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Horizontal shift of temperature and water, naturally and through climate control!


  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Three movements
  3. What is thermal?
  4. Methods of ClimateControl

1. Lack of knowledge

It must be pointed out that the main drive for the dynamics of our weather system is caused by solar radiation. Without it, the Earth would be cold and dark on the surface! Life, fed by the hot core of the Earth, could only exist under a thick layer of ice, which was actually the case until about 700 million years ago.

I was amazed and shocked to discover that people who have been literate and even schooled and studied have no, grossly incomplete and incorrect knowledge of cosmology and are easy victims of crude ideas about the shape and location of our Earth.

In my opinion, the vulnerability of almost all people to geoengineering propaganda is primarily due to this inadequate knowledge about the basic properties of our Earth and our solar system. Lack of knowledge and knowledge gaps in this area must be closed so that the common education level against climate control (climate geoengineering) can advance.

In order to provide the knowledge and insights in understandable portions, I write articles on individual aspects of geoengineering and create references. In this context, I would like to offer the readers the following articles. Please read them as needed. All other blog-internal and external references are linked by keywords.

From German: Cosmological Complexity Against the Flat Earth of Flattened Minds!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

After the position of our Earth in the cosmos is clear and we have also understood how the ozone holes allow additional solar energy to pass through and the temperature along the air column to increase, I would like to deal here with the horizontal manipulation of air flows by climate control.

2. Three movements

Three movements are decisive for the horizontal distribution of the weather system, whereby I deliberately do not go into the winter-summer change due to the inclination of the Earth's axis!
  1. The rotation of the earth around its own axis!
  2. The sluggish dragging of the atmosphere and therefore slipping against the direction of rotation of the Earth.
  3. The drifting of the compressed air masses in the direction of the polar regions.
The lower schematic representation shows the basic movements, which in reality are somewhat more complex on the unequal distribution of sea and land, but are nevertheless regular from a planetary perspective. The weather makes a rather dynamic, chaotic impression over a small area, i.e. a village or a city but is very predictable globally.

The rotation of the Earth is quite even in cosmic dimensions, whereby the orientation of the Earth's axis is additionally stabilized by the mutual attraction between Earth and Moon. On the other hand, the Moon influences the weather climate system through the tides, but these are also very regular.

As the Earth rotates clockwise, looking up from the South Pole, the atmosphere drags somewhat due to its inertia. This dragging is perceived on Earth in the form of the equatorial winds moving counterclockwise from east to west.

The winds compress the air masses so that air packets are pushed out of the equatorial zone.

If the Earth was cylindrical, then these wind splits could move further west, but due to its spherical shape they drift eastwards towards the poles.

A temperature and moisture exchange is carried out with the winds, although this is also subject to a certain division. The individual parts are called climate cells. Everyone can read the details in the generally available publications and anyone who is involved in aviation and sailing, will also know the practical benefits of wind currents.

From German: Planetary Circulation

3. What is thermal?

The rays of the Sun that hit the surface of the Earth are partially absorbed and the weakened wave frequency is reflected. As soon as the absorption capacity of a material is saturated, the excess energy is emitted in the form of infrared rays. More energy means an energetic charge of the material, which is expressed in a stronger movement of the atoms. The heated floor is followed by the warming of the air. Warmer air absorbs more water vapor, namely up to 4% of its volume, which is equivalent to 100% relative humidity.

The air that is heated and saturated with moisture expands, becomes less dense, therefore lighter than its surroundings, and rises. The rise warm air and the fall cold air are determined by the respective energy content in relation to the ambient temperature.

In short, the thermal can be described as the rise of the air heated on the ground.

The best way to imagine the thermals is with a lava lamp. The air packages move in the atmosphere just like the drops in the lava lamp.

Lava Lamps row (relaxing music)
Jan 15, 2016

The ascending and descending movement itself is called convection.

Most of the Sun's rays that have passed through the ozone layer come down to the ocean and land surface without further contact with air molecules. Because of the transparency of the water, the light rays penetrate down to about 30 meter and heat the surface water, which then results in changes in the density of the water layers and thus in vertical and horizontal currents. At 4°C the water becomes densest and therefore sinks while the lighter water packs, which are warmer or colder than 4°C, rise.

4. Methods of ClimateControl

For climate control, levers are set in motion to influence the existing natural movements of the air in such a way that the desired amount of water can be directed to predetermined target areas. The main components of climate control are as follows:
  1. Regular and systematic spraying of the ozone layer with chlorine and fluorine molecules in order to form ozone holes there and to let more UVB light into the troposphere and onto the Earth's surface and the oceans. The so-called heat waves are a clear characteristic of this.
  2. The systematic, layer-by-layer blowing of fine dust of fly ash and sulfur powder from the middle to upper troposphere to form controllable aerosol clouds and thus to multiply the water absorption capacity of the troposphere.
  3. Mobile, immobile and orbital radiation systems for high-frequency radar and other forms of radiation to trim and direct the air streams with heavy aerosol clouds.
  4. Radar radiation and fine dust spraying for the controlled de-icing of heavy, saturated aerosol clouds.
  5. Formation of a network of underground and above-ground water reservoirs and water pipelines in order to optimally distribute the water in the target area.
        All of these measures cause dents in the north polar jet stream, so that their tips reach into the subtropical climate zone and provide more precipitation there.

        This is how it looks in the target area:

        Please ask questions if I could not explain this aspect well enough, that together we can close all gaps in understanding and knowledge for all potential readers.

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        Evidence of Water Delivery by ClimateControl!

        Water Delivery by ClimateControl Irkaya Farm- Qatar


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