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Geoengineering as the biggest finance bubble of mankind!

  1. Common Entry
  2. Casino of Banksters
  4. The other nagging parasites
  5. Petrodollar replaced by Geoengineering-Dollars

1. Common Entry

To get basic insight into the topic, please start with reading following articles:

What is Geoengineering?

How the Geoengineering Scam began in 1965 by turning Geophysical Warfare into "Protection of Environment"! LBJ, JFK!
"Restoring the Quality of Our Environment!"

Nephology! | Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (TAI) | Solar Radiation Management (SRM) | Artifcial Pinatubo Effect.

2. Casino of Banksters

Wetterderivate [ Weather Derivates ]

" Weather indices of German stock exchange markets open a cost free access to the economically relevant weather data. Further these indices, after reaching marketability, will serve as underlying for the weather derivatives traded at Eurex. On this website You get general information about weather derivatives and the Eurex products in planning."

Consider that weather always means also water, sunlight, air and soil! The bankster casino is betting on all of these!

Climate Engineering, the new toy of banksters!
Satellite view of Tropospheric Water Grabbing

At least after the finance crisis of 2008,
the bubble of 1990s,
the real estate bubble of the 1980s,
the petrol bubble of the 1970s,
we all have experienced and should have understood that it is all a Ponzi Scheme. We are living in a Casino of Banksters.

But the biggest bubble they have ever produced is the CO2 bubble or we could call it also Geoengineering bubble or Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management bubble or the bubble made to get total control on global water and carbon cycle!

How is that possible? 

It is possible because You, the people are DUMB!
The dumbness of the victims is always the main asset of the fraudsters!

But now as I am awake, I feel lost, because as a small fish in a dumb swarm of billions I also can't escape and it is nearly impossible to wake You up!

As You behave like sheep, You will be treated as sheeple!
As You are are frightened to think, You are loved as cowards!
At the end You will be slaughtered like pigs!

Thanks to awaking people!

It is time to remember that You are human, able to think complex inter-dependencies over a lifetime and generations!

This empire is actually weak, its power is the power of suggestion, manipulation, deception! Don't behave like wild animals, fearing to cross a fake fence! The concept of "conspiracy theory blame" is that fake fence!

Even now You don't need to fantasize, just read the publications of the Empire of Deception
Yet again proving, that the climatechange scam is foremost the biggest finance bubble of mankind!

They are very self-confident about the success of their propaganda, that they brag about the balloon they blow up for the dream about trillions of fraud money! Maybe these are the best selfrevealing websites about the CO2 finance bubble!

Carbon Pricing Becomes a Cause for the World Bank and I.M.F.

"The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are pressing governments to impose a price tag on planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions, using economic leverage and technical assistance that institutions like the United Nations cannot muster."

"But the leaders of the World Bank, the I.M.F. and other major global institutions say cutting emissions enough to stave off the worst effects of climate change will not be possible unless all fossil fuel polluters are forced to pay for the carbon dioxide they emit."

“We strongly urge people to prepare for the carbon pricing that is to come.”

The Global Landscape of Climate Finance

Climate finance: Funding a low-carbon global economy

Climate Change Could Cost The World Trillions More Than We Thought
Climate change a threat to financial stability – Bank of England governor

6 banking giants demand strong COP21 deal, pricing carbon

Do You trust the banksters?

Do You trust politicians or idiots?


Do You trust water thieves?

Steering the sheeple by fear mongering with framed statistics!
Submitting by "rankings"!

2016 ET Carbon Rankings

From German: Betting on Weather with Derivatives

"Since 1997 the so called Weather Derivatives are available as suitable instruments, to enable the securing against such risks. These securities don't only allow the of weather dependent industries the stabilization of their turnover and yield, but serves as an important component for implementation the integrated «Risk Management Systems»."


TESLA is a very big finance bubble, which will burst soon. It will be much more devastating than the Dot.Com bubble!

