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Legalizing the illegal crime!


1. Not hidden from eyes and ears!
2. Read it from the lips of the mafia!
3. Do You consent? Did You consent?
4. Daily brainwashing and Fake Conferences!
5. The Weather Insurance!

1. Not hidden from eyes and ears!

The geoengineering mafia is not hiding its intentions. It feels safe, believes that the people are sheeple and love to be abused and slaughtered!

It wants that the lemmings ask for the clips to jump from!

They don't hide, because the crime needs to be legalized! One of the eminent mafia centers is the Carnegie Foundation! Look what it promotes!

2. Read it from the lips of the mafia!

The long-term objective of the Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) is to encourage dialogues on and to develop governance framework(s) for climate geoengineering.

"Climate Geoengineering (CGE) is defined as deliberate, intentional planetary-scale interventions in the Earth system to counteract climate change. There is increasing interest in CGE as the mitigation challenge of staying well below 2 degrees Celsius temperature rise—let alone 1.5 degrees—becomes more apparent."

"In the foreseeable future, governments or even non-state actors could turn to CGE options as a last resort or as means to buy time."

"Yet there is a considerable lack of understanding of the governance requirements of CGE. Furthermore, no comprehensive governance framework(s) exist for addressing CGE—technologies that fundamentally require multilateral governance approaches."

"There is hence an urgent need for a broad, inclusive global governance discussions regarding the research, possible testing and deployment decision-making process for CGE technologies that have significant, long-term and planetary-wide consequences for this and future generations."

 "The C2G2 Initiative will address these issues by seeking to enlarge, accelerate and shift the discussion on CGE governance from academia to the intergovernmental policy community through systematic engagement with government representatives, intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations, as well as other non-state actors."

"Download: Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) (PDF, 806.36 K)"

Please look at the statements of Janos Pasztor, Senior Fellow and Executive Director, Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2). His statements are preceded with his name, whenever statements of the interviewer 
STEPHANIE SY are part of the quote!

A criminal teaches us about the "ethics"!

The Ethics and Governance of Geoengineering

Geoengineering intentionally "man made"!

"But it is better to start defining it as large-scale human intervention with the Earth in order to change the climate. So the issues are: large scale, human intentional, and the intervention in the Earth in different ways in order to change the climate."

CRIME: Removing carbon dioxide means mass killing of any life!

"There is one kind where you remove carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere—and there is already plenty—and even if we stopped all the emissions, that would still stay there, so we need to take that out at some point. That is an important part."

CRIME: Changing reflectivity endangers all life!

"But the other one—and I am not sure if it is necessarily frightening, but it is definitely more complicated—is to actually change the reflectivity of the earth to reflect more sunlight into space and thereby cooling it."

How to manipulate the sheeple and lemmings to accept their own genocide!

"So the reason why some experts are increasingly talking about geoengineering is because many feel that the political and social acceptance may not be that easy across the world and we may need to have all the possible options at our disposal, including possibly geoengineering."

CRIME: Life under endless volcanic eruption!

"The solar radiation management—one of the techniques would like to mimic essentially a volcanic eruption. We have seen large volcanoes erupting and we have measured that. What happens is that the volcano erupts and it spits out lots and lots of particles, including sulfur particles that go into the atmosphere, and they actually change the reflectivity of the atmosphere and you can measure this after the eruption. For example, the Pinatubo volcano, within six to 12 months the global temperature went down, you could measure; and then, after a while, when the particles disappear, then the temperature comes up again to normal."

CRIME: Poisoning troposphere, disguised as "stratosphere", as aerosol means chemical with water! 99% of water exists in troposphere and none in stratosphere!

"Yes, because in the stratosphere it will be more efficient, and only spray those kinds of aerosol particles that are best to do this job, and do it in an even way across the globe so that there is good dispersion. If you do it right—that's what the models say—then it will be able to bring the temperature down those few degrees that it would have gone up because of climate change."

CRIME: Carbon cannot be taken out! All life would die without carbon dioxide in air! SRM is a super mass genocide weapon!

"The problem with solar radiation management is that while it cools the planet down, it does not take the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Therefore, most experts believe that if one was ever to use solar radiation management, you would do it as a complement to other methods, first to reduce the emissions, then to take out the carbon, and then with the solar radiation management you get a little extra time to do all these things. But you cannot simply look at solar radiation management as the solution, because it doesn't solve the problem."

CRIME: Water grabbing! Water is already delivered for industrial desert farming and hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas!

