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Dose of terror, abusing solidarity spirit for climate agreement!

Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Brussels ... What comes next?

Freudian Slip of Tongue! Threat for Submission!

The right dose of terror and the right dose of propaganda is applied to reach the imperial goals.

A chivvy is organized to lead the sheeple into the gate or lemmings over the clips. It depends on the calculations of the imperial mafia!

Why are the assholes, brazenly declaring global genocide, not convicted, imprisoned and punished?

Why are the banksters playing concerned about climate and requiring global CO2-tax to blow the biggest finance bubble of mankind not questioned, convicted, imprisoned & punished.

You may assume that they are just good meaning people, which are truly concerned about the climate and not about profits! :-) :-)

But the illogical conjunction of the Paris-Attacks with the expected climate agreement is a clear indication of the intentions of the Climatology Sect. Some people thought Scientology, the Roman Catholic Church were the worst and the Jehovah's Witnesses or the Mormons were the nastiest, but this one is toppling them all!

Christoph Hörstel about „Terror Management“ @Vimeo

West needs do become an "ideal role model" again!
Der Westen muss wieder Vorbild sein

Terror lie of the West disclosed!
Terror-Lüge des Westens entlarvt

The Climatology Sect is designed like a religion, dangerous like the mafia!

A brazen threat, I am sure they mean it serious!

Do or Die: The Global Climate Summit in Paris
"World leaders at the U.N. climate conference are trying for the 21st time to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Here's how they can finally reach meaningful agreements"

I am honored to help out the big strategist Saker, who doesn't understand, why ISIS (DAESH) has attacked Paris :-)

"Frankly, I find none of the hypotheses above really convincing and that makes me nervous. The question which always haunts all analysts is “what am I missing” and, in this case, it also haunts me. I honestly cannot imagine that the Daesh leaders would sincerely believe that they can win the kind of “war against everybody” they apparently are determined to fight. I would hope that somebody with better understanding of Daesh, fluent in Arabic and well-versed in Takfiri literature would give us all the reply to this apparently simple question: what does Daesh really want? I will gladly admit that I have no idea. And that worries me a lot."

Dear Saker, not ISIS is waging war against everybody but the Geoengineering Mafia! You don't need to know Arabic and listen to DAESH! Listen to the well known objects like CIA, USA, NSA, MOSSAD etc. They are the brain of DAESH! 

Please have little pity with them :-), they are defending an already dead Empire, not listening to the wisdom of Dakota: "When You recognize, that You are riding a dead horse, than get off!"

They know that their scam cannot be verified by real science, but by bribing everyone, by fighting costly wars, by appliance of rightly dosed terror, to "shock & awe" the participants of COP21, they hope to have more success!

Be careful, if they feel it was not enough, more places in Europe and elsewhere may be attacked by imperially designed "lunatic Islamist terrorists"!

Let them Speak!

Now let us listen to the argumentation of the presstitutes, scientitutes, politutes, sheeple believers and devote subjects of Climatology Sect. They are not hiding their pervert intentions.

Climate change: Can a wounded Paris deliver for the planet?

"I think there will be a sense of duty for Paris to be a success," says Environment Minister Greg Hunt, who will attend the first week of the talks."

"But I think that strong sense of duty might even be heightened because people won't want Paris to have a failure on top of a tragedy."

Following one is very funny! :-) In Copenhagen, 2009 it was a very hard winter outside, when they were lamenting about globalwarming! :-)

The only hot places were the brothels of Copenhagen, where the participants could spend their bribe money! :-) 

"Despite this sentiment, a deal won't come easily. To be successful, world leaders, ministers and negotiators from 196 countries will have to shrug off years of false starts, weak compromises and bitter divisions that have marred the United Nations climate negotiations. The memory of the deeply flawed Copenhagen summit of 2009 – when sky-high expectations yielded far more division than agreement – lingers."

"For the first time, the world is trying to craft an agreement that requires all countries to take action and is durable enough to be built on in the decades ahead."

Here it comes its hypocrite religious character, very similar to the Roman Catholic Church, talking about the poorest, but drinking Champagne and jet-setting all over the world!

" while also delivering billions of dollars in climate funding to help the poorest nations.The United Nations reported $270 billion was invested globally in renewable energy last year – up from $45 billion a decade before."

This one shows another element of religion, FEAR, but it also discloses a slight piece of finance bubble!

"In 10 years, the investment community has built the tools they need to consider carbon risk, they have embedded it in decisions. That's got them engaged in the policy process and that's accelerated the technology disruption," says Emma Herd, head of the Investor Group on Climate Change, which represents Australian firms managing $1 trillion in funds.

Herd says since Copenhagen the UN talks have moved from being negotiations for an environmental agreement to being negotiations for an economic deal with environmental outcomes."

Chinese are not dumb, they let the naked king believe he is well dressed! :-)

"The most famous of these has been between China and the US, sometimes described as the G2."

Again the profound lie about globalwarming and idiotic speculations about rising temperature (maybe also rising sea levels)! I cannot stop to laugh, when I am reading the temperature acrobatics.

"Assessments suggest that, even if they are all met, global warming would at best still be 2.7 degrees above pre-industrial levels.
That's better than the more than four degrees of warming the world projected by the end of the century under current emissions trajectories, but well short of the globally agreed target of less than two degrees. Two degrees is the threshold scientists (scientiputas) say gives the world a shot at avoiding the worst impacts of climate change – for example, the total collapse of ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland."

