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What are mammatus clouds?

Mammati are artificially triggered aerosol clouds.
They are one of the faces of geophysical warfare by methods of climate control!
Open your mind by closing all your knowledge gaps!
Your are attacked, poisoned and deprived of sunlight, water, oxygen & food!

  1. Preface
  2. Suspicious Burqa
  3. Water for Fracking and Farming
  4. Water Wars and Refugees
  5. Observe with Opened Mind
  6. Revealing Pseudo Science

1. Preface

Since the roll out of the control on global water cycle, a type of cloud have become not "rare" anymore. To make it "attractive feminine and motherly" sounding, it is named "mammatus cloud". Reading this article, you will learn why this is a practical application of Orwellian Newspeak, as a measure of Geoengineering propaganda.

Be aware!

Mammatus clouds are clear and hard EVIDENCE of CLIMATE ENGINEERING!
Naturally they would only be seen after volcanic eruptions with huge amounts of fine dust particles!

To avoid anyone missing the notion of "thermal inversion", let be said here that this turning the natural thermal conditions and temperature gradient within the troposphere upside down is the result of technical application for climate control.

For understanding the artificial conditions build by climate engineering, the mammatus clouds have to be investigated more deeply. I hope that my explanations will help to understand how and why these clouds are build. If any important point is missing, please read the linked articles and sources or write a question in the comment area.

2. Suspicious Burqa

Mammati are artificially triggered aerosol clouds. That means, fine dust is required as a foundation for them to be build. Their birth begins with chemtrails!

No UV-B, No VitaminD

While natural clouds strive upward according to thermal lift and are flattened at the bottom of the colder air layer, these clouds strive downwards from a flat aerosol layer. In thermal terms, this means that the aerosol layer is heated, while the air layer below is much cooler, there is thermal downforce ! This fact alone should be a reason for suspicion.

Mamatus TWG clouds!

After the fine particulate matter for aerosol formation is discharged reticulate, it is trimmed with high-frequency radio and hyper sound waves and uniformly distributed, that the Sun is hidden behind a aerosol burka. The marionettes of weather news grin into the camera and call them "veil clouds", which doesn't sound dangerous, but poisonous burqa clouds would be more accurate.

After the dispersion, the dust accumulates more moisture, dries its environment, and enhances diffusion from below so that this aerosol layer becomes ever thicker. It shields the lower air layer from the Sun that it cools while the top of the aerosol cover heats up more.

The aerosol blanket expands with higher pressure downwards and when the heating reaches the lowest aerosol layer, this results in a dynamic thermal downforce into the direction of the cooled, lower pressure air layer below. The visible result are these weird baggy cloud structures which are named "mammatus".

We can also call them "testicular clouds" to satisfy the feminists, because they are more like sacks. :-) However, they often have a nice smooth shape, so that "mammatus " or "bosom cloud" is suitable. You can also call them the "bosoms of horror", "poison bags" or "pestle bumps in the sky" to be more honestly descriptive.

Some still have a stretched character, from their origin as chemtrails . This basic structure is often also recognizable on the saturated aerosol clouds, because these are produced by the deliberately dispersed fine dust along the flight paths.

The term chemtrails (chemical aerosol trails) is appropriate because they have to be clearly distinguished from pure contrails (condensation trails).

3. Water for Fracking and Farming

All these clouds serve to collect, control and shiftvast amounts of water into areas where they are discharged as flash rain, super hail and snow, causing  flash floods,  stored in the ground and surface reservoirs and transported to the target areas via water pipelines and used for  industrial agriculture and nuclear fracking of petrol, gas and condensates.

Monster Hailstorm

Please take a look at the embedded videos and satellite maps. The entire application can easily be observed. Much propaganda is being done to mentally blind the people!

The density-related downforce of the fused fine dust can already be seen when the chemtrails are initially built. The heavier fine dust articles sink down, while the lighter and warmer water vapor pulls smoothly over them. 

Here you can see the huge dairy farms on the left and the industrial fields on the right!

In the following article more such examples can be found!

The water-poor and the water-rich!

It is easy to find even more locations, because the desert is full of them!

Coordinates of WATER THEFT!

4. Water Wars and Refugees

This crime does not happen on a distant planet, a remote continent, an unknown country, but all over the world. Europe is one of the worst affected areas because Europe is under two main wind-water streams towards North Africa and Arabia.

These are the main areas of water supply in this climate region!

Europe gets the refugees as "add on" for "cheap fuel" from Arabia and North Africa for free. Climate Insecurity is the price for energy(in)security!

Please understand, that is the reason for the attack on Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. There were no "peaceful colored demonstrations and revolutions", but methods of sociological warfare. Colorful revolutions are cheaper than direct military attacks if the country is not already broken. When chaos prevails, the military comes in the form of "secured air zones" and "Islamist terrorists", which are all imperial mercenaries.