"There are risks and there are benefits. For example, if you apply solar radiation management across the globe, there will be a change in precipitation, a reduction overall in precipitation."

"A small reduction, yes. But it is not that significant necessarily, and you have to compare the environmental impacts of solar radiation management to a world that would have changed quite a bit because of climate change anyway. So the comparison has—"
CRIME: Drought weapon is already applied to fight against resisting countries and people!

STEPHANIE SY: So drought via climate change versus drought via solar radiation management—it's hard. It's a balancing act.
JANOS PASZTOR: It is a balancing act."

Global order, annihilation of sovereign statehood!

"This brings me to the most important part of climate geoengineering, the governance requirements of how you balance these issues, how you decide how far to go—when do you start; when do you stop?"

CRIME: Syria, Iran, Somalia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Pakistan etc. are attacked!

"Even if you do solar radiation management on a global level, it is very likely that not all impacts will be equal across the globe. So how do you decide between a positive impact in this part of the world versus a negative impact in another part of the world? And who decides?"

Imagine! CIA rules the world!
It is TAI (Tropospheric Aerosol Injection)!

"STEPHANIE SY: Let's talk about that, because the CIA chief, John Brennan, talked about geoengineering recently, specifically about stratosphere aerosol injection, which is SAI, which is what we have been talking about, and its potential implications."

CRIME: TAI is alrady killing people by extreme weather, suffocating animals and plants on land and in the oceans!

"This is what he said, Janos: "On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others could trigger sharp opposition by some nations. Others might seize on SAI's benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions."

CRIME: It is illegal!

"And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to go guide the deployment and implementation of SAI, of these solar management techniques."
"First of all, why do you think the chief of the CIA in the United States is talking about geoengineering?"

Creating InSecurity for Energy Security of the already walking dead global crime gang!

"JANOS PASZTOR: Because climate change and any means that you try to resolve climate change will have security implications, security implications in different parts of the world. If I were the head of the CIA, I would also be very seriously concerned about that."

Remember it is always TAI, never SAI!

SAI doesn't make any sense! It is a cover to plausibly deny TAI!

"Imagine a situation where climate engineering, for example stratospheric injection of aerosols, is applied and there is a change in weather patterns in one part of the world. A neighboring country where that change happens will claim, true or not, that this was because of this other country involved in solar radiation management. Perception will be just as important as the actual facts on the ground, and it will be very challenging to demonstrate that that change in weather was because of the actual climate geoengineering activity."

The Idiocracy of Serfocracy will "oversee" for the sheeple!

"So it is very, very complicated. It will require considerable scientific and technical work to figure this out properly, and then we have to build up governance structures, governance frameworks, that are able to oversee this."

Reverse understanding: It is illegal under all national and international law! It never should be legalized!

"STEPHANIE SY: Are there any frameworks, are there any international laws, that currently govern the research or the testing of this type of geoengineering?"

"JANOS PASZTOR: There are some. They are very limited, and they happen in isolation. So we have, for example, the Convention on Biological Diversity. They have taken a decision some years ago to effectively call for a moratorium on deployment because of the potential impacts on biodiversity. But this was done in the isolation of the biodiversity community, if you will."

Putting iron sulfide into the ocean is a mitigation method of the geoengineering crime!

They hope to artificially keep the ocean fauna and flora alive!
It would never work, as the suffocation comes by TAI!

"The London Dumping Convention has considered that we should be against putting materials, chemicals, in the ocean."

Algae cannot be "increased" without enough sunlight!

"There is one other geoengineering topic we haven't talked about, ocean fertilization, where you put iron filings into the ocean and it increases algae and they absorb CO2. So it is a way to take CO2."

CRIME: Definitely very killing negative!

"But this has many negative consequences on the environment, so there is a decision against that by the London Dumping Convention."
Ocean death by Tropospheric Aerosol Injection!

CRIME: Attack on food security!

"But we do not have a global framework that looks at the totality. If you have a system that actually has an impact on climate, good or bad, there is a change in patterns of precipitation, there will be impacts on food production and food security."

Understand the SCALE, it is global!

"Weather modification is quite different than climate engineering because of its scale, both in terms of the totality, the geographical scale, and there are very localized impacts."

"So what countries do on weather modification—quite a lot of countries do that for agricultural purposes or for making sure that the Olympics or something else has nice clean air. But it is quite different than the scale, and the impacts will be way beyond national borders. So it really changes everything."

We already see the catastrophic effects of climate engineering!

