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Oxygen deprivation! Global suffocation!

  1. Be aware of photosynthesis!
  2. Suffocation is made by Climate Control!
  3. Additional interesting knowledge about oxygen and life!
  4. Connected articles

1. Be aware of photosynthesis!

Dear readers!

The rising of CO2 level is a clear indicator of sinking O2 (oxygen) level! You should be educated enough to know what photosynthesis means!

This is the wisdom You should have from rising CO2! Not warming, not acidification, not rising sea level!

The slow, ppm by ppm suffocation begins in the oceans and from there it becomes observable on land!

What does it mean, when more CO2 remains in air?

Doesn't that mean, less oxygen is produced by plants?

How much oxygen is required in the atmosphere to have enough breathable air for animals?

As enough CO2 is available in air, why don't the plants feed themselves and emit out O2 (oxygen), which is required for the animals breathing?

What else do the plants need to absorb CO2, and release O2?

Can You "adapt" to a atmosphere with less oxygen?

Can You turn into a anaerobic creature in Your lifetime to survive in such an atmosphere? Do You want that to "save the climate"?

Is it a coincidence that since the beginning of global Sunlight Robbery Menace (SRM), the plants produce less O2?

Is it a coincidence that plants, particularly trees are dying in deca-millions every year?

Is it a coincidence that animals of the seas are dying in immeasurable millions every year?

You may find more questions and answers by letting the geoengineering propaganda speak against itself and deliver the truth beneath the heap of lies!

The truth will always shine through the thickest cover of lies.

When we look into the biochemical details, the O2 atoms in CO2 are integrated into the glucose, but the same amount of O2 atoms are cracked from H2O and released for our breathing. But when we look at the molecular balance the amount is the same!

6H20 + 6CO2 --> C6H12O6 + 6O2

2. Suffocation is made by Climate Control!

Following article is a propaganda piece to apologize and disguise the ongoing global genocide, but try to understand the truth, which is also delivered.

The great suffocation - will we have enough oxygen to breathe?
"The oxygen concentration in the atmosphere as recorded at the Mauna Loa observatory (link). It is going down and the obvious explanation is that it is the result of our burning of fossil fuels. But do we risk to suffocate ourselves in this way?

The victims of suffocation are blamed for their own death in a suggestive question!

"So, won't suffocation be an additional problem to global warming?"

Here comes the truth!

"The present concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere is 21% in volume. We have evolved to live with this level of oxygen and the minimum level for humans to function normally is around 19% (See here). We are already in trouble below 17% and simply can't survive below 10%. So, we have to be careful with what we do with our atmosphere; we can't afford to lose more than about 10% of the oxygen we have, or about 1%-2% in volume present in the atmosphere."

"Now, how much oxygen have we consumed with burning fossil fuels, so far? Not much, really. The data indicate a 0.05% volume loss of oxygen from 1990 to 2013"

Here comes the lie about methane! Consider that methane is intentionally burned in real greenhouses to feed the plants with CO2 and H2O, keep the temperature stable! Learn more about the methane hoax!

This article is a chain of suggestive manipulation!

Speculative lie about a potential result of another speculative lie!
"We could consider also the release of the methane hydrates stored in permafrost; something that could happen as a result of global warming. "

Another speculative lie reinforcing in another speculative lie leading to a runaway lie!

"Methane is a strong greenhouse gas, and so the process reinforces itself, that's the origin of the so called "methane catastrophe" that would result in a disastrous greenhouse runaway effect."

Whatever methane is stored somewhere, methane doesn't survive for long and oxidates to CO2 and H2O, but playing with huge numbers is used to create suggestive fear!

Methane doesn't consume oxygen, when there is not enough energy, but if there is energy to crack CH4, this would create more life which would emit more oxygen! However all these "gigatons" of methane could only bind 0.4% of atmospheric oxygen, if they would burn all together in the same second, next second plants would absorb the C and release new O2! :-) :-)

"The total mass of methane stored in permafrost is estimated as of the order of 500-2500 gtons of carbon. In the worst case, methane could consume another ca. 0.4% of the atmospheric oxygen."

O2 Dropping Faster than CO2 Rising
Article first published 19/08/09

Why since 2003?

Since 2002 and 2003 the geogengineering project was fully rolled out and the huge flood in central Europe and other catastrophic weather events occurred. A wrong track is about biofuels is laid out forn distraction!

New research shows oxygen depletion in the atmosphere accelerating since 2003, coinciding with the biofuels boom; climate policies that focus exclusively on carbon sequestration could be disastrous for all oxygen-breathing organisms including humans"

Following article is very threatening and selfrevealing. Therefore more parts are quoted here! The criminals reveal their agenda of global suffocation and try to blame it on the victims!

