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Greenpeace, WWF & Co are trojans of global EUGENIC Oligarchy!

Knowledge will protect You, else You become a victim of fraud!

Be informed, be educated, be confident!

Don't be dumb!
Don't be coward!
Don't be shy!
Don't be distracted!
Don't be conditioned!
Don't care about trolls!
Don't blame the SWEAT for the HEAT!

The Dangerous Green Agenda & How You Can Fight Back
Apr 19, 2011

James Cameron - Hypocrite
Oct 20, 2010

Robert Redford: Hypocrite
Jan 28, 2011

Prince Charles - Hypocrite
Apr 29, 2011

Every scam has a profound lie and the truth is always the opposite of that. The scam about globalwarming and climatechange begins with lies about CO2. Learn the truth, it is money and power driven!

You cannot ignore it, as Climate Engineering by Solar Radiation Mangement (SRM) is an attack on You, Your children, Your people, Your environment!

You have no more the luxury of listening about the far away dangers and living in "security"!

People are dying and killing for geoengineering. Bloodshed is spreading all over the world!

Greenpeace, WWF and many other so called Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) are lobby-trojans of Corporatist/Fascist of Eugenics and Geoengineering Mafia. They want to get control on the global cycles of CARBON and WATER!

The brainwashing propaganda about ending the usage of fossil fuel is distracting from grabbing our sky, water and land for more oil and gas by occupation, theft and privatization our TROPOSPHERE, supported by aviation industry, presstitutes, hollywood and Trojan NGOs.

Greenpeace and WWF-UK are "stakeholders" of Solar Radiation Management Research Governance Initiative (SRMGI)

Partners List
African Academy of Sciences - Kenya - Local meeting partner
African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) - Kenya - Stakeholder partner
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) - Bangladesh - Stakeholder partner
Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program - USA - Local meeting partner
Beijing Normal University - China - Local meeting partner
Build Better Jamaica - Jamaica - Local meeting partner
Carbon War Room - UK - Stakeholder partner
Caribbean Academy of Sciences, - Jamaica - Chapter Jamaica Local meeting partner
Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) - India - Stakeholder partner
Centre for the International Governance Innovations (CIGI) - Canada - Stakeholder partner
China Association of Science and Technology - China - Local meeting partner
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - China - Stakeholder partner
Climate Network Africa - Kenya - Stakeholder partner
Climate Response Fund - USA - Stakeholder partner
Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW) - India - Stakeholder and local meeting partner
EcoLogic - Germany - Stakeholder partner
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - USA - Convening partner
Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment - USA - Stakeholder partner
Forum for Environment - Ethiopia - Stakeholder partner
Geographical Society of - China - China Local meeting partner
Globe International - UK - Stakeholder partner
Greenpeace - Netherlands - Stakeholder partner
InterAcademy Panel - Italy - Stakeholder partner
International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA) - Austria - Stakeholder partner
International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) - Switzerland - Stakeholder partner
National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) - Uganda - Stakeholder partner
National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP) - USA - Stakeholder partner
National Science Museum - Thailand - Thailand Local meeting partner
Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre - Switzerland - Stakeholder partner
RSIS Centre for Non-traditional Security Studies - Singapore - Singapore Local meeting partner
Senegalese Academy of Sciences - Senegal - Local meeting partner
Stockholm Environment Institute - Sweden - Stakeholder partner
Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) - Pakistan - Stakeholder and local meeting partner
Swedish Science Academy - Sweden - Stakeholder partner
The Royal Society - UK - Convening partner
The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) - Italy - Convening partner
The World Agroforestry Centre - Philippines - Local meeting partner
University of West Indies, Mona Campus - Jamaica - Local meeting partner
World Academy of Arts and Sciences - Global Stakeholder partner
WWF UK - UK - Stakeholder partner

Warum die Umweltorganisation Greenpeace die Existenz von Chemtrails an unserem Himmel bestreitet

"Viele Menschen – auch die meisten Spender – wissen nicht, dass Greenpeace längst im Konzert der großen Geigen mitspielt. Es hat in diesem Konzert die Rolle der Umwelt-schützer zugewiesen bekommen. Dafür kassiert Greenpeace große Summen von Spenden.

Zum Beispiel vom Rockefeller Brothers Fund: So erhielt Greenpeace USA 150.000,00 Dollar “for its efforts to educate current and future policymakers about global warming”. So steht es wörtlich auf der Hompage des Rockefeller Brothers Fund geschrieben (vgl.