"STEPHANIE SY: "... Is geoengineering also sort of a Hail Mary pass, a sort of emergency plan B, if you will? If suddenly we see real catastrophic effects from climate change, would the technology be able to be deployed quickly enough to change the realities on the ground?"

"JANOS PASZTOR: If we already see the catastrophic effects, then we are pretty much already too late, although some of the solar radiation management techniques, once we develop these really to viability, they could be applied reasonably quickly to at least reduce the global temperatures. But by that time there will have been impacts."

The criminals used terror to create a "solidarity spirit" and pressure for an agreement in Paris!

"So I would prefer not to wait until we actually see the catastrophic impacts. That is why we must—countries, non-state actors—everybody has to focus on reducing the emissions to meet the Paris Agreement objectives. And I know we can do it. There is still that political will that is not always there in every country, in every region, but we have to work on that."

Reality: Climate engineering is killing and people are killed to legalize more killing!

"The reality is that the facts of climate change are becoming so clear. There may 
be some politicians in certain countries who are blind and do not see this, but the reality is there.

As the climate is engineered, the weather has become deadly!
Arctics and the oceans are main water harvesting resources!

I had the opportunity with the secretary-general last year to go to the Arctic, and we saw it with our own eyes, of what is not there anymore that used to be a glacier. There they already measure more than two degrees above the historical average. So these things are happening. You know, Sandy happened, and there will be more of those kinds of extreme weather events."

Playing GOD with hand on global thermostat!

"Well, one of the most fundamental concerns from some about geoengineering is how can we, humanity, people, think that we are like gods who can simply interact with the entire Earth system and control its climate and literally have a global thermostat and push it up or down and assume that it is going to work well?

Criminals have no ethics!

So there are many serious ethical considerations that this cannot be done; or, if we are going to do something like that, we have to really think about this carefully, of how are we going to do that; and not only the basic concepts of whether we should be able to do that, but then, if we do decide to go in that direction, as you said, there could be impacts that are not equal across the globe."

"So how do you balance the need for reducing temperature versus having maybe negative impacts in certain parts of the world; or how do you develop compensatory mechanisms if there are such negative impacts?"

Climate engineering refugees! Another inevitable!

"STEPHANIE SY: Or move people, right? You already hear about this idea of the environmental refugee, and you wonder whether—because there will be potential for a regional flooding, for example. We don't really know because it hasn't tested in the real world, but presumably that is what we are talking about in possible consequences."

Cynically admitting!

"JANOS PASZTOR: Well, these things have actually been tested in the real world because there are already environmental refugees, and many of them are because of climatic conditions. So we are already seeing that."

More refugees will have to be created, because the criminals want the sell the attacks as "natural catastrophe" for not to pay compensation!

"STEPHANIE SY: But we could create more of them through geoengineering."

Cynically promising for more refugees!

There is not alternative in climate engineering business!

"We don't know, but have to do it!"

"JANOS PASZTOR: We could create more—or less. Let's not come to the end of the analysis which we haven't yet done fully. There are worrying concepts about the complexity of climate engineering, but we don't yet know fully what those impacts will be and how they will compare to a world in which climate change, global warming, would have increased substantially, which itself would have—"

"STEPHANIE SY: There is so much to it when you are talking about again the international framework for all of this, because you must consider all of those possibilities, the possible consequences, the possibility that you would have to move people across borders if they were adversely affected, potentially. Any benefit, I assume, would take at least some number of years to see."

Geoengineering as DEPOPULATION weapon! 

Food insecurity, starve the billions!

"JANOS PASZTOR: That is why it is very important that as we consider complicated issues like climate engineering we don't put it in a bubble, in a silo, but we rather look at it in broad economic, environmental, and development terms, because it will have impacts on food security, on the way people live, where people live, where they may have to move or not move."

What "academia" is that? Only henchmen of the crime gang!

"JANOS PASZTOR: At the moment, most of the discussion about this issue is in academia, or possibly in the private sector. There is very little in the policy world. That is one of the challenges that we have to work on, is to make sure that there are proper dialogues and discussions in a way that the discussion moves from academia into the policy world, and, in particular, the inter-governmental policy world."

National borders are already changing in the Middle East, under the wind-water route to Arabia!

"STEPHANIE SY: You have to be so future-thinking in order to build a framework on something like this, and account for the fact that national borders may change in the process of this technology being developed. Have you ever tackled something like this, of this magnitude?"

"JANOS PASZTOR: Well, the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was the first, probably, major international agreement that actually looked ahead and tried to solve a problem, which at that time, in 1992, was not yet visible like it is today. It was trying to address a problem that was coming."

