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Scientology Methods for Climatology!

In the following text a propaganda piece of Climatology Mafia is dissected and shown that this criminal gang is doing the same with the global society, what Scientology Mafia does to individuals. It is like "auditing" and breaking a person emotionally and mentally up to the point, where he/she becomes a money making serf.

The propaganda of Climatology Mafia is always the same, disguising their brainwashing in a pseudo scientific frame, as science is the only source, where most people "believe" without questioning and submit without resistance!

The texts contain always the same elements, but some points are specific for the frame.

The dissection is done in parts according the following headlines:

Did human brutality trigger preindustrial climate change?
  1. Preamble with Climatism dogmas.
  2. Pretending scientific seriousness.
  3. Making sulphur spraying naturally normal!
  4. Entering Climatism with "some scientists believe".
  5. Blaming the humanity for changes of climate!
  6. Delcaring Climatism priests scientist.
  7. Depopulation, Eugenics for "saving climate".
  8. Growing hope of the CO2 finance bubble Bankster Mafia!
  9. Apocalyptic believers, priests, bribed by MONEY!
  10. Connecting war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen with the scam!

1. Preamble with Climatism dogmas.

The scam begins with two fraud dogmas of Climatology Mafia Sect!

"Ask most people about climate change, and you will soon find that even the relatively informed make two big assumptions. First: the world’s climate was more or less stable until recently, and second: human actions started changing our climate with the advent of industrialization."

2. Pretending scientific seriousness.

Next step is disproving the first lie to pretend seriousness!

"If you have spent any time reading through this website, you will know that the first assumption is false. For millions of years, changes in Earth’s climate, driven by natural forces, have radically transformed the conditions for life on Earth. Admittedly, the most recent geological epoch – the Holocene – is defined, in part, by its relatively stable climate. Nevertheless, regional and even global climates have still changed quickly, and often dramatically, in ways that influenced societies long before the recent onset of global warming."

"Take, for example, the sixteenth century. Relative to early twentieth-century averages, the decades between 1530 and 1560 were relatively mild in much of the northern hemisphere. Yet, after 1565, average annual temperatures in the northern hemisphere fell to at least one degree Celsius below their early twentieth-century norms. Despite substantial interannual variations, temperatures remained generally cool until the aftermath of a bitterly cold “year without summer,” in 1628. Since the expansion of the glacier near Grindelwald, a Swiss town, was among the clearest signs of a chillier climate, these decades are collectively called the “Grindelwald Fluctuation.” It was one of the coldest periods in a generally cool climatic regime that is today known as the “Little Ice Age.” "

3. Making sulphur spraying naturally normal!

Here the release of sulphur aerosols is made "naturally normal", which would scatter sunlight and thereby "cool the planet". And the lie about "positive feedback" brought into the manipulaton scam!

Was this also made by volcanic eruption?

Source of sulphur for Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management?!

Aerosols bind rising water vapor and cause early precipitation. Their impact depends on the height of erupted fine ash. Over 6km height the aerosols build as crystalline ice clouds, under 6km height the aerosols are fluid droplets.

Both cause dry out of upper Troposphere and precipitation. By that process the air is cleaned out very fast. The dust is downed within weeks and the air becomes clean again. This process goes on as long as the eruption blows out fine particles.

There is no positive feedback in it! More precipitation in near region of eruption may cause less precipitation and more dry heat on further regions. The average the temperature on Earth doesn't need to change because of volcanic eruptions. Only the precipitation level on some regions may change.

Which fine dust aerosols brought this rain to Arabia and why is less precipitation in Europe!

Europe is in the same climate cell with North Africa and Arabia!

Which volcanic eruption made this huge hale balls and massive rain clouds over Arabian Peninsula?

