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The Conveyor-Belt

Connecting the Dots

Build the belt, which is connecting all parallel events. 

Strategy is an art of broad view, vision and combination of possibilities.

Why some events occur within the same time frame?

Who cannot see the big chessboard is occupied with single events and is walking into dead ends.

Russia wants to bring this topic into the public agenda. Why is the "operator" of ephemeral conveyer belt, which has to be patched daily and rebuild weekly, not willing to announce and is escaping into lies, fraud and cheap propaganda?

The answer is very simple! Who is living in a building of lies, for him the truth is an earthquake.

The error at the beginning was the engagement of promotion companies as professional liars, because the making and the aftermath were not conceivable and in the past targets were reached with professionally marketed lies - at least the dabblers believed that.

Which were the handicaps?
  1. The existence of still "independent" national states with parliamentary "democracies".
  2. The international system of law.
  3. The particular national law (constitution, law of competition, low of trade, penal law and civil law etc.).
  4. The national air surveillance.
  5. The development of a aviation fleet for chemtrail.
  6. The development of a climacontroll-infrastructure.
  7. Non-reachable acceptance by the population under public questioning.
  8. The expectable suing because of economic and health damages.
  9. ....

From this point of view the imperial companies had no other choice, but inventing one lie after another, because every lie required another ten other lies, for not being caught. 

A lot of footlickers, lackeys, believers had to be fed, a lot of climate conferences organized, a lot of sheeple kept calm and a lot of resisting scientists chased down.

And the Russians want to discuss it in the public :-) :-) This is worse then the integration of the Crimea. At this point we should have pity with the Bankster Pervert Empire of Deception (BPED). :-) :-)

scientist without any doubt of his integrity says, that everything about anthropogenic climate change is, according to hard data, a bunch of lies, that even historically noted temperatures were forged.


Sorry, I don't have pity for the falling empire, because the geoengineering is poisoning my air, stealing my water and sunlight -- dear reader the same applies for You!

Global Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt works globally, across oceans, continents and climate cells. The delivery of water to Arabia starts at the Pacific Ocean. To saturate the Polar Jetstream the tropospheric water moved across the North American continent, into the European wind streams, supported by SRM and HAARP, it is moved down to North Africa and Arabia. Even the ozone layer is eliminated to, to generate more solar energy for the climate control!

Sure, water is also delivered to industrial deser tfarming in the USA, Latin America, Australia, Africa and Asia, but Arabia has a very important share within this framework and Russia remains the main long term target of the assault. 

Why? Because Arabia keeps with fracking its position as the region with the biggest reserves of petrol and gas and without full access on russian water reserves and its airspace the water transport for the global climate control cannot be fully implemented.

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