Threat of oxygen depletion

The articles begins with confirming the success of the propaganda!

They need this to take the next horrible step!

"Mention climate change and everyone thinks of CO2 increasing in the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect heating the earth, glaciers melting, rising sea levels, floods, hurricanes, droughts, and a host of other environmental catastrophes. Climate mitigating policies are almost all aimed at reducing CO2, by whatever means."

The rise of CO2 was from the beginning proving the dropping of O2, as without CO2 the plants could not emit O2 by photosynthesis!

Also the logic says if a component in a mixture depends on another component, the rise of the first proves the reduction of the second! So what kind of "scientists" are these, playing the dumb?

"Within the past several years, however, scientists have found that oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere has been dropping, and at higher rates than just the amount that goes into the increase of CO2 from burning fossil fuels, some 2 to 4-times as much, and accelerating since 2002-2003 [1-3].

Here the crime gang admits the killing of life in the oceans!

Simultaneously, oxygen levels in the world’s oceans have also been falling [4] (see Warming Oceans Starved of Oxygen, SiS 44)."

How can O2 be produced, if we "get rid" of CO2, if without CO2, O2 cannot be produced? Where is the logic?
" It is becoming clear that getting rid of CO2 is not enough; oxygen has its own dynamic and the rapid decline in atmospheric O2 must also be addressed."

"Although there is much more O2 than CO2 in the atmosphere - 20.95 percent or 209 460 ppm of O2 compared with around 380 ppm of CO2 – humans, all mammals, birds, frogs, butterfly, bees, and other air-breathing life-forms depend on this high level of oxygen for their well being [5] Living with Oxygen (SiS 43).

"In humans, failure of oxygen energy metabolism is the single most important risk factor for chronic diseases including cancer and death. ‘Oxygen deficiency’ is currently set at 19.5 percent in enclosed spaces for health and safety [6], below that, fainting and death may result."

"The simultaneous decrease in ocean oxygen not only threatens the survival of aerobic marine organisms, but is symptomatic of the slow-down in the ocean’s thermohaline ‘conveyor belt’ circulation system that transports heat from the tropics to the poles, overturns surface layers of into the deep and vice versa, redistributing nutrients and gases for the ocean biosphere, and regulating rainfall and temperatures on the landmasses."

"More importantly, it could wipe out the ocean’s phytoplankton that’s ultimately responsible for splitting water to regenerate oxygen for the entire biosphere, on land and in the sea [4]."

"O2 and CO2 have very different solubility in seawater; while 99 percent of the O2 remains in the atmosphere, 98 percent of the CO2 is in seawater."

"O2 and CO2 are exchanged in different processes on land, each having a different O2:CO2 molar exchange ratio and thus distinguishable from one another. Fossil fuel combustion has a global average O2:CO2 exchange ratio of about 1.4 moles of O2 consumed per mole of CO2 produced, whereas land plant photosynthesis generates an average net ratio of about 1.1 moles of O2 for each CO2 fixed. These ratios can vary over spatial and temporal scales, depending on whether photosynthesis produces more oxygen than is consumed by respiration, and on the precise fossil fuel burnt (see later)."

"Decrease in atmospheric O2 has been detected in stations around the world for the past decade, a consistent downward trend that has accelerated in recent years."

"The largest fall in O2 was observed in the study of Swiss research team led by Francesco Valentino at University of Bern, for data collected at high altitude research stations in Switzerland and France."

"But since 2003 for JFJ, and mid 2002 for at Puy, there is a significant enhancement of O2 and CO2 trends compared to previous years. At JFJ, the rate of CO2 increase shifted up from 1.08 ppm (parts per million) for the years 2001-2002 to 2.41 ppm/y for 2003-2006; while the increase in D(O2/N2) and APO (measures of oxygen concentration, see Box 1) shifted downwards to greater extents from –2.4 ppm/y and -1.5 ppm/y to -9.5 ppm/y and -6.9 ppm/y respectively."

"For Puy, CO2 increase changed from 2.43 ppm/y for 2001-2002 to 1.07 ppm/y for 2003-2004, followed by 2.4 ppm/y for the years 2005-2006; while the changes in D(O2/N2) and APO were -6.1 ppm/y and -3.7 ppm/y for 2001-2002, to -10.4 ppm/y and -7.6 ppm/y for the years 2002-2006. Averaged over all years – by removing the trends and plotting correlations between CO2 and O2, an O2:CO2exchange ratio of -1.9+0.7 is found for JFJ, and -1.8+0.5 for Puy; both significantly different from the 1.1 assumed for land photosynthesis and respiration i.e., 1.1 mole of O2 generated per mole of CO2 fixed, and -1.4 for burning fossil fuels, or 1.4 mole of O2 used up when one mole of CO2 is produced."