"Volcanic eruptions undoubtedly caused some of the cooling. In 1595, the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz released sulphur aerosols into the atmosphere, scattering sunlight and thereby cooling the planet. Just five years later, Huaynaputina exploded in one of the most powerful volcanic explosions of the past 2,500 years. Major volcanic eruptions following in close proximity to one another can trigger long-term cooling by activating "positive feedbacks" in different parts of Earth’s climate system. In the Arctic, for example, volcanic dust veils lead to chillier temperatures, which can increase the extent of Arctic ice that, through its high albedo, reflects more sunlight into space than the water or land it replaces. That in turn leads to even cooler temperatures, more ice, and so on."

4. Entering Climatism with "some scientists believe".

Now we find "some scientists believe". You can believe as a priest, but not as scientist. You have evidence or not. What the scam designers are doing here is the disclosure of the religion like design of their scam. They take the victim from science into the realm of belief! The impact of Sun is ridiculed!

"However, the onset of the Grindelwald Fluctuation preceded the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz by some thirty years. Clearly, volcanoes were not the only culprits for the colder climate. Some scientists believe that low solar activity also played a role. Yet, although the sun was less active during the Grindelwald Fluctuation than it is today, it was still more active than it was in most other decades of the Little Ice Age."

5. Blaming the humanity for changes of climate!

After the pseudo-scientific blabla, the manipulation enters into is real target. Blaming the humanity for changes of climate!

By starting with the cooler climate, the dumb reader is drawn into the sin of humanity. Here we see that the religion like scam is designed more like the Christianity. An eternal sin on climate is invented and deepened into the past.

You can feel like being in a auditing session of Scientology Church. This criminal gang is seeking weak characters, "auditing" them to ...
  • learn about their weak points, psychological scars and
  • open them to bleed,
  • grow the scars and
  • destroy the personality to
  • make the victims their cash cows.
It is the same method, applied on the global society, with other measures.

"Solar minima and maxima over the past 2,000 years. The Grindelwald Fluctuation divides the Spörer Minimum from the Maunder Minimum.

That leads us to our second assumption: the idea that anthropogenic climate change began with industrialization. Most scholars of past climate change would still agree, but that might be changing. Recently, a growing body of evidence has started to suggest that humanity’s impact on Earth’s climate might be much older. Human depravity, it seems, might have been to blame for the cooling of the sixteenth century."

As the global warming scam doesn't work any more, because we have entered a natural cooling period, they need to change their scam accordingly to surf on the cooling, as they tried to surf the warming phase.

If they had successfully already implemented global imperial CO2 tax and legitimized Tropospheric Solar Radiation Management, what they are doing now illegally with oil and coal trash like fly ash or sulphur, they would have claimed that the cooling was their success. The only hot places during the climate conferences were the brothels of Paris, Copenhagen, Rio etc.

6. Delcaring Climatism priests scientist.

Calling the trash work of one of a victim priest and believer of Climatology Church a "ground breaking" scientist is more than absurd, but the whole scam is a house of absurdity. That is the the way frauds are made. People cannot be deceived with the truth!

For the Troposphere it doesn't make a difference if there are pooping dinosaurs, cows, humans, industry, volcanoes. What comes up, comes also down with the rain!

Deepening the eternal sin on climate!

"Back in 2003, palaeoclimatologist William Ruddiman proposed that humans were to blame for preindustrial climate change, in a groundbreaking article that shocked the scientific community. Two years later, he thoroughly explained and defended his conclusions in book called Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum: How Humans Took Control of Climate. Ruddiman argued that humanity had slowly but progressively altered Earth’s atmosphere since the widespread adoption of agriculture. Some 8,000 years ago, communities in China, Europe, and India made room for agricultural monocultures by burning away forests. According to Ruddiman, the scale of deforestation was enough to steadily increase the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Then, from around 5,000 years ago, rice farming and, to a lesser extent, livestock cultivation slowly raised atmospheric methane concentrations. Ruddiman concluded that the cumulative effect of these anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions was to gradually increase average global temperatures, and perhaps ward off another ice age."