"That is amazing, I think, that the international community was able to address an issue that wasn't yet really real. Now it is real, and it will get a lot more real."

A planned and implemented is not amazing, it is intentional!
"STEPHANIE SY: It is also amazing that that became real in 15 years, that between Rio and Paris there were NASA scientists, climate scientists, pointing to specific weather events and saying, "Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and this is linked to climate change," within 15 years."

Accordingly food insecurity and mass starvation will also come soon! It is tested now in Yemen!

"JANOS PASZTOR: Yes, and that is remarkable. So I think we can be very positive about that, that things can happen, things can move. Even then, it is very complicated. It is possible to gather the international community and then move forward. It is very difficult because you have 195 member states who are very different in socioeconomic development, in cultural approach, in scientific capacity, and so on, and yet they all have to agree. But it can happen, it has happened, and I am confident that it will happen."

Hopeful about eliminating all 195 states ruled by idiots!

"JANOS PASZTOR: I am hopeful, and I am hopeful based on what has happened in the past. Things have evolved, and they were not always perfect, but solutions were found. We are much better off in terms of climate change, in terms of addressing climate change, than we were 20 years ago. So there is progress. So I am hopeful and I am optimistic that we can do this."

"We don't know anything, we don't apply it but it will succeed!"

"But at the same time, I am a realist. We live in a very complicated, rather imperfect world, if I may put it that way, and we have to simply plan for a range of possibilities, not just for the best, not just for the optimal. If we do that, then I think we will succeed."

That is the moment, where the interviewer intentionally triggers the instrument of plausible deniability!

She asks about stratosphere but not troposphere!

"STEPHANIE SY: In the process of researching geoengineering and climate engineering, a couple of the websites I ended up pulling up were these conspiracy websites — chemtrails — and I had to learn that there is a community of people out there who for decades have been talking about government experiments in the stratosphere and solar radiation management. It didn't seem that far-fetched from what we were actually talking about today."

The crime gang fears the awakening against TAI chemtrails!

Janos Pasztor is playing the dumb!

"JANOS PASZTOR: This is actually quite important that you raised this because it has a big implication on the governance frameworks that we need to develop. Imagine you have people and you have this all over the world; in the United States, in France, elsewhere people who believe that this is what is happening, when in fact, to my knowledge, nothing like that is happening and I haven't heard any experts saying that there is something like that happening."

Sure, of aerosolation can only be done in the troposphere!

"STEPHANIE SY: You mean experiments by the government in the stratosphere to aerosolize the stratosphere?"

Admitting the sunless skies as "brightness of clouds"!

"JANOS PASZTOR: No. There is just nothing known about that.
But imagine if one day there is real action in terms of climate engineering, stratospheric injection of aerosols or changing the brightness of clouds."

Keep the manipulated perception!

"The perception of people of what that will do is just as important as what actually happens. So if a country thinks that their rains are missing this year because of the geoengineering, then, whether it is true or not, there will be a perception, and there will be a perception by the public, perhaps perception by authorities, and you have to deal with that."

An engineered climate by a global crime gang can only produce instability?

"It can create, absolutely, global instability.
Think of two countries. Think of these days India and Pakistan. Think of a situation where one of them thinks that the rains are not coming because of the action of the other one in terms of solar radiation management."

"STEPHANIE SY: Not only would you not be able to know whether it was true; you wouldn't be able to prove it not to be true."

"Our monitoring" is not our, it is the crime gang's!

"JANOS PASZTOR: One solution to that, of course, is that we have to really improve our monitoring systems, our modeling systems, so that we are in a much better position to actually demonstrate what is happening, and be really transparent about this. Right now there is academic work, yes. 

Water grabbing industry, fracking industry, desert farming industry!

"There may be private sector proprietary work that you don't really know about."

War on global water and carbon cycles!

"The military may be working on some issues there. But we don't know what is going on, really. So an important part of the governance framework is transparency, engagement of different people, different organizations, and so on, and the public as a whole, so that there is more information flowing."

"We will always have conspiracy theories."
"STEPHANIE SY: Do you find there is resistance? I actually had the opportunity recently to interview the acting director of the Earth Sciences Institute at NASA, and I asked him what he thought about geoengineering. He was very much dismissive of it."
Are you running into that, as well, among climate scientists who just say, "Don't even look at that because we don't understand the consequences, and we don't want to go down that road; it's a slippery slope"?"

