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Chemtrail fine dust is presorted fly ash from coal-fired power plants and sulfur powder from petroleum refineries!

Main source of fine dust for chemtails, chemchlouds is separated coal fly ash!
Coal power plant fly ash filters are not for clean air, but collection of fly ash!
The collected fly ash is separated in various types an sprayed into upper troposphere!
White asbestos (chrysotile) and sulfur powder from refineries are also used!


  1. Scientific evidence by J. Marvin Herndon
  2. Fine-Dust spraying method
  3. Cheap sources of fine dust
    1. Asbestos
    2. Coal fly-ash
    3. Sulphur powder
  4. Required basics of cloud physics
  5. More views of chemtrailed skies
  6. Aerotoxic Syndrome!
  7. More background knowledge
  8. Connected Articles

1. Scientific evidence by Marvin J. Herndon

I honor the honorable Marvin J. Herndon, the last independent scientist, who works only to do science!

When I first saw his "retracted" paper about the use of coal fly ash, my knowledge was not complete enough and I did not want be become dependent only on one source. So I ignored him intentionally. But now as I have collected all important documents, evidence and fundamental scientific knowledge in my blog, the work of Dr. Herndon is like a crown on the top.

The scientific community is generally strangled by the bribing, pressure and blackmailing of the Geoengineering-Lobby. But a few honorable, decent and brave scientists resist. IMHO the most important work is done by J. Marvin Herndon. He is like a rock breaking the waves of a system which fosters a fake-scientific community, consisting of only cowards and idiots.

Please listen to his voice and absorb all his very important statements.

Dr. Herndon explains here how the scientific community is pressed into a "consensus based" fake science. I will quote most of his lecture, giving also the time-stamp within the video.

"I had crossed the lines. I didn't realize at then, but already the scientific community was functioning on a "consensus only basis". You don't step out of the line."

"How this came about is interesting, because towards the end of WWII, Roosevelt wanted to find a way to support civilian science, like the military science had been supported."

"In 1951 the National Science Foundation was established to provide a basis for funding civilian science and this people wrote the rules how it was done, but the rules were so badly flawed."

"Scientists would evaluate each others proposal, but they do it anonymously. Yes, you are going to let your competitor to review your proposal."

"Scientists aren't stupid people. I mean, they realized that if they criticize somebodies work, when their proposal comes around for review or their papers, there the person criticized is likely to say negative things, pejorative things and they loose ... And that is what happened to me. I lost all my funding."

"But instead of either capitulating and toeing the line and not making discovering of importance ... I couldn't live with that, because that's not science, I decided to do science on my own nickel."

"Most of the time, the sky in California was blue, than along came these trails, these particulate trails. They weren't contrails ... jet exhaust ice. The moisture can form ice crystals, which can leave a trail, but in the dry air above San Diego that doesn't last very long. It evaporates, it sublimates, turns right into an invisible gas. These were different, these were trails across the sky that spread out, momentarily begin to look like cirrus clouds and than further spreading out to become a white haze. This became a common occurrence across much of the U.S. about this time. This was about the time of Barack Obama's reelection."

"Being a scientist, I was concerned, because I know that particulate particles, pollution particles have all sorts of negative effects on the body. I mean this has been quite thoroughly studied by epidemiologists and so forth in terms of just general pollution and this was pollution that was deliberately being placed."

"Scientists have totally ignored the problem. The scientific community with their consensus conformity in six decades have become totally corrupted. And so they do not mention, even climate scientists, even those who study the atmosphere do not mention this deliberate spraying."

"Well, ordinary people had started making some measurements. Not really knowing what to measure, they first measured aluminum, because aluminum was talked about as something that might be used and they found aluminum in rainwater. ... usually they requested one element. Occasionally people would request two elements, aluminum and barium and rarely three elements, aluminum, barium and strontium."

"What I did first, I realized, that coal fly ash, when exposed to water, elements leach out into the water. And, so I compared the elements in rain water that had been measured with the elements from leach experiments and found out that there is good evidence that this is consistent with coal fly ash."

"Well, let me ask you this, if you were the guy in charge of spraying stuff in the air, you'd need to find something, some material, that was very finely divided bill, micron or sub-micron in size, because it's going to settle on Earth, but you wanted it to stay there for a day or so, at least before it settles to Earth."

"You might find, if you checked with industries, it would cost a fortune, I mean the mining industry for example, very intensely capital oriented, where they are crushing and milling machines, it would cost a fortune to make a fine powder for dispersal, but there is another substance that is a waste product that is found in exactly the right size range and that is coal fly ash!"

