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Murdering the Circle of Life! Explaining by studies!

  2. Studies about mass death of algae and corals by to much UV-B!
  3. Explaining sunlight deprivation by studies! 3. Revealing the intention to break the food chain!
  4. Revealing the intention to break the food chain!



Using the notion “pollution” for CO2 is totally wrong.
CO2 is the gas of symbiosis between flora and fauna.

Taking out one important element would endanger the symbiosis of life at its beginning.

This symbiosis is conducted by photosynthesis, which requires the availability of CO2, water and sunlight.

The symbiosis between flora and fauna is now broken by taking out the sunlight. As a result, less CO2 is processed to food and O2.

So now the food chain and air chain are in danger! Do You understand these dependencies?

2. Explaining too much UV-B by studies!

The symbiotic and non-symbiotic photo-plankton is adapted to various wave-lengths of sunlight. Right sunlight at the right sea level is required for a healthy flora and fauna. Unexpected radiation causes wide damage and triggers a chain of death.

Effect of UV radiation on the expulsion of Symbiodinium from the coral Pocillopora damicornis.
J Photochem Photobiol B. 2017 Jan;166:12-17. doi: 10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2016.11.003. Epub 2016 Nov 8. Zhou J1, Huang H2, Beardall J3, Gao K4.

"The variation in density of the symbiotic dinoflagellate Symbiodinum in coral is a basic indicator of coral bleaching, i.e. loss of the symbiotic algae or their photosynthetic pigments. However, in the field corals constantly release their symbiotic algae to surrounding water. To explore the underlying mechanism, the rate of expulsion of zooxanthellae from the coral Pocillopora damicornis was studied over a three-day period under ultraviolet radiation (UVR, 280-400nm) stress. The results showed that the algal expulsion rate appeared 10-20% higher under exposure to UV-A (320-395nm) or UV-B (295-320nm), though the differences were not statistically significant. When corals were exposed to UV-A and UV-B radiation, the maximum expulsion of zooxanthellae occurred at noon (10:00-13:00), and this timing was 1h earlier than in the control without UVR. UVR stress led to obvious decreases in the concentrations of chl a and carotenoids in the coral nubbins after a three-day exposure. Therefore, our results suggested that although the UVR effect on algal expulsion rate was a chronic stress and was not significant within a time frame of only three days, the reduction in chl a and carotenoids may potentially enhance the possibility of coral bleaching over a longer period."

Marine Bacterial Isolates Display Diverse Responses to UV-B Radiation
Appl Environ Microbiol. 1999 Sep; 65(9): 3820–3827., PMCID: PMC99706, PMID: 10473381
Fabien Joux,1,2,* Wade H. Jeffrey,1 Philippe Lebaron,2 and David L. Mitchell3

"DNA photodamage by UVR is wavelength dependent. UV-A (wavelengths, 320 to 400 nm) causes only indirect damage to DNA, proteins, and lipids through reactive oxygen intermediates. UV-B (wavelengths, 290 to 320 nm) causes both indirect and direct damage because of the strong absorption of wavelengths below 320 nm by DNA. The most abundant products formed during irradiation with UV-B are the cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPDs) (35). A CPD can be lethal if the lesion blocks DNA synthesis and RNA transcription or can be mutagenic if the lesion is bypassed by DNA polymerase. Induction of CPD formation in marine bacterioplankton under laboratory and field UVR conditions has been studied by Jeffrey and coworkers (20, 21)."

3. Explaining sunlight deprivation by studies!

Let me explain You this by scientific studies, which is clearly explaining the symbiosis and what "bleaching" really means. The first study is testing the turbidity by dredging, but the it applies also for Troposheric Aerosol Injection (TAI), which results in sunlight deprivation!

The important statements are highlighted by bold black and red color and left in the context by larger quoting.

Please consider that since the global roll out of ClimateControl, nearly every study has to use some words about "climate change" to get the needed financing and support. The whole scientific fraud is secured by keeping the scientists occupied with symptoms and preventing any research about the reason behind all death and diseases! So I ignore the interwoven propaganda and just concentrate on the remaining facts and scientific results. By replacing "climate saving" and "climate change" with ClimateControl, You can decode any such study by Yourself, to find the truth.

The first study is useful to show that corals react to weak sunlight or darkness directly by exposing their symbiotic algae!

Corals may react on overheating, poisoning or any other disturbance with expulsions of their symbiotic partners, however this study may help the readers not to be limited on the mantra about "heating".

