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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sublimation, Desublimation!

Sublimation und Desublimation!
Sublimation, Désublimation
Prośba do tłumaczenia!
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  1. I appreciate your work. However it is difficult to understand your graphics.

    I believe each of the points you make in "thought balloons" need to be explained in a footnote. The footnote would define the terms used and try to make the same point more clearly, in sentences or even paragraphs. I believe the amount of information you are attempting to convey in them is probably too much for the average brain to take in. I am not comprehending m
    uch of it yet.

    1. Thank You for Your critique. I will improve the infographics and make them better self-explaining.

      The principal concept of this blog is the explanation of only one aspect of Tropospheric Solar Radiatio & Water Management in each post and interconnecting of posts by links. The pictures and infographics work in context with the posts and cannot be understood without background knowledge.

      The whole topic is touching so many disciplines (Geostrategy, Meteorology, Water & Gas Physics, History, Economy, Sociology etc. etc.) that it is impossible to explain everything to everyone.

      Main target remains the lifting the curtain by giving the notions the meaning they deserve.

      Delivering content seems much more important than design but the design quality is also improved from time to time.

      Content, design and quality are evolving by self reflection and by constructive critique.

      Thank You very much John.

  2. Guten Morgen dennoch, ich lasse mich von diesen Pappnasen da nicht ärgern....also nicht mehr und herzlichen Dank wie immer für deine Informationen :-)


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