"When electric utilities burn coal, the heavy ash settles and the very fine ash goes up to smokestack, alright used to go up the smokestack. The little particle, which are often spheres, a form in the hot vapors above the furnace and would normally go out of the smokestacks, but these have so many toxic elements, including radioactive elements, that in Western nations it's mandated that they be trapped, electrostatically trapped."

"I was the first person to publish evidence in the scientific literature, pointing to this as a likely undisclosed substance that was being used."

"Any particulate is going to be terrible from a public health standpoint, but coal fly ash is a toxic nightmare."

"You'r putting substances in the air, fine grains that when people breathe them, goes deep into the lungs and settles and terminal airways, in alveoli, where they can't readily escape."

"With the radioactive elements, with the chromium six that's in there, with arsenic in there. These are all carcinogens. So you're really laying the groundwork for pandemics for pandemics of lung cancer, 20 years from now, 30 years from now. I mean this is a kind of inhumanity that is totally unacceptable."

"Now it's widely thought that this is the military that's doing it or it's doing it being done under the military establishment, with their contractors and so forth, but why and how do they get to do this?"

"In the Obama administration this whole spraying of the matter in the sky ramped up to near daily, near national in level that was coordinated with near global levels. This says more than just trying to do experiments to learn how to control the weather.

This is an assault on our planet,

assault on human life,
assault on natural weather systems,
assault on biota (flora & fauna) in general.
This a kind of barbarism, the likes of which this world has never seen!
Not even  Adolf Hitler has sprayed entire populations with poisons."

"Interviewer: And it goes under the o so scientifically benign phrase Geoengineering - Climate Geoengineering."

"This is the fraud, there's a fraud going on. I mean it's a huge fraud. It's a global fraud and it's a scientific fraud, the likes of which is unprecedented."

The video is currently no more available!

Plan V-TV/23: Geophysicist Marvin Herndon on Geoengineering, Science, and “Global Warming” Fraud
Dec 21, 2017

Marvin J. Herndon is aware of Climate Engineering with coal fly ash, but he is not aware of intentional punching of ozone holes and water supply for fracking of oil & gas & large scale industrial farming.

In the following interview the interviewer Joshua Reid puts a lot of stupid speculation into the talk and ridicules the whole interview. Ignoring all that distraction, the statements of Marvin J. Herndon about Geoengineering  are still a valuable.

First published at 06:40 UTC on April 9th, 2022.

INK Umweltkongress 2019, Vortrag Dr. J. Marvin Herndon (Teaser)
Jul 23, 2019

Indian Journal of Scientific Research and Technology (INDJSRT) ISSN: 2321-9262 (Online) Volume 4 Issue 1 February 2016 Available at: Short Communication 30
J. Marvin Herndon Transdyne Corporation, 11044 Red Rock Drive, San Diego, CA 92131 USA

Since the late 1990s tanker jets have been spraying particulate matter into the troposphere with no disclosure of the chemical compositions which mix with the air people breathe. Using forensic chemical methodologies, I discovered and published evidence that the main aerosolized component is coal combustion fly ash, a toxic nightmare. One of the methodologies used involves comparison of elements dissolved in rainwater, presumably leached from the aerosol particulates, with laboratory data on the water-leachate of European coal fly ash samples. Here I describe that methodology so that others can utilize and extend it. Another of the methodologies involves direct comparison of elements analyzed in solid substances with corresponding elements analyzed in coal fly ash samples. I also describe that methodology, indicate some potential materials of interest, and point out possible limitations."

Further Evidence of Coal Fly Ash Utilization in Tropospheric Geoengineering: Implications on Human and Environmental Health
J. Marvin Herndon* and Mark Whiteside Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International 9(1): 1-8, 2017; Article no.JGEESI.31417 ISSN: 2454-7352 SCIENCEDOMAIN international  Transdyne Corporation, 11044 Red Rock Drive, San Diego, CA 92131, USA. Florida Department of Health in Monroe County, 1100 Simonton Street, Key West, FL 33040, USA.

