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Single Strategy SCAM!

Principles of Climatology Faith

At the bottom the Geoengineering Mafia has only one lie to prove its claims, a second lie to push it forward, a third lie to blame it on the victims, a fourth lie as conclusion and a fifth lie to glue the scam together!

1. CO2 is producing global warming by positive feedback of energy. Earth becomes a warming green house!

2. As a result of first lie, the climate is changing dramatically, causing drought, flash rain, super hail, super lightnings and environment and people are dying!

3. The suffering and dying people have to blame themselves for the current and upcoming catastrophes, because they are pouring CO2 into the Atmosphere by industrial activities.

4. The humanity has to pay a CO2 tax to global authority, which will use this money to regulate the emission of CO2 to save the climate, the environment and the survival of humanity!
5. You are not allowed to question all this lies, because much more intelligent people, named "scientists" have found a 97% consensus! You have to believe it, else You may be declared a denier and no one will love You!

Take Your time to re-read many times the above principles of confession of Climatology Church before You read on. If You believe only one of the principles You are a believer of this confession. By reading on You may lose Your faith!

I would like to shorten it to its functions!

1. Eternal sin.
2. Warning from hell.
3. Take the blame.
4. Pay for it.
5. Believe!

If You accept only one of the above principles of this concept, than You are a member of the Climatology Church!
You are not an atheist, a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or Shamanist ...

You are a Climatist! Wellcome in the biggest scam of Bankster Pervert Empire of Deception!

After the finance bubbles of Dot.Com, subprime welcome into the biggest scam of mankind, the CO2 finance bubble!
Welcome in the ongoing WWIII, where the main asset is also the main weapon of destruction!

Welcome in the age of global Corporatism/Fascism!

Some of You cover at this moment behind self censoring concept of "conspiracy theory", because You will rather believe scientists, instead of a "blogger".

You should now, that in science You don't need to believe, You need to have evidence. There is no "consensus" in science! Consensus is a concept of religion!

Now I want to show You the reality!

1. CO2 doesn't heat, it is cooling like H2O. CO2 is formed as a result of a burn process! It is always a result of burning, but never its reason. When You burn a candle, the hydro-carbon chain molecules are cracked by bonding them with Oxygen molecules. Resulting molecules are mainly H2O and CO2.

Believing a positive feedback heating by CO2 is as dumb as believing that the reflectiong of light by the Moon is causing the heating on our Sun! The positive feedback magic is a scam tool to turn the reality upside down!

2. The dramatic changes in our weather are are the result of global industrial scale application of Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management (TSRWM). The main target product of this industry is the full global cycle of sweet water! The second target is the global cycle of carbon!

The extreme weather events, the dying and burning forests, the emigration of people, the downfall of enemy states are all intended and inevitable results of TSRWM!

3. We all, the people, the fauna and flora are the victims of this crime! We have to stop it, convict and punish the perpetrators. What we have to blame on us is our dumbness to believe this scam!

4. Paying the CO2 tax is the foundation of global serfdom. We should never accept this and abolish all organizations working into this direction.

5. Don't be dumb!
Don't be distracted!
Don't be brainwashed!
Don't be conditions!
Don't be coward!

Know Your enemies!
Know Your traitors!

Be awake!
Be informed!
Be connected!
Be protected by knowledge!
Be free in mind!
Be free!


  1. Only solution is to kill the elite and ALL geoengineers

    1. You have to organize Your society in a way that such greedy, ruthless, criminal, pervert people don't get power! :-)


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GEOENGINEERING is changing weather and climate to grab TROPOSPHERIC WATER by SRM and HAARP for FRACKING and FARMING in DESERTs!

Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

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