"The #ExxonKnew campaign launched in 2015 after a series of articles were published accusing ExxonMobil of secretly studying climate change while outwardly denying climate science. Those articles kicked off an aggressive activist campaign, including a complex social and traditional media operation, and an aggressive legal strategy, all geared towards convincing public officials to investigate and prosecute the company.

What do all of these components, from the original articles to the academic research and activist groups, have in common? They have all been bankrolled by the Rockefellers, a wealthy family that owes its riches to the very company it is now seeking to destroy.

But the money did not come from the Rockefellers’ personal bank accounts. Instead, they used various entities including the Rockefeller Family Fund, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors to fund activists, media organizations, legal entities, public relations firms, and even the academic studies used to bolster the campaign and legal action.

What follows is the story of how this climate campaign came into existence, the key organizations involved, and how Rockefeller money has made each step possible.

Rockefellers Greenpeace Fund (This website was removed)

Greenpeace India rocked by Sexual Misconduct Scandal
TNN | Updated: Apr 9, 2015, 11:30 IST

India Labels Greenpeace A ‘Threat To National Economic Security’
Anthony Watts / June 13, 2014, From The Indian Express, 11 June 2014, Priyadarshi Siddhanta & Amitav Ranjan

"The report, signed by IB Joint Director S A Rizvi, accuses Greenpeace of contravening laws to “change the dynamics of India’s energy mix”. The bureau says Greenpeace’s ‘superior network’ of numerous pan-India organisations has helped conduct anti-nuclear agitations and mounted “massive efforts to take down India’s coal fired power plants and coal mining activity”. Greenpeace will take on India’s IT sector over e-waste among other “next targets”, the report says."

Can You imagine, what it means for plants, animals and humans, to block and abuse the sunlight for Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management? Do You know, that You need the daily sunlight on Your bare skin for VitaminD generation and it is very unhealthy to hide from sunlight?

Is SRM in Your interest? Are You in this circle?

To learn more about the scam where such Trojans are used for, please read also the other posts of this blog.

If You would like to question the own statements of Greenpeace and WWF, please look in following articles.

Greenpeace’s view on ‘Chemtrails’
Posted by G.Thompson — 13 March 2015 at 4:30pm

"Greenpeace has been sent an enormous number of pictures and videos of vapour trails, all of which look like normal contrails behaving exactly like normal contrails - to us, at least. We have also been sent lots of links to websites and blogs claiming to expose the chemtrail conspiracy. The evidence on these blogs tends to consist of pictures and videos of vapour trails, all of which look exactly like normal contrails etc."

WWF has removed following article from its blog and there cannot be found anything about geoengineering anymore!

Geo-engineering – useful tool for tackling climate change, or dangerous distraction?

The Oligarchy pets are creating and fostering fake grassroots movements and campaigns! They use following hashtags for promotion!

#DemocracyAwakens #DemocracySpring

Such fake grassroots are designed to counter real movements like OccupyWallStreet which are directly attacking the Oligarchy! The trojans aim to replace or hijack a real grassroots movement.

The biggest fear of Oligarchy is the loss of control, as the assume they would have control on the society!

WWF Schwarzbuch (embedding disabled)
Another source:

A friend told me "How do you know that Greenpeace etc are trojans of global Oligarchy? There is no information posted. I have been donating to Greenpeace for years and they always told me that they were completely independent!!"

Look where WWF & Greenpeace operate and what comes next.

They always force native people to leave an area by pretending to protect the animals and after that the big corporations come to frack oil & gas or for industrial farming or just fun tourism for the oligarch clans.

For example look to the Inuit. They were expelled from their hunting grounds. Now the oil firms produce there. The only thing the people got is cancer, which they never had before.

This is part of a bigger documentary of German television.

Sensationell: Inuit in Arktis lehnt @GREENPEACE ab !! @greenpeace_de
Jan 7, 2016

In former times that was colonialism and imperialism, today the pretext is different.

Government U-turn halts tribal eviction from India’s national parks
"The withdrawn policy had assumed that people would have to be removed from ‘critical wildlife habitats’. An estimated 100,000 people have already become conservation refugees following eviction from conservation areas in India. These refugees lose access to the lands and resources they have relied on for generations, and often have sacred sites and burial grounds from which they are barred, with terrible impacts on their mental and physical health."

