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Think about Germanwings flight 4U9525!

Imagine Germanwings flight 4U9525 would be flying through this poison!

For the sudden death of all inhabitants als decompression is an option, a technical defect, but I strongly assume that chemtrails were the main reason of this catastrophe! In addition to the intoxication the passenger jet was shot down above the mountain of a less populated region, before it could fell over a tightly populated area!!

Nothing else but the destructive shoot down in middle altitude can explain the dispersion of the debris in small pieces over about 4qkm.

If some passengers were aware, they could have been the ones hammering on the cockpit door.

That some people were still alive makes the the decision more ruthless and exposes how helpless and unprepared the aviation industry is for such cases.

Why deed they need to lie?
Why didn't they just say the truth?
Why people are so easily tricked by such dumb lies?

It seems that in addition to the banksters which have to be "rescued" by state mone and state lies, because according to the propaganda they were "too big to fail", now we have the confused flugsters, which have to be kept alive by state support.

Why are so many people angry about social benefits for the real poor people and can ignore the social parasites which afloat at top, privatize the the profits and celebrate the horrendous fraud of socializing the losses by their incompetent failure with Champagne on their private yacht

Don't fly into the poison!

Co-Pilot der Germanwings 4U9252 Andreas Lubitz laut CBS tot im PKW in Barcelona aufgefunden!
According to CBS the co-pilot of the Germanwings 4U9252 flight Andreas Lubitz have been found dead in Barcelona!

See another aircraft, where all people in the plane were not moving anymore!
Mayday Air Crash Investigation - S04E10 - Ghost Plane HD

SRM chemtrails & HAARP endanger the security of aviation and the health of all flying people! Aerotoxicsyndrome!

The POISON, causing the "toxic fumes" in airplanes is coming from outside air.

If the passengers and crew of 4U9525 got a heavy load of poison and the crew was incapacitated or already dead!

Should individual passengers have been still conscious, they were the ones who have tried to break the cockpit door.

Please learn about Desublimation Condensation!

Desublimation is the KEY to understand Sunlight Robbery Menace (SRM) and what Chemtrails basically mean!

Don't fly into the poison!

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Eugenics -> ClimateControl

Carbon Tax, Life Tax, Carbon Eugenics, Technocratic Terror

Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

Weather Warfare

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