However, this will look microscopic compared to the burst of the much bigger finance bubble of CO2 certifications, water rights, climate catastrophe derivatives!

Elon Musk is the best clown of this finance fraud. All will forget about the Ponzi scheme of Bernie Madoff.

Tesla is now bigger than Ford despite selling a fraction of the cars — and a threat is looming over the future

Lawrence Solomon: How Tesla’s Elon Musk became the master of fake business

"Musk’s genius is primarily in the subsidy-seeking realm. By 2015, U.S. governments alone had given his companies US$5 billion through direct grants, tax breaks, cut-rate loans, tax credits and rebates"

Umweltsau Tesla? 17 Tonnen CO2 bei der Produktion der Akkus? Es ist komplizierter
von Bernd Rubel am 4. August 2017

"Eine schwedische Studie befeuert die Diskussion um die Umweltverträglich der Elektromobilität. Angeblich fallen bei der Produktion der Akkus so hohe CO2-Emissionen an, dass ein Auto mit Verbrennungsmotor vergleichsweise sauber scheint. Doch es ist wesentlich komplizierter - was wiederum auch für die Diskussion um den Dieselmotor gilt."

"So führt die Produktion der Akkus für ein Tesla Model S mit einer Batteriekapazität von ~ 86 kWh nach den Berechnungen der Experten zu einem CO2-Ausstoß von rund 17 Tonnen."

"Mit einem handelsüblichen europäischen Fahrzeug mit Verbrennungsmotor kann ein typischer Verbraucher demnach ganze 8 Jahre fahren, bevor das Auto die Umwelt so stark belastet wie die Akku-Produktion für ein Tesla Model S."

5 Reasons Why Tesla Is Bubble Priced

"Profit. Tesla has only had two profitable quarters and lost $773 million last year. GM, which is launching its new Bolt plug-in soon, posted a $9 billion profit last year."

"But when a stock price reflects more wishful thinking than real-life business logic, I have to draw the line. It will take a lot more than animal spirits, in the words of economist John Maynard Keynes, to outlast its deep-pocketed competition."

The Tesla bubble

"Now, we may be witnessing a further bubble, as we read that Tesla’s market value overtakes Ford. On April 2, Tesla, committed entirely to all-electric cars, was valued at $49bn compared to Ford’s $46bn. Tesla has been growing fast, but from a small base. It sold 25,000 cars in the first quarter of the year, up by two-thirds over the same period last year. Most people in the UK and many other European countries will have seen several sleek Tesla model S cars on the road, but total deliveries in 2016 were just 76,000. The figure for Ford was 6.7 million."

"Tesla’s financial report shows income of about $4bn in 2015, with a net loss of $888 million. Net losses per share were just under $7. In the same year, Ford reported revenue of $140bn and a pre-tax profit of $10bn. Nevertheless, some investors clearly see Tesla as the future and are prepared to bet that it will become the Google rather than the Alta Vista of the personal transport market."

"To some people, Musk has the Midas touch and can do no wrong. Certainly Tesla has developed the best all-electric car yet available in the model S, but its price makes it a popular choice for prosperous first adopters rather than a replacement for the internal combustion engine in the mass market. They are aspirational and now have the same position in the market as the Toyota Prius did when it was first launched."

"Since then, Toyota has sold millions more Prius models, but this truly is a replacement for conventional cars, albeit a more expensive one. The company also makes a whole range of other models, and its overall strong market position and success comes from this mix"

"This is the point at which the bubble may burst. People who can afford the very-desirable model S would surely have other transport options for the long journeys all-electric cars are not appropriate for. ... A canny investor might be more inclined to go with Ford or Toyota."

Leaked: Trump and Others Talk about Tesla, Elon, and EVs
Jan 26, 2020

Tesla thrown under the bus in dinner conversation with Donald Trump

"During a particularly alarming part of the recording, which came at around the 58-minute mark, several individuals in the dinner started talking about electric vehicles. The US President asked how electric cars are doing in the market, and his inquiry was immediately met with a prompt “Not good.” A guest of the dinner then went on a long tirade against Tesla, filled with, unsurprisingly, a ton of FUD. Granted, Tesla was in a far more challenging place at the time when the recording was taken, but the sheer dislike for the company is quite shocking nonetheless."

