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What is Climate Control? Who does it, who benefits & who is harmed?

This article explains climate control by asking and answering questions.
  1. What is climate control?
  2. Why is climate control applied?
  3. How is climate control implemented in the upper half of the troposphere?
  4. How climate control is implemented in the lower layer of the troposphere?
  5. How is climate control implemented in the stratosphere?
  6. How is climate control implemented in the orbit?
  7. Who implements climate control?
  8. Since when climate control is applied?
  9. Who benefits from climate control?
  10. Who gets hurt by climate control?
  11. Why people are not aware of Climate Control?
  12. Articles and resources

1. What is climate control? 

Climate Control consists of methods of monitoring and changing the short-term weather and long-term climate using engineering means in the layers of the Earth's atmosphere and in orbit. These practices cause unnatural climate change which is definitely "man-made."
Climate control determines where it is allowed to rain and where not. The application of climate control can be observed daily.

Climate Control is the original wording for what is promoted as "Climate Engineering" to "save the climate".

2. Why is climate control applied?

The goal of climate control is the control and management of the global water cycle for military and commercial purposes.

Climate Control damages the enemy's infrastructure and economy with prolonged droughts and weather catastrophes. Regions will be flooded or dried up and people starved by destruction of agriculture!

With climate control, more precipitation is brought to airspace of allies, providing the necessary water for agriculture, fracking of oil, gas and other industries.

Water supply is the basis of food and energy production!

3. How is climate control implemented in the upper half of the troposphere?

The troposphere, which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere, reaches up to 12 km above the ground (8 km at the poles, up to 18 km at the equator). It contains 80% of the mass of the whole atmosphere and 99% of all atmospheric water.

The upper half of the troposphere reaches from 6 km to 12 km on average.

Here, climate control is basically done by blowing and spreading fine dust particles and creating layers of artificial polluted clouds. This dust dispersal starts from 5 km altitude and reaches up to the the upper limit of the troposphere at 12 km. By spraying layers of fine dust particles, more water than natural is drawn upwards and carried away by the wind streams.

For example, the natural rain over California is prevented, but artificially increased on New Mexico and Texas, or the rain that should fall in the mountains of Europe or Turkey falls on Arabia.

These dust and artificial clouds are trimmed by powerful radar systems generating high-frequency radio beams and hyper-sound waves, so that the maximum amount of water is accumulated and prevented from undesired precipitation. The trimming can be observed by the sharp ribbing on the aerosol cover.

4. How is climate control implemented in the lower layer of the troposphere?

The lower layer of the troposphere reaches an average of 6 km above ground and sea level. Below the height of 2 km, artificial wind and water hoses are generated from the seas and lakes by using weather drones, and water is sucked up to form artificial clouds.

In order to prevent the unwanted precipitation of the accumulated water-laden clouds on the field, these clouds are pulled to higher altitudes with the same method.

The vehicles used for this are similar to multi-copter drones. A few small jet turbines are used to create the thrust, where the main exhaust air is directed to rapidly rotate the large air-fan in the center of the vehicle. This fan, with its rapid cycle, forms the wind hose. Therefore, small and large water-wind hoses and storms are observed very frequently in climate controlled areas.

Here is a historical documentary about the development of these weather drones.

Avrocar Continuation Test Program and Terrain Test Program, 06/01/1960 - 06/14/1961
Apr 3, 2014

This is what the weather drones that are active today look like.

Real or Fake? Detailed UFO Flyover

When the weather drones are sighted, they are misinterpreted and deliberately embellished as "UFOs", since their flight style differs significantly from airplanes and helicopters. They can hover at the point and fly in all directions, but are larger than a combat helicopter.

The implementation is observed worldwide, but there is usually a lack of knowledge about the background.

Very violent storms in the Kasserine region, Tunisia
Sep 5, 2021

Other examples can be found by searching "waterspout" and "tornado".

When I commented for following tweet about huge tornadoes in China:

China is testing its own weather warfare drones! No UFOs, aliens & spirit, but Weather Drones & Mind Control!