Impacts of light limitation on corals and crustose coralline algae
Pia Bessell-Browne,1,2,3 Andrew P. Negri,1,3 Rebecca Fisher,1,3 Peta L. Clode,2 and Ross Jones1,3
Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ►

"Turbidity associated with elevated suspended sediment concentrations can significantly reduce underwater light availability. Understanding the consequences for sensitive organisms such as corals and crustose coralline algae (CCA), requires an understanding of tolerance levels and the time course of effects. Adult colonies of Acropora millepora and Pocillopora acuta, juvenile P. acuta, and the CCA Porolithon onkodeswere exposed to six light treatments of ~0, 0.02, 0.1, 0.4, 1.1 and 4.3 mol photons m−2 d−1, and their physiological responses were monitored over 30 d. exposure to very low light (<0 .1="" b="" caused="" d-1="" m-2="" mol="" photons="">tissue discoloration (bleaching) in the corals, and discolouration (and partial mortality) of the CCA, yielding 30 d EI10 thresholds (irradiance which results in a 10% change in colour) of 1.2–1.9 mol photons m−2 d−1. Recent monitoring studies during dredging campaigns on a shallow tropical reef, have shown that underwater light levels very close (~500 m away) from a working dredge routinely fall below this value over 30 d periods, but rarely during the pre-dredging baseline phase. Light reduction alone, therefore, constitutes a clear risk to coral reefs from dredging, although at such close proximity other cause-effect pathways, such as sediment deposition and smothering, are likely to also co-occur."

"A key to the ecological and evolutionary success of scleractinian corals is the formation of a mutualistic symbiosis with endosymbiotic dinoflagellate microalgae (Symbiodinium spp.)1, 2. Carbohydrates produced by oxygenic photosynthesis of the algal symbionts and translocated to the coral host provide much of the energy required for maintenance, growth and reproduction 35. This exchange has enabled the symbiosis to survive and coral reefs to proliferate in oligotrophic environments, however, the light dependency has also placed constraints on phototropic corals, limiting their distribution to comparatively low latitudes (~32° north and south of the equator), and shallow depths (~10% of surface light or 50 m)69."

"Benthic light availability is largely determined by surface irradiance (insolation), and primarily influenced by cloud cover, water depth, and transmittance through the water, i.e. water cloudiness or turbidity 10."

"... These include photoadaptation of the symbionts and changes in the sub-saturation point for photosynthesis 33, and in some species switching from phototrophic to heterotrophic feeding 34, 35. Corals can also temporarily rely on energy reserves 36, rapidly replenishing reserves when conditions become more favourable 37."

"Only a few studies have examined the effects of exposure to very low light (<0 .1="" and="" b="" corals="" d="" have="" m="" mol="" on="" photons="" these="">mostly been associated with investigating the role of the symbiotic dinoflagellates in the symbiosis. For example, Yonge and Nicholls 38 showed that extrusion of Symbiodinium, and subsequent discolouration (bleaching), occurred in response to darkness for a variety of tropical reef flat corals over 18 d (Lobactis scutaria), 22 d (Psammocora contigua) and 19 d (Galaxea fascicularis). Franzisket 39 exposed four species of hermatypic corals (Pocillopora elegans, Porites compressa, Montipora verrucosa and Fungia scularia) to darkness for 60 d. All colonies bleached within 10–20 d and there was no growth observed over the exposure period 39. Pocillopora elegans died after 30 d while the remaining species survived over the exposure period 39. Kevin and Hudson 40 showed the temperate coral, Plesiastrea urvillei, lost algal symbionts after ~40 d in darkness. Hoegh-Guldberg and Smith 41 observed bleaching of Stylophora pistillata in the dark after 10 d, while Titlyanov, et al. 42 observed bleaching of S. pistillata after 4 d. In a study investigating the mechanism of bleaching, DeSalvo, et al. 43 reported colonies of Acropora palmata and Montastraea faveolata becoming pale and eventually bleaching after 3–5 d in darkness."

"A temporary reduction in benthic light is a well-known hazard of dredging-related activities 24. We recently demonstrated that light attenuation represents a greater threat to coral health than any physical effects of suspended sediment particles 44. The study investigated the impacts of three light levels (~0, 1.1 and 8.3 mol photons m−2 d−1), and three suspended sediment concentrations (0, 30 and 100 mg L−1), on three common coral species, including Acropora millepora, Porites spp. and Montipora capricornis; and found bleaching of corals in low light treatments (~0 and 1.1 mol photons m−2 d−1) and no mortality associated with 100 mg L−1 of suspended sediments when light levels remained high (8.3 mol photons m−2 d−1). ..."

"Coral colonies in the lower light treatments gradually lost colour though time, with paling observed after 10 d in all groups when exposed to <0 .1="" 20="" b="" by="" corals="" d="" exposed="" m="" mol="" photons="" to="" were="">bone white, while those exposed to 0.4 mol photons m−2 d−1 were very pale. This colour loss was uniform across each fragment. ..."

"The gradual loss of colour and eventual bleaching of corals exposed to low light (<1 are="" b="" d="" m="" mol="" photons="">consistent with studies which exposed corals to complete darkness. In this study corals began noticeably paling after 4–5 days and were heavily bleached after 10 days, similar to the observations of impacts caused by complete darkness reported by Hoegh-Guldberg and Smith 41, Franzisket 39, Yonge and Nicholls 38 and Titlyanov, et al. 42, for a range of reef flat species, but slower than observed by DeSalvo, et al. 43, who observed heavy bleaching of Acropora palmata and Montastraea faveolata after 3 and 5 d in darkness respectively. While these studies provide important thresholds determining the time required to bleach in complete darkness, our study provides critical light thresholds for bleaching that can be applied to manage dredging that causes near-darkness for weeks 22, 23."

