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Nephology! Tropospheric Aerosole Injektion (TAI) | Solar Radiation Management (SRM) | Artificial Pinatubo Effekt.

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Clouds are made of water and whoever controls the water of the clouds and the winds that carry them, becomes the lord of life and death! The military use of climate control is named geophysical warfare, the civil use climate geoengineering!

  1. Preface
  2. Atmospheric Layers
  4. Cumulus Clouds
  5. Stratosphere & Thermal
  6. Cirrus Clouds
  7. Find CO2!
  9. Persistent Trails
  10. Sources for own Research

1. Preface

I would like to summarize basic knowledge on individual aspects of meteorology, nephology (science about clouds) and flight technology to make it easier to understand climate control.

Please consider that since the beginning of climate control in the course of World War II, nephology was mutated into a strategic military knowledge.

Clouds are made of water and whoever controls the water of the clouds and the winds that carry them becomes lord of life and death! The military use is called geophysical warfare, the civil use climate geoengineering!

In order to "normalize" cloud management, industrial clouds were even put in the international cloud atlas in March 2017.

From German: The new international cloud atlas:

"Global reference for clouds and weather phenomena has been updated and is now online "

"New edition after 30 years: There is a new official reference for cloud types and weather phenomena. The international cloud atlas of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has now been supplemented and updated on the Internet. New are not only are tons of photos and data on the known cloud types, the WMO has also introduced some new cloud types."

Here is the link to the official cloud atlas of the WMO:

2. Atmospheric Layers

The layers of Atmosphere, when measured within the Temperate Climate Zone, consist of following estimated altitudes.

Troposphere -- 0 km - 11 km
Tropopause -- 12 km - 20 km
Stratosphere -- 21 km - 49 km
Stratopause -- 55km - 55km
Mesosphere -- 56 km - 79 km
Mesopause -- 80 km - 85 km
Thermosphere -- 86 km - 489 km
Thermopause -- 490 km - 510 km
Exosphere -- 511 km - infinity

Concerning the ions the area of Mesosphere and Exosphere is also called Ionosphere.

All given altitudes are for the Temperate Climate Zone!

Energized by sunlight and Earth's internal energy the near surface air is heated up, expands, rises upwards and cools without external interference. This movement is called "adiabatic cooling", the air cools by its own expansion.


The main conductor of terrestrial weather are the electromagnetic waves, which we call light, delivered by our Sun. In addition influence comes the rotation of the Earth rotation and the surface structure!

When sunlight reaches and heats up the surface, heat waves rise to the sky and carry humidity (vapor). At an altitude of ca. 2 km and a temperature of 0°C the vapor begins to condensate. The result of this process is named as Cumulus Cloud (Thermal Cloud), but it is only the peak of a much bigger structure of humid and heat air colon. Such a cloud has a flat and concave bottom side and pyramidal rising upper side .

4. Cumulus Clouds

Heated air can contain up to 4% humidity, which is equal to 100% relative humidity rate. The ability of air to carry humidity declines with lowering temperature. Cooling air begins to condensate the humidity at crossing 97% relative humidity rate and builds clouds and turns them to precipitation.

The resulting clouds are called cumulus clouds (cumuli or fleecy clouds). When they grow up through the strong thermal, they get the name Cumulonimbus.

Cumuli can build in the lower, middle and upper troposphere. As 99% of the atmospheric water and 80% of the air mass are in the troposphere, only here all weather events take place. There are no clouds in the stratosphere and no considerable amount of air in the mesosphere.

5. Stratosphere and Thermals

Since the stratosphere contains very little air relative to its vertical extent, there is virtually no air resistance and no buoyancy.

From German: Part 2: The scientific data on the stratospheric jump
19. February 2013

"Baumgartner said after the jump, at the beginning, with practically no resistance, it was extremely difficult to assess one's own posture."

However, the stratosphere plays a major role in the formation of the thermal, because the amount of ozone determines the degree of reduction in sunlight that reaches the troposphere and the earth's surface. The ozone layer, as the lower part of the stratosphere, filters out most of the strong UVB light and converts it into infrared radiation. Because of that, it is warmer in the stratosphere than in the upper edge of the troposphere.

Consequently, with the depletion of the ozone by spraying fluorine and chlorine into the ozone layer, the troposphere and the earth's surface, including the surface of oceans, are warmed up below the ozone holes. The effect is felt over land as a so-called heat wave. However, the increased evaporation results in more cloud formation, which in turn reduces the sunlight and, overall, balances the surface temperature.

This technical processing of the stratosphere is therefore the cause of the so-called "global warming", which is merely a heating under the ozone holes. The aim of the application is to lift and shift more water vapor, but the total energy balance of the earth remains balanced, as its energy absorption capacity is determined by its mass and its distance from the sun!