"Over time, the O2:CO2exchange ratio for JFJ, which is much less exposed to local or regional anthropogenic influence because of its elevation and location, was -2.1+0.1 for the years 2001-2002 and -4.1+0.1 for the years 2003-2006. At Puy, the ratio was -4.2+0.1 for the period 2001-2003, and -7.3+0.1 for 2003-2006. These ratios are completely out of line with what could be expected from fossil fuels, and other data indicate that there has been no significant change in fossil fuel emission rates during the period 2003-2006."

How can there be an absorbtion of O2 by the oceans, when masses of fish and mammals are dying by suffocation!

"The researchers speculated that the large decrease in atmospheric oxygen since 2003 could have been the result of oxygen being taken up by the ocean, either due to a cooling of water in the North Atlantic, or water moving northwards from the tropic cooling, both of which would increase the water’s ability to take up more oxygen. However, it would require unrealistic cooling to account for the change in O2 concentration. And all the indications are that the ocean waters have warmed since records began [4]."

Remember! O2 depends on CO2! Trees and algae are dying!

"O2 is decreasing faster than can be accounted for by the rise in CO2."

"Furthermore, the decrease is not uniform throughout the entire period; instead it is much steeper between 2002 and 2005 at both stations, and is not accompanied by any change in the trend of CO2 increase. This sharp acceleration in the downward trend of atmospheric O2 from 2002-2003 onwards in Ireland and The Netherlands is in accord with the findings in Switzerland and France [1]. And this cannot be explained by a realistic increase in fossil fuel use, or oxygen uptake by cooler ocean waters; if anything, oxygen level in the oceans has also been falling [4]. So where and what is this oxygen sink that is soaking up oxygen?"

"Mystery of the oxygen sink"

"One distinct possibility that has been considered is that an extra oxygen sink has opened up on land as the result of human activities."

They are turning the reality upside down, by claiming that "plants would remove O2 from atmosphere"!!!

"James Randerson at University of California Irvine was lead author on a report published in 2006 [12] pointing out that a decrease in atmospheric O2 could result if carbon within the land biosphere becomes more oxidized (sequestering more oxygen) through disturbance of natural ecosystems. This has changed the natural land cover, replacing it with plants that effectively remove more oxygen from the atmosphere."

Why should there be a "increased oxidation of nitrogen"? Yet another speculative lie!

"Change in land use, and increased oxidation of nitrogen could explain the long term steady decline in atmospheric O2, and may well also account for the sharp acceleration of the downward trend since 2002 and 2003."

Blaming the deforestation works always as an apology, because no one can defend it!

"These years happen to coincide with record rates of deforestation. In Brazil, 10 000 square miles were lost mainly to pasture land, soybean plantations and illegal logging, a 40 percent rise over the previous year [14]. Massive deforestation has continued in the Amazon and elsewhere, spurred by the biofuels boom [15]; it is estimated that nearly 40 000 ha of the world’s forests are vanishing every day."

Admitting some truth again about the misleading CO2 lie!

Information about the mass death of phytoplankton is avoided!

"The crucial role of forests and phytoplankton [4] in oxygenating the earth shows how urgent it is to take oxygen accounting seriously in climate policies. Reductionist accounting for CO2 alone is insufficient, and even grossly misleading and dangerous."

Next crime of land grabbing (spare land) in poor countries is admitted here!

"A case in point is the proposal of the International Biochar Initiative (IBI). ‘Biochar’ is charcoal produced to be buried in the soil that IBI has been promoting worldwide over the past several years [16] as a means of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere to save the climate and enhance soil fertility. It involves planting fast growing tree and various other crops on hundreds of millions of hectares of ‘spare land’ mostly in developing countries, to be harvested and turned into charcoal in a process that could produce crude oil and gases as low grade fuels. There are many excellent arguments against this initiative [17], but the most decisive is that it will certainly further accelerate deforestation and destruction of other natural ecosystems (identified as ‘spare land’). In the process, it could precipitate an oxygen crisis from which we would never recover [18] (Beware the Biochar Initiative, SiS 44)."


3. Additional interesting knowledge about oxygen and life!

How long can one live in a sealed room?