"“Tesla’s broke. 100%. They can’t produce them. The auto companies have caught up to him. He’s never generated anywhere close to positive cash flow. He’s subsidized by 25,000 per vehicle. It’s over. The other thing people forget about it it’s great to have an electric vehicle, but you gotta plug it in and get a charge somewhere."

"“And, the carbon footprint of this phone is the same as a refrigerator running. You need to generate the power. And generating it with wind and solar, wind and solar only generates 3.5% of our power usage today. You would take 50 years to get up to 5% at the rate we’re growing. It is still fossil k generating power. You have to have nuclear, you have to have oil and gas, and you have to have coal,” the guest said."

Find the reporting about that also here:

Listen to Trump’s dinner guests talk complete nonsense about Tesla and EVs
Jameson Dow - Jan. 25th 2020 11:47 pm ET

Tesla stock is a bubble & it is going down, top fund manager says
17 Mar, 2021 15:01

"Tesla’s market value surged to over $800 billion in the 12 months leading up to January, before sliding back to less than $600 billion in February. It now stands at around $679 billion."

4. The other nagging parasites

Prince Charles lobbied to alter climate change policy after his estate secretly invested £86,000 in an offshore firm that would benefit from a rule change, Paradise Papers reveal
PUBLISHED: 19:35 GMT, 7 November 2017 | UPDATED: 00:53 GMT, 8 November 2017

"Prince Charles lobbied to alter climate change policy after his estate secretly invested £86,000 in an offshore firm that would benefit from a rule change, Paradise Papers reveal
  • Duchy of Cornwall bought the stake in Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd
  • Prince campaigned for change weeks after SFM sent lobbying documents to him
  • Duchy bought shares in SFM in 2007 and sold them a year later for $325,000"

5. Petrodollar replaced by Geoengineering-Dollars

More and more the global monetary system is secured by formerly "common goods", which were free for everyone: the air to breathe, the sunlight, the rain-water, the weather, the climate, the international seas, the empty deserts etc. Everything has become a tradeable, insurable commodity.

The key for energy production is now water, because for Nuclear Fracking & Hydraulic Fracturing of oil and gas clear water has to be brought to the underground of deserts and seabeds.

If You are not aware of control on global water cycle by ClimateControl, just look at the facts on the ground!

Coordinates of WATER THEFT!

Saudi water pipelines (thousands of kilometers) & dams (at least 230) & CO2 gasification!

Weather certificates provide affordable risk management
Grain Brokers Australia14 May 2019, 8:02 a.m.

"Given this recent history, and expectations that the frequency and intensity of such events will increase with climate change, it is becoming increasingly important for farmers to proactively manage weather and climate risks in order to farm sustainably and protect their livelihoods."

"Droughts, floods, cyclones, hurricanes, bushfires, heat waves, freezes, wind, frost and localised thunderstorms are some of the challenges facing agricultural production and food security in the world today. Local variables such as latitude, elevation, and proximity to water also have a significant influence on the weather and climate at individual locations."

"They are basically financial options that can be used to transfer some of the risks associated with weather variability away from the grain producer and local community and onto financial organisations that specialise in managing and trading risk and have the balance sheet capacity to absorb any loss."

"Grain Weather Certificates allow the buyer to establish their weather risk versus their input investment and potential returns relative to the growing season. They can provide income protection against weather conditions such as a dry season, a wet season, temperature extremes such as frost at flowering, extreme heat at critical stages of crop growth, hail or excessive rainfall at harvest."

"One of the big advantages of weather certificates is that they can be tailored to meet the individual growers' risks and requirements in the course of a season. Conversely, crop insurance is a generic product that doesn't consider individual needs or geographic anomalies. Insurance tends to cover low-probability, catastrophic weather whereas derivatives can cover the buyer for higher-probability region-specific events."

