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ClimateControl hub Yemen! The importance of Yemeni airspace for water transfer to Arabia!

Yemen is the water transport, capture and storage area for the Saudi industrial desert farming and fracking of oil and gas! That is the reason of their ruthless bombardment of Yemen. They don’t need the people, but only the airspace and ground of Yemen to move and keep water!

  1. Knowledge of resistance!
  2. Why are the aggressors so desperate?
  3. Destruction of the statehood!
  4. Importance of Yemeni airspace!
  5. Divide et empera!
  6. Who are the aggressors?
  7. The Saudi Pipeline to Indian Ocean!
  8. MV-22 the donkey of imperial asymmetric war!
  9. Blame the misery on Your lousy scientists?

1. Knowledge of resistance!

You may not have the same weapons, but at least You need to know the weapons and methods of the enemies! Only when You are fully aware of this weaponry, You will become able to detect the targets of the enemies develop counter measures!

Never forget the crimes of the Saudi, USA, UK, France & others in Yemen!

That these pervert powers all need to attack the small and poor Yemen expresses how desperate and weak they are! 

As little attention as Yemen gets, it is a key state where loss of control can lead to the demise of the petrodollar-based financial and monetary system!

It is time for Russia, China and Iran to do more for the people of Yemen, who are not only defending themselves, but also the whole world from imperial abuse.

Now it is time for obtaining strategical knowledge in meteorology, physics, thermodynamics, chemistry and biology. Don't hesitate, not much is required to understand the ongoing climate control. The intelligence lies in the combination of the fields.

Nothing is hidden from Your eyes, but only from Your mind! Just ignore the suggestive barriers! Start by reading the screenplay of Geophysical Warfare:

Please spread the knowledge and increase the common knowledge of all Yemeni, Somali, Syrian and other people. Only bravely fighting on the ground will not save Yemen and Somalia. It is a war on minds, on air, on water, on sunlight and soil, even the underground! Ignorance is a luxury no one can afford anymore!

2. Why are the aggressors so desperate?

Why are the imperialists, neo-colonialists so desperately attacking the poor Yemen?

What is so valuable in Yemen?

Is this country full of gold, petrol, gas and diamonds, which will be uncovered, when its statehood and the people are eliminated?

Water is now more important than all gold of the world. 

The production of oil, gas and industrial food in the desert regions depends on the supply of enough water, which is naturally not available there in required amounts.

Controlling the global water cycle and carbon cycle gives the ultimate power to the owner of the climate control system.

Not getting full control or losing the already obtained control means breakdown of the huge, multi-trillion Dollar climate(control) business scheme. This also means the breakdown of the imperial military and financial structure based on USA and Europe.

So losing in Yemen, means losing everything!

The aggressors don't attack because they are strong, but because they are walking on the brink of their abyss. Read it from the face of the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney! Read it also from his and other banksters publications, how they "care for the climate (control)" and which "big climate (control) business" expectation they have and how they fear, that the scheme may not become fully implemented.

3. Destruction of the statehood!

Destruction of all legacy statehood is the logical requirement of globalization and the foundation of a global government and the establishment of a New World Order (NWO).

I don't like to construct the English notion of "de-nationalization", because it doesn't express it correctly, therefore please accept the German notion for that, which is much more accurate: Entstaatlichung, which means ending the statehood in one word.

What is required to be an ideal state?

It is not the kind of government or method selection of the governors what defines the statehood. A good state can be a dictatorship, a kingdom, a republic with only one or many parties, a parliamentary democracy, counsels republic or whatever system. The decisive part of statehood is the existence of an entity which is able to defend its borders and protect its treasures. A bad ruler can be replaced but the state has to be kept alive and functioning for the welfare and security of the people who need and constitute this state.

When we observe the about 200 registered at UNO, only a few deserve to be considered as real states. Most of them don't have enough treasures to keep the economy alive and are not able to defend themselves against an internal or external attack.