"We disclose a fourth independent line of evidence, based on the co-precipitation technique, pointing to coal fly ash as the material utilized in tropospheric geoengineering, and describe some of the adverse environmental and public health risks associated with its persistent application. During a snow storm, the fluffy snow traps geoengineering-aerosol-particulates and brings them down with the snow. The results of the ICP-MS analytical measurements of the snow-melt particulates we tested are consistent with three independent lines of evidence that coal fly ash is the main aerosolized particulate used for tropospheric geoengineering. Coal fly ash tropospheric geoengineering inhibits rainfall to change weather/climate which disrupts habitats, including arable habitats. Long periods of artificially induced drought can wreak economic disaster on farmers, and shift the delicate balance in nature, weakening natural defenses and giving a boost to aggressive pathogens. Coal fly ash when exposed to water or body fluids can release a host of toxic chemicals including neuro-toxic aluminum in a chemically mobile form and carcinogens such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium, and the radioactive elements, uranium, thorium and their daughter products. The only safe geoengineering is no geoengineering at all."

2. Fine-Dust spraying method

In modern turbofan engines, the kerosene is burned completely and highly efficiently at around 1800°C. The large fan pushes pure air through the jacket, generating around 90% of the thrust. The remaining 10% comes from the burning of kerosene, resulting in a bypass rate of 9: 1. The latest generation of engines, which are already used in the aircraft, even make it 12:1, using ceramic elements, a higher temperature in the combustion section and generate correspondingly higher performance.

Already gasoline and diesel for cars are practically completely desulphurized and cleaned, but the purity of aviation gasoline (kerosene) is still much higher, so that optimal operation produces practically no soot. As a result, the particulate matter required to form chemtrails, “veil clouds” and ice clouds does not come from the engines.

No fine dust-forming substances are chased through the engines because they would reduce the efficiency of the turbine and endanger safety. The spray nozzles can be in the engine outlet, which could give this wrong impression, but they can also be anywhere else, for example directly above the engine or distributed along the wing length, at the rear rudder, etc. If specific dirty fuel was used, there would be black soot.

Fine dust can be generated from silver iodide, which is burned on the wings of storm fighters, but nothing is burned off for chemtrails. The mechanism for this consists of a screw mill, which passes on the fine powder in doses to transfer it into a fine and fast wind stream so that it can be blown out in a controlled manner. The reason for building artificial smog in the upper troposphere was originally military to disguise own aircraft from enemy air defense and was actively used in World War II. This method is also applied to hide ground activities from satellites.

Here is the patent for that:
Powder contrail generation


Light scattering pigment powder particles, surface treated to minimize interparticle cohesive forces, are dispensed from a jet mill deagglomerator as separate single particles to produce a powder contrail having maximum visibility or radiation scattering ability for a given weight material.

This finely separated material is fed to a tube that is open to the air flow and puts the fine dust into the air flow and the flight trail.

3. Cheap sources of fine dust

The fine dust for chemtrails is obtained from the fly ash of coal-fired power plants and is pre-sorted using magnets, centrifuges and other measures. The process for this has been known for over 100 years. There is also the fine sulfur powder from petroleum refineries, which forms “beautiful yellow-red-pink clouds” in the evening.

The used material could be basically any kind of feasible industrial trash. These appropriate fine dusts only have to be applied in layers in the troposphere as evenly as possible by avoiding clumping. The prerequisite is that they are very dry and blown out by a regulated wind current from the accordingly equipped aircraft.

3.1. Asbestos

In connection with chemtrails, a fine-fiber, glassy and woolly white material is often observed, which is wrongly mistaken for plastic fiber. White asbestos has exactly these properties!

Jun 13, 2021

There is also more hint about the use of asbestos. This correlates withe condemnation of asbestos in buildings. The frame is similar like daemonizing CO2 and CH4 and pollution from coal plants.

Asbestos could be a powerful weapon against climate change (you read that right)
Scientists are exploring ways to use mineral waste from mines to pull huge amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air.
by James Temple archive page, October 6, 2020

"The vast surface area of certain types of fibrous asbestos, a class of carcinogenic compounds once heavily used in heat-resistant building materials, makes them particularly good at grabbing hold of the carbon dioxide molecules dissolved in rainwater or floating through the air."

"That includes the most common form of asbestos, chrysotile, a serpentine mineral laced throughout the mountain (serpentine is California’s state rock). The reaction with carbon dioxide mainly produces magnesium carbonate minerals like magnesite, a stable material that could lock away the greenhouse gas for millennia."

"... the real hope is that this early work allows them to figure out how to effectively and affordably dig up minerals, potentially including asbestos, specifically for the purpose of drawing down vast amounts of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere."
How Asbestos—Yes, Asbestos—Could Fight Climate Change
It's the most surprising comeback of 2020.