"Several microsensor studies have shown that when placed in darkness, coral tissue rapidly (within minutes) enters a hypoxic and then near anaerobic state 5255. This is due to high metabolic activity of the symbiotic dinoflagellates and polyp tissue, limiting the diffusive supply of O2 from the surrounding water through the diffusion boundary layer. Although corals routinely enter hypoxia at night time, tissue oxygen concentrations also rapidly increase on exposure to light in the early morning 53. How corals tolerate hypoxia is unknown, although symbiotic anemones have been found to survive through fermentation processes involving glycolysis 5658. Such fermentation processes have been observed in corals when exposed to hypoxia from sediment smothering 59. These processes produce ATP at approximately 6-fold lower yields than aerobic respiration 60, offering a short term, temporary energy source, but not over extended periods in low light (<1 d="" i="" m="" mol="" photons="">"

"A characteristic of the patterns of low-light induced bleaching was the uniform, even, tissue discolouration (Fig. 1), as opposed to the often variegated and sunlight orientated patterns of discolouration that can occur during warm-water bleaching events 61. This suggests a different mechanism of bleaching, but the cue that initiates the dissociation is not clear. In A. millepora, and P. actua adults and juveniles, the quantum efficiency F v/F m of the Symbiodinium spp. decreased following long periods in darkness and the very low-light treatments (<0 .4="" a="" and="" be="" changes="" could="" d="" due="" electron="" href="" leading="" m="" membrane="" mol="" nbsp="" of="" photons="" reduced="" structural="" the="" this="" thylakoid="" to="" transport="" unstacking="">43, 62. A reduction in the translocation of photosynthate from the algal symbionts to the host has been suggested as a potential cue for warm bleaching 63, 64. Alternatively, if the hypoxia of the coral tissues in very low light is related to the metabolic activity of the symbionts in the coral tissues, then elimination of the source of the problem, the algal symbionts (i.e. bleaching), seems a relatively simple explanation and survival strategy. Irrespective of the underlying mechanism, towards the end of the exposure period the loss of algal symbionts at daily light integrals lower than <1 .1="" b="" d="" in="" m="" mol="" photons="" resulted="">photosynthesis:respiration ratios of less than one, demonstrating little photosynthetic capacity. As the colonies were not fed during the exposure period, they were most likely drawing on energy reserves to meet their metabolic requirements 3, 65.

The symbiosis of corals and micro-algae is the main pillar of the CIRCLE of LIFE which gets broken at its foundation by stealing the sunlight for global water cycle grabbing!
Without production of oxygen by photosynthesis of this symbiosis also fish, the crabs, the mammals and all the other animals are SUFFOCATED to DEATH!

The FOOD and AIR chain is killed at its beginning!

Both begin with the SYMBIOSIS of ALGAE and CORALs!

Here is another well explaining study about how efficiently corals use sunlight and how they protect themselves from damaging effect of UVR.

Coral Skeletons Defend against Ultraviolet Radiation
PLoS One. 2009; 4(11): e7995. Published online 2009 Nov 25. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007995 PMCID: PMC2776492 Ruth Reef,* Paulina Kaniewska, and Ove Hoegh-Guldberg Craig Robert White, Editor Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ►

"Many coral reef organisms are photosynthetic or have evolved in tight symbiosis with photosynthetic symbionts. As such, the tissues of reef organisms are often exposed to intense solar radiation in clear tropical waters and have adapted to trap and harness photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). High levels of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) associated with sunlight, however, represent a potential problem in terms of tissue damage."

"Our study presents a novel defensive role for coral skeletons and reveals that the strong UVR absorbance by the skeleton can contribute to the ability of corals, and potentially other calcifiers, to thrive under UVR levels that are detrimental to most marine life."

"Photosynthesis is a common pervasive characteristic of shallow tropical marine habitats with organisms being photosynthetic or involved in a tight symbiosis with photosynthetic symbionts. In the latter case, the intimate association of animals such as corals and these primary producers plus the efficient recycling of nutrients underpins their success in the generally nutrient poor waters of the tropics. In this respect, reef-building corals rely greatly on photosynthates produced by their symbiotic photosynthetic dinoflagellate, Symbiodinium [1], which can harnesses the abundant solar energy in the tropics to fix carbon and translocate organic carbon for coral respiration [2]. In return, Symbiodinium gains access to the inorganic nutrients flowing from the catabolic processes of the coral host. The autotrophic energy provided by Symbiodinium to the coral host results in carbon fixation by coral reefs that is six times higher than that in neighbouring oligotrophic waters [3], [4], allowing for the formation of complex reef structures which provide niches for a diverse range of organisms."