A state which doesn't fulfill the required demands is a useless entity and at the end of a degradation process it will stop to exist.

Therefore most of the states are vassals of a bigger empire or they have at least to be part of a defense union, which is led by one or many powers.

Being a vassal and pretending to be sovereign makes the citizens and the rulers of such entities look ridiculous. The same applies for entities which are under the burden of debt serfdom. Only states are free of debt. More than this, free states bind debt serfs to themselves by lending them "money". 

Russia, China, Iran and Syria are not debt-serfs of the financial empire. Not being serf-debt is a very, maybe the most important topic to understand, but this article won't delve into that now.

Russia, China, Iran are classical states. Also Syria has proved itself as a very strong state, which can function very well, even under war conditions.

Yemen has an unbreakable core of statehood, based on tribal virtues and has proven to resist a horde of well-armed powerful aggressors.

Somalia has been "entstaatlicht" and serves as a model of successful "Entstaatlichung" for other states like Libya, Yemen, Myanmar and others.

Whoever allows the imperial military, social (NGOs, religious missionaries) and economic institutions (IMF, World Bank, multinational imperial corporations) to take a hold within his country will face destruction and "Entstaatlichung" in short, middle or long term and open the gates for the same fate to its neighbors.

The Imperial henchmen act like cancer pathogens, which, spreading further by devouring many cells after killing another one.

The imperial complex is not able to break many states at once. Therefore it uses the domino effect, pushing the refugees and mercenaries from one broken state to weaken the next one and prepare for military attack.

4. Importance of Yemeni airspace!

The global share of the small Yemeni economy may not be important, but the Saudi economy, which is based on petrol, gas and industrial farming, highly depends on the delivery of huge water amounts by management of tropospheric wind-water streams, which are also called "atmospheric rivers"

An important part of these streams have to cross the Yemeni airspace to reach the territory of Saudi Arabia. Therefore Yemen has an important leverage on Saudi economy, the petrodollar system, the FED-Dollar itself and the US imperial economy.

The geostrategic importance of Yemen for the water supply to the Fracking and Farming Industries of Saudi Arabia should be obvious for everyone observing the streams from Indian Ocean, which have to cross the airspace of Yemen and Oman before reaching Saudi territory!

Some people may think that the above meme is only a product of my imagination. :-)  Just use other freely available resources to verify. The development can also be shown as video over days there.

The live images from an US radar satellite show focal points of radiation above  MadagascarSomalia and Yemen to steer the tropospheric water streams

The radar pulsing is real and cannot be overlooked.

NEXRAD Pulsing!

Madagascar is a very important control location. From there, the water masses are thrown against the coast of Mozambique and Malawi and shifted via Kenya and Somalia towards Yemen.
Somali airspace houses the longest part of the atmospheric wind-water flow. 

And the Yemeni highlands could serve as a water trap and reservoir if the Saudis were allowed to rule over them. For the time being, it's about raising the humidity over these mountains, over to the southwest of Saudi Arabia.

That is the reason for the brutal attack on Yemen by the petrodollar dictatorships of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The logistics, the in-flight refueling of the fighter jets, the selection of bombing targets is entirely in the hands of the US military specialists. Also involved and testing their deadliest weapons are Israel, Great Britain,France and some other NATO vassals.

Dear people of Yemen, please understand fully, what You  are are killed and Your country is destroyed for. It is the artificially enhanced troposheric water stream!

Please look at the recordings of the artificial storms again and again until you understand the process!

Look how they are planning to steer the storm for delivering water to the west coast of Saudi controlled territory. As long as the airspace remains under control, they don't care how many cheap mercenaries are eliminated by Yemeni resistance.

This method of water robbery is applied all over the world. The Petrodollar depends critically on the Saudi oil and gas. You can observe it globally on this website: (Somalia)

These figures show, how such storms are technically created and steered.