"For example, a grower may wish to protect against an abnormally dry season. The weather certificate would payout if the in crop rainfall was below a pre-specified amount over a pre-specified time period. On the flip side, a farmer may wish to protect against the possibility of quality downgrading at harvest due to rain. The weather derivative would payout if rainfall was above a pre-specified amount over a pre-specified time period."

"With the incidence of extreme weather events increasing and margins getting squeezed by rising input costs, farmers need to look at all options available to decrease exposure to the most significant risk they face each season. Weather certificates provide a transparent, easy and cost-effective option to help Australian grain growers protect their livelihood against the vagaries of climate variability and extremes."

Weather Certificates and their use to mitigate adverse weather conditions
Jonathan Barratt, CelsiusPro Pty Ltd., Level 14, 309 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000.


Weather Certificates are being used in a variety of industries to help mitigate the risks of adverse weather. Online functionality and a greater understanding of the risks have allowed the development on use of weather certificates for all businesses and not just traditional high end users. In Agriculture the mitigation of weather risk is paramount to a successful year, anecdotal evidence suggest that weather accounts for 70% of the risk associated with growing a crop. The examples above tin the use of Weather Certificates to offset downgrade exposures have already successfully been used throughout the parts of the pilot program in the northwest region. The use of Weather Certificates in conjunction with an agronomist’s analysis of the farmer’s soil and moisture profiles should provide the basis of a reduction in risk not only for the farmers but traditional stakeholders in the agricultural society.

Most of the material is of a propriety basis."

Risk certificates could be a farming hit
18 Dec 2018, 5:30 a.m.

"Mostly used in Europe, the weather risk certificates are backed by large underwriting companies that traditionally have always covered large amounts, usually in the millions of dollars."

"Traditionally these risk certificates have been a too expensive proposition for farmers to entertain entering into."

"GrainBrokers Australia is introducing weather risk protection certificates into the Australian market and its business development manager David Syme said in the past 18 months, cover amounts have reduced significantly, opening a window for cereal growers in Australia."

An introduction to weather and climate derivatives
John E. Thornes University of Birmingham

"The weather derivatives market has grown from being virtually non-existent in 1997 (Price Waterhouse Coopers 2001) to an estimated $10 billion global market by 2002."

"Weather risk can be divided into two broad categories (Keller 2002) ± `extreme events’ and `regional climate anomalies’. Extreme events such as floods, hurricanes, windstorms and hailstorms are often referred to as `catastrophes’ , and traditionally the insurance market handles these high-risk low-probability events. Catastrophes usually wreak their havoc in a few hours or, at most, a few days."

Why trading water futures could be in our future

"Water is the one natural resource required to sustain all life on the planet, making it already the most important commodity on Earth."

"Although it has been fought over, sold, diverted, dammed, claimed by governments and overseen by authorities, Wall Street has never really gotten its hands in it the way it has with, say, oil."

"Looking ahead into the next quarter century, clean drinkable water is expected to become more scarce as the human population grows and climate change shifts the shorelines and weather patterns."

Thailand looking to hedge flooding with water-level or rainfall derivatives

"Thailand’s Securities & Exchange Commission may look to weather derivatives as a mechanism to allow investors to hedge the risks of disasters like this years record floods. According to Bloomberg, the Thai regulator is exploring the possibility of bringing water derivatives or rainfall derivatives to market to enable away for protection to be bought and sold to hedge the impacts of future flooding."

Why trading water futures could be in our future
Patti Domm

"Water is the one natural resource required to sustain all life on the planet, making it already the most important commodity on Earth.

Although it has been fought over, sold, diverted, dammed, claimed by governments and overseen by authorities, Wall Street has never really gotten its hands in it the way it has with, say, oil.

Looking ahead into the next quarter century, clean drinkable water is expected to become more scarce as the human population grows and climate change shifts the shorelines and weather patterns.

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