Wars are always waged for resources. The most important resource is the global water cycle, followed by the global carbon cycle! Sunlight is mutated into a managable, tradable resource for controlling the global climate system.

5. Observe with Opened Mind

Only when You clean Your mind and close all Your knowledge gaps, You will become able to understand that You are attackedpoisoned and deprived of sunlight, oxygen, water, and food!

Here is a proof of the hyper sound (sonar) application with visible impact on the surface of the sea. Seeing this, please always look up to the sky. The the hyper sound waves have a weakening effect on the body!

Unfortunately the post on Facebook has been deleted.

Here are the comparative view of natural cross waves!

Kreuzwelle bzw. Kreuzsee

Fractal Storm Lapse with Mammatus Clouds

If you want to do something about it, you have to understand the whole process, all the physical mechanisms, all methods, to explain it to as many other people as possible.

We need a critical mass of enlightened people to transform this into a powerful social momentum, political resistance and pressure.

Please go to the blog, start with any article, and jump from there to others, which explain further specific aspects. As a good starting point, the following article could be recommended, where you get the initial document of the project for global climate control:

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!

Please help to enlighten other people.

The whole crime has global dimensions, terrible impact and it will get worse.

The Geoarchitektur blog and social network groups will provide you with all the questions and answers you need. You don't have to be surprised and afraid, but go to the matter with knowledge and insights.

6. Revealing Pseudo Science

A person on twitter who wanted to "make fun" of my "non-scientific" claims and disprove them by offering a "scientific" paper gave me following article.

I used it to show him, that he didn't read it and how this paper confirms everything I am writing in my articles, tweets, comments and other posts.

When I wrote my articles I did not expect anything from scientiputas, so my work is founded on basics of physics, thermodynamics, meteorology, climatology, chemistry, and biology.

Such propaganda papers are written by brainwashed idiots, who consider themselves as scientist only because they follow the rules of scientific publishing and someone gave them a "degree" in a "university". These people are definitely certified morons! I call them scientiputas to separate them from remaining real scientists.

Such  pseudo-scientific papers are more confusing than teaching anything, but I will happily dissect than one as it cannot distracti without revealing crucial truths which I clear up front!

What similarities can airplanes with volcanic eruptions have in common, apart from fine dust?

Because for the purposes of climate control of airplanes blow out fine dust consisting of white asbestos, fly ash and sulfur powder, which corresponds to the simulation of a volcanic eruption with fine dust!

Why aren't the Mammati connected to convection currents from the floor?

Because they only arise from the spreading of the fine dust and the formation of aerosol clouds in the middle and upper altitudes of the troposphere, i.e. completely in the wrong direction to natural cloud formation!

Why are the cumulus turrets different from the mammatus lobes?

Because a cumulus is the tip of a warm air current rising from the ground and growing into the cold air layer. On the other hand, a mammatus arises from aerosolation and crystallization on a dust layer above the cirrus border from a height of about 6 km. The heated aerosol cloud strives in the form of lobes by reverse convection into the colder air layer, because there is a negative pressure here.

Why can the amount of ice and ash in a mammatus vary greatly?

Clouds are dynamic structures. They cannot arise statically and remain unchanged. Mammatus and other phenomena of aerosolation begin with the application of dust and accumulation of the surrounding moisture through premature condensation and desublimation. However, they lose this moisture when heated, as they absorb more energy with increasing mass and lose it by sublimation and diffusion to the surrounding, drier air. That is the natural life cycle of any aerosol cloud. So rate of ice to ash depends on the moment of measurement and the available humidity in the air.

The Mysteries of Mammatus Clouds: Observations and Formation Mechanisms
David M. Schultz*,+, Katharine M. Kanak*, Jerry M. Straka#, Robert J. Trapp@, Brent A. Gordon&, Dusan S. Zrnić+, George H. Bryan**, Adam J. Durant++, Timothy J. Garrett##, Petra M. Klein#, and Douglas K. Lilly@@*Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

"Mammatus clouds are an intriguing enigma of atmospheric fluid dynamics and cloud physics. Most commonly observed on the underside of cumulonimbus anvils, mammatus also occur on the underside of cirrus, cirrocumulus, altocumulus, altostratus, and stratocumulus, as well as in contrails from jet aircraft and pyrocumulus ash clouds from volcanic eruptions."

"Sometimes they can penetrate quite deeply from the cloud base into the subcloud air"

"they are not directly related to significant weather events on the ground and they do not apparently hold insights into forecasting severe convective storms"

"Other issues addressed in this paper include whether mammatus are composed of ice or liquid water hydrometeors, why mammatus are smooth, what controls the temporal and spatial scales and organization of individual mammatus lobes, and what are the properties of volcanic ash clouds that produce mammatus?"

"Mammatus have even been observed in contrails from jet aircraft and clouds of volcanic ash."