A critique of my statements told and I answered:

"And they can create a tornado - yes? I'd love to know how! ;)"

It is not so complicated. The important driving component is the huge fan at the center of such drones. They are turned very fast to create a concentrated air whirl, which results in spouts. By combination of a few such drone made spouts forms a tornado or storm of any size.

"You would need an enormous fan to transport the volume of air required to form a supercell and major tornado! Just don’t bother trying to pass this crap on!"

No, the main force comes by thermal force and natural winds. The thermal and winds are first enhanced by building ozone holes for higher UVB entrance. The drones with central fans serve only as leverage. Not only one but many of such drones can bu combined to build a huge storm.  

5. How is climate control implemented in the stratosphere?

The stratosphere extends from 20 km to 50 km in altitude. The lowest part of the stratosphere up to 30 km is the ozone layer.

As a climate control measure, buildup of ozone is prevented during the day by spraying chlorine gases, e.g. DiChlorMethan, into the ozone layer at night with rockets. This creates ozone holes where ultraviolet B rays are no longer blocked but travel through the entire column of air down to the Earth's surface, creating heat waves.

With this excess solar energy, more water is evaporated from the oceans and drawn into the upper half of the troposphere, where it is carried away by the wind to target areas.

The so called "global warming" is made by punching ozone holes with chlorine, but this does not cause a global warming, but only a vertical and horizontal shifting of temperature and humidity.

This is the view of a rocket spraying chlorine in the night.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch (Anaheim, Ca)
Dec 23, 2017

6. How is climate control implemented in the orbit?

With orbiting satellites, wind and moisture currents in the entire troposphere are monitored, and the radars, dust-scattering planes and climate drones are orchestrated.

There are also preparations to direct more solar energy to the desired target regions of the world, by using large mirrors to be placed in orbit. The science fiction movie that best illustrates this is "Geostorm".

With knowledge about Climate Control, it becomes clear that none of this is fiction. The sole purpose of this film is to promote the need for these technologies. It also shows that they are a very powerful weapon system.

7. Who implements climate control?

The only country that can enforce global climate control is the United States. The globalization of climate control is happening via the legalization of the Paris Climate Agreement. Large states like India are cooperating with the US and others like China, Russia and Iran are defending their airspace using the same methods.

Whether for military attack, commercial water shifting or for defense, climate control is actually practiced worldwide. It looks the same everywhere, creating a perception of the "new normal".

8. Since when is climate control applied?

Artificial weather warfare was used during World War I and World War II and continued to be developed thereafter.

From 1960 onwards, new climate control methods were introduced in the USA and spread to allied regions where USA dominated the airspaces until the 1980s.

Since 1965, climate control has been promoted as man-made global warming and climate change to the global public.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, larger airspaces in Central-East Europe and East Africa came under US control and thus the globalization of climate control was accelerated.

The essence of globalization is climate control, because climate cannot be restricted into state borders.

9. Who benefits from climate control?

Climate control benefits the powers who get to own the water cycle and other beneficiaries are the states which depend on water supplies. In this sense, the US and Arabia are the main beneficiaries because they channel the necessary amount of water into dry and desert areas and use it for agriculture, oil and gas fracking and other industries.

It is no longer possible to produce oil, gas and condensate without securing the supply of large amounts of water. When water replenishment is provided, there is no limit for the production by Nuclear Fracking & Hydraulic Pressing.

10. Who suffers from climate control?

As tons of fine and toxic dust are blown out to control climate, the intensity of sunlight is either unnaturally increased or decreased, leading to regional and temporary excess of CO2 and lack of O2 (oxygen). Storms, floods and droughts are also caused. Consequently, humans and all living beings are harmed in many ways.

There is more moral, material and economic damage in regions subjected to military attack through climate control, but since the balance of nature is disrupted, in principle, damage and loss occurs wherever climate control is carried out, whether the target is military or economic benefit.  

When people have to migrate to escape drought and famine caused by climate control, they are derided as "climate refugees."

