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Dimensions of thinking! Making by might, losing by resistance! Societal Mind Control!

  1. For the dumb who are willing to wake up!
  2. Gradual thinking!
  3. Separate the wheat from the chaff!
  4. Imagination Knowledge and Cognizance!
  5. Why is that done? Who is profiting?
  8. Dimension of unimaginable
  9. Abuse by debt serfdom as a way of rule!
  10. Making by might, losing by real resistance!
  11. Societal TRAUMA based Mind Control!

1. For the dumb who are willing to wake up!

If You are patient enough, Your actual intelligence will be measured here!

The processes of life, also the foundation of the whole world consists of simple procedures, which build endless amount of complex structures in combination.

Thus at the basis, each mater is a whirl, each energy a wave in space.

Simple, mechanically interacting molecular structures combined with each other become life. Though, the neuron cells, the chemical messengers, the electrical signals of low-voltage are the infrastructure of the world of mind.

Like all the other things, thinking and mind are energy driven and subjected to economic constraints and rules. Complex, tedious thinking and the development of long lasting mind concepts require resources, predominantly time and it needs to accord the expectations, to deliver  long term resource saving and profit.

Most of the thinking consists in daily repetition of known concepts, which may vary according