"Oft wird bei Asbest zwischen den Amphibolasbesten wie Amosit und Krokydolithauf der einen Seite und dem Serpentinasbest Chrysotil auf der anderen unterschieden. Manchen Leuten scheint Chrysotil als der weniger gefährliche Asbest. Diese Einschätzung ist mit großer Sicherheit ein gefährlicher Irrtum, wie eine Arbeitsgruppe um Inke Feder und Andrea Tannapfel von der Ruhr Universität Bochum zeigen konnten."

"Es konnten auch lange nach dem Ende des Asbestkontaktes der betroffenen Menschen immer noch erhebliche Asbestfaserkonzentrationen im Gewebe nachgewiesen werden. Darunter nicht nur die Amphibolasbeste, sondern auch immer wieder hohe Gehalte an Chrysotil. Bemerkenswert auch, dass über den langen Zeitraum der Beobachtung die Asbestgehalte im Lungengewebe der Betroffenen stabil blieben. Es fand also kein Abbau statt. Asbest ist über längere Zeiträume biopersistent.

Die lange Nachweisbarkeit auch von Chrysotil beendet die Debatte darum, ob dieser möglicherweise weniger gefährlich und besser vom Körper abbaubar sei als die Amphibolasbeste. Chrysotil oder Weißasbest ist die am meisten verwendete Asbestform und ist in den meisten asbesthaltigen Produkten zu finden.

"Asbeste zeigen eine sehr gute Spaltbarkeit. Dadurch können sie sich ein sehr feine Fasern aufspalten, die sehr lange in der Luft bleiben und dort von Menschen eingeatmet werden. Bedingt durch ihre geringe Größe können diese Fasern dann sehr tief in die Lunge und in die Lungenbläschen eindringen. Die Immunzellen können sie dort nicht abbauen, so dass sich chronische Entzündungen und schließlich Tumore bilden können. Das Mesotheliom gilt als typischer asbestbedingter Tumor, aber auch andere Krebserkrankungen werden mit Asbest in Verbindung gebracht. Dabei kann der Ausbruch der Krankheit durchaus 10 bis 40 Jahre auch dem Ende der Asbestexposition erfolgen."

3.2 Coal fly-ash

Coal might be on the way out, but toxic coal ash isn’t going away

Recovery of Ferromagnetic Material by Wet Magnetic Separation in Coal Bottom Ash
Gi-Chun Han,Nam-Il Um,Kwang-Suk You,Hee-Chan Cho &Ji-Whan Ahn
Pages 9-12 | Received 21 Mar 2009, Accepted 30 Mar 2009, Published online: 04 Sep 2012
Download citation

"A coal ash generated from a coal-fired power plant largely divided into fly ash and bottom ash. All of the coal fly ash has been recycled and the coal bottom ash (CBA) in only a part restricted within narrow field. But, many researchers have investigated the study about recycling of CBA by physical separation because it has various materials such as silicate, aluminate, unburned carbon and magnetic-substance. For example, it is easy to be removed by magnetic separation in the case of magnetic-substance contained in CBA. Thus, we investigated the recovery of ferromagnetic material by wet magnetic separation in CBA. For this study, we researched the recovery rate of ferromagnetic material, such as iron and magnetite through wet magnetic separator at various magnetic forces and confirmed the distribution of ferromagnetic material as a various particle size."

Magnetite and Carbon Extraction from Coal Fly Ash Using Magnetic Separation and Flotation Methods
by Dmitry Valeev,*,Irina Kunilova,Alexander Alpatov,Alika Varnavskaya and Dianchun Ju

In this study, enrichment methods for coal fly ash (CFA) from Omsk thermal power station No. 4 (TPS-4) were investigated. The magnetite and unburned carbon concentrates were obtained by magnetic separation and flotation methods. The wet magnetic separation used in the study increased the magnetite content in the magnetic fraction from 10.48 to 12.72 wt % compared to dry magnetic separation. The XRD analysis showed that the magnetic fraction primarily consists of magnetite, mullite, and quartz. The SEM analysis demonstrated that magnetite is located primarily on the surface of alumosilicate spheres and has three types of shape: dendritic structures, hexagonal bulk agglomerates, and star-like structures. For the flotation tests, a low-price diesel was used as the collector. It was found that, if CFA particles of 40–71 µm are used, ~99% of unburned carbon can be recovered. It was also found by SEM that, if CFA particles of 71–100 µm are used, alumosilicates on a carbon surface prevent complete interaction of diesel with carbon particles and decrease thereby carbon recovery to 83%. View Full-Text

