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Healthy Light!

Wisdom of Alexander Wunsch will heal the world!

When we talk about ClimateControl, Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, Tropospheric Aerosol Injection, Global Dimming, Robbing of Water Cycle etc., than we first should focus on sunlight before water.

It is the Freedom on Sunlight, we are demanded to give up. "Energy efficiency" is the nose ring, we are pulled at!

Can we ever give up this freedom?
Can the total genocide on life and suicide ever be the right sacrifice for "energy security"?

We need the complete sunlight spectrum, which reaches the surface to be able to live and survive. We cannot save light to save energy. Saving light by using only a part of the sunlight spectrum for visual illumination is the road to creeping suicide!

Thanks to Alexander Wunsch for his deep education about light.

Some videos of his lectures are embedded here. Please absorb every word, as each of his sentences is capable to destroy the house of cards of climate control! Thousands of lies cannot resist a single truth.

The direct benefit for everyone is to self provision with incandescent bulb lamps under direct current!

Citations of Alexander Wunsch:

"You have to attune everything. The ratio between the UVB and the UVA and the visible light and the near infrared and infrared light."

"As humans we think, we can do everything better than nature. A physicist thinks, that the heat rays emitted by an incandescent lamp are unnecessary. In fact for pure vision, at hock vision, it is not really necessary, but it will have consequences, if you remove parts of the spectrum, because we are .. our body is attuned to the full spectrum of sunlight on one hand and thermal light sources on the other hand."

"The color rendering index is nearly 100 for sunlight, it is nearly 100 for incandescent lamps, it is 100 for even a candle light. So You can tell from this fact, that we are through the whole spectrum of color temperatures, we are fully adapted, as long as we are talking about thermal light."

"As long as we focus only on our eyes, we limit ourselves in a probably detrimental way, because our skin is a much better sensory organ for a broader spectrum of light. Our skin exhibits very specific reactions to UVB for example. .... Our skin is able to detect the full spectrum and if we make our rules only for the eye, than we become fooled by the light sources, by these artificial light sources, which are made solely for the eyes. This is the fact, when we talk about florescent lamps, when we talk about LED light for general lighting purposes, because these are the light surrogates. They are restricted in their spectrum in order to save kind of energy in short term, but it will probably make us sick in long term."

No globalization of sunlight! :-)  

Alexander Wunsch: Light Medicine, Photobiology & Vitamin D – #277

Comparing artificial light technologies.
Glühbirnen, Halogenlampen, LEDs & Energie­spar­lampen

Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali’s Spectro-Chrome Therapeutic System

Dinshah Health Society

Artificial light and sight – Stress for the eye by modern light sources
Alexander Wunsch, Aug 09, 2014

"Blue light also penetrates the healthy eye down to the retina and causes oxidative stress. In this case especially the mitochondria (cell power plants) of the photoreceptors are affected. Light with a wavelength of more than 650nm can compensate such oxidative damages by a stimulation of the cytochromeoxidase, an important enzyme for the energy production in the mitochondria."

Artificial light and healt - A plea for the incandescent lamp.
Alexander Wunsch, Aug 09, 2014

"In modern societies, artificial light has become the dominating light influence on man. From the point of view of prevention, it is rather the biological significance of the foodstuff light, that should be placed in the focus of the reflections, instead of only paying attention to the energy consumption of lamps. In view of a planned prohibition of incandescent lamps, from the medical point of view, not only the question of an ecological balance but also the question of a balancing of possible consequences for health of such a decision arises. Artificial light can be viewed not only quantitatively, i.e. with respect to the produced brightness and energy efficiency, but also qualitatively, with respect to the spectral energy distribution and the electromagnetic compatibility. In addition, a product like the so-called energy saving lamp, which –from the medical point of view – has to be classified as being problematic due to the extremely high content of toxic substances, as compared to the incandescent lamp, has to pass an especially critical test with respect to its ecological tolerance. Only then it can be recommended for some lighting applications as an advantageous replacement."

