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Jellyfish by Tsunami and Aluminium for ClimateControl!


  1. Poisoning Aluminium!
  2. This is my answer!
  3. The Metaphor of Jellyfish!
  4. Breaking the chains and fences!
  5. Real satire meets my funny analogy!

1. Poisoning Aluminium!

People like to post chemtrail pictures and fear monger about the poison of aluminium. They imagine the amount of aluminium sprayed over their heads would be so much, that all what they see in the chemtrails would consist of aluminium dust and they totally ignore that also poisonous clouds mainly consist of water!

Some friends ask me, why I would not talk about the poison of aluminium and if I would intentionally avoid talking about aluminium! :-) They claim, by talking about water grabbing for desert farming and fracking I would "distract" from the poisonous aluminium! :-) :-)

2. This is my answer!

Without considering that any kind of blocking sunlight is dangerous, it is not very helpful to concentrate only on one potential poisonous material like aluminium.

For SRM (Sunlight Robbery Menace) with TAI (Tropospheric Aerosol Injection), any kind of fine dust powder can be used. The corn size, the kind of material depends on the intended result. The material could be much more ore less poisonous than aluminium. So only talking about the potential poisoning with aluminium distracts from many other much more poisoning materials and from the colossal damage of sunlight theft.

It also distracts from the huge amounts of water which is collected on any kind of fine dust particles, the transport and delivery of this water and the damage caused during that process.

So talking about one single potential aspect distracts from everything else.

This kind of reduction of perspective is very dangerous, because if it can easily disproven that aluminium was not used or the mainly used material was "organic" because the water thieves are vegans :-) the whole resistance against ClimateControl would be ridiculed. It is like the bloodsucker trick with the false key witness, who is exposed as a liar at the last stage of conviction!

It is important to talk about the foundations, mechanisms, methods, damage and death by ClimateControl without being reduced on one single maybe less relevant aspect.

3. The Metaphor of Jellyfish!

Dear reader, imagine an artificial tsunami, by exploding some 200 megaton nuclear bombs at the bottom of continental shelf is in planning to uncover a huge energy resource deep in the crust under the ocean. Without knowing the full potential impact, to distract from the perpetrators, to psychologically prepare the people without losing control on the society, to "mitigate" the "collateral damage" and to be able to "plausibly deny" any guilt, some propaganda schemes would be disguised as "scientific studies".

The expected tsunami would kill many million people and all life in the ocean and at the surrounding coasts. However, instead of talking about the sense of a "man made tsunami" the people would only talk about some deadly poisonous jellyfish which could be carried with the waves.

Engineers would develop machines which only catch jellyfish but don't harm the crabs for the "dejellyfication" of the oceans.

Experts would propose that some fish are more dangerous than this specific jellyfish and the jellyfish would have valuable nutrients and some edible algae could be used to improve the taste. But these experts would be fired and their studies "retracted" as against the mainstream "jellyfishology science".

A multi billion industry of "dejellyfication", "jellystorage", "jellyfuel" would be build and replace legacy industries.

Academics would write "scienific" studies about the poison of the jellyfish and get PhD on detecting that the poison of jellyfish is factually like the poop of the cows and would propose to "reduce" the cow population first as they would poop much more of the same poison. Other "certified scientists" would detect that humans poop much more and develop depopulation schemes to reduce the poop poison and save the planet. Jellyfish studies would become an important component of all education levels, beginning from the kindergarten up to the most "renown" universities. A global authoritative council would be founded to review all jellyfish papers before publication.

However all would forget to talk about the reason of a man made tsunami.

After presenting this metaphor, let us come back to ClimateControl!

4. Breaking the chains and fences!

I don't ignore that some materials may be dangerous but I arrogantly dismiss and disrespect everyone who intentionally or ignorantly doesn't talk about our man made tsunami which is ClimateContol.

I am a nobody and no expert in anything. The notions "expert" and "scientist" have become the worst insults nowadays. The knowledge I deliver is not my invention, I have no patents and I don't take the responsibility for other peoples mind. What I expect from everyone is to think and not to be distracted.

"In the age of information, ignorance is choice!"
We have already lost the luxury to be a happy ignorants.

I challenge and question everyone who distracts, because this fraud and crime works mainly by DISTRACTION. The ongoing ClimateControl cannot be hidden from eyes, but it is hidden from minds!

People who only talk about the poison of some jellyfish distract from growing tsunami!

Dear reader, was this explanation helpful for You?

In a moment I could disappear from this platform and maybe all the others will continue to talk about dangers of aluminium (the poison of jellyfish), but I hope some will remember that ClimateControl (the tsunami) brings the jellyfish and think more about the scale of damage which will be caused by the tsunami.

The tsunami of ClimateControl is already running over us and it is killing fauna and flora. Why should I be friendly to distractors and ignorants?