The Magnetic Fraction of Coal Fly Ash: Its Separation, Properties, and Utilization
M. J. MURTHA and G. BURNET, Proc. Iowa Acad. Sci. 85(1):10-13. 1978
Ames Laboratory USDOE and Department of Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011

"A laboratory-size electromagnetic device has been built to separate the high-iron magnetic fraction from coal fly ash. Fly ash, the fine particulate matter produced when pulverized coal is burned, contains an average of 18 wt. percent iron expressed as Fe20a found in a distinctive fraction of finely divided, dense, largely spheroidal particles of high magnetic susceptibility. Seventy to eighty percent of the iron in bituminous coal fly ash is found in this fraction which represents about 20 weight percent or 10 volume percent of the fly ash. In this work the iron-rich fraction has been characterized as to particle size, composition, and density. It appears to have a market potential as a material for preparation of high-density media used in coal washing and other mineral dressing processes. Dense-media material, which costs about $100 per metric ton, is being utilized in increasingly large quantities as the demand for washed coal expands. The magnetic fraction also appears to have potential as a source of iron. If further processing can reduce the silica level found in the fraction as it is separated from the ash, pellets with a composition similar to taconite can be prepared for use as blast furnace feed. Separation and use of this fraction of the coal ash could be profitable for utility companies and could be the beginning of the utilization of the large amount of ash which now constitutes a waste disposal problem."

"Coal ash is collected in two forms, bottom ash which falls from the flame, and fly ash which is entrained in the combustion· gases and constitutes about 60 percent of the total. In 1976, over 36 million metric tons of coal fly ash were produced. There are construction and agricultural applications for fly ash, but about 90 percent of the material is buried or ponded as waste. Now utility companies are finding ash disposal more difficult because leachable toxic elements from the ash can contaminate ground water (2-4). Chemical analysis shows that coal fly ash contains valuable metal constituents, the major ones being aluminum and iron."

This is another study about extracting valuable aluminium minerals out of fly ash.

The process of fly ash magnetic separation impact on hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites 
Natalia Czuma1,a, Katarzyna Zarębska1, Paweł Baran1, Wojciech Franus2 1AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland 2Lublin University of Technology, Poland

"Abstract. The aim of the experiment was modifying raw fly ash through the demagnetisation process and determining its influence on the efficiency of the synthesis of zeolite materials out of fly ash. ..."
"Zeolites are crystalline aluminasilicates, formed by a continuous network of oxygen-sharing AlO4 and SiO4. They are characterized by a highly developed inner structure, which is responsible for very good sorption, catalytic and ion-exchange properties. Zeolites have regular and repeatable pores and channels with dimensions 0,4-0,15 nm, which enable, among other things the separation of gas mixtures made out of components of different active molecule diameter [1]. Due to high industrial demand for zeolites, different methods of obtaining synthetic zeolitic materials have been developed. Zeolites synthesized out of fly ash are an attractive alternative for natural zeolites as well as for zeolites synthesized out of pure chemicals [2]."

Patent about magnetic coal ash separator.

Vertical ring magnetic separator for de-ironing of pulverized coal ash and method using the same
US20130043167A1, United States

A vertical ring magnetic separator for de-ironing of coal ash comprises a rotating ring (101), an inductive medium (102), an upper iron yoke (103), a lower iron yoke (104), a magnetic exciting coil (105), a feeding opening (106), a tailing bucket (107) and a water washing device (109). The feeding opening (106) is used for feeding the coal ash to be de-ironed, and the tailing bucket (107) is used for discharging the non-magnetic particles after de-ironing. The upper iron yoke (103) and the lower iron yoke (104) are respectively arranged at the inner and outer sides of the lower portion of the rotating ring (101). The water washing device (109) is arranged above the rotating ring (101). The inductive medium (102) is arranged in the rotating ring (101). The magnetic exciting coil (105) is arranged at the periphery of the upper iron yoke (103) and the lower iron yoke (104) so as to make the upper iron yoke (103) and the lower iron yoke (104) to be a pair of magnetic poles for generating a magnetic field in the vertical direction, wherein the inductive medium (102) is layers of steel plate meshes, each steel plate mesh is woven by wires, and ridge-shape sharp corners are formed at the edges of the wires. A method for magnetically separating and de-ironing of coal ash, utilizes the vertical ring magnetic separator for de-ironing of coal ash. By adopting the vertical ring magnetic separator and the method of magnetic separation for de-ironing, the de-ironing efficiency is improved by at least 20%.

