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A way to peace for Yemen. Giving the USA & the Saudi what they urgently need. A tropospheric Water-Corridor!

  1. Wars are made on resources!
  2. Enhance delivery by wind!
  3. Deadlocked aggressors!
  4. Treaty for Geoengineering and pipeline corridor!
1. Wars are made on resources!

No war is done for no reason and the reason of any military attack is always a resource, which is existentially important for the aggressor and there is no other way to obtain it except by elimination of the current owner.
In the case of Yemen, many commonly understandable reasons are at hand like,
  • possibly hidden resources of oil and gas, which could be explored by nuclear fracking,
  • the control on the west side of the sea strait of Bab Al-Mandab, the entry of Red Sea,
  • a possible pipeline route from the east coast of Arabia to the Indian Ocean by evading the Strait of Hormuz or
  • any other minerals and elements like gold, silver or
whatever may be hidden under the mountains and deserts of Yemen.

But what about water?
Let the Saudi and Emirati pay for this water, 
that they don't need to rob it across the airspace of Yemen!

2. Enhance delivery by wind!

The natural wind streams, carrying a bit of humidity, precipitate on the highlands of Yemen and nearly no water rains over Arabia under natural conditions. That is the reason why Arabia consists of a desert.

Even if all natural water would be given to the Arabian Desert, that would not be enough to conduct large scale industrial farming and nuclear fracking of petrol and gas.

Why not enhance the water flow from Indian Ocean, across the airspace of Yemen down to the Arabian wadis by means of climate geoengineering (climate control)?

This year (autumn, winter of 2018) first time huge amounts of water could be carried across the flat corridor at the border region between Yemen and Oman. Look for the storm named MEKUNU to observe this by yourself.

Most water was formerly driven to another way. The buildup of the artificial waterspouts and storms began above the Indian Ocean, around the Yemeni island of Socotra and were steered along the coast of Yemen, through the strait of Bab Al-Mandab and brought to precipitation at the west coast of Arabia. The impact have been documented by many weather observers and people on the ground.



People of Jezan, Mekka, Medina, Riad, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere are documenting every day the ongoing climate geoengineering. The fracking and desert farming industries may profit from that water delivery, also the US Dollar system may see its way of survival in that, but the people on the ground are poisoned by the aerosol chemicals, their property is damaged and many drown and die in the floods.
3. Deadlocked aggressors!

The ruling people of Saudi Arabia and UAE are in a deadlock. The idea of getting as much water as required to go on and expand the oil and gas production and to build huge skyscraper towns and become global economic centers was too enticing. Factually the other choice was to become irrelevant and poor by reduced oil production.

The imperial USA had also no other choice but to persuade the Arabs oil dictators to allow oil and gas production by nuclear fracking. Without the bonding of oil trade on Dollar, the imperial infrastructure cannot be financed and kept alive a single day. This power of Petrodollar is eroding as more countries trade with alternative currencies like Euro and Yuan, but the US based empire has to struggle for the survival of its own global monetary system.

Which countries are dumping the dollar and why? Published time: 19 May, 2018 07:23

"The European Union is considering switching payments from the US dollar to the euro after Washington threatened to target European firms working in Iran, according to reports."
"At the same time, China's recent move to trade oil in yuan is seen as an initial step to challenging the dollar dominance"

"However, the expert noted that the international system will change dramatically. Rapid development of blockchain technology along with rooting of virtual currencies is reportedly set to bring about the changing process."

"The researcher highlighted that the recent impulse for dislodging the US currency is a symptom of a wider discontent with the rules of the dollar system, but is not a cure for the dollar problem."
4. Treaty Geoengineering and pipeline corridor!

Based on the existential importance of water delivery by climate geoengineering to Arabia for the imperial USA, the Saudis & the Emirates and the interest of the Yemeni people to end bombardment by the aggressors, a wind water route should let be rented to them for about 50 years or 99 years if they like to.

IMHO, no one should have an interest in abrupt breakdown of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and particularly of the USA. It is clear that the imperial time window for USA was closed at least by the defeat in Vietnam and since that time it is a growing costly struggle just to prolong the walking of the dead empire.

The empire should decease slowly, that the people of USA can reorganize their country without bloodsucking and abusing Military Financial Imperial Pervert Complex. The same applies for the people of Arabia, that they get time to form a better society and leadership without falling into a gruesome civil war.

This corridor should begin at coast of Indian Ocean, with a width of about 100 km on both sides of the border line between Yemen and Oman. The climate engineering corporations will be allowed to steer their artificial storms within this corridor and move the humidity to the Arabian territory.


The oil corporations will be allowed to build oil and gas pipelines from Emirates and Saudi Arabia to a port at the Yemeni and Omani coast at the starting point of the rented corridor.

The corporations in the consortium will have to pay a monthly rent to Oman and Yemen. The  price will be a multiple of the average oil and gas price per barrel.

In addition to that, the Saudi & Emirati will have to pay war reparations of many billion dollars for at least 10 years.

Any contamination of the environment have to be cleaned and nature rebuild by the corporations of the consortium.

The guarantees will have to be given by USA, Russia, Iran, China and India and all countries will keep observation teams along the geoengineering and pipeline corridor.

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