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HAARP waves!

Before doing anything else, please keep Your old analogue radios or buy some old ones.

The HAARP activity is visible in the skies bur it is also audible!

The "digitalization of radio" is made to free most frequencies and use them for HAARP!






Now some words about (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) HAARP.

Official goal of HAARP was to investigate the Ionosphere by directing high-frequency radio waves to this layer of the atmosphere. Under the motto, "we just heat the Ionosphere, let's see what happens next".

The Ionosphere can be imagined as a highly positively charged cloud that cannot discharge onto the negatively charged Earth surface under natural conditions, because the Stratosphere and Troposphere as neutral, non-conductive layers prevent this.

What damage could be done if these highly strained cloud (Ionosphere) would get a line to the earth's crust? Can you imagine a discharge of the Ionosphere?

The application of high-frequency radio waves in the Troposphere and the Tropopause for Climate Engineering may have a different name, but because of fame and grip the acronym HAARP is used also in this Blog.

Geoengineering is just another extended, upside down method of agriculture or "mining" and the methods can be described with agricultural or artisanal analogies.

What is the plow for the field, the wooden spoon for soup or comb for wool, that is HAARP for Climate-Engineering.

To prevent the sprayed condensation nuclei from clumping too fast & forming large ice crystals and raining down too early, the resulting chemtrail carpet must be systematically trimmed. Trimming can be observed very well in the first few seconds. The trimmed sky area appears as sharp ripping, bent, successive narrow shafts.

In addition of directly trimming the the sprayed dust and aerosoles, layers of troposphere are heated to uplift the humidity into the upper troposphere by accelerating the diffusion! So they mainly heat layers of troposphere not the ionosphere! Or let us say they "ionize" the the troposphere!

That doesn't exclude the use of the same equipment for trimming the Ionosphere to modify (improve or worsen) the radio communication.

Thus it transmits better!: US-Plasma-Bombs shall "polish" the skies!

More background knowledge and HAARP as a weapon:


Ataque HAARP en Haití para reducir la población

El Niño, Lan Niña machine!
Jicamarca-Perú y las antenas Haarp de las que nadie habla via @estelaquimica

EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association)
"EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association) operates three incoherent scatter radarsystems, at 224 MHz, 931 MHz in Northern Scandinaviaand one at 500 MHz on Svalbard, used to study the interaction between the Sun and the Earth as revealed by disturbances in the ionosphere and magnetosphere. At the Ramfjordmoen facility (near Tromsø, Norway), it also operates an ionospheric heater facility, similar toHAARP."

Wie Haarp und Überwachungstechnik wirklich funtioniert!

Fünf neue HAARP Anlagen im Bau! Norwegen schaltet den UKW-Funk ab - wahre Hintergründe (Video)
[Five new HAARP sites in consruction! Norway disables he UKW radio frequencies - real background (video)]

The digitalization of  communication, the "release" of UKW frequencies is made to reserve the high frequencies for the tropospheric radiation, lifting and management of global water cycle.

They use the thermal heat during night and day, but they lift the water layers also by high-frequency radio waves and hyper sonar in to the upper troposphere!

The UKW radios will be forbidden soon!

Observe the radio frequencies!
It cannot be hidden, as log as You have a analoge radio!

Benjamin Adams‎ an Werner Altnickel - Globale Vergiftung durch Chemtrails & HAARP
14 Std. · Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands ·

"HAARP-chase after the heavy storms of yesterday! The frequency disturbances are normal, as the energy of the storm cells disturb the radio waves.

My current conclusion after many frequency analyses: The frequencies are changing steadily, senders come and go. Some frequencies bear a pesky heavy buzzing. The work is done target oriented and tailored according the need. As it could be expected, there is a high sending activity. I am not surprised when look at the radar images of Weather Pro App.

The Puzzle is assembling. People, compare maps, look for locations which fit with the HAARP emission sites on the maps, check Your short wave receivers

Meanwhile they do so obviously, that we may catch them at their balls!"

Weather management is done by a NEXRAD radar network in the USA.

NEXRAD and TDWR Radar Locations

Similar to the NEXRAD network in the USA, Europe has an own weather radar network operating in the C, S and X band, mostly doppler!

Dynamic map of OPERA (Operational Programme for the Exchange of Weather Radar Information)

Ralf Zerbe "The case with the.. pulsing ..of the waves is quite possible, as I already said, the the impact of the HAARP facilities cannot be limited only on the cloud formations and the driving of them as well as the heating of the ionosophere.

I know that it may sound unimaginable for many people but HAARP is an all-purpose weapon. It serves also as an defense shield of communication and as a weapon against all biology and it is also used for transmission of thought with specific frequencies, therefore mass manipulation is possible.