The image is from a paper, where the text content is more distracting than revealing. However I give credit to the original source:
For more about technical storms, please check following article.

Desalination of Water by thermally geoengineered lower tropospheric Centrifuges (artificial waterspout tornado)! Water delivery to Arabia!

5. Divide et empera!

Yemen is since many thousand years a tribal state, but it was always a state. Now the government is divided. The preliminary president is clinging on the post.

"Hadi was "expected to form a national unity government and also call for early presidential elections within 90 days" while Saleh continued to serve as President in name only.[4] Mansour Hadi was chosen as a president for a two-year transitional period on February 21, 2012, in an election in which he was the only candidate. His mandate was extended for another year in January 2014.[5] However, he remained in power after the expiration of his mandate.""Three days after Hadi's resignation (21 January 2015), the Houthis took over the presidential palace. Hadi and Prime Minister Khaled Bahah tendered their resignations to parliament which reportedly refused to accept them.[30] Then the Yemeni cabinet was dissolved.Hadi and his former ministers remained under virtual house arrest since their resignations.""United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for Hadi to be restored as president after the Houthis installed themselves as the interim government in February 2015. According to Houthi-controlled state media, Hadi reaffirmed on 8 February that his resignation was "final" and could not be withdrawn.""However, after leaving Sana'a and traveling to his hometown of Aden on 21 February, Hadi gave a speech in which he presented himself as Yemen's president and said the actions taken by the Houthis since 21 September were unconstitutional and invalid."

Warring groups are supplied with weapons by different external powers, but what is the reason for such powerful countries like USA, UK, Saudi Arabia and France to carpet bomb a poor country. Why should all of them try to conquer Yemen with all means like total blockade of ports and air-ports, risking to starve the whole population. Why are they using the the worst imaginable weapons like phosphor bombs and tactical nuclear bombs?

It is again the Shock and Awe Strategy, which didn't work in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. The ruthless bombardment of Syria is also a test and "warning" for Iran. What the cocaine-addict pervert imperial strategists  cannot perceive is that fear-mongering doesn't work in the Middle East to submit the people and break the states. Fear-mongering revives their consciousness for resistance!

Not the Yemenis, nor the people of Iran or Somalia will be impressed by imperial military in a way, that they submit themselves to the imperial orders. Submission is not an option, never was and will never be.

6. Who are the aggressors?

Controlling the tropospheric water routes is the reason of brutal attack on Yemen by the weird coalition of USA, UK, France, Saudi, Qatar and UAE! The logistics, tanking of the attacking fighter jets, the finding of and deciding about targets for bombardment is fully in the hands of US army specialists. Also involved and testing their deadliest weapons are Israel, UK and also France and some other NATO vassals.

British and US military 'in command room' for Saudi strikes on Yemen
Emma Graham-Harrison, Fri 15 Jan 2016 18.26 GMT

"British and American military officials are in the command and control centre for Saudi airstrikes on Yemen, and have access to lists of targets, although they do not play any role in choosing them, the Saudi Arabian foreign minister has said."
French special forces on the ground in Yemen: Le Figaro
JUNE 16, 2018 / 11:24 AM / 3 DAYS AGO

"French special forces are present on the ground in Yemen with forces from the United Arab Emirates, French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Saturday, citing two military sources."

UK military 'working alongside' Saudi bomb targeters in Yemen war
Saudi foreign minister confirms claims that British military advisers are in operation room of heavily criticised bombing campaign
By Richard Spencer, Middle East Editor 3:37PM GMT 15 Jan 2016

U.S. Support for Saudi Military Operations in Yemen
March 23, 2018

"The majority of U.S. assistance has consisted of aerial targeting assistance, intelligence sharing, and mid-flight aerial refueling for Saudi and UAE aircraft. Despite significant criticism of its involvement in the conflict, the U.S. government repeatedly has emphasized that assistance to Saudi Arabia and the UAE is not directly combat related except when in defense of U.S. forces and in the pursuit of al Qaeda and its associates. Although U.S. advisers reportedly do not approve or execute bombing targets, they do advise their Gulf partners on intelligence sharing, targeting procedures, and—after widespread condemnation of civilian casualties caused by Saudi aerial bombardment—targeting precision."