"The symbiosis between scleractinian corals and Symbiodinium probably arose in the late Triassic [5]. Corals have evolved to optimise the photosynthetic activities of the resident Symbiodinium through changes to their morphologies [6], [7], [8] or through changes in tissue composition [9] or population density of Symbiodinium [10], [11]. As a result of these evolutionary pressures, corals have evolved into highly efficient light-harvesting organisms [12]. They can utilise light six times more efficiently than plants [10] due to multiple scattering of photons within the skeleton and the tissue-water interface [13], thereby increasing photonic path lengths and subsequently the chance of interception by a photosystem [13]. This enhancement of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) allows the coral to increase its photosynthetic yields. However, as solar radiation also contains Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR), an increase in PAR could be accompanied with side effects of a considerable increase in harmful UVR."

"UVR photons contain enough energy that upon absorption they break chemical bonds. The most sensitive of the organic molecules are aromatic compounds [14] such as DNA, proteins and membranes. Direct damage caused by the absorption of a UV photon by DNA can manifest in the formation of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPDs), which can make up 75% of UV-induced DNA lesions [15], 6–4 photoproducts (6–4PPs) or the Dewar valence isomer of the 6-4(PP). UV can also act indirectly and create lesions such as oxidised or hydrated bases, single-strand breaks and more [16]. CPDs, the greater part of the DNA damage observed and the focus of our study, are formed between two adjacent pyrimidine bases in DNA exposed to UVR and are known to induce cell death [17], [18]. Thus, while exposure to solar radiation is fundamental for coral growth, avoiding UVR damage is just as vital."

"The skeleton greatly reduced the amount of UVR in the tissue above it but it did not eliminate UVR altogether. Furthermore, the skeleton is deposited below the tissue, so UVR photons must pass through the tissue at least once, ensuing other methods must be employed by the coral to protect against UVR damage. Corals deal with UVR in many ways. One mechanism to defend their tissues from UVR is to use sunscreen molecules, (mycosporine like amino-acids, MAAs [42], [43]). This pathway, however, requires a large energy input to produce and maintain the pigment molecules involved [44]. Corals also have an efficient DNA repair mechanism that rapidly targets UV-inflicted DNA damage when it occurs [18]. In combination, these pathways provide a high level of protection against UVR and contribute to the ability of corals to thrive under ultraviolet levels that can be lethal to other coral reef epifauna [45].

Here we learn, that also the giant clams live in a highly sophisticated symbiosis with algae.

Photosymbiotic giant clams are transformers of solar flux
J R Soc Interface. 2014 Dec 6; 11(101): 20140678. doi: 10.1098/rsif.2014.0678 PMCID: PMC4223897 Amanda L. Holt,1,4 Sanaz Vahidinia,2 Yakir Luc Gagnon,3 Daniel E. Morse,1,† and Alison M. Sweeney1,4,† Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ►

"Giant’ clams, (family Tridacnidae), native to coral reefs of the western tropical Pacific, reach their large sizes in part due to a photosymbiosis with brown, single-cell algae of the genus Symbiodinium [1]. As part of this photosymbiotic lifestyle, these clams have evolved a weighted shell hinge and/or boring behaviour, ensuring that the shell gape always points upward to the sky, thus exposing the animal's mantle tissues to sunlight [2]. The surface of the mantle tissue is covered with a layer of clam cells called iridocytes, which impart the clams’ famously sparkly, colourful appearance (figure 1a,b,d). The mantle tissue lines the exposed inner surfaces of the shell and is several millimetres thick. Under the colourful iridocytes concentrated at the surface of the tissue, there are high densities of photosynthesizing Symbiodinium (figure 2a). The rare clam without iridocytes appears dark-coloured due to these high densities of algae (figure 1c,e)."

From following study we learn a lot about the symbiosis of corals and other reef animals with algae, but  also that "acidification" is only an assumption and light deprivation is absolutely not an idea for the research and"pollution" may be a reason. We learn also that the mass death began in 1980 and particularly at the coast of South Africa it was very deadly between 1993 and 2006.
Please connect both data with start of fear mongering about ozone hole at the end of 1970s and the destruction of statehood of Somalia in 1991.

Ozone Layer Fear Mongering!

Dead birds falling in Somalia by ClimateControl! Geostrategic importance of Yemen!

I would propose to research the intentional pollution of the troposphere with white asbestos, cola fly-ash and sulfur powder for Tropospheric Aerosol Injection to close this gap. Please replace "global warming" with "punching holes into the ozone layer for ClimateControl"!

Responses to High Seawater Temperatures in Zooxanthellate Octocorals PLoS One. 2013; 8(2): e54989. Published online 2013 Feb 6. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054989 PMCID: PMC3566138
Paul W. Sammarco1,* and Kevin B. Strychar2
Stuart Humphries, Editor
Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ►

"Increases in Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) as a result of global warming have caused reef-building scleractinian corals to bleach worldwide, a result of the loss of obligate endosymbiotic zooxanthellae. Since the 1980’s, bleaching severity and frequency has increased, in some cases causing mass mortality of corals. Earlier experiments have demonstrated that zooxanthellae in scleractinian corals from three families from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia (Faviidae, Poritidae, and Acroporidae) are more sensitive to heat stress than their hosts, exhibiting differential symptoms of programmed cell death – apoptosis and necrosis. Most zooxanthellar phylotypes are dying during expulsion upon release from the host. The host corals appear to be adapted or exapted to the heat increases. We attempt to determine whether this adaptation/exaptation occurs in octocorals by examining the heat-sensitivities of zooxanthellae and their host octocoral alcyonacean soft corals – Sarcophyton ehrenbergi (Alcyoniidae), Sinularia lochmodes(Alcyoniidae), and Xenia elongata (Xeniidae), species from two different families."

