-stick scam!

Climate change: How do we know?
  • Sea level rise
  • Global temperature rise
  • Warming oceans
  • Shrinking ice sheets
  • Declining Arctic sea ice
  • Glacial retreat
  • Extreme events
  • Ocean acidification
    • Decreased snow cover

    People, supporting the geoengineering crime can only be genocidal criminal pervert killers or just idiots. There is no choice in between.

    Surely most of the "leading bureaucrats" at UN must be total idiots, because I hope they are not the pervert genocidal killers.

    The article is using a fully SRM aerosoled sky as eye catcher. What an obvious scam!

    Ban hails climate pact as 'health insurance policy for planet'

    "That's because the less we pollute, the less pollution nature absorbs."
    How can Geoengineering be less polluting? How can these idiots ignore that? How can these idiots claim CO2 was causing warming?


    The scientiputas, writing propaganda "studies" for the Geoengineering Mafia are brazenly admitting and threatening the killing of plants, represented here by the dying conifers!

    Scientists say climate change could cause a ‘massive’ tree die-off in the U.S. Southwest


    Read the following cynical spin with Your background knowledge about the appliance of Geoengineering SRM and Water Management, to deliver tropospheric water to the desert of Arabia!

    The technology is also used as a weapon against enemy states, so connect this as a preparation of current war.

    4. Knowledge will save You!

    The Ominous Story of Syria's Climate Refugees
    Farmers who have escaped the battle-torn nation explain how drought and government abuse have driven social violence


    Explaining the Propaganda of Geoengineering Mafia

    Genocidal scientiputas looking for ways to kill all flora and fauna!

    Scientists are looking at riskier ways to reverse climate change


    NOAA exposing itself!

    All claimed climatechange effects by geoengineering mafia are made by the mafia itself.

    Global Summary Information - September 2015


    Will be commented later. He did not publish my comment on his page.

    The Carbon Brief Interview: Michael Jacobs


    The ugly geoengineering mafia is distracting about the crime of air pollution and sunlight theft, which is causing lack of VitaminD.

    New Research Shows How Climate Change Will Influence Infant Health


    Even the "futurists" are fake! :-)


    Jamais Cascio and Ramez Naam share their long views on climate change, geoengineering, energy and more.

    Look at the fantastic description of a poisonous aerosol cloud by an ignorant!

    "Cloud-watching can be a supremely satisfying pastime -- that is, if climate change doesn't reduce them first. Sometimes, one can observe incredible, rare cloud phenomena like the undulatus asperatus, or this gorgeous "punch hole" cloud.

    Rare cloud looks like hole in the sky"


    Creating a fake majority for real threats, created by Tropospheric Geoengineering SRM.

    Global Concern about Climate Change, Broad Support for Limiting Emissions


    Ignore following blabla, but look at the picture he is using on his website, a fully aerosol covered SRM sky!

    Heat records smashed again as big El Nino rides on global warming


    Do You trust YOUR elite of banksters, corporate robbers and professional liars? Do You want to pay a tax to keep them rich?

    Do You want to help them to win the war against YOU?

    OPINION: ‘Blue-zone’ tax a climate-change weapon

    Corporate Pioneers Unite Around Climate Change

    Fight climate change for global stability, say US defence and diplomacy elite


    "Scientific American" degrading itself to yet another Scientitution Magazine! It is trying to prove the CO2 effect like a zealot would present the evidence of God.

    Climate Change Signal Emerges from the Weather

    "What they discovered was that the clearest impacts of warming could be found in heat-related events, from heat waves on land to unusually hot ocean waters. Other events, like droughts in East Africa and the Middle East, California’s intense wildfires, and winter storms that continually swept across the eastern U.S., were harder to pinpoint. In part this is because such events are inherently complex, with a multitude of factors influencing them."

    This description could be used to describe the collateral or intended damages of Geoengineering SRM HAARP for Tropospheric Water Management!

    But as nature is blaming them as lying crooks about globalwarming, they want also to own and lead "globalcooling":

    "And while some events, like the U.S. winter storms and the record high Antarctic sea ice extent, could be pinned to a particular cause, that cause could not be linked to climate change. "

    As they were fearing to be caught as the culprits of the killing by draughts, floods, lightnings, lack of sunlight, now they try to apologize their crimes by delivering the evidence of globalwarming by man made CO2.

    "What was clear, though, is that the fast-growing field of what is called extreme event attribution is gaining momentum. Researchers are casting a wider net for extreme events to examine and continually refining their methods."


    From the famous online magazine New Scientist!
    Here You can observe, that most of the so called scientific magazines are only propaganda companies. They don't deserve to be name "scientific". I call them scientitution presstitutes! We need to protect real science from being stolen, like this mafia steals our sunlight, water, air and soil by grabbing, poisoning and polluting everything.