7. Depopulation, Eugenics for "saving climate".

Here we see the blaming of humanity for cooling by killing humans and letting he forests grow by absorbing CO2 from Atmosphere!

The lies are kept alive:

1. Humans are responsible for CO2!
2. CO2 makes heating and cooling!

This claims are as absurd like claiming
  • blooming flowers would create the rain,
  • sooth and ashes would make the fire,
  • sweat would heats the body,
  • centric waves would throw the stone into the water,
  • thermometer would make temperature,
  • the subsidies to Puerto Rico would build the US economy or
  • light reflection by the Moon would heat the Sun ...
by a magical "positive feedback"!

Eugenics by depopulation is promoted here as a solution! "population decline" was "cooling the planet". Do we want anything else?

"Ruddiman also argued that, since the adoption of agriculture, temporary fluctuations in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations followed from dramatic changes in human populations. During major disease outbreaks, Ruddiman insisted, populations declined to such an extent that agricultural land went untilled on a vast scale. Woodlands expanded, pulling more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than the agricultural crops they replaced, and thereby cooling the planet. When populations recovered, farmers burned down forests and planted their monocultures, warming the Earth."

According the Eugenics perspective forcing people int "settlement patterns" after huge decline by "gruelling forced labor" and new pathogens the population helps the environment. Should we be less "gruelling" but persuade the people to decline and voluntarily be fenced in smart cities

"​During the sixteenth century, Spanish soldiers and settlers established a vast empire by waging environmentally destructive wars on the indigenous peoples of central and southern America. They forced many of the survivors into new settlement patterns and gruelling forced labour. They also disrupted indigenous ways of life by appropriating, and often transforming, regional environments. Their animals, plants, and pathogens encountered virgin populations and spread rapidly. Indigenous communities in hot, humid climates were especially vulnerable to outbreaks of Eurasian crowd diseases, which included smallpox, measles, influenza, mumps, diphtheria, typhus, and pulmonary plague. Recent population modelling suggests that the population of the Americas declined from approximately 61 million in 1492 to six million in 1650." 

Human cruelty seems to be good for cooling the planet! Should a small "eugenic" minority be be more cruel to the "disgenic" majority?

"By the late sixteenth century, this holocaust was well underway. Land previously colonized by indigenous communities through controlled burning or the planting of agricultural monocultures gradually reverted to woodlands. While all plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, tropical rainforests are much more effective carbon sinks than human crops. In the Americas, reforestation on a vast scale probably lowered atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide by 7 to 10 parts per million between 1570 and 1620. Human cruelty may therefore have contributed to the climatic cooling also caused by volcanic eruptions and, maybe, a decline in solar radiation relative to modern or medieval norms."

8. Growing hope of the CO2 finance bubble Bankster Mafia!

There is no growing evidence, but the scam is growing profit hopes of the CO2 finance bubble Bankster Mafia for privatization of global cycles of sweet water and carbond!

Here another point of the pseud-oscientific Racism, called Eugenics is brought in:

DEPOPULATION!!! Subconciously suggesting the elimination of humanity for the sake of saving the climate!!

"A growing body of scholarship now provides evidence for these relationships. However, there are many questions that must be answered before we can confidently conclude that depopulation helped trigger the Grindelwald Fluctuation, let alone other episodes of climatic cooling. For instance: did the cooling effect of sixteenth-century reforestation in the Americas overwhelm the warming influence of contemporaneous deforestation in China and India? Were invasive species introduced by Europeans into the Americas incapable of preventing reforestation? Was the pace of depopulation, and in turn reforestation, really so fast and so universal that it could substantially reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations over the course of a few decades?"

9. Apocalyptic believers, priests, bribed by MONEY!

Just to make it clear none of the crooks is a scientists. They are all apocalyptic believers and priests of Climatology Church, mostly bribed by MONEY!

Working with magics of "positive feedback" and lies about CO2 degrades them to illusionists, fraudsters, liars, criminals and ....