"Many invertebrates possess endosymbionts that support the metabolism and other physiological activities in the host and, often, the host also provides nutrient resources to the endosymbionts. Scleractinian corals possess endosymbiotic dinoflagellates of the genus Symbiodinium, also known as zooxanthellae [1], [2]. These microalgae provide photosynthates comprised of carbohydrates, fatty acids, glycerol, tri-glycerids, amino acids, and oxygen to the host coral tissue. The coral host, on the other hand, provides carbon dioxide and nutrients in the form of waste products (N, P, and S) and urea to the zooxanthellae in hospite [3][6] -i.e., while they are still within the host, Zooxanthellae provide 65–100% [4][6] of the host coral’s metabolic energy requirements, although other investigators have determined that the host corals receive a substantial portion of their metabolic requirements from plankton, organic, and inorganic matter in the water column [7][11]. This symbiotic relationship facilitates precipitation of the calcium carbonate skeleton and colony growth through skeletal extension [2], [3], [12][14]."

"Endosymbiotic zooxanthellae are not restricted in occurrence to scleractinian corals [15], [16] and are found in bivalves (e.g. Tridacna gigas [17], [18], scyphozoans (e.g., Cassiopea xamachana; [19], [20]), and flatworms (e.g., Amphiscolops sp [21]), as well as in other cnidarians, such as sea anemones [Anthopleura ballii [22]). One marine group in which they may be commonly found is the Octocorallia. In particular, they may be found in alcyonacean soft corals [23]."

"Through feeding, the coral polyp can obtain organic carbon that is used by the zooxanthellae to produce needed nutrients, to produce metabolic carbon dioxide via respiration, or to be excreted as organic carbon waste [11]. The metabolic carbon dioxide produced by corals and zooxanthellae is a source of inorganic carbon in addition to the hydrogen carbonate ions in seawater. These compounds can be precipitated as skeletal calcium carbonate through a calcification process, excreted as waste, or, through photosynthesis, used by zooxanthellae to continue the energy cycle."

"The zooxanthellae facilitate the precipitation of calcium carbonate micro-spicules within the tissues of the soft corals. The symbiotic relationship in both scleractinians and octocorals generally operates within a defined temperature range of ∼18 to 33°C [26] with optimal temperatures at 25 to 29°C [27]. Exceptions include, for example, reefs in the Persian Gulf, which have adapted to temperatures ranging from 13 to 38°C [28]. Corals, when exposed to seawater temperatures above normal levels for their region, will exhibit “bleaching”; i.e., they lose their zooxanthellae, which provide color to the host coral tissue, leaving the tissue transparent. This has become one of several major causes of reef decline in the world, including pollution (P and S, which can also cause bleaching), disease, and other perturbations. Thus, the colony becomes “white” due to exposure of the skeleton through unpigmented tissue. Once the zooxanthellae are lost, if another population of zooxanthellae is not re-established within the coral host tissue within a few days to a few weeks, the coral will die [29][32]. This is also dependent upon the coral’s environment returning to pre-stress conditions. Bleaching can be caused by other factors, such as salinity, disease, pollution, and possibly ocean acidification, but these will not be considered in this paper."

"Alyconacean soft corals in South Africa have also declined significantly in abundance from 1993 to 2006[97]."

"Different Symbiodinium phylotypes occur in different host species, and possess different temperature tolerances [102], [103], [104]. In addition, there is species-specific variation in host physiology in, e.g., antioxidant properties, UV-absorbing proteins, etc. "

More explanation about mass death by suffocation is here:

Oxygen deprivation! Global suffocation!

Explaining the lie about acidity of CO2 and delivering examples about mass death:

People, who understand the content of the infographic and the delivered articles, please get aware and get more active to stop the global psychopaths!

4. Revealing the intention to break the food chain!

We are in the age of Geophysical Warfare (GW) and on that perspective the WWII was never stopped. Not only with economic sanctions, oil prices, the deterrent nuclear WMDs of cold war, the bloody regime changes by military juntas, the debt bondage of poor and fake rich countries, the hot proxy wars in Africa and Asia, at least since the large scale installation of static and mobile HAARP and doppler radar systems starting at the end of 1950s, the war went on also with GW. By observing the current application of GW, and looking at the old pictures of the skies, we must conclude that it was not limited to the "cloud seeding" against the Viet-Cong.

In the following article You can find the complete transcript of the key document about GW by ClimateControl, which was classified until 2013:
However, by using the right notions, the truth can be revealed from any propaganda text!
Under the conditions of GW, the title statement of the next article needs to be considered as a threat and intention to use GW! Maybe the article also explains us the planning for that.

Mouthpieces like Washington Post are "good sources" of imperial mind, but the statements have to be read conversely, as the truth is always the opposite of lie! Propaganda carries only lies! So let us dissect the text and find the truth about coming food deprivation!