"Mammatus in clouds of volcanic ash may challenge the notion whether moist processes are even required in some situations."

"Because clouds of volcanic ash are moist and optically thick (Fig. 1b, section 4g), this condition is likely satisfied for these situations. This argument raises the question: are mammatus ever seen extending from optically thin clouds?"

"First, what the thickness of the cloud was at the time any hypothesized downward penetrating thermal was initiated through radiative cooling is unknown. Second, the cloud may be thinner around the mammatus because of the descent of cloudy air from around the downward-penetrating lobe and the recirculation of drier air upward."

"What are the properties of volcanic ash clouds that produce mammatus?
As previously shown, mammatus can form in volcanic ash clouds. Only a few eruptions have documented such structures, however: Mount St. Helens on 18 May 1980 (e.g., Fig. 2h), Mount St. Augustine on 27–31 March 1986 (eruption pictures available online at, and Mount Redoubt on 21 April 1990 (Fig. 1b). To understand possible mechanisms for such mammatus, measurements of the character of the ash clouds are required. A few research datasets have been described in the literature. For example, Hobbs et al. (1991, their Plate 1a) observed ash veils using airborne lidar in the ash plumes of the Redoubt eruptions in 1990. These ash veils were reminiscent of mammatus observed with radar (e.g., Plank et al. 1955; Imai 1957; Platt et al. 2002). In addition, the characteristics of pyrocumulus from in situ aircraft observations at Mount St. Helens have been described by Hobbs et al. (1981, 1982). They found large amounts of water (Hobbs et al. 1982), consistent with the large, wet, loosely aggregated ash that formed in the cloud [what Hobbs et al. (1981) termed volcanic hail]. Such results are consistent with the conclusion of Rose et al. (2003) who found that the majority of the particle mass from the Hekla, Iceland, 26–27 February 2000 eruption was ice nucleated on the surface of ash particles."

"Remote sensing has shown that ice is an important component of volcanic clouds (Rose et al. 2004), but amounts vary markedly. Ice, which is thought to coat ash nuclei, dominates some volcanic clouds, as in the 19 September 1994 Rabaul Caldera eruption, Papua New Guinea (Rose et al. 1995) and the 2000 Hekla (Rose et al. 2003) eruptions. In contrast, in cases like the 17 September 1992 Mount Spurr eruption (Rose et al. 2001) and the 19 February 2001 eruption of Cleveland Volcano, Alaska (Gu et al. 2005), ash seems to dominate over ice during most of the life of the volcanic cloud. Finally, neither ice nor ash dominates in other volcanic clouds, such as those from the 15 June 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Luzon, Philippines (Guo et al. 2004) and March–April 1982 eruptions of El Chichón (Schneider et al. 1999). Once in the atmosphere, the mass of ice in volcanic clouds declines quickly, especially in the dry stratosphere. In the Hekla eruption, the total mass of ice decreased because of sublimation by an order of magnitude within 24 h (2 Tg to <0 .2="" a="" href="" tg="">Rose et al. 2003
). A. Durant (2006, unpublished manuscript) has shown that, in the early stages of the September 1992 Spurr cloud, ice must have been abundant with at least 0.2 g kg−1 in the cloud 3.7 h after emplacement at −62°C and 191 hPa. After only a few hours, the same Spurr cloud contained mainly ash, apparently also because of rapid sublimation (Rose et al. 2001). Overall, the role of ice must be very important in all volcanic clouds, although some clouds dry markedly within hours (Rose et al. 2004)."

"Given the abundant ice often found in volcanic clouds, the role of subcloud sublimation could be quite important to mammatus formation. Indeed, soundings taken near the eruptions discussed above (Mount St. Helens, Mount St. Augustine, and Redoubt) all possess dry subcloud layers (not shown), similar to soundings near cumulonimbus mammatus (e.g., Clayton 1911; Schneider 1920; Berg 1938; Hlad 1944; Wagner 1948; Winstead et al. 2001; Wang and Sassen 2006; Kanak and Straka 2006; Fig. 10a of the present paper). Therefore, given the varying amounts of ice versus ash, the relative importance of sublimation versus particulate loading and fallout in creating mammatus in volcanic clouds remains unclear."

"Seventh, if mammatus are merely a manifestation of upside-down convection, then a description is needed of why cumulus turrets differ in appearance from mammatus lobes."

The whole article is written in a strictly scientific format, but the content remains deliberately trivial, almost childlike, naive and stupid. Instead of providing the necessary knowledge, a tangle of supposedly unanswerable but really stupid questions are asked and a fake mystery is suggested.

This method of suggestive manipulation works only, because the targeted victims categorically believe in all what is tagged as "scientific" and are unable to challenge anything published in scientific format.

More explanation about the imitation of volcanic fine dust eruption and the fake mystery can be found here:

What is the Pinatubo Effect and why is its global implementation overlooked?

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