How sad, the Climatology Sect cannot roll out the torture tools of inquisition! :-)

"If the planet has any chance of meeting that goal, a Paris deal will need to encourage countries to do more over time. But hard penalties for those dragging their feet are not on the table."

But the gating in seems to be a reachable target and the buildup of a new bureaucratic water head of "controllers"!

"The first is that there will be no backsliding – countries can only raise their ambition. The second is that there are regular reviews of targets. While these reviews may not compel a country to lift its goal, nations would have to justify their decisions, exposing them to international peer pressure. Debate remains among countries about how often these reviews should occur.Hunt says Australia is pushing to have a review in 2020 and then every five years."

Here it gets really criminal! Does these crooks know, what the consequences of "decarbonisation" would mean on life

Never allow idiots to any important position!

"Another lingering issue is how to express the long-term ambition. There are a range of suggestions, from "decarbonisation" and a "carbon neutral future" to less ambitious versions."

More indication of CO2 finance bubble!

"They have already agreed to deliver $100 billion a year by 2020 from public (read: government aid) and private sources. But there is distrust among developing countries over whether this will be delivered, and increased after 2020. They want guarantees built into any agreement."

Best crime is made behind closed doors! We are experiencing it from TTIP & CETA deals! For COP21 the "terror" delivered the excuse!

Paris Climate Conference to Proceed with Heightened Security After Attacks

Paris climate summit still on
The COP21 gathering will happen, but with much tighter security.

Paris climate activities to be scaled back, even as official summit goes forward

Following article is more poetic and pathetic! It is like the lemmings calling "Where is the clip, we want jump over!".

Paris climate talks could be a light in the darkness of terror

"Out of the darkness of Friday night in Paris, may an ambitious and meaningful climate agreement - a positive and enduring light - shine forth."

Abuse of the Spirit of Global Solidarity

How The Paris Attacks Make A Global Climate Deal More Likely

They are not sure enough, if the attacks were enough!

"Andrew Steer, president of the World Resources Institute, said on a call with reporters on Wednesday that while there is no way to know for certain what the impact of the attacks will be on the Paris conference, the current spirit of global solidarity bodes well for cooperation."

But very optimistic, that this criminal scam will work like the last, bigger one!

“There is a degree of, sort of, solidarity internationally over [the attacks] that is not exactly unprecedented, but since 9/11, we haven’t seen anything quite like that,” Steer said. “It is really quite astonishing. It is absolutely amazing -- the desire to do something in common … If anything, it stiffens the spine in terms of determination to really” reach a long-term climate change deal."

"Bledsoe told Politico. “The likelihood for a successful agreement has only increased because of these attacks."

"Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, the body supervising the talks, hinted at similar optimism in a tweet, insisting that the attacks made the conference more relevant than ever. "
"The Paris conference “will be an important statement by the world that no one will interrupt the business of the global community – certainly not despicable, cowardly acts of terror,” Kerry said after meeting with French President François Hollande in Paris on Tuesday."

"“This is an absolutely essential step against climate change and of course it will take place,” Fabius said."

USA wants only the vassals to be bound legally by an agreement!

"Kerry sparked a public dispute with European leaders when he told the Financial Times on Nov. 11 that any international agreement emerging from the Paris conference would not be a “treaty” with “legally binding reduction targets.”"

No, the European vassal crooks have not the right perception of reality! Nobody is confused.

"Senior French and European Union officials insisted that the agreement would be legally binding. Fabius went so far as to say that Kerry was “confused.”"

Paris Attack Will Not Halt Global Climate Talks

She means scientiputas, presstitutes and politutes would create the illogical conjunktion with the attacks!

"Climate change leaders from around the world are applauding the French government’s decision to press on with a landmark U.N. conference in Paris at the end of the month, even in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks."

Two politutes creating the illogical conjunktion again!

"“COP 21 has to take place; otherwise, it would mean being weak and scared by terrorism, which would be for them an additional victory,” Pascal Canfin, France’s former minister of development, told ClimateWire.

Agreed Jeffrey Waheed, deputy permanent representative of the Maldives to the United Nations, “We cannot acquiesce to brutality. It is important that terror attacks don’t dissuade us from what’s most important to the international community.”"

Imagine the Earth is not a greenhouse but an open planet! :-)

"They are expected to culminate in a new international agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions and possibly put in place a system by which nearly 200 countries can regularly enact new and stronger climate targets."

The metamorphosis of a criminal lie into a critical win? :-) Big lies lose big!

"Meanwhile, the agreement itself is viewed as a critical political win for Hollande as well as Obama. Both leaders have expended massive amounts of political capital on the Paris agreement, raising the issue at nearly every bilateral meeting."
What does "ambassador" of a scam? He lies with conjunction!

“I can fully understand the reasons behind the decision,” said Jo Tyndall, New Zealand’s climate change ambassador. “This [COP 21] has been hugely important to France. Postponing it would send, I imagine, the sort of signal they would not want to send to those responsible for these attacks.”

Here is a collection of Climatology Sect propaganda!

Resisting in Peace
In the aftermath of #ParisAttacks, climate justice movements even more determined to protect life

CIA chief invokes Paris attack to justify breach of privacy

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