These are the global organizations for fly ash:

World of Coal Ash


WOCA is an international conference organized by the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER). The 2021 conference is the 9th joint biennial meeting with a focus on the science, applications and sustainability of worldwide coal combustion products (CCPs) as well as gasification products.

The Ash Library website is the proceedings repository for all papers presented at the 2017, 2015, 2013, 2011 and 2009 World of Coal Ash Conferences (WOCA).

It is also the repository of selected papers which were presented at the 1999, 2001, and 2003 International Ash Utilization Symposia and at the 2005 and 2007 World of Coal Ash Conferences.

The IAUS symposia were organized by the Center for Applied energy Research at the University of Kentucky. The WOCA conferences were organized by the Center for Applied Energy Research at the University of Kentucky and the American Coal Ash Association.

These selected fine dusts only have to be applied in the troposphere in layers as uniformly as possible and without clumping. The prerequisite is that they are very dry and are blown out by a regulated wind stream. 

3.3. Sulphur powder

First, we let a supposedly scientific publication in a supposedly scientific magazine build the edifice of lies, in which one lie (greenhouse effect) is justified with another lie (cooling effect of sulfur dust).

From German: Sulphate Aerosols and Climate Change

"The sulfur emissions from industrial plants create tiny solid or liquid suspended particles in the atmosphere that can reflect solar radiation into space. In parts of the world this hides the consequences of an intensification of the greenhouse effect."

"Although this is again only an indication and not a proof, it shows that at least in purely mathematical terms the cooling effect of the aerosols for the period between 1880 and 1970 could have more or less compensated for the increased greenhouse effect in the northern hemisphere. (Since 1970 greenhouse gas emissions have risen faster than sulfur emissions.) In some regions, the cooling effect of aerosols may even have outweighed."

Greenhouse effect and global warming are pure lies. They didn't, don't and won't exist!

"So how should one evaluate the evidence gathered so far about the climate impact of sulfur emissions? It is certainly advisable to be just as precautionary as you would with the greenhouse effect. The IPCC has recommended a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, although so far there is no definitive evidence that changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases are responsible for the observed global warming, because the magnitude of the effect is still in the range of natural climate fluctuations."

Then the Mittel-Deutsche-Rundfunk is practically begging to "stop" climate change with sulfur dust! Despite the dangers, a state of "lack of alternatives" is evoked.

Last update: 23. January 2018, 17:35

"Is it possible to stop climate change? As a last resort, some scientists are considering what is known as geoengineering: that is, technical assistance to manipulate climate change. One idea is, for example, to bring sulfur particles into the earth's atmosphere. But once you start doing it, it would have catastrophic consequences if the process suddenly had to be stopped. This is now confirmed by new simulations by American climate researchers."

Climate control is applied extensively since the 1960s. Paul Crutzen, as a cheater and crisis actor on behalf of the geoengineering lobby, received the Nobel Prize for his role, is introduced here as a false authority in order to nip any contradiction in the bud.

"It was Paul Crutzen, Nobel laureate in chemistry, who proposed a kind of poison cure for the world's climate in 2006. His idea: At an altitude of between 15 and 20 kilometers, special aircraft or balloons should scatter the finest sulfur particles into the atmosphere. The clouds of sulfur that this would create could then reduce the amount of solar radiation on earth. This could reduce the temperature by up to two and a half degrees by the end of the century, said Crutzen at the time."

That is how these sulfur aerosol of Crutzen look and can be observed globally.

We are experiencing the dire effects of climate control a hundredfold around the world what the Pinatubo volcano is said to have done in a year, and people are still pretending those to be speculations and "tests".

"When the Philippine volcano Pinatubo erupted in 1991, a huge ash cloud of 17 million tons of sulfur was thrown into the atmosphere. The sulfur dioxide oxidized into tiny sulfuric acid droplets and darkened the sky. At that time, the temperature sank worldwide by half a degree Celsius. But there was also a harmful side effect: the sulfur also destroyed the ozone layer. The result was considerable drought in Southeast Asia and floods in Latin America. The method is therefore controversial."

If you really want to know what the correct definition of geoengineering is, please read here in the blog:

And here is the lie spread by the MDR. You can compare them directly. Only the sentence is true!

"What is geoengineering?

Geoengineering or climate engineering are technical methods that can be used to influence the climate. 

