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What is Geoengineering?

Methods Geoengineering
  1. Underground Geoengineering
  2. Ground Geoengineering
  3. Onsurface Geoengineering
  4. Tropospheric Geoengineering
  5. Stratospheric Geoengineering
  6. Ionospheric Geoengineering
  7. Social Geoengineering
  8. Bio-Geoengineering
  9. Orbital Geoengineering
  10. Genetic Geoengineering
  11. Psychological Geoengineering
  12. Financial Geoengineering
  13. Confirmation by the Geoengineering-Lobby

Geoengineering is multi-layered. It is quasi "mining" from the underground to the orbit of our Earth. This article is intended to provide a summary. Details can be found in the articles linked to keywords.

The layers are named and explained:

1. Underground Geoengineering:

With the help of nuclear fracking, hydraulic pressing and additional methods and technologies, such as underground gasification, various mineral resources such as metals, but above all oil, natural gas and coal, are mined. The most efficient means of detonation are atomic bombs, which are used in accordance with the rules of the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions (PNE) agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The rock formations are pulverized by high-frequency vibrations of the atomic explosions. The allowed maximum explosive force is 150KTN, either as a single bomb or in a row. For example, 10 x 15KTN can be detonated in series, with each individual explosive device towering over the 13KTN of the Hiroshima atomic bombs. The specified distance and the depth of the explosions depends on the strength of the individual explosive devices. Light or severe earthquakes must be taken into account for these blasting operations, and tsunamis (Haiti, Indonesia, New Zealand, etc.) for the sea underground.

Radioactive contamination from the volatile substances such as radon and radon daughters, which escape through the cracks and come up with the fracking solution, are inevitable.

In this context, it should also be pointed out that where the coal "should stay in the underground", corporations such as EXXON in the Ruhr area have drilled holes for fracking and underground gasification and are only waiting for approval for the large explosions and underground processing. All of the coal is converted into "natural gas". The high profits go to the corporations. The damage caused by radioactive contamination and the earthquakes are socialized through the insurances!

2. Ground Geoengineering:

The sub-floor is used as a water reservoir to supply hydraulic pressing and industrial desert farming. To excuse the large amounts of water, pseudo-scientific studies on "water from the ice age" are spread. But if you watch the weather in Texas, New Mexico, Australia, Arabia and North Africa, you will easily encounter extreme rainfallflash floods and hail fields.
3. Onsurface Geoengineering:

This is essentially industrial desert farming, for which the stored water of Ground Geoengineering is used for. In order to be able to operate this form of agriculture and food industry in the desert areas, the water has to be shifted over large regions and conventional and organic agriculture e.g. in Europe must be sacrificed. The dismantling of agriculture in Europe is part of the 2030 Agenda.

In addition, above-ground water reservoirs are being created in the form of artificial lakes and dams. Distribution is via a water pipeline network.

Here is the satellite image of an artificial lake in Arabia. Searchin by the name of the town "Duma Jandal" anyone can find it.

4. Tropospheric Geoengineering:

This involves the uplifting, accumulation and shifting of the water mass into the target regions of underground and ground geoengineering. The form is also called Climate Geoengineering, Climate Control or Large Scale Climate Engineering.

For this purpose, the sky must be systematically covered with fine dust in stages from the middle to the edge of the upper troposphere, so that the water evaporated by stratospheric geoengineering can be bound and controlled. Please read on in the chapter Bio-Geoengineering.

The artificially generated aerosol clouds (smog) are trimmed with high-frequency sound and radio waves.


5. Stratospheric Geoengineering:

This is about gaining more solar energy by dropping out the ozone layer with chlorine and fluorine. Since the UVB light without ozone can pass through the former ozone layer unhindered and the entire air column of the tropopause and troposphere, as well as the earth's surface can heat up, this kind of Geoengineering provides the condition for all previous forms.

The additional solar energy is required to lift more water into the middle and upper troposphere and move it in a targeted manner.

6. Ionospheric Geoengineering:

This is mainly about the prevention or improvement of communication with radio waves. Among other things, it can be used to control drones across continents.

Fantasies that the heating of the ionosphere could shake the Earth's magnetic field in such a way that it causes earthquakes and tsunamis is a creative misleading, because the earthquakes are the direct result of heavy atomic explosions for fracking of natural gas, oil and coal in the Underground.

7. Social Geoengineering:

With MindControl, the global world population is manipulated, distracted, controlled and dumbified by using the mass NLP in analogy to the control of the weather-climate system. The method of dumbification in particular is a very efficient strategic weapon of war for the deindustrialization of competitors. So-called NGOs or "grassroots movements" serve as sociological troops to facilitate the financial, economic and military invasion.

Regions are depopulated according to the requirements of ClimateControl by changing the moisture balance (droughts, drought, floods, storms). The climate control refugees are cynically referred to as "climate refugees" and are led to believe that their lifestyle has contributed to the "climate catastrophe".

8. Bio-Geoengineering:

The systematic pollution of the air with fine dust to implement the Pinatubo effect, the artificial modification the sunlight, the humidity, the wind currents and the temperature balance of the habitats lead to mass death of all living creatures, which are uable to adapt to the unnatural and abrupt changes . Death begins with burning from too much UVB light and the subsequent dimming with the systematically created aerosol clouds.