Saudi Arabia given US, Brit, Israeli jets to bomb Yemen
Press TV  Thu, 21 Jan 2016 01:18 UTC

"Sharaf Luqman, a spokesman for the Yemeni army, said on Thursday that fighter jets belonging to the US, Britain and Israel have been directly bombing Yemen as Saudi pilots are unable to conduct sorties with modern warplanes over Yemen. The army official said that Yemeni army and fighters of the Houthi Ansarullah movement have so far managed to down three F-16 fighter jets,10 Apache helicopters and dozens of drones."

US Warplanes Refueling Saudi Jets Bombing Yemen: US State Senator
July, 03, 2018 - 10:35

"TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A Republican member of the Virginia State Senate said the US military and CIA as well as British and French spy agencies are helping Saudi-led forces in their aggression against Yemen, adding that American military planes are refueling Saudi Arabian jets pounding Yemen."

Yemeni revolutionaries captured an Israeli Mossad agent aiding Saudi forces in the central province of Ibb, reports say
yemen 23 May 2017,-reports-say.html

"(Sana’a, Yemen) — According to Kuwaiti news agency (KUNA), Yemeni revolutionaries, better known as the Houthis, have claimed that they held captive an Israeli man with a German counterfeit passport under the guise of UN’s food program mission in Ibb, 93 kilometers (120 miles) south of the capital, Sana’a."

"Houthi spokesman Mohamed al-Bukhaiti told al-Hurra news channel’s correspondent in Sana’a that the Mossad agent was arrested during an ambush along with eight other Saudi mercenaries, adding that the Israeli agent’s real name is Chaim Ben-Artzi and is ranked Lieutenant in the Israeli 35th Brigade with the IDF military code of 56912493765cc231438 who confessed that he was instructing Saudi mercenaries how to sabotage Yemeni defense efforts."

Beyond the Red Sea: A new driving force in the politics of the Horn

As Saudi Arabia and the UAE struggle for control of Socotra, Yemen’s island paradise may just swap one occupation for another
Bethan McKernan @mck_bethLucy Towers Monday 21 May 2018 00:24

U.S. Support for Saudi Military Operations in Yemen
WRITTEN BY, Melissa Dalton, March 23, 2018

"Since 2015, the United States has provided intelligence, military advice, and logistical support to the Saudi Arabia–led military intervention in Yemen. U.S. stated goals for this assistance are to restore the UN-recognized government of Yemen and preserve Saudi territorial integrity from incursion by Yemen-based Houthi rebels. Deepening Iranian support for the Houthi rebels has also reinforced U.S. concern for Yemen’s trajectory."

7. The Saudi Pipeline to the Indian Ocean!

Mahara: Saudi companies establishes cement points inside Yemeni border
On Sep 22, 2018 9:15 PM

"Tribal sources revealed that Saudi Arabia companies established points for the project of the Saudi oil pipeline within the Yemeni territory, 30 km in the direction of the province of Mahrah, east of Yemen."

"The sources pointed out that Dhahia and Shahr tribes has formed a committee to know the Saudi movements in the region, which the Saudi elements fired on the tribal committee, in clear preparation and occupation visible and strong."

"Saudi Arabia is seeking to extend its oil pipeline from Kharakhir region for a period of 300 km, through the Yemeni regions to reach to Nashtoon port which Saudi Arabia is trying to turn into its own oil port on the Arabian Sea."

"The tribes of Shahar, Dhahia and Qutaoua considered the Saudi project illegal and a violation of national sovereignty, while Mahara tribes continue their ongoing meetings to unify the ranks to repel Saudi expansion in Yemeni territory."