This is how climate change should be slowed down. There are two approaches to this: one variant involves methods that help remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere - the other approach attempts to minimize solar radiation on the earth's surface."

In the USA, fine dust, including sulfur powder, has been systematically sprayed since the 1960s. The program has been running globally at the latest since 1991, after the political change, i.e. larger air spaces in Eastern Europe and Africa became available for climate control.

"The team led by climate researchers Trisos and Robock assumed a specific scenario in the study: for 50 years - between 2020 and 2070 - special aircraft will spray around five million tons of sulfur dioxide into the earth's atmosphere every year. At the same time, there is moderate climate protection, which limits global warming to just under three degrees. The result would actually be a one degree Celsius reduction in temperature if sulfur dioxide continued to be sprayed regularly. This is because this is broken down again relatively quickly in the stratosphere, so that the effect only lasts for about a year."

Now comes the claim that the contamination must never be stopped, otherwise the effects would be even worse than without poisoning. The intention is to trigger a feeling of having no alternatives and only a single "solution". The whole frame is deadly dumb marketing, but somehow the brainwashing works.

"But what would happen if you didn't continue? If geoengineering were to be stopped suddenly, it would have serious consequences, warns co-author Robock. Global warming would then start again by leaps and bounds: within a decade, temperatures would rise by 0.8 degrees, the scientists show. That is around ten times the previous global warming."

"Such rapid warming after the geoengineering stopped would be an enormous threat to nature and biodiversity. Alan Robock, Rutgers University-New Brunswick"

The climate zones are shifted vertically and horizontally by  climate control measures! Just think of the bad storms in the Gulf of Mexico and on the east coast of Africa. We already have it all.

"The sudden increase in temperature would shift the climate zones on earth - by around ten kilometers per year. According to the researchers, this is more than four times the current displacement on land and six times the speed of displacement in the oceans. This effect would cause particularly devastating climatic changes in the tropics as well as in many areas of Africa and Eurasia."


"Most of the sulphur used by the fertilizer industry is a by-product of other petrochemical processes. Fertilizer is any natural or manufactured plant nutrient that contains at least 5% of one or more of the three primary nutrients – nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), or potassium (K)."

"The latest variation of the product plans to go further. Urea-ES combines two crucial plant nutrients: nitrogen held inside granules of urea - the chemical made from ammonia - and the microscopic particles of elemental sulphur recycled from Shell's oil and gas refineries. With field trials underway in Brazil and North America, Shell intends to license the technology globally to fertiliser manufacturers."

4. Required basics of cloud physics

In order to understand why the water vapor only binds to the fine dust with a gap behind the aircraft, you have to deal with the physical mechanisms. The magic words are “relative humidity”, “premature” “aerosolation” and “desublimation”.

If the air / gas mixture leaves the exhaust in a ratio of 9: 1, it is still too warm and therefore the relative humidity is very low. When it has released its energy into the ambient air, it gets cold enough and the relative air humidity in the flight path becomes so high that it leads to aerosolation on the fine dust particles (dirty, premature condensation) and if it if the temperatures are more cold, to desublimation (ice-crystalline) on the sprayed particles. You can recognize this process very well by the downwards distortion and later feathery structure of the chemtrails.

The fine dust particles trigger premature condensation and desublimation. Without, the clean condensate trails would dissolve quickly, as the moisture would diffuse into the dry ambient air. This can be observed very well on the aircraft that are currently not spraying.

When flying below 9km, there is generally no contrail at all if no fine dust is added. In the following picture, a bright point can be seen at around 10:00 a.m. from the center. It is an airplane without any contrails. You can hardly see it.

In the course of the day, with increasing heat, the water molecules can detach themselves from the dust, but at the evening, they are deposited on the fine dust again as ice crystals. Then you can observe the yellow-pink clouds in the sky.

In following articles the process is explained in more details.

Sublimation & Desublimation! Knowlege is power, ignorance causes desperation!

Nephology! Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (TAI) | Solar Radiation Management (SRM) | Artificial Pinatubo Effect.

5. More views of chemtrailed skies

The first visible footprint of this artificial aerosol clouds made with chemical dust is called chemical trail or chemtrail to differ them from contrails, which consist only of water vapor. Both notions "chemical trail" and "chemtrails" were originally used by the US Air Force for their methods of high-altitude veiling operations.

The SRM geoengineered skies look like these ...