    The method is very dumb but effective to persuade dumb sheeple!
    First the belief mantra about human mad CO2 is expressed, including a piece of truth:

    "The carbon dioxide we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere is fertilising plants and making them grow faster "

    The truth is that CO2 is the gas plants have to breath for life, without we wouldn't have any life on Earth. As there is not much in the Atmosphere (only 0.037%) , plants grow faster, when they find a little bit more.

    Second part of the same sentence is already the lie: "but now those plants are sucking our streams dry."

    This method connecting truth with a lie, to make the lie sound like truth is called framing!

    For sure no plant is as dumb as this text and the readers believing it. Plants don't follow the hockey stick model.

    Carbon emissions make Earth greener but are also drying it out


    This one is only here because of the usage of a totally aerosoled sky image and well done example of a propaganda website! Nothing less should be expected from Nationalgeographic!

    Fresh Hope for Combating Climate Change


    Just to expose yet another fake famous media icon, with their own crappy propaganda!

    Two Numbers: Antarctic Ice Shelves Could Collapse by 2100, Unless a Lot Changes


    Another stupid piece of The Guardian, which yet again, degrading itself and proving to be the best shit-paper. However it is exposing the idiots at work in Oslo.

    Oslo moves to ban cars from city centre within four years

    "The new city government did not give details of how the plan would be implemented."


    Cynicism without limits. The Geoengineering Mafia is destroying the Troposphere with SRM, causing floods, super-lightnings and draughts, organizing wars to occupy the resources, but also the refugee crisis, like everything else is blamed on the human made globalwarming and climatechange!

    Europe’s Refugee Crisis: Mass Migration is Biosphere Collapse


    Be sure if they tell "As climate change gets worse, the tiny African country of Eritrea might be one of the worst places in the world to live." than Eritrea is under attack of Geoengineering by Tropospheric Solar Radiation Management and Water Management! Another country which is under such attack since 2 decades is Somalia. The drought in there is not natural!

    Who's Most At Risk From Climate Change? Not The People Who Caused It


    Here, a man named "Ken Caldeira is a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science" is outing himself as a scientist miming idiot and a potential genocidal murderer!

    In addition to water (H2O ), carbondioxide (CO2) is one of the cooling components of Earth surface. Taking out CO2 from Atmosphere would weaken the cooling process, so it would heat up. Before that, fauna, flora and the humans would die, because less CO2 means less life on land.

    These genocidal criminals are explaining how they want to conquer, own and control the full cycle of H2O and CO2, decide about life and death of on land.

    As I repeat it so many times: The opposite of the lie is the truth!
    Please read the propaganda in that way.


    Fake Christians and fake Christian Science

    How climate change is unlocking the ocean’s frozen methane

    Washington Post Lie Machine

    The biggest question about climate change isn’t ‘if’ or ‘when.’ It’s ‘how abrupt?’


    Next story is about an company trying to surf on the wave of globalwarming fraud. The article begins with default faith "There is scientific consensus that the culprit is global warming, caused by carbon dioxide emissions.".

    It’s hot outside. Could this machine be the answer to global warming?


    Yet another dumb story putting a fully trashed sky with aerosoled artificial cirrus clouds, trying to sell a "sunny" story with poisoned air. This kind of framing propaganda is for associating such views with positive feeling.

    The Sunniest (Dumbest) Climate Change Story You've Ever Read!/the-sunniest-climate-change-story-you-ve-ever-read


    Met Office Asks British Public to #NameOurStorms. Here's What They Came Up With


    2015 set to be hottest year ever recorded! Infographic maps out Africa's unusual weather so far this year


    Carnagie Council is yet another fake institute advertising with a fully aerosoled SRM sky for a "young scientists" competition, looking for more corruptible idiots!

    Ice Sheets May Be More Resilient Than Thought, New Study

    The case for a carbon tax


    Ignore the stupid text full of lies, look only at the sky image!

    Learn about Geoengineering SRM by the perpetrators! Don't be deceived, replace every notion of "saving climate" by "controlling full water and carbon cycle for profit and total serfdom".


    Would You trust the robbers of the world, meeting every year in Davos?

    These are the cities that will be most affected by rising sea levels


    5. The bubble "agenda"!

    Can the developed world keep its climate funding promise?

    Selfrevealing propaganda of finance bubble Ponzi scheme of CO2 based globalwarming and climatechange!

    What Counts: Tools to Help Define and Understand Progress Towards the $100 Billion Climate Finance Commitment

    My separate posts about finance bubble!

    Biggest Ponzi scheme, CO2 finance bubble will blow You away!

    Designed like a religion, dangerous like the mafia!


    Alter Geoengineering

    Klima sucht Schutz


    The case for sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere

    Fake science institutions in Germany are producing propaganda for Geoengineering.

    Learn about the Ponzi scheme in the perpetrators own words, disguised as "saving the climate".
    Tackling climate change with technology

    Tackling climate change with technology

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