The climate crisis could rapidly become a food crisis

The GW attack on Russia began after the installation radar systems in the new EU and NATO members in Eastern Europe. The following sentences are so revealing! Currently the wildfires are raging over Iberia!

"In the summer of 2010, Russia faced a severe drought, a heat wave and a series of catastrophic wildfires, destroying a third of the country's wheat harvest. Half a year later, the Arab Spring began."
Please read the articles about Syria, Irak, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, southern Africa and others, which explain the GW attack on these countries, first as an attrition tool to prepare the hot war.

"The two are connected: The Middle East and North Africa, among the most food-insecure regions in the world, rely heavily on grain imports from the Black Sea, especially Russia, one of the world's largest wheat exporters. But the Russian government banned grain exports amid the dismal harvest, looking to protect its own food supply."

The author totally omits the industrial desert farming in Arabia!

100 thousands of mercenaries financed by the gulf Arabs, organized by CIA, MI6, MOSSAD & MIT (Turkey) were heavily armed, framed as "Islamists" and ready to attack any country, which did not submit to the imperial planning! 

Tunisian dictator Ben-Ali gave up power to save his people and country and got no other place to go but Saudi Arabia. A similar move under pressure was made by the dictator of Egypt, Mubarak. The rulers of Libya and Syria could not and did not submit and their countries and societies became coated with bloodshed, death and fire.

"Sapped of a major supplier, countries across the two regions saw bread prices skyrocket. And while many other factors fuelled the political unrest characterised as the Arab Spring, the high cost of food fuelled the broad popular discontent that prompted a string of attempts to overthrow illiberal regimes - some successful, some violently suppressed."

Russia disproved this expectation. After the sanctions against Russia in the course of the imperial attacks on Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, Russia has grown its food production, is already exporting and also keeping East-Ukraine, Syria and Yemen alive with food supply.


"MOSCOW, May 28 (Reuters) - Russia plans to supply Syria with up to 1 million tonnes of wheat in 2021, of which 350,000 tonnes have already been delivered this spring, the Interfax news agency reported on Friday, citing the Russian embassy to Syria as saying."

Exclusive: Syria calls off mysterious million tonne Russian wheat deal
By Reuters Staff, SEPTEMBER 13, 201711:57 AM

"Russian customs data shows Russia supplied 125,200 tonnes of wheat to Syria in 2016/17, up from 47,000 tonnes in 2015/16."

Russia’s food exports continue to grow – but where are they going?
The key targets are defined:
  • 4 crops,
  • 3 production regions,
  • 65% of protein food supply,
  • concentration in the hands of a few corporations,
  • 14 "choke points", critical transport straits!
"Global food security depends on trade in just four crops: maize, wheat, rice and soybeans. The first three account for 60 per cent of the world's food energy intake. The fourth, soybeans, is the world's largest source of animal protein feed, making up 65 per cent of global protein feed supply. Their production is concentrated in a handful of exporting countries, including the United States, Brazil and the Black Sea region, from which they are flowing at ever-greater volumes."

So the global food trade is the problem!!!

Monopolies and oligopolies of multinational corporations are bad for the food security. Let us dump the corporations before we need to eat their managers, when they have broken our food security!

"Between 2000 and 2015, global food trade grew by 127 per cent to 2.2 billion metric tons - and growth rates are projected to keep increasing."

"But the movement of these crops hinges on just 14 "choke-point" junctures on transport routes through which exceptional volumes of trade pass."

They were never "overlooked", but their ability to "choke" the straits was not feasible yet. Now the imperial complex seems to be prepared to choke all key points!

"Such choke points have been perilously overlooked, said Rob Bailey, research director for energy, environment and resources at Chatham House and co-author of the report."
The tensions are pre-planned and we have already entered the phase of global implementation.

This is a war game, but Russia, Iran, China and others are already prepared for that. They are also using GW to protect themselves, help the allies and attack the enemies. The surprising effect of GW has gone.

An imperial attack on USA is very possible, as the complex always fears to be expelled from the territory of the USA! The reaction would be to cause havoc and starve millions of US people to death. The people of USA are more threatened by the imperial psychopathy than any other country on Earth.

"Imagine the following frightening-yet-plausible scenario: What if the next time Russia's wheat harvest is devastated by drought, other major food producers are also facing struggles with severe weather and wrecked harvests? In the United States, that could mean a freak flood season that wipes out inland waterways or overwhelms coastal ports."

The alternative suppliers to the USA would also be attacked. The people of USA should be prepared to eliminate the imperial structure in their country as fast as possible to save themselves. The imperial monsters won't be able to do the same chaos anywhere else. Just catch some of the big fish in Washington DC, Wall Street, Silicon Walley, Las Vegas grab the control on Federal Reserve. The rest will shiver in fear and stop threatening the people of USA and the world.

"Brazil, the world's other heavy-hitter, accounts for 17 per cent of global wheat, maize, rice and soybean exports. But its road network is crumbling. Extreme rainfall could knock out a major transport route. If this happened together with a US flood and a Russian drought, there would be global food shortages, riots and political instability, starvation in areas that are heavily dependent on imports, and recessions everywhere else."