6. Aerotoxic Syndrome!

When passenger jets dive into these aerosol clouds and absorb the heavily poisoned air, it results in death or heavy damage on health of the passengers and the crew. We can observe the rise of aerotoxic syndrome since the beginning of Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management (TSRWM)!
Look here for more on aerotoxic syndrome or the so called "toxic fume events" in passenger jets!
They are already working to avoid accidental immersion of the passenger jets into the dense, toxic aerosol clouds! All of this is treated as "avoiding volcanic eruptions", but that is exactly what they are emulating. They call it the "Pinatubo Effect". Geoengineering is propagandistically marketed as a measure "to save the climate", but the dusting has to be generated artificially by spraying fine dust into the "STRATOSPHERE"! But above 20 km where the stratosphere begins, it wouldn't make sense. Reading the suggestions more closely, they are talking about the upper troposphere.

Finally, a sensor that can detect ash clouds! Easyjet tests 'AVOID' system that will allow pilots to fly during volcanic eruptions

All dust based Solar Radiation Management is done in the TROPOSPHERE (0km to ca. 11km in the Temperate Climate Zone like in Europe and North America, up to 8km in polar region and up to 16km at the equator), because the aim is to create icy aerosols, artificial cirrus clouds, where each fine dust particle can bind up to 10 000 time water of its size. Nearly all water is available in the troposphere and none in the stratosphere.

Stratosphere is kept in the debate about climate change and global warming just to DISTRACT from criminal activities within the Troposphere!

That doesn't mean, that they don't touch the stratosphere. They are intentionally depleting the ozone in the stratosphere to get more energetic radiation and evaporate more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers!

Respected Geoscientist Publishes Startling New Research On Chemtrails

EPA Permits Unlimited Use of Toxic Coal Fly Ash in Chemical Geoengineering Operations

7. More background knowledge

Chemtrails Exposed: The Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Origins of the New Manhattan Project
NOVEMBER 24, 2019, By Peter A. Kirby

"Recently uncovered evidence indicates that the New Manhattan Project – otherwise known as ‘geoengineering’ – goes back further than previously thought.

As the name ‘New Manhattan Project’ implies, the author was previously under the impression that this ultra-massive, super-secret scientific project (the biggest of all time, in fact) only went back to the mid-1940s; directly after the end of the original Manhattan Project. Your intrepid author has recently found evidence suggesting that the New Manhattan Project should be called the Old Manhattan Project because it now looks like its roots actually go back about 35 years earlier.

The findings presented here have everything to do with an organization called The Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the origins of The Research Corporation for Science Advancement (Research Corporation) have everything to do with the life and work of one Frederick Gardner Cottrell (1877-1948)."

Why the "Chemtrail Conspiracy" Is Real

Journal retracts paper on "chemtrail" threat to San Diego

Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health

Chemtrails are made with coal ash and other industrial trash.

Chemtrails are COAL ASH

Proof Of Retrofit Aerosol Spraying Nozzles On Airbus Jet Aircraft
Dec 12, 2015

U.S. Government Spraying Tons Of Toxic Coal Fly Ash Into Atmosphere Via Chemtrails

Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health

Coal Fly Ash: Main Component of Chemtrail Aerosols

"EPA Permits Unlimited Use of Toxic Coal Fly Ash in Chemical Geoengineering Operations"

Go to EUMELSAT and question the source of “ash” and smog over the oceans.

Interesting knowledge about radioactivity in pipelines for leak detection!

The first video was removed from youtube, so I am putting another one about radioactivity by fracking here:

Radiation surveys for the identification and monitoring of NORM
Premiered Sep 22, 2020

2016 Fall Forum, Nancy Lauer, Radioactivity of coal ash
Nov 23, 2016

2016 Fall Forum, Lisa Evans, Coal ash risk and regulation
Nov 23, 2016

EPA lays out new rules on coal ash disposal
Dec 20, 2014

Coal Ash: 130 Million Tons of Waste
Aug 16, 2010

2016 Fall Forum, Avner Vengosh, Coal ash risks
Nov 23, 2016

2016 Fall Forum, Jessica Brandt, Selenium ecotoxicology
Nov 23, 2016

8. Connected Articles

Heat waves are feasible at any time by ordering ozone holes! Climate Control!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Horizontal shift of temperature and water, naturally and through climate control!

Not UFO but AvroCar drone! Climate Geoengineering vehicles for #desalination by waterspout tornado storm!

CIA, 1960, Memorandum for : General Charles P. Cabell, Subject: Climate Control

What is CLIMATE CONTROL? Who does it, who benefits & who is harmed?

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