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Healthy Light! Light-Robbery by ClimateControl is Mass Murder!

  1. Full-Spectrum Light
  2. Light-Robbery is mass-murder!
  3. Learning from Alexander Wunsch, the world will recover!
  4. Quotes and lectures of Alexander Wunsch
  5. Other lectures and sources

1. Full-Spectrum Light

The light only has a healthy effect if it is complete, i.e. corresponds to or at least comes very close to sunlight. This applies to all natural light sources such as barbecue fire, candlelight, but also to the classic light bulb and halogen light bulb, because they too generate light literally by over-heating, just like the sun, filtered through our atmosphere.

All spectra of the sunlight mixture are used by living beings, including people. The light is not only used for vision, but especially the non-visible, both in the ultraviolet and infrared spectra are essential for important vital functions.

However, if only part of the light spectrum, usually of the visible range is created in order to save energy, healthy light is "saved". As a result, deficiency symptoms and functional disorders occur in the body.

It's a time bomb because the damage is creeping up. The body first tries to compensate the deficiencies, but in the long run this does not succeed when the last reserves are used up. This is where the so-called autoimmune diseases begin, mainly due to a vitamin D deficiency, but also due to the lack of pre-infrared range, which is required by the cell organelles. The results are intracellular dysfunctions.

The lightbulb ban alone, which Siegmar Gabriel caused to a large extent to enable Siemens to sell Osram on the stock exchange, harms all people who have now become ill with the poisonous light. This is a million times assault and murder.

The breaking of a mercury lamp is a catastrophe, the fumes from LEDs and mercury vapor lamps are poisonous and their light is inferior and unhealthy.

Who has burdened us with this? Well, it was fatty Siggi!

Deindustralization by Dumbification! The lightbulb deception of fatty Siggi (SigmarGabriel)!

2. Light-Robbery is Mass-Murder!
UV-B light
  • starts the vitamin D synthesis from cholestrol.
  • converts cholesterol (cholesterol) into vitamin D.
  • promotes production of sex hormones.
  • promotes the construction of cells from metabolites of vitamin D.
  • improves circulation, lowers blood pressure.
  • improves cardiac output.
  • improves EKG values ​​and blood values ​​in people with arteriosclerosis (hardening of the vessel walls).
  • works against psoriasis.
  • also works for many other diseases.
  • activates an important skin hormone.
Being without UV-B light results in
  • Calcium deficiency with excitability, irritability and nervousness. Muscle cramps, muscle weakness up to impaired cardiac output.
  • Softening of the bones (osteomalacia) up to bone deformations (funnel chest, deformation of the pelvic and leg bones, fragility of the bones, especially femoral neck fractures, pain in muscles and bones.
  • Rickets in children with the same symptoms as with osteomalacia, additionally delayed eruption of milk teeth, jaw deformation, tooth misalignment, enamel defects on the teeth.
  • Osteoporosis, loss of bone mass and fragility of bones.
  • Bad healing for broken bones.
  • Susceptibility to infection and immunodeficiency.
  • Impairment of cell health up to and including diabetes, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and cancer.

2. Learning from Alexander Wunsch, the world will recover!

If we talk about climate control, geoengineering, solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol injection, tropospheric aerosol injection, global dimming, robbery of the water cycle, etc., then it's about  water, but first about control on the sunlight.

The freedom of sunlight is what we are expected to give up.
The "energy efficiency" is the nose ring we are pulled at!


Can we do without this freedom at all?

Can total mass murder of all life and suicide be the appropriate sacrifice for energy (IN)security?

We need the full spectrum of sunlight to live and survive. We cannot save on light in order to save energy. Saving light by using only part of the spectrum for lighting is creeping suicide!

Thanks to Alexander Wunsch for his profound teaching about light.

Some videos of his lectures are embedded here. Each of his sentences has the ability to shatter the entire lie structure of climate control. Thousands of lies cannot resist a truth.

The direct benefit from the knowledge that everyone can take away is the storage and usage of incandescent lamps under direct current!

3. Quotes and lectures of Alexander Wunsch

"Everything has to be coordinated. The ratio between UVB and UVA and the visible light and the near-infrared and the infrared light."