The geoengineering lobby is marketing the cruel consequence under the hypocritical term such as "climate protection" or "protecting biodiversity". The global mass murderers trick humanity into believing that they are "protecting" their murder victims. Just as the IPCC for the abuse of the climate system, the IPBES organizes the mass extermination of all living beings.

9. Orbital-Geoengineering:

As the best presentation for orbital geoengineering, I recommend watching the film Geostorm.

In the polar regions, the water freezes into ice masses that are kilometers thick, because the earth's axially compressed shape means that not enough sunlight can reach these regions. This lack of light can be remedied with orbital mirrors.

With a comprehensive mirror system, the sunlight can be bundled and directed into any region of the earth and any wind-water flow can be directed at all levels of the troposphere.

This methodology can of course also be used for military purposes. What is shown in the film Geostorm is not fiction, but can be implemented using conventional technology. All the necessary basics, i.e. satellites, multi-frequency radio, remote control, networking, sensors, measurement technology, computing capacity, etc. are already in place. The greatest obstacle is formed by countries like China, India and Russia, which can use orbit independently and, if necessary, destroy enemy technology.

Most methods of geophysical warfare, similar to what was shown in Geostorm, have been implemented on Australia in the summer of 2019.

Geostorm Trailer (2017)

All approaches to this, e.g. the artificial waterspouts, tornadoes and storms can already be experienced and observed. With orbital application, the power and efficiency of climate control is multiplied.

10. Genetic Geoengineering

What began with the vaccination campaigns after the WWII, becomes with the progress of Genetic Science and the development of RNA- and DNA-vaccines, which are now propagated to be enforced globally, a depopulation program by "vaccination". The Eugenicists get direct access verbally to the core of the cells of all humans.

That Bill Gates, the "health expert", as the leading agitator and financier of the Eugenics now says ...
  • "We will vaccinate all 7. billion people!"
  • "700,000 (mindestens) werden (direkt) sterben!"
  • "I demand indemnation (not to be punished)!"
is the announcement of the biggest unimaginable genocide!

Coronavirus: Bill Gates interview @BBC Breakfast - BBC
Apr 12, 2020

Here is a similar interview with Bill Gates on German public TV, only the moderator is more submissive than the one of BBC:

Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World
May 8, 2020

The good way vaccination, and bad way as WMD of Eugenics! Gatesification of humanity!

11. Psychological Geoengineering

Corona compulsory measures such as constant disinfection, the wearing of masks, monitoring APPs, minimum distance, assembly bans, visiting bans, internment, house arrest, immunity pass, travel bans and more the fear-mongering and deprivation of freedom is individualized and the social resistance is prevented.

Every mask wearer suggests to his neigbors, voluntarily or involuntarily, that he agrees to the repression of the Corona dictatorship.

Denunciation becomes a moral virtue. Instead of interning all people, the whole society is being transformed into an internment system, whereby the fellow internees are mutated into camp capos.

12. Financial Geoengineering

The term  Petrodollar is well known. After losing the Vietman War, the Bretton Woods Gold-Dollar System was given up by declaration of Richard Nixon in 1971 and replaced by increase of the demand for US-Dollars by oil buyers. Therefore an artificial Oil-Crisis was created in 1973.

By this implementation the whole US based imperial complex was saved from bankruptcy. However, the extensive imperial spending and the corruption of the banking system the FED-Dollar was never safe. Many other financial crises had to follow to take out the pressure: the financial crisis of 1995, the crisis, the subprime crisis and the catastrophic one of 2007/2008.

However, since 1965 with the official beginning of lies about climate, a global industrial network of geoengineering industries was established and used for the management of global water cycle, carbon cycle and food-chain but also for geophysical warfare against the enemies and competitors of the imperial oligarchy.

With this process the Petro-Dollar is now replaced by a Water-Rights-Dollar, Carbon-Certificates-Dollar, Sunlight-Dollar, Air-Dollar etc. Factually by expansion of Nuclear Fracking the most important resource for energy production is now water, as without huge amounts of water no oil and gas can be produced.

Biggest Ponzi scheme, CO2 finance bubble!

13. Confirmation by the Geoengineering-Lobby

Dear reader, please look at the following publication of the German Federal Environment Agency.

GEO-ENGINEERING effective climate protection or megalomania?

My answer to the question in the title is: "Geoengineering is above all a crime!"

The paper already contains a lot of what is explained in my blog articles, but I swear that I did not copy from the Federal Environment Agency. LOL!

It contains a lot, but is pretended that, based on the decisions of the climate conferences and existing laws on environmental protection and climate protection, Geoengineering would be legal and the concerns about dangers and uncertainty should be ignored. At the same time, the application is presented as "wishful thinking" and "future planning". From its content list:
  • Legal issues concerning geoengineering p. 32
  • International climate protection law p. 32
  • International law on the protection of biological diversity p. 33
  • Terrestrial geoengineering p. 33
  • Atmospheric geoengineering p. 34
  • Marine geoengineering p. 34
  • Geoengineering in outer space p. 35
  • Laws on the responsibility of states p. 36
  • Consequences for a future statutory framework p. 36
Papers of this type are published worldwide in all written languages. They are all replicas of the IPCC's reports, which in turn are based on the guidelines of the US President Lyndon B. Johnson's "Restoring the Quality of Our Environment" strategy paper from 1965.

I won't go into this paper in detail, but alternatively I can offer my collection of self-revealing lies of the geoengineering lobby.

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