Karen People forcibly expelled from the Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand
Posted on Jan 31, 2012 

"According to sources that have visited Kaeng Krachan National Park and collected information, the harassment of Karen villagers has been going on for some time and became severe in May, June and July 2011, when many of the villagers’ houses and rice stores were burned and money, jewellery, fishing and agricultural tools were stolen by a group comprising National Park wardens and military forces. As a result, some of these villagers moved away and are now staying with relatives elsewhere and a number of them (allegedly around 70 people) are hiding in the forest in fear of meeting government officers, and are without sufficient food and shelter."

Evicted fight back against nature parks
Rory Carroll in Johannesburg, Tue 9 Sep 2003 02.29 BST

"Pygmies, Bedouins and Bushmen, among others, said they would no longer accept being brushed aside by governments and environmentalists in the name of protecting world heritage sites.

Communities which feel betrayed by the conservation movement have mobilised to turn the 10-day world parks congress which opened in Durban yesterday into a platform for their grievances.

Thousands of Tanzania’s Maasai evicted from their land ‘for tourism’

"Villagers in northern Tanzania's Loliondo area, near the Ngorongoro Crater tourism hotspot, have been evicted in the past year and denied access to vital grazing and watering holes, said the new report by the Oakland Institute, a California think-tank that researches environmental and social issues."

Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Batwa and their Return to Ancestral Lands in the Kahuzi Biega National Park
Posted on May 14, 2020. Included in Bulletin 249

"A group of riparian Batwa people, exasperated by the extreme poverty following their eviction in order to establish the Kahuzi Biega National Park, decided to return to their ancestral forests. Since then, they regularly clash with the “eco-guards,” sometimes leading to the loss of human lives."

Threat of death penalty for ecoguards who killed indigenous men in DRC national park
21 December, 2020

"A Congolese court in is on the point of awarding damages to the families of two indigenous Batwa men who were killed by Kahuzi Biega National Park (PNKB) ecoguards in 2019. The five ecoguards, who have already confessed to killing the men concerned, might well be found guilty of homicide: the verdict is being deliberated on by the court in Bukavu, Eastern DRC right now. However, whilst we fully support the verdict of guilty, we were hugely concerned to learn that the prosecutor in the case is demanding the death penalty for two of the five ecoguards."

"The situation around PNKB is increasingly tense. Batwa communities, dispossessed in the 1970s to make way for the national park, have been struggling ever since then. In the first place, the struggle has been simply to survive, as their expulsion has forced them to become squatters or bonded labourers on other people’s land and they have few, if any, sources of livelihood. Secondly, their struggle has been to be recognised as having experienced a historical injustice and as people who can and should care for their ancestral lands.

In recent years, the false dichotomy between conservation, represented by the PNKB management, and the communities who used to live in the lands now occupied by the park, has resulted in violent exchanges, including these deaths. The tit-for-tat of accusations, attacks and reprisals is overshadowing the underlying problem – that Batwa communities were displaced from their ancestral lands without consent and without compensation – and the obvious solution – which is to secure Batwa customary land rights so that they can be sustained by and sustain their lands.

It is named “protection” but the result is always controlled exploitation.

WWF “gives” certificate for deforestation as if it was the property of it.

FOREST CERTIFICATION (website has been removed by WWF)

Implementing Sustainable Forest Management Through Kuba’an-Puak Corridor Project (website has been removed by WWF)

The final statement of the same friend: "Evil organisation puppets once again!! Thank you for that information."

Displacement and discrimination – the Bambuti Pygmies
November 2010

"For generations the Bamputi Pygmies were nomadic forest-dwellers but in 2004 they too fled the war. Now they live on the outskirts of Goma with little if any support from humanitarian agencies. They have no electricity or running water; straw-covered roofs on makeshift shelters provide poor protection from the frequent rain.

“We can’t plant seeds here,” said Bambuti chief Mupepa Muhindo, scratching the ground, which is littered with lava. “It's not possible to cultivate the land.”

Life is hard for all IDPs but even worse for the Bambuti, whose lives are blighted by violence and daily discrimination. Discrimination against Pygmies is deeply ingrained at all levels of Congolese society. They have great difficulty accessing any kind of public or social service, and are routinely turned away. Such attitudes mean parents rarely register new births so total population numbers are unclear but it is estimated that there are about 30,000 in North Kivu and 200-500,000 in DRC as a whole.

Tribal communities suffer when evicted in the name of conservation
By Abhijit Mohanty Last Updated: Friday 10 May 2019

"The tribal communities are paying a brutal price for governments' agenda to boost safari, create protected areas and attract tourism"

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