"As humans, we think we can do anything better than nature. A physicist thinks that the heat rays that a light bulb produces are unnecessary. In fact, just for seeing, the adhock vision, they are not really useful, but we feel the consequences if we remove parts of the spectrum, because we are .. our body is on the one hand on the full spectrum of sunlight and on the one hand others adjusted to the thermal light sources."

"The color rendering index is almost 100 for sunlight, it is almost 100 for the light bulb, it is even almost 100 for the candlelight. So, based on this fact, it can be said that, over the entire sunlight spectrum of color temperatures, we are completely adjusted as long as we are talking about thermal light."

"As long as we focus only on our eyes, we limit ourselves in a probably detrimental way, because our skin is a much better sensory organ for a broader spectrum of light. Our skin exhibits very specific reactions to UVB for example. .... Our skin is able to detect the full spectrum and if we make our rules only for the eye, than we become fooled by the light sources, by these artificial light sources, which are made solely for the eyes. This is the fact, when we talk about florescent lamps, when we talk about LED light for general lighting purposes, because these are the light surrogates. They are restricted in their spectrum in order to save kind of energy in short term, but it will probably make us sick in long term."

Alexander Wunsch: Lichthygiene und Lichtdiät - der richtige Umgang mit Sonnenlicht und Kunstlicht
Jun 24, 2010

Kunstlicht und Sehen – Stress für das Auge durchmoderne Lichtquellen
Alexander Wunsch, Aug 09, 2014

"Blaues Licht dringt auch im gesunden Auge ungehindert bis zur Netzhaut vor und erzeugt dort oxidativen Stress, wobei besonders die Mitochondrien (Zellkraftwerke) der Fotorezeptoren betroffen sind. Licht mit einer Wellenlänge über 650 nm kann hingegen durch eine Stimulation der Cytochromoxidase, einem wichtigen Enzym der Energiegewinnung in den Mitochondrien, derartige oxidative Schäden wieder kompensieren."

Kunstlicht und Gesundheit – Ein medizinisches Plädoyer fürdie Glühlampe
Alexander Wunsch, Aug 09, 2014

"Kunstlicht ist in modernen Gesellschaften der dominierende Lichteinfluss auf den Menschen geworden. Die biologische Wertigkeit des Lebensmittels Licht sollte aus präventiven Überlegungen heraus mehr in den Mittelpunkt der Betrachtungen gestellt werden, anstatt nur auf den Energieverbrauch von Leuchtmitteln zu achten. Angesichts eines geplanten Verbotes der Glühlampe stellt sich aus medizinischer Sicht nicht nur die Frage einer Ökobilanz, sondern auch die Frage einer Bilanzierung möglicher gesundheitlicher Konsequenzen einer solchen Entschei-dung. Kunstlicht kann nicht nur quantitativ, also bezüglich der erzeugten Helligkeit und Energie-Effizienz, sondern auch qualitativ bezogen auf spektrale Energieverteilung und elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit betrachtet werden. Darüberhinaus muss ein Produkt wie die sogenannte Energiesparlampe, die aus medizinischer Sicht aufgrund ihres im Vergleich zur Glühlampe extrem hohen Schadstoffgehaltes als äußerst problematisch einzustufen ist, einer besonders kritischen Prüfung bezüglich ihrer ökologischen Verträglichkeit standhalten, bevor man sie für einige Beleuchtungsanwendungen als vorteilhaften Ersatz für die Glühlampeempfehlen kann."

Mr. Mercola and Dr. Wunsch (Full Interview)

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wunsch on Photobiology (Full Interview)

No globalization of sunlight!

(German) Light and Human - Alexander Wunsch

Alexander Wunsch: Light Medicine, Photobiology & Vitamin D – #277

Alexander Wunsch - Photobiology, Light Medicine and Vitamin D - #277

ILA 2009 - Alexander Wunsch - Spectro Chrome

ILA 2009 - Alexander Wunsch - Heliotherapy in Ancient Greece and Today

Glühbirnen, Halogenlampen, LEDs & Energie­spar­lampen

Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali’s Spectro-Chrome Therapeutic System

Dinshah Health Society



Vitamin D Measurement the Key to Change

4. Other lectures and sources

ILA 2011 - Anadi Martel & Lise Lippé - Effects of Light on Brain Biochemistry

ILA 2015 - Prof. Tiina Karu - Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Photobiomodulation

