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Why are the Saudi attacking Syria Yemen and Iraq?

  1. Weather news from Arabia
  2. Meteorology
  3. Clouds
  4. Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management
  5. The Earth is heated intentionally!
  6. Such big fraud?
  7. SRM dangers and damages!
  8. Connected articles:

1. Weather News of Arabia

I recommend to all readers, before understanding anything to observe the weather of Arabia and the extreme precipitation there. Why is this peninsula, with one of the most dry deserts, is experiencing so many events of ball size hail, huge deadly floods, flash rains, super lightnings?

Why are the wild animals of Arabian Desert freezing to death?

Monster Hailstorm

What has changed in the climate? 

Did the climate wait for the breakdown of Soviet Union to change?

Is it, as we can listen on all media channels every day, that the global warming and climate change were caused by extreme rise of carbon dioxide (CO2) or doesn't this daily cry resemble a sellers praising of bad tomatoes on the market?

Who has what kind of a bad product?
What is disguised, what is sold?
Are there any damages and dangers and what kind of?

For more examples, please look at the following post and pages:

Before answering the questions, we need to dive into the basics of Meteorology. Breaking the walls of dumbness requires patience! Don't give up, resist! :-)

2. Meteorology

As we need for basic meteorologic knowledge I will go into some details now. Readers, don't break away as the knowledge You get has the decisive power in our current state about life and death, health and sickness, possession, downfall and buildup of states and loss of everything!
Let us begin with learning about the Atmosphere. When measured within the Temperate Climate Zone, the layers of Atmosphere consist of following estimated heights.

Troposphere -- 0km - 11km
Tropopause -- 12km - 20km
Stratosphere -- 21km - 49km
Stratopause -- 55km - 55km
Mesosphere -- 56km - 79km
Mesopause -- 80km - 85km
Thermosphere -- 86km - 489km
Thermopause -- 490km - 510km
Exosphere -- 511km - infinity

Concerning the ions the area of Mesosphere and Exosphere is also called Ionosphere.

All heights are for the Temperate Climate Zone!

Energized by sunlight and Earth's internal energy the near surface air is heated up, expands, rises upwards and cools without external interference. This movement is called "adiabatic cooling", the air cools by its own expansion.

Heated air can contain up to 4% humidity, which is equal to 100% relative humidity rate. The ability of air to carry humidity declines with lowering temperature. Cooling air begins to condensate the humidity at crossing 97% relative humidity rate and builds clouds and turns them to precipitation.

As visible above, 99% of Atmosphere consists of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Where is this assumed devil CO2? The heinous moster is hiding with the remaining 1%, but by reducing the 0.934% of Argon all trace gases get a share of only 0.066%.

So where is this dangerous Carbon Dioxide

Only 0.037% of Atmosphere are made of CO2. This is all CO2 blown out by animals, bacteria, sheep, cows, humans, insects, all fish, seals, whales in the oceans, the volcanic eruptions under the oceans and on land.

Ok, but is the share valuable of humanity? All dying and decaying bodies, living and breathing, weeping, sweating, burbing, eating and digesting, car and ship driving, plane flying, coal, gas, petrol and wood burning human share of Atmospheric CO2 is 0.0011%. Even the ants produce more CO2 than humanity.

Well, I hope You have understood that the total share of CO2 within the Atmosphere is very small and human contribution is negligible.

What is the impact of CO2? Doesn't it cause the global warming?

Is CO2 a magic gas, having impact without existence, coming out of nothing like a genie, frightening like a ghost?

Would it have an heating effect on Earth if it was accumulated somehow?

Did You ever question how CO2 comes into the Atmosphere? For example, could You imagine a break in electricity and You would need to burn a candle during the whole night? Clean burning candles consist of polyethylene. What would be the output if such a candle would be burned down?

Polyethylene consists of Carbon and Hydrogen chain molecules. By burning, these molecules are cracked and by bonding again with Oxygen two new molecules are built, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O).

Now I have question for You: Did CO2 and H2O create the heat or are they the remains of the cracked Polyethylene molecules, as the result of burning process?

Could the result of a process become its reason?

Don't You find it strange that this remaining material is made responsible for heating and particularly the smaller part? Who is duping You?

Similar to our sweating to cool our body, the surface of Earth evaporates water to carry the heat upwards and a small amount of CO2 is lifted with it. However the CO2 and H2O vapor are never the reason of heating, they are always the result!

By carrying the heat away from surface they cool it down! When water vapor condensates to clouds, the energy is released and at the end it escapes to the space. This is the self regulating climatisation of our Earth.

You should learn that H2O molecules have a specific weight of 0.598kg , compared to the much heavier CO2 molecules with 1.980kg specific weight. Therefore H2O can rise up to the borders of Troposphere and a little bit into the Tropopause but the CO2 molecules sink and accumulate near the surface. Thanks that property CO2 enables life on the surface of our Earth!

I am telling You, that the propaganda about global warming by CO2 is a lie and the opposite is the truth!

You need to find the truth by Yourself! Don't believe me or the scam designers. Verify and falsify all statements by Yourself.

FAQ about CO2!

3. The Clouds

The rising heated and humid air begins to condensate at ca. 2km height and by that releases the carried energy as heat radiation. If the humidity and condensation is strong enough the accumulated water falls back to the surface as rain. This is the main natural cycle of water.

The clouds formed by the condensation are called Cumulus and they can rise up to the height of 8km. Cumulus clouds have a clean white or grey color and have a clear bordering to the blue sky above.