Closing Panama Canal would require the instigation of civil war in Panama. The target of food deprivation attack is "western Asia".

"The Panama Canal, linking Western and Asian markets, is one of the most critical maritime choke points: Thirty-six per cent of US maize exports and 49 per cent of US soybean exports pass through it each year."

The Bosporus and the Dardanelles are protected by the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits of 1936. To break up this the empire would need to eliminate the Republik of Turkey. Turkey itself won't break it, as it would mean the declaration of war against Russia. The last try during the Ottoman Empire failed badly. Russian Army came to the doors of Istanbul (Constantinia).
"Another is the Turkish Straits, which connect Black Sea producers to global markets - including, critically, the Middle East. Seventy-seven per cent of wheat exports from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan pass through these waters."

Replace "climate change" with "climate control" and everything becomes clear! The "weather events" are made by GW. Understanding how GW works, it is not difficult to see it.

"Climate change makes such a scenario more likely. While it's difficult to connect any specific weather event to climate change, models suggest the shifting climate is making such events more common."

Again the threat against the USA. The imperial monsters, seem to give up the global perspective, as they are now losing nearly at all fronts in Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. So it prepares itself for survival in the USA.

"For the United States, that could mean a lot more episodes like the one in August 2012, when Hurricane Isaac closed ports and suspended barge traffic on parts of the Mississippi River."
Now we reach a very revealing point! I would like to confirm this by a Turkish article from 2015 about the coming change in 2016!

Montrö, 2016’da revize edilecek [Montreux Convention will be revised in 2016!]
DÜNYA Giriş Tarihi: 08.12.2015 09:25

"20 yılda bir gözden geçirilen Montrö Boğazlar Sözleşmesi, 2016’da günün şartlarına göre revize edilecek. Boğaz'dan geçen Rus savaş gemisindeki füzeli asker skandalını masaya koyacak olan Türkiye, barış dönemlerinde boğazdan silahlı geçişe dair bir yaptırım kararı konusunda diretecek."

[The Montreux Convention for the straits, which has to be reviewed every 20 years, will be revised in 2016 according the current requirements. The scandal with the soldier carrying a rocket on one of the Russian military ships crossing the straits will be set on the table by Turkey, which will insist on sanctions during peace time.]

"Türkiye'nin Rus savaş uçağını Suriye sınır hattında düşürmesinin ardından Rusya, tehditlerini boğazlara taşırdı."

[After the shooting of Russian fighter jet at the border with Syria, Russia has carried the threat to the straits.]

"Rus savaş gemisi Caesar Kunikov'un İstanbul Boğazı'ndan geçişi sırasında, bir asker omzunda füze ile görüntülendi. Rus savaş gemisinin güvertesindeki "tacizkâr" fotoğrafı "provokatif" olarak nitelendiren Ankara ise Montrö Boğazlar Sözleşmesi'ni hatırlattı. Bu tabloyla Rusya'nın sözleşmeyi ihlal ettiği vurgulanırken, olay "tahrik unsuru" olarak görüldü. Türkiye, Rus gemilerinin boğazlardan geçişi konusunda teyakkuz halini arttırdı. Türkiye, boğazların ve toprak bütünlüğünün tehdit altında olduğunu hissetmesi halinde Rus gemilerine karşı boğazlarda "dilediği önlemi" alabilir."

[A soldier with a rocket on his shoulder was seen during the passage of Caesar Konikov. Naming the "threatening" image on the Russian ship "provocative" and reminded the Montreux Convention. It was hinted that with this image Russia has broken the convention and the event has been considered as "act of provocation". Turkey has raised vigilance concerning Russian ships. If Turkey feels a threat to the straits and unity of its territory, it can take "measures it deems as necessary" against Russian ships in the straits. ]

Montrö, Türkiye'ye, savaş zamanında, savaşan olması yahut kendisini pek yakın bir savaş tehdidi altında sayması halinde tehdit eden ülkenin savaş gemilerini engelleme hakkı tanıyor. Sözleşme uyarınca, savaş zamanında, Türkiye savaşan ise, savaş gemilerinin boğazlardan geçişi konusunda dilediği gibi davranabiliyor.

According Montreux, if during war time, Turkey is a warring party or if Turkey considers itself threatened by a nearby war, it can hinder the war ships of the threatening country. According Montreux, if Turkey is the warring party, it can do whatever it wants about the passage of war ships through the straits.

Now back to our WP article.
So we may now conclude, that if the coup in 2016 was "successful", that would have resulted in closure of the Bosporus strait, had caused the state of war between Russia and Turkey, breakout of civil war in Turkey and very possibly the instigation of conflicts at some other 13 "choke points" of the world, with a disastrous break of the global food security.
  1. elimination of Montreux Convention,
  2. tension between Turkey protected by NATO against Russia, and
  3. the breakup of Turkey to found Great Kurdistan
were the main targets of this coup.
By the way, the coup was not "internal", it was like the other bloody coups of 1960, 1971 and 1980 a mainly CIA driven regime change operation.