Please ask the others why they talk about the poison of a jellyfish instead of the tsunami?

Do You think that my metaphor is wrong?

Didn't You understand it? Please read again or leave my blog now and never come back! I don't expect from all to listen, think and understand. It is enough to find a few. For this few I am fighting. I know that the mass is not reachable now.

This misery was not better before I started to talk about it and probably I won't be to wake up the world! :-) However, I can claim that I have tried to!

Am I angry?

Yes I am angry, very angry! I express this. I dismiss, disrespect and hate all people which are damaging my life with ClimateControl and all what comes with it.

I also don't want to be nice and friendly to sheeple. I want to shake them and wake them up to become people or they run tho their shepherd. So my "rude style" is intentional.

My kind of rudeness is to rouse the sheeple, I know that they won't listen to me and seek "protection" behind the strong walls of the sloughterhouse.

I know that others, who are more friendly and scientifically explain some aspects of geoengineering are not successful either. They are blocked, ridiculed and ignored.

Just think about the over 30,0000 scientist, think about Selby Murry and others. My style is to break the fences of mind, not persuade the people. It is a method of survival.

Think about a honorable person and hero like Don Easterbrook who smashed the scam in one hearing. Nothing changed.

Don't be nice, don't be smart! We have enough NLP communication experts. It is time for counter-NLP, anti-expertism, anti-fraud, anti-system.

Am I marginalized?

Sure but I am breaking my way out of the layers of marginalization. It is a hard way. Maybe I will give up and look for shelter and wait the tsunami coming!

I am looking for a key to open the mind cages. Metaphors are very helpful. So I write mostly out of anger where the ideas break their way out of my mind. A positive way of being angry for me. :-)

It is hard to open the mind cages ....

That is the reason why I am more crushing than stroking the minds. I want to break the chains and fences.

5. Real satire meets my funny analogy!

Who is dumb enough to blame the JELLYFISH?

I was joking with a friend using the analogy of fearing the jellyfish coming with a tsunami, just to make clear how distraction works.

Now the real satire catches us. A dumb main stream brothel of climate control mafia is exactly trying this. :-) :-)

In an acidified ocean, box jellyfish will gobble up all the food By Christie Wilcox

Blaming it on the jellyfish!
"As the oceans become more acidic, box jellyfish may start eating a lot more. Their greedy appetites could have a huge impact on marine ecosystems."

Repeating the lies about acidification!
"Some of the carbon dioxide we release is dissolving in the oceans, where it becomes carbonic acid – making the oceans less alkaline and more acidic. Scientists are scrambling to identify which species will be most impacted."

However, read the threat in the text as a masterly planned mass genocide on all life, by cutting the food chain at its foundation!

"They are particularly concerned about organisms that play pivotal roles in marine food webs, because if they disappear, entire ecosystems may collapse."

"What happens to copepods affects all that depend on them, “which is pretty much everything,” says Edd Hammill of Utah State University in Logan."

Framing a new lie!
"Previous studies have found copepods may be fairly resistant to ocean acidification. However, these have largely focused on single species, so community-level effects may have been missed."

Making a yet another fake model!
"To find out, Hammill and his colleagues collected zooplankton and one of their gelatinous predators, the box jellyfish Carybdea rastoni, from the waters around Australia. They kept the plankton in tanks containing either ambient seawater or seawater acidified at levels predicted for 2100, then added box jellyfish to half of the tanks. After 10 days, they counted what survived."

Kill both and blame it on one victim!
"Both acidification and box jellyfish reduced the number of copepods, but both together caused 27% more deaths than the sum of the two individually. The jellyfish were eating more: they gobbled up nearly 37% of copepods in the ambient seawater tanks, but almost 83% in the acidified water."

Fake conclusions!
"Hammill thinks the copepods were weakened by the acidified water and that the jellyfish took advantage, but can’t rule out other possibilities. “It could be the jellies are being negatively affected by the acidified water and are needing more prey to get along,” he says."

Deadly simple for deadly dumb!
"“It is a simple and clever experiment with some intriguing results,” says Nyssa Silbiger of California State University, Northridge. It highlights the critical need to better understand community dynamics in response to changing environmental conditions, she says."

Suggesting fear!
"“If these results do translate to the global oceans, even just a little, it could have potentially dramatic and cascading effects on the ocean food web,” Silbiger says."

As this shit house names itself "newscientist" most people deem it as a scientific magazine, but it is a marketing brothel for the climate control pyramid scheme. The publishing minions try to repeat the scam slogans like "acidification", "sustainability", "climate change", "global warming" in connection with fake scientific stories, to keep control on the mind of the masses.

I have no good words for these people. They are cynical psychopathic criminals or just brainwashed idiots, so in both cases deadly dangerous.

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