168 "Inhaled carbon dioxide is 0.04% by volume, exhaled is a bit over 4%. Inhaled oxygen is 21%, exhaled 15%, a difference of 6%. A person breathes about 6 liters per minute, or roughly 9000 liters/day or roughly 300 cubic feet/day. Thus that person will decrease room oxygen by 300 x 6% = 18 cubic feet/day. He will increase room carbon dioxide by 300 x 4% = 12 cubic feet/day."
"Originally there were 4800 (room cu ft) * 0.21 = 1000 cu ft of oxygen (rounded) After 12 days, 18 (cu ft/day of oxygen decrease) x 12 = 216 cubic feet oxygen lost. That leaves 784 cubic feet of oxygen in the room, or 784/4800 = a little over 16% oxygen in the air. While people will have symptoms at 15% or less, it would be rare to die with oxygen levels above 10%."

How long can one survive in an airtight room of say 12 cubic feet?

"You will have problems with the CO2 level long before the oxygen runs out. Each O2 molecule your body metabolizes becomes one CO2 molecule. At the beginning, atmospheric air contains 350ppm (.035%) CO2 and 21% = 210,000ppm O2. A level of 40,000ppm (4%) of CO2 is considered to be immediately dangerous to human health (Google). At this point you would have used up 4% of the 21% O2 you started with so you would have no oxygen shortage at 17% remaining. But CO2 concentration, through its effect on lactic acid in the blood, drives the breathing reflex and you would begin to have problems well below this CO2 level."

Management of the Greenhouse Environment$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/opp2902

"Light limits the photosynthetic productivity of all crops (Wilson et al 1992) and is the most important variable affecting productivity in the greenhouse (Wilson et al 1992, Papadopoulos and Pararajasingham 1997). "

Carbon Dioxide In Greenhouses

"Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential component of photosynthesis (also called carbon assimilation). Photosynthesis is a chemical process that uses light energy to convert CO2 and water into sugars in green plants."

"CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigour. Some ways in which productivity is increased by CO2 include earlier flowering, higher fruit yields, reduced bud abortion in roses, improved stem strength and flower size. Growers should regard CO2 as a nutrient."

"Carbon dioxide can be obtained by burning carbon-based fuels such as natural gas, propane, and kerosene, or directly from tanks of pure CO2."

Is breathing CO2 itself deadly, or does it have to do with the proportion of CO2 to oxygen, and other gases?

"... could a person survive in a 50% CO2, 50% oxygen environment, or something similar?"

"What would be the effects, short and long term if applicable?"

"Though it seems strange, we use CO2 levels as a stimulus to breathe. (see Control of ventilation)."

"Now suppose you breathe an atmosphere which is air with only 1% CO2 added. You would find yourself gasping and hyperventilating to try to overcome the extra CO2. You would find it an extremely uncomfortable gas mixture to breathe, and that's only 1% CO2. (see Hypercapnia )"

"At levels greater than about 10%, CO2 becomes an anaesthetic; in fact, the first reliable general anaesthesia for animals was discovered (experimentally) by Henry Hill Hickman using CO2. "

"At 50%, there is no way a human would be conscious, and after a short while they would likely die, even if the remaining gas were oxygen."

Scripps O2 Global Oxygen Measuremens


"Atmospheric Oxygen Levels are Decreasing"

The global perverts empire is admitting it, even when it is packaged in lies! As always they turn the reality upside down by blaming the "depletion of oxygen" for the "disturbance in the global carbon cycle".

But the prevented photosynthesis by blocking sunlight leads to the accumulation of CO2, which could not be absorbed by plants as food, which would have emitted O2!

Ocean Oxygen Depletion Takes About A Million Years To Recover Naturally

"The depletion of oxygen in Earth’s oceans leads to a massive disturbance in the global carbon cycle and has deleterious effects on marine life. Called anoxia, the last time this happened in a significant way was 183 million years ago, leading to mass extinction of marine life at the time."

The default lie about "global warming" is used again to cover the sunlight robbery!

Climate Change Is Causing The Dissolved Oxygen In World's Oceans To Plummet

"The planet is warming, and so are its oceans. Between 1901 and 2015, as the oceans’ heat absorbing capacity was stretched to its limits, the average surface temperature of the world’s oceans of rose at an average rate of 0.13 degrees Fahrenheit per decade, and temperatures in the shallowest waters — where marine life thrives — rose by 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit per decade." 241


4. Connected articles

Murdering the Circle of Life! Explaining sunlight deprivation by studies!

The Primary Cause of Global Warming is #Ozone #Depletion

Heat waves are feasible at any time by ordering ozone holes! Climate Control!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Oceans are not rising! Earth is not warming!

Sea mammals are dying by industrial and military SONAR or HYPER-SONAR of geoengineering!

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