Some may now believe...
That the guy has become confused.
Unfortunately not.... I cannot believe it but I have read it by myself in a PDF about HAARP ... The patent.
Because of that I was a little bit reclusive to recover myself, because it is sheer unbelievable.

Many people claim about headache or indisposition and other impact. The human being is a very sensitiv creature and reacts in different ways on variations as well as fast changing temperatures and changing air pressure or even frequencies and waves.
The question arising for me, which cannot be ignored ..
Is that the reason why the people are sleeping and cannot see or don't want to see, because they are manipulated by the radio and tv and the many senders and sending tower facilities?"

"The system and its functionality have been made highly sophisticated now and it is possible to install it into many gadgets, which is shown in some drawings. But first the concerned wave form."

"These gadgets can be installed in several ways. Both on vehicles, satellites and also on helicopters or high poles etc. On this schematic drawing it is clearly visible that these waves or their pulsing can also .. CROSS .. buildings if they are powerful enough."

X-Band Radar Systems....(aka quake-makers)
Gina Gross‎ an Geoengineering Watch California

The Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) is a floating, self-propelled, mobile radar station designed to operate in high winds and heavy seas. It is part of the U.S. Defense Department Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMD) and is mounted on a fifth generation CS-50 twin-hulled semi-submersible drilling rig. Conversion of the vessel was carried out at the AmFELS yard in Brownsville, Texas; the radar mount was built and mounted on the vessel at the Kiewit yard in Ingleside, Texas, near Corpus Christi. It is meant to be based at Adak Island in Alaska but can roam across the ocean to detect incoming ballistic missiles.…/…/satellite-radar-interfe…

Most SAR satellites operate with C-band wavelengths, but in the last decade X-band and L-band systems have been launched as well. Knowing both the wavelength and the baselines between SAR image acquisitions is important for using InSAR and interpreting the results, as will be explained further on in this article.

It is creating such structures!

NEXRAD Pulsing!

Gina Gross Key Facts/Features of SBX-1:

- The SBX-1 serves as the largest and most sophisticated phased array electro-mechanically steered X-band radar in the world. Steering electronically within its field of coverage and mechanically in azimuth and elevation allows the radar to track a full 360 degrees in azimuth and about 90 degrees in elevation from near the horizon to the zenith. As a result, the radar can track objects as they fly toward, over, and away from the vessel.

- Approximately 45,000 transmit/receive modules in the radar operate together to form the radar beam, which is capable of seeing an object the size of a baseball at a distance of 2,500 miles. Each module consists of the final transmit stage and initial receive stage from each antenna element. The radar also uses 69,632 multi-sectional circuits to transmit, receive, and amplify signals.

- The SBX-1, which is capable of traveling 9 knots under its own power, measures 240 feet wide, 390 feet long, and 280 feet high from its keel to the top of the radar dome (radome).

- Air pressure alone supports the radome that surrounds the radar. The radome weighs 18,000 pounds, stands more than 103 feet high, and measures 120 feet in diameter. Moreover, the high-tech synthetic fabric allows the radome to withstand winds in excess of 130 miles per hour.

- The SBX-1 crew includes approximately 86 officers, civilians, and contractor personnel to carry out its mission.

- In addition to the inherent stability of the vessel, the radar itself provides electronic stabilization of the radar beam to continue mission operations as the vessel responds to changing sea conditions.

- The marine diesel fuel capacity of the SBX-1 is 1.8 million gallons.

- As the principle midcourse sensor for the BMDS, the radar’s major functions are cued search, precision tracking, object discrimination, and providing a missile kill assessment. The In-flight Interceptor Communication System Data Terminal communicates instructions from the GMD Fire Control

So we recognize, that the climatecontrol is always interwoven with the military use!

Can HAARP manipulate storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes?

Hurricane Maria is not "spinning", it is SPINNED!

You can observe how the storm is whirled with HAARP waves!

05.10.2014 14:49, fresh Chemtrail in the middle.
05.10.2014 12:45,, the sky was covered, it is not visible here but chemtrail sprayer flew over it.

05.10.2014 14:49, beneath the cumuli (ca 2km), above the chemtrail cover (ca. 7km) with fresh trails and on the right half of the image, clearly visible HAARP waves.
05.10.2014 14:49, beneath the cumuli, above the thin chemtrail cover. By warming the area beneath the chemtrail border the cummuli will be dissolved.
05.10.2014 19:15, another view on the chemtrail cover.

05.10.2014 19:15, here the HAARP waves are fresh & clearly visible.

05.10.2014 19:15, also with clearly visible HAARP waves.
05.10.2014 19:16, the chemtrail cover above the thermal clouds is nearly completed is is strengthened by further spraying of aerosol dust.
05.10.2014 19:16, the sprayed sky with the remaining view of HAARP waves on the right side.

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