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Oceans are not rising! Earth is not warming!

However, as their models were fake and their scientists only paid scientiputas, who were ready to tell every lie for money, but too dumb to really research the climate, their predictions did not realize.

Tropospheric Water Grabbing (TWG) is causing all the deadly damage by blocking the sunlight and poisoning the air, water and soil, but it has not the power to melt the ice shields. In opposite the ice shields are growing.

What this criminals did not calculate correctly is, by lifting huge amounts of water into the upper troposphere, this water is loaded into the high winds streams and that way carrying more water, not only to the deserts as intended by TWG, but also to the polar regions.

Why are the propagandists of the geoengineering mafia so heavily stressing on the point that the ocean levels would rise?

The answer is very simple!

They miscalculated the impact of TWG on the sweet water reservoirs of polar ice shields and glaciers. Their expectation was that they would ...
  • trigger a process of higher humidity in the Troposphere by meltdown of the ice packs, 
  • resulting in a thicker cloud cover by that and a warmer Biosphere
  • which would block the sunlight and reduce the plants ability of conducting photosynthesis,
  • causing mass death of the Flora (all plants of the ocean and land),
  • leading to a rise of CO2 and reduction of O2 (oxygen),
  • resulting in mass death of Fauna (all animals of ocean and land)
  • resulting food scarcity,
  • wars on resources,
  • mass migration,
  • mass diseases because of VitaminD deficiency
  • etc. etc.!
That is the reason for their screaming propaganda about ...
The inevitable "collateral damage" of TWG by Tropospheric Aersol Injection (TAI) should be blamed on the victims and no compensation paid, because any resistance and costs would have made their scheme non-profitable.

Look how the high water-streams are loaded with aerosoled and desublimated water.

As the geoengineering mafia invested a lot of money in presstitutes and maulhuren which made huge efforts to sell the propaganda about rising oceans and warming Earth, which evidently don't come true, the mafia is desperately seeking to legalize its crimes by organizing huge climate brothels, named "climate conferences", or COP(pulation)21, 22 etc.  and letting the politutes pay the fun by signing under a global "Climate Agreement", which will enable national and international "air taxation".

Examples of Tropospheric Water War on pivotal regions!

It cannot be hidden from eyes, but it is hidden from minds!

Heavy spraying and radiation above Yellow Sea.

West coast of North America, where a artificial high pressure zone is HAARPed to direct the coastal wind-water-stream into the direction of polar jet stream. This water is destined for North Africa and Arabia!

Russia is "withholdig" its tropospheric water with the same technology. Sky above Novosibirsk and Irkutsk.

Spraying and HAARPing above the triangle of Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Sea. Russia is helping Armenia and Iran to get their share of water, which was withhold since ca. 1996 by TWG.

Heavy spraying above the Pacific Ocean, to collect water for the fracking and desert farming fields of South USA.

Direct water delivery to Arabia!

Fracking Industry is the main customer of TWG. Here, the fracking fields of Texas, Odessa.

Fracking fields of Bahrain.

Desert Farming in Arabia.

Flash floods of Arabia.

I embed the following documentary about Antartica here, not just because it is interesting, but it shows what a big sweet water reserve this continent is. 

The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed
Apr 8, 2017

Because of the flattened shape of the polar regions, less sunlight reaches this areas, resulting in cold temperatures turning them into a natural water collectors. By measures of climate control, more water is evaporated into the upper troposphere. If not prevented by additional measures, most of this water would be caught by polar ice caps on Antartica, Greenland, northern Canada and northern Russia. Therefore huge ozone holes are build by spraying fluorine and chlorine molecules into the Ozone Layer and spraying of fine dust into the middle and upper troposphere, forming artificial clouds as visible in the first image above.

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Horizontal shift of temperature and water, naturally and through climate control!

Nephology! | Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (TAI) | Solar Radiation Management (SRM) | Artifcial Pinatubo Effect.

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