In Yemen the fate of the global imperial financial network is decided, just because the Petdrodollar depends on the oil and gas production in Saudi Arabia!

8. MV-22 the pack mule of imperial asymmetric war!

The asymmetric imperial war needs to be analysed in another article. Maybe there are other people who are writing about that, but I would like to give a hint about the equipment of this war scheme. A very important vehicle is the Osprey MV-22.

An MV-22 can take about 9 tons of load. Like in Iraq and Syria, these multi-functional flight vehicles are used to supply the mercenaries. They can fly under the radar and deliver cannon-fodder, ammunition, weapons and provisions.

The supply is also conducted by parachutes from other air-planes.

9. Blame the misery on Your lousy scientists!

Misery of Syria Yemen, Libya and Iraq comes from the failing of their meteorology scientists! These academic people should be able to see and explain the difference between natural and artificial weather and climate. They cannot apologize themselves by pointing to the brainwashing by the climate control propaganda. The duty of a real scientist is to know, research and think independent of any outside influence.

The areas of meteorology and climatology don't contain secrets. The publications about climate control are not classified and the implementation of climate engineering cannot be hidden. Shame on these fake scientists, who are to blame for mentally blinding their people and leaving their country defenseless against attacks by geophysical warfare. These idiot scientists are the social trash of our times!

We have entered the WWIII! Its main Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) are not nuclear bombs but Geophysical Warfare by Cliamte Control, although the tactical nuclear weapons are already used on Yemen!

But Syria, Iraq and Yemen are not alone. With all their activities, Iran, and Russia are breaking the backbone of the global Bankster Pervert Pedophile Empire of Deception (BPPED)! Russia and Iran are well aware that they are the next targets.


  1. Sou do Brasil e escrevo em português: não consegui entender, do texto, a razão da destruição do Iêmen, pois os rios são atmosféricos, e, assim, como dito "Uma parte importante desses fluxos tem que atravessar o espaço aéreo iemenita para chegar ao território da Arábia Saudita" (tradução do Google). Ora, a atravessar o espaço aéreo não exige uso da infra-estrutura do país. Ainda, o texto diz: "As terras altas do Iêmen servem como armadilha de água e para armazenamento de água!". Neste caso, a destruição do Iêmen é necessária apenas para acessar suas terras que armazenam água? Por qual razão os rios atmosféricos não podem continuar (como parece afirmar o texto) a contornar o país? Obrigado.

    1. Para o fluxo de rios atmosféricos, é necessário o controle total do espaço aéreo iemenita. A costa é também o espaço aéreo iemenita. Portanto, não é possível contornar o espaço aéreo do Iêmen.
      Com controle total a água pode ser trazida em uma rota mais curta. Portanto, o território do deserto na fronteira com Omã é muito interessante. Após a destruição do estado do Iêmen, também o solo pode ser totalmente controlado como um armazenamento de água.

    2. Então, presumo que o fluxo os rios atmosféricos é melhor controlado com equipamentos locais, notadamente com objetos voadores providos de armas de energia dirigida-DEW (aviões, drones), do que a distância (Haarp). Presumo também que Omã pode ser alvo (se já não o é), salvo se for colaborativo ou 'associado", mesmo porque é formado por terras baixas aparentemente mais fáceis de ultrapassar do que as terras altas do Iêmen. (desculpe se estas informações já constam em outros artigos do site; se for o caso, peço que indique tais artigos)

    3. Eu não escrevi especificamente sobre Omã, mas atualmente estou preparando um artigo sobre a rota do vento entre o Iêmen e Omã. O gerenciamento do clima é feito local e globalmente, dependendo dos requisitos. Por favor, esteja ciente de que todos os oceanos Atlântico e Pacífico, os continentes e também o seu país estão envolvidos. Fracking onshore ou offshore e enorme agricultura industrial é fornecida com água por métodos de controle climático.


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