"JANOS PASZTOR: As I said earlier, we don't know enough to be able to decide whether or not really those are viable, or which of those different techniques are viable, and viable complements to existing technologies."

This fraud of climate engineering is a magnitude challenge!

"But, given the magnitude of the challenge of climate change, and given the range of possibilities of ideal or not-so-ideal outcomes in terms of implementation — for example, the Paris Agreement — I think we have to be responsible global citizens and researchers and policymakers and at least find out enough about these technologies to be able to decide whether or not we want to pursue them."

Intentional ambiguity!

"At the moment we don't know enough to decide. So you can then say, "Well, it's not serious; let's throw it away." But maybe we are throwing away a technology that could be one really important pillar of our future action — maybe."

Indirectly admitting!

It will never be done in the stratosphere but it is already done in the troposphere!

"The challenge we have with research is twofold. First of all, particularly when it comes to the solar radiation management options, most of it was done through modeling in the laboratory and there have been no experiments to ground truth these models. For example, there has been no release of aerosols in the stratosphere, even limited quantities, to measure the dispersion, how it works, things like that. Without that, we will never know really sufficiently."

Politicians are idiots, they don't have any sense!

Lemmings have to ask for the clips!

"What is missing is signals from the normal political processes of countries, or at the intergovernmental level, of where the research should go, in a strategic sense. It is missing because there is no real policy discussion. That is what needs to change so that the society, whether at the national level or at the global level, decides, "We want to know whether these are viable. Therefore research needs to go there to find out the missing information, the gaps." That signal is missing, and I think that is an important part of the governance framework that has to happen soon, either to say, "Stop everything; we will never want to go there," or to give clear directions to the research community, and provide the funding necessary to make these things happen."

3. Do You consent? Did You consent?

They pretend to preparing it for the STRATOSPHERE against global warming, but are already applying Solar Radiation and Water Management within the TROPOSPHERE!

That does not mean, that they don't touch the stratosphere. They are intentionally depleting the ozone in the stratosphere to deliver more energetic radiation to evaporate and lift more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers! This is another topic!

They can do it only because the dumbness of the people is their most valuable asset!

Environmental Modification Convention

International Law Encourages Use Of Geoengineering Weather Modification

The Regulation of Geoengineering

House of Commons: The Regulation of Geoengineering

Subcommittee on Energy and Environment Hearing - Geoengineering II: The Scientific Basis and Engineering Challenges

Legal Framework

4. Daily brainwashing and Fake Conferences!

Every day You are listening about the globalwarming, about 2°C or 1.5°C target to "stop it", the end of life on Earth or the extinction of some species like the polar bear.

Every day You are blamed having a big "carbon footprint", "water footprint",  the need to punish Yourself by paying a global CO2 tax.

Every day You are blamed about eating meat by fake statistics about the consumption of water for 1kg meat compared to 1kg "vegan food".

Every year a huge "climate conference" is organized to talk about globalwarming, when the only hot places are the brothels of the town, where the attendees can spend their bribe money of some thousand dollars!

You, the reading sheeple should stop being the most valuable dumb asset of the geoengineering mafia!

Stop being sheeple!

You should stop paying for a technology, which is damaging and destroying Yours and Your families health, environment, state, freedom, independence.

You should not lose Your natural right on free and clean sunlight, water, air and soil!

5. The Weather Insurance!

It is like dealing with the mafia. First mafioso beats You and damages Your shop and the second mafioso offers his "insurance services".

Die Wetterversicherung
[ The Weather Insurance ]

KLIMArisk – Wetterversicherung für Unternehmen: Wenn Wetter das Geschäft schädigt
[ Weather insurance for companies: When weather is damaging the business ]

[ A socker club wants to insure a big sports event in June against precipitation! At a rate of 5 mm rain the event organizer receives 100,000 € for a secured capital of about 26,500 €. ]
[ To be secured against drought between June and July, a farmer wants to get at less than 80 mm rain
 1,000 € for each milimeter precipitation under this level. For a maximum compensation fo 40,000 € the weather insurance costs 6,900 €. ]

A Pesaro il sole è assicurato
[ In Pesaro (Italy) the sun is insured ](12-06-2015)
[  This summer, stop watching the weather forecast. Come to Pesaro.  ]
In Pesaro it never rains! The sun is assured.
If you have booked a minimum of 7 nights and it rains for three days, you will be offered a free stay. ]
[ The initiative was conceived and promoted by the municipality of Pesaro in collaboration with the Pesaro Hotel Association. ]

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