Klimafluch und Klimaflucht - Massenmigration Doku (2019)
Jan 12, 2022

The disasters caused by climate control and nuclear underground atomic bomb explosions are not natural, they are GEOPHYSICAL WAR attacks!
Either flood or drought,
either storm or fire,
Turkey, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Russia and many other countries are exposed to geophysical attacks. The only ones who can seriously defend themselves and even respond with the same methods are Russia and partly Iran. The most basic defense method is to not allow enemy air control aircraft and drones to enter and operate in own airspace, and to block them if they enter without permission. Attacks made from outside the border with strong radar signals can only be retaliated with equally powerful radar systems. Of course, it is also possible to eliminate fixed and mobile systems by damaging them with sabotage.
In NATO states and all states that cooperate with NATO, climate control in the airspace and underground nuclear detonations are permitted to achieve strategic goals and protect strategic interests.
States that do not allow or pose an obstacle, such as Libya, Somalia and Yemen, are destroyed and thus their airspace falls into the hands of NATO. When we say NATO, this actually means the USA, because the USA is the only power that performs climate control in these airspaces and nuclear explosions underground! Any state that poses an obstacle will be abolished through military, economic, financial, geophysical, biological, psychological and sociological attacks.

11. Why people are not aware of Climate Control?

At least since 1965 with the release of the report "Restoring of the Quality of Our Environment" by a commission under the auspices of President Lyndon B. Johnson, huge propaganda efforts are made to distract the people from the ongoing climate control.

The whole discussion is reduced on to the symptoms, summed up as "climate change". Instead of true scientific explanation, pseudo-scientific lies are spread by fake scientists and controlled media.

Correlating changes through Climate Control are stylized as the cause. False statistics are created by "adjusted" raw data and selective measurements, which are repeated globally by the mass media as the results of supposedly scientific studies.

Most people have no idea about science and meteorology. They "believe in science" as they would fanatically believe in a religious concept, without being able to question the veracity of the narratives. As everything in this frame consists of pseudo-scientific lies, always the opposite of what proclaimed is the truth!

The drought, as well as the floods are blamed on "climate change", but no one asks, why more water is available for Nuclear Fracking & Hydraulic Pressing of oil and gas and industrial desert farming.

Climate change increasing chance of 'mega storm' in California, scientists say
Sep 7, 2022

Texas declares state of emergency amid severe flooding
Aug 24, 2022

12. Articles and resources

To delve deeper, please read these articles and documents.

The full transcript of the key document about climate control is in this article:

CIA, 1960, Memorandum for : General Charles P. Cabell, Subject: Climate Control

The key document for propaganda about "global warming and protection of the environment" is in this article:

How the Geoengineering Scam began in 1965 by turning Geophysical Warfare into "Protection of Environment"! LBJ, JFK!
"Restoring the Quality of Our Environment!"

Articles explaining the creation of heat waves by depletion of the ozone layer:

Heat waves are feasible at any time by ordering ozone holes! Climate Control!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Articles explaining the military dominance on the water cycle:

Why Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, USA, UK & France are attacking Syria Yemen & Iraq?

Somalia in Focus of ClimateControl! Tropospheric water bridge of ClimateControl!

The pivotal importance of Yemeni airspace for #water transfer to Saudi Arabia! ClimateControl hub Yemen!

Evidence on the ground:

Coordinates of WATER THEFT!

Saudi water pipelines (thousands of kilometers) & dams (at least 230) & CO2 gasification!

Auxiliary spillway? Arabian soil washed away!

ELEPHANT in the room is SRM for water theft! Extreme weather!

No UFOs! Desalination of Water by thermally geoengineered lower tropospheric Centrifuges (Waterspouts, Tornadoes) | Solar Mirrors

Why the water of California is now in Nebraska New Mexico Texas & Arizona?

California has no water-rights!
Geoengineering: Abundant water!

All other questions will be answered in the blog. If a specific question arises, I will be happy to answer it in the comments section and refer to the relevant articles.

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