Retina, Retinol, Retinal and the Natural History of Vitamin A as a Light Sensor
Nutrients. 2012 Dec; 4(12): 2069–2096. Published online 2012 Dec 19. doi: 10.3390/nu4122069
PMCID: PMC3546623
Ming ZhongRiki KawaguchiMiki Kassai, and Hui Sun*

"Light is both the ultimate energy source for most organisms and a rich information source. Vitamin A-based chromophore was initially used in harvesting light energy, but has become the most widely used light sensor throughout evolution from unicellular to multicellular organisms. Vitamin A-based photoreceptor proteins are called opsins and have been used for billions of years for sensing light for vision or the equivalent of vision. All vitamin A-based light sensors for vision in the animal kingdom are G-protein coupled receptors, while those in unicellular organisms are light-gated channels."

"Vitamin A’s new functions such as regulating cell growth and differentiation from embryogenesis to adult are associated with increased toxicity with its random diffusion. In contrast to bistable pigments which can be regenerated by light, monostable pigments depend on complex enzymatic cycles for regeneration after every photoisomerization event. "

"First, the conjugation of the aldehyde end of retinal to photoreceptor proteins causes a red shift in its absorbance to the visible range (from the perspective of human vision). Visible light (visible due to vitamin A-based light sensors) generally matches the peak irradiance of sunlight on the earth’s surface [1,2]. In contrast, most other light sensors absorb primarily in the UV range (e.g., flavin-based light sensors). Second, the large light-induced conformational change of vitamin A-based chromophore makes it ideal as a ligand for membrane receptors. The large conformational change likely makes it easier for the photoreceptor protein to distinguish the silent state (in the dark) and the activated state (in the light)."

"1. Sunlight and Vitamin A
... Archaebacteria use vitamin A-based light-driven pumps to harvest light energy (e.g., by creating the electrochemical gradient of protons to drive ATP synthase). This is an alternative mechanism to chlorophyll-based phototrophy. For adjusting the biological clock, vitamin A-based photoreceptor proteins are used as the light sensors, although flavin-based photoreceptor proteins have also been used for this purpose. However, for vision or the equivalent of vision, the vast majority of species use vitamin A-based chromophore as the light sensor. Vitamin A-based chromophore is the exclusive choice for vision in multicellular organisms.

"2.1. Expanding Biological Functions of Vitamin A
... Vertebrates broaden the use of vitamin A to many other essential biological functions, including its essential roles in embryonic development, maturation of the immune systemmaintenance of epithelial integrity, and in the adult brain for learning and memory and neurogenesis [80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87]. This is the third major change in the biology of vitamin A. Most of these new functions are mediated by the acid form of vitamin A (retinoic acid) [88,89]. Since this functional diversification in evolution, vitamin A deficiency would no longer be limited to effects on vision, and vitamin A became an essential nutrient for almost all vertebrate organs.

"Vitamin A deficiency affects many vertebrate organs [90,91]. The most well known effects of vitamin A deficiency in humans are night blindness [92] and increased childhood mortality and morbidity [93]. In adults, vitamin A deficiency can lead to profound impairment of hippocampal long-term potentiation and long-term depression [94] and impairment in learning and memory [95]. Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to pathological changes in the lung [96,97], the skin [98], the thyroid [99] and the male and female reproductive systems [90,100]. It was recently discovered that retinol, but not retinoic acid, prevents the differentiation and promotes the feeder-independent culture of embryonic stem cells [101]; retinal inhibits adipogenesis [102]; and retinoic acid regulates protein translation in neurons independent of its roles in regulating gene transcription [103,104]. Given its numerous biological functions, retinoid plays positive or negative roles in a wide-range of human diseases, such as visual disorders [45], cancer [105,106], infectious diseases [82], diabetes [107,108], teratogenicity [109], and skin diseases [110]."

Light therapeutics : a practical manual of phototherapy for the student and the practitioner.
Kellogg, John Harvey, 1852-1943.;view=1up;seq=1

Light therapeutics : a practical manual of phototherapy for the student and the practitioner, with special reference to the incandescent electric-light bath / by J.H. Kellogg

The Online Books Page
Online Books by John Harvey Kellogg

(Kellogg, John Harvey, 1852-1943)


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