Retina, Retinol, Retinal and the Natural History of Vitamin A as a Light Sensor
Nutrients. 2012 Dec; 4(12): 2069–2096.
Published online 2012 Dec 19. doi: 10.3390/nu4122069
PMCID: PMC3546623
Ming Zhong, Riki Kawaguchi, Miki Kassai, and Hui Sun*

"Light is both the ultimate energy source for most organisms and a rich information source. Vitamin A-based chromophore was initially used in harvesting light energy, but has become the most widely used light sensor throughout evolution from unicellular to multicellular organisms. Vitamin A-based photoreceptor proteins are called opsins and have been used for billions of years for sensing light for vision or the equivalent of vision. All vitamin A-based light sensors for vision in the animal kingdom are G-protein coupled receptors, while those in unicellular organisms are light-gated channels."

"Vitamin A’s new functions such as regulating cell growth and differentiation from embryogenesis to adult are associated with increased toxicity with its random diffusion. In contrast to bistable pigments which can be regenerated by light, monostable pigments depend on complex enzymatic cycles for regeneration after every photoisomerization event. "

"First, the conjugation of the aldehyde end of retinal to photoreceptor proteins causes a red shift in its absorbance to the visible range (from the perspective of human vision). Visible light (visible due to vitamin A-based light sensors) generally matches the peak irradiance of sunlight on the earth’s surface [1,2]. In contrast, most other light sensors absorb primarily in the UV range (e.g., flavin-based light sensors). Second, the large light-induced conformational change of vitamin A-based chromophore makes it ideal as a ligand for membrane receptors. The large conformational change likely makes it easier for the photoreceptor protein to distinguish the silent state (in the dark) and the activated state (in the light)."

"1. Sunlight and Vitamin A
... Archaebacteria use vitamin A-based light-driven pumps to harvest light energy (e.g., by creating the electrochemical gradient of protons to drive ATP synthase). This is an alternative mechanism to chlorophyll-based phototrophy. For adjusting the biological clock, vitamin A-based photoreceptor proteins are used as the light sensors, although flavin-based photoreceptor proteins have also been used for this purpose. However, for vision or the equivalent of vision, the vast majority of species use vitamin A-based chromophore as the light sensor. Vitamin A-based chromophore is the exclusive choice for vision in multicellular organisms.

"2.1. Expanding Biological Functions of Vitamin A
... Vertebrates broaden the use of vitamin A to many other essential biological functions, including its essential roles in embryonic development, maturation of the immune system, maintenance of epithelial integrity, and in the adult brain for learning and memory and neurogenesis [80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87]. This is the third major change in the biology of vitamin A. Most of these new functions are mediated by the acid form of vitamin A (retinoic acid) [88,89]. Since this functional diversification in evolution, vitamin A deficiency would no longer be limited to effects on vision, and vitamin A became an essential nutrient for almost all vertebrate organs.

"Vitamin A deficiency affects many vertebrate organs [90,91]. The most well known effects of vitamin A deficiency in humans are night blindness [92] and increased childhood mortality and morbidity [93]. In adults, vitamin A deficiency can lead to profound impairment of hippocampal long-term potentiation and long-term depression [94] and impairment in learning and memory [95]. Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to pathological changes in the lung [96,97], the skin [98], the thyroid [99] and the male and female reproductive systems [90,100]. It was recently discovered that retinol, but not retinoic acid, prevents the differentiation and promotes the feeder-independent culture of embryonic stem cells [101]; retinal inhibits adipogenesis [102]; and retinoic acid regulates protein translation in neurons independent of its roles in regulating gene transcription [103,104]. Given its numerous biological functions, retinoid plays positive or negative roles in a wide-range of human diseases, such as visual disorders [45], cancer [105,106], infectious diseases [82], diabetes [107,108], teratogenicity [109], and skin diseases [110]."

Light therapeutics : a practical manual of phototherapy for the student and the practitioner.
Kellogg, John Harvey, 1852-1943.;view=1up;seq=1

Light therapeutics : a practical manual of phototherapy for the student and the practitioner, with special reference to the incandescent electric-light bath / by J.H. Kellogg

The Online Books Page
Online Books by John Harvey Kellogg

(Kellogg, John Harvey, 1852-1943)

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