Reminding Natural Skies without SRM

Second cloud type build over 6km height if fine dust particles of various natural sources are available. The vapor desublimates in crystalline form on this dust particles and builds ice clouds. Such clouds are named Cirrus. Please remember, without occurrence of fine dust particles Cirrus clouds cannot build. Whenever You see a Cirrus, You should question the source of the dust!


If the dust is found under 6km height, crystalline freezing cannot occur, because it is not cold enough, but dirty fluid droplets form dirty clouds, which resemble Cumulus clouds.


The climate of Earth is classified in climate cells along the turning wind streams. Within these cells, heat and humidity is exchanged between cold and warm regions.

4. Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management (TSRWM)

By naming it that way, it sounds like talking about the water delivery system of a town. Imagine a corporation would not get only the task to occupy and manage all the rivers and seas in a region but also the ...
  • sweat rising from bodies,
  • rain carrying wind streams,
  • even the ones above the Atlantic Ocean
  • alongside the West African and European coasts,
  • above Ireland, UK, Scandinavia, Central Europe,
  • Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Mediterranean Sea,
own the rights on this water, forbid and punish the unauthorized and unpaid usage!

If Your imagination doesn't suffice, please stop reading on for now, take a break for a few days, weeks or months, observe and think and come back reading if You like. Probably many of the readers are pulling the breaks by activating the brain stopper "conspiracy theory".

In the propaganda publications, which are disguised as "scientific studies" the mafiosi and their henchmen promote a method which is called "Solar Radiation Management" (SRM) for stopping the "heating" of the climate. They want to practice Geoengineering with SRM and other methods and organize Climate Conferences (CC) to prepare a legal ground for SRM, where the devote participants even get money for night live and the only heating places are the brothels of the red lights district. In 2016 the CC was in Paris (COP21) and after that over 170 states signed a climate agreement with a little help from ISIS in New York.

Attention! In SRM propaganda they never use the notion Troposphere but always claim to planning it for the Stratosphere, and also assert that it is not applied yet. You should learn a very important point about SRM!

SRM with artificial clouds is not applied in the Stratosphere, because it needs water, but there is no water and also not much air. 90% of air and 99% of water of Atmosphere is concentrated within the Troposphere. If we calculate also the water share of Tropopause nothing remains for the rest.

Talking about SRM in the Stratosphere servers only for obfuscation from ongoing implementation Water Management within the Troposphere .

5. The Earth is heated intentionally!

That does not mean, that they don't touch the stratosphere. They are intentionally depleting the ozone in the stratosphere to deliver more energetic radiation to evaporate and lift more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers!

Su idaresi, iklim değişimi, çöl tarımcılığı, depremler ve savaşlar birbirine bağlantılıdır.

Global Warming and Climate Change are invented to distract the people from ongoing crimes. Therefore all stories about them consists of lies and truth is always the opposite.

6. Such big fraud?

Maybe You start lamenting now "this is not possible, so many scientists, politicians, journalists cannot lie and keep it secret", so I repeat my statements: All of them are dumb or naive or traitors, liars, fraudsters. Don't believe anything or any one, use Your intelligence and understand the topic by Yourself! You don't have another choice. If You are too lazy for thinking, please go away, don't read my posts and annoy me.

I explained You the mechanism of Desublimation, the abrupt crystalline freezing of vapor on fine dust particles and told You that You have to question the source of dust whenever You observe the occurrence of Desublimation!

Why can we observe Desublimation trails behind some airplanes and the buildup of artificial Cirrus covers?

No UV-B, No VitaminD

Parallel to the observation airplanes creating such Cirrus covers, two new industries have been established in the USA, Arabia and some other regions.
  1. Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) of fossil oil and gas from 2km to 5km deep rock formations.
  2. Desert farming with Pivotal Irrigation!
Look at examples of both industries, applied in USA and Arabia!

Desert Fracking Desert Fracking

Desert Farming Desert Farming

Both industries mainly depend on huge amounts of clean sweet water! Without water delivery the production of fossil oil and gas would not be possible in Arabia. With legacy methods only up to 20% of reserves could be exploited within the last 100 years.

But how the water is delivered to Arabia?

Are You able to connect the dots? The Al-Saud clan is not fighting to promote the Wahabi ideology or any other religion and culture. They attack their neighbors to conquer the aerial water routes and the pipeline routes on the ground.

Sure they are not doing this alone, they have never been in a leading position, because the the rule of Al-Saud was created by the British Empire as terror tool against the Ottoman Empire and later they came under the control of USA based Empire which made the Wahabi Al-Saud a terror tool of the World.

A very strange coalition of united enemies! Domino effect!

7. SRM dangers and damages!

Sure, the first danger and damage coming to my mind is the ongoing war in Middle East, which is also reaching from Africa to Ukraine and Afghanistan. Millions of victims of death, exile, torture, material and mental damage.

This war on water and energy resources doesn't end there, rather we have to expect that global Corporatism/Fascism is getting its hands on global WATER and CARBON CYCLES!

Parallel to the implementation of TSRWM in our skies, the Project for a Greater Middle East (PGME) is applied on the ground, where Mr. Erdoğan claimed to be "co-chief" for himself. If these projects fail, all known global powers of economy, military, money, culture will be shifted and the Dollar Empire will break apart and vanish!

With successful resistance of Syria and the support of Iran and Russia the backbone USA based imperialism is breaking.

Putting the hot war aside, when SRM is applied, because of blocked sunlight and the intentional pollution of air with fine dust, what are the damages on environment and human health?

8. Connected articles:

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Reproach to the so-called scientists, journalists and political traitors who flatter the globalists!

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