"It will take a while to answer these questions, but some scholars are already drawing big conclusions. Earlier this year, geographers Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin argued that the cooling set in motion by the depopulation of the Americas could be considered the beginning of the “Anthropocene,” the proposed geological epoch dominated by human transformations of the world’s environment. Dating big changes in geological time in tricky business. The changes must be visible in the global stratigraphic record – that is, in rock layers – and they must be traceable to a specific date. Lewis and Maslin lean on earlier environmental histories of the “Columbian Exchange,” the European transfer of plants, animals, and pathogens between the New and Old Worlds. The impact was a global biotic homogenization that, according to Lewis and Maslin, should be visible in the stratigraphic record. That still leaves them without a specific date, however. They settle on 1610, because that was when atmospheric carbon dioxide levels reached a minimum caused, they say, by European depopulation of the Americas."

10. Connecting war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen with the scam!

Now it gets really dirty. This part of the scam is killing people! The war on tropospheric and ground water and pipeline routes in the Middle East, specifically in Syria, Iraq and Yemen is apologized as a result of human made climate!

These countries were and are attacked by Tropsopheric Solar Radiation and Water Management" as a weapon and also by bloodthirsty Wahabist (financed by Saudi Arabia) and Salafist (financed by Qatar) terrorists, which are logistically supported by the USA and the European vassals of Bankster Empire of Deception!

"​There may be one more wrinkle to this sad story. In a forthcoming book, I argue that the Dutch revolt against the Spanish empire was provoked, in part, by high food prices that followed from harvest failures during the chilly onset of the Grindelwald Fluctuation. Then, until the early seventeenth century, the Dutch rebellion benefitted from a chilly climate. Dutch fortifications routinely forced Spanish armies to stay in the field during the frigid winters of the Grindelwald Fluctuation. The effect on Spanish soldiers could be disastrous. It is possible, therefore, that Spanish conquests in one part of the world contributed to climate changes that benefitted a rebellion against Spanish rule in another."

"If so, the Eighty Years’ War may provide one of the first examples of such a self-defeating climate history of violence. It was certainly not the last. Recently, interdisciplinary researchers have found similar connections at work in the Syrian civil war. In a poorly governed society already destabilized by migrants fleeing the American invasion of Iraq, a severe drought caused, in part, by anthropogenic warming created fertile conditions for rebellion. The countries now at war in Syria and Iraq include those most responsible for the climate change that helped set the conflict in motion. Studying the Grindelwald Fluctuation may provide deep context for these relationships, by rooting them in a long history of violence and environmental transformation. It may also show that both assumptions commonly held about climate change are wrong."

Changing the frame at the end to surf on the next wave!

Another propaganda "lecture"! 

Art DeGaetano: The Science and Impacts of Climate Change

In minute 8:17 he totally ignores the water in his greenhouse gases scam and reduces it to CO2 and other immeasurable components.

In minute 8:38 he absurdly claims that this tiny gases woud redirect the radiation back to Earth. Why don't they radiate to space?

In minute 12:07 he claims that "when we add these GHG, the temperature would go up". He totally ignores that these gases, like water vapor are the result of a heating process on the surface or mostly in the oceans.
Why should the result of heating become the reason of it?

From Minute 13:47 he get totally crazy and claims that the Atmosphere gives the same amount of energy back to Earth as it emits to the space. He is ignoring that the emission to the space is the result of the total emission balance. This guy is just doubling this balance to speculate overheating!
He is sorry to say that but idiotically declaring the atmosphere to be a second Sun? How can such an idiot be allowed to teach in a university as a scientist?

From Minute 19:18 he again ignores that for having gases in the Atmosphere, they have first to be emitted mainly by oceans and surface. He doesen't question the reason of emission, just claims the result had caused it. It is like looking on a sweating person and claiming that the sweat has caused the body heat! the magic variables are a product of biased fantasy to confirm their models, not to show the reality.

... more will follow!

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