In later historical reflection, the disastrous failure of the coup may become reason of elimination of the CIA and maybe also the key reason of the breakdown of imperial complex. It is more painful than the dilettante Fascist coup in Kiev and the eternal loss of Sevastopol marine base to Russia.

On the other hand, it is the wonder of Turkey and Erdogan, to survive a CIA coup attempt and has delivered the apology for brutal elimination of CIA agent network, mainly under the brand of Gülenist-Movement.

"Political instability can also cause choke point disruptions. In 2015 and 2016, tensions between Russia and Turkey fueled power plays in the Turkish Straits, and an attempted internal coup led to a temporary shutdown of the Bosporus."

This article seems to be written for imperial wound licking. :-) :-)

The reader may feel, how "painful" is it for imperial psychopaths, that their plans to cause "disruption of key arteries due to political instability" have failed. :-) :-) 

It would have been so funny for the observer, if it wasn't deadly dangerous. The domino effect of "imperial-inforced cycle" of "food shortages" to "breed further instability" was not fulfilled.

"And disruption of key arteries due to political instability can lead to a self-reinforcing cycle, as food shortages breed further instability. In the Middle East and North Africa, statistical analyses show that food security is a particularly high indicator of political stability. Over a third of grain imports for the region pass through a maritime choke point for which there is no alternate route."

In the western world, particularly in Germany the crisis of 2007-2008 was only a financial crisis. But this could have finished the FED-Dollar system, if German government did not "rescue" the bankrupt banks.

"But the problem is widespread. The 2007-2008 global food crisis was accompanied by protests in 61 countries and riots in 23."
The "chronic underinvestment in infrastructure" is more a problem in the USA!

"To make matters worse, chronic underinvestment in infrastructure has weakened critical networks. Extreme weather and increased trade flows put them at risk of failing. ...
But even where there is infrastructure investment, governments often fail to factor in climate risks: A 2016 survey by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that, with very few exceptions, they are largely overlooked even in rich countries."

The "perfect storm" is required for the survival of imperial complex and its grab on total global power.

""It is a glide path to a perfect storm," said Bailey."

So, Europe will be cut out from world supplies by closing the Gibraltar Strait. As if the dumb marionette politutes were "making any policies".

"In fact, 13 of the 14 choke points have seen some form of temporary disruption or closure in the last 15 years, according to the report. (The only one that hasn't, the Strait of Gibraltar, may now come under pressure in Brexit negotiations.) This should prompt policymakers to prepare for worst-case scenarios."

The oil markets are a main treasure of imperial complex. They will always be protected and controlled as much as the empire has the means to own it. This control on oil markets is diminishing. The huge part of the oil and gas production is now based on fracking colonialism. The "supply shock" is mainly a problem of imperial main vassals like USA and Europe. China and Japan which are also the net consumers have not similar problems, they buy and pay fairly and don't attack to conquer the resources.

"The mentality is very different when it comes to the oil market, where past oil embargoes make the idea of a supply shock more tangible. "People obsess about choke points there," he said."

The empire fears that the states would do their job and create strategic food reserves for their population. This would reduce the ability of imperial corporations to dictate the food markets.

"One solution is for countries to invest in individual emergency stores. But this risks creating an international "Hunger Games" - encouraging hoarding and scrambling behaviors in the event of a crisis and a death spiral of declining market confidence."
"Minimize the risk" but for whom and raise the risk for whom?

""What is needed is a coordinated international approach like you have in energy markets," Bailey said. In 1974, the International Energy Agency established emergency response mechanisms to minimise the risk of oil and gas disruptions."

UN is not a legitimate body to take over the responsibility of states to care for the mere existence of their populations. Many states don't deserve to be named as such. They are only tools of oppression, but the remaining sovereign states will take care by themselves. The imperial complex wants to turn all humanity into beggars and food stamp dependents.

"Governments and international responders, like the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the UN World Food Program, should model this with rules on coordination during acute food disruptions. This would include emergency food supply sharing arrangements and smarter strategic storage - where choke points can't cut off supply."

As the "extreme weather" is nothing else but GW, the last statement should be considered as a final threat. It says submit to the "global governance of climate control, else You will be further attacked with GW"! The "alternative sources" of food are more corporate land grabbing, more desert farming, more nuclear fracking for mineral fuel and more water grabbing by control on troposheric rivers! Recognize, that the text doesn't attack the multinational corporations. It uses only the statement of "a handful of mega crop exporters", meaning Russia, Brasil, USA!

"But they also needed to take preventive measures, like diversifying production so countries aren't dependent on a handful of mega-crops and exporters. Funding should support alternative sources and supply routes around the world, as well as climate-resilient infrastructure. But all of this requires long-term planning. It needs to start now - before extreme weather becomes even more frequent."

End of dissection of WP article.

Imperial mouthpieces are trumping for the global scale legalization of climate control. The worst liar of the day is Janos Pasztor, the executive director of the Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative!

""I want to highlight that we aren't promoting geoengineering, we are promoting dialogue," says Pasztor."

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