The shift in humidity and temperature balance leads to regional melting of glaciers, drying up of lakes and rivers, lowering of the groundwater level, death of forests on one side but flooding and storms on the other, but a general melting of the ice caps and the warming of the oceans, which lead to a rise in sea level cannot not take place, as this is caused by the flattened shape of the poles, why less direct sunlight arrives there.

However, there are developments for the installation of orbital mirrors that are supposed to direct sunlight onto the polar regions in order to be able to effectively control those fresh water reserves.

It is understandable that comparatively small quantities of additional CO2 is released with the water vapor from the ice and the oceans by all these measures.

6. Cirrus Clouds

The second basic cloud form are the cirrus or ice clouds. The micro-droplets of the cumuli can freeze in the form of droplets and, if there is are sufficiently cold and humid, grow and precipitate as snow or hail, but that does not turn them into cirrus clouds.

In the temperate climate zone, the cirrus border is at about 6km above sea level. The requirement for the formation of cirrus clouds is the presence of desublimation cores in the form of fine dust that reaches these altitudes or falls on them. Natural fine dust sources can be volcanic eruptions, cosmic dust, fine desert sand or industrial dust .

On these fine dust particles, the frozen, but still liquid micro-droplets abruptly desublimate to crystalline ice and the result are cirrus clouds.

Below the cirrus limit, it is too warm for crystallization. This is why smog droplets are formed, technically named aerosols!

However, such clouds form very rarely under natural conditions and not everywhere, because not everywhere are volcanic eruptions that blow fine dust over the cirrus boundary or desert dust that is thrown up by strong thermals can be found.

7. Find CO2!

As visible above, 99% of Atmosphere consists of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Where is this assumed devil CO2? The heinous "monster" is hiding within the remaining 1%, but by reducing the 0.934% of Argon all trace gases get a share of only 0.066%.

So where is this dangerous Carbon Dioxide?

Only 0.037% of Atmosphere is made of CO2. This consists of all CO2 blown out by animals, bacteria, sheep, cows, humans, insects, all fish, seals, whales in the oceans, the volcanic eruptions under the oceans and on land. The speculative share of humans is in the range 0.001% and the industrial share is 0.00002% and. Now imagine, dear readers, what difference it would make in the total amount if we would disband the whole industry. :-)

More about CO2 is to be found under FAQ about CO2 or within the PDF presentation "CO2_Molecule_of_Life" in the Download area.


A rising plane will begin to produce a condensation trail (contrail) not before ca. 9 km and a temperature of nearly -40°C. The contrail is clearly visible at a height of ca. 10 km and a average temperature of -56°C.

This contrail is the visible shock condensation of the 2.8% vapor, contained in the exhaust emission of the turbofan turbines which is mixed with the bypass air to an average temperature of ca. 150°C to 200°C, which gets in contact with the outside air with a temperature of ca. -56°C.

The exhaust emission consists of 90% clean bypassed air7% CO22.8% vapor of water and 0,2 other gases and immeasurable low portion of soot. 

Because of missing soot or other source of condensation nuclei, it is not possible for the vapor droplets to desublimate on hard particles to stable ice crystals. The contrail disappears within seconds by losing its heat and the diffusion of humidity. 

9. Persistent Trails

The targeted blowing and trimming of fine dust within the troposphere is the basis of what is known as Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Basically, the operators admit all this under the propaganda terms like "Pinatubo-Effect", "Cloud-Brightening", "Global-Dimming", "Albeido-Modification" e.g. by spreading sulfur dust.

However, the practical implementation is denied, since the theoretical application in the stratosphere is always discussed, but the troposphere is never mentioned. The highlighting of the stratosphere serves the plausible denial of the application within the troposphere!

It should be remembered that all water for aerosolation is in the troposphere and all aircraft that we observe fly within and at the upper limit of the troposphere, but never in the stratosphere!

The physical mechanisms that are used here are desublimation above and aerosolation below the cirrus boundary.

The picture below shows the desublimation near the ground on a chain link fence. The fading of the fine dust can be interpreted analogously as a volatile chain link fence on which the water in the air is collected. The dust is used to bind and collect the water. I hope this analogy can make it easier to understand the mechanism and the method.

And here is the example of a sky of accumulated water the form of streaks of cirrus on systematically sprayed dust.

For your own understanding and to think through the topic, please ask yourself a few questions and try to find alternative answers. Please use your knowledge of the conditions at the the various altitudes of the troposphere, the technology of turbofan engines and the physical phases and phase changes.

Why is it different for some airplanes?

How and from where come the condensation nuclei into the flight path of these airplanes?

Why do such airplanes produce long and stable ice clouds (cirrus clouds)?

Why have these ice clouds a grid structure over the whole ceiling, criss-cross to the normal flight routes?

Why are such persistent trails also called chemical trails or just Chemtrails!

This aircraft is near by 9km heigt and produces no visible contrail.

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