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What are mammatus clouds?

They are aerosol clouds. While natural clouds strive upward according to thermal lift and are flattened at the bottom of the colder air layer, these clouds strive downwards from a flat aerosol layer. In thermal terms, this means that the aerosol layer is heated, while the air layer below it is much cooler, so there is thermal downforce!

Mamatus TWG clouds!

This fact alone should be a source of suspicion.

After the fine particulate matter for aerosol formation is discharged reticulate, it is trimmed with high-frequency radio and hyper sound waves and uniformly distributed.

No UV-B, No VitaminD

As a result, the dust accumulates more moisture, dries its environment, and enhances diffusion from below so that this aerosol layer becomes ever thicker.

This shields the lower air layer from the sun so that it cools while the top of the aerosol cover heats up more in the sun.

The aerosol blanket expands downwards and when the heating reaches the lowest aerosol layer, this results in a thermal downforce into the direction of the cooled air layer under the aerosol blanket. The visible result are these weird, baggy clouds which are named "mamatus".

We can also call it "testicular clouds" to satisfy the feminists, because they are more like sacks. :-) However, they often have a nice smooth shape, so that "mamatus" or "bosom cloud" is suitable. You can also call them the "bosoms of horror", "poison bags" or "pestle bumps in the sky".

Some still have a stretched character, from their origin as chemtrails. This basic structure is often also recognizable on the saturated aerosol clouds, because these are produced by the deliberately dispersed fine dust along the flight paths.

The term chemtrails (chemical aerosol trails) is appropriate because they have to be clearly distinguished from pure contrails (condensation trails).

All these clouds serve the collection, control and shifting of vast amounts of water into areas where they are discharged as flash rain, super hail and snow, causing flash floodsstored in the ground and transported to the target areas via water pipelines and used for industrial agriculture and fracking of petrol and natural gas.

Monster Hailstorm

Please take a look at the embedded videos and satellite maps. The entire application can easily be observed. Much propaganda is being done to mentally blind the people!

Here you can see the huge dairy farms on the left and the industrial fields on the right!

In the following article more such examples can be found!

The water-poor and the water-rich!

It is easy to find even more locations, because the desert is full of them!

If you want to do something about it, you have to understand the whole process, all the physical mechanisms, all methods, to explain it to as many other people as possible.

We need a critical mass of enlightened people to transform this into a powerful social momentum, political resistance and pressure.

Stöbert bitte im Blog herum, fangt mit irgendeinem Artikel an und hangelt Euch von dort aus auf andere, die weitere spezifische Aspekte erläutern.

Please log in to the blog, start with any article, and jump from there to others, which explain further specific aspects.

As a good starting point, the following article could be recommended, where you get the initial document of the project for global climate control:

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!

Please help to enlighten other people.

The whole crime has global dimensions, terrible impact and it will get worse.

The Geoarchitektur blog and 
social network groups will provide you with all the questions and answers you need. You do not have to be surprised and afraid, but go to the matter with knowledge and insights.

This crime does not happen on a distant planet, a remote continent, an unknown country, but all over the world, but Europe is one of the worst affected areas because Europe is under two main wind-water streams towards North Africa and Arabia.

These are the main areas of water supply in this climate region!

Europe gets the refugees as "add on" for "cheap fuel" from Arabia and North Africa for free. This is the price for energy(in)security!

Please understand, that is the reason for the attack on Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. There were no "peaceful colored demonstrations and revolutions". These were organized. Colorful revolutions are cheaper than direct military attacks if the country is not yet broken. When chaos prevails, the military comes in the form of "secured air zones" and "islamist terrorists", which are all imperial mercenaries.

Wars are always waged for resources. The most important resource is the global water cycle, followed by the global carbon cycle!

Here is a proof of the hyper sound (sonar) application with visible impact on the surface of the sea. Seeing this, please always look up to the sky. The the hyper sound waves have a weakening effect on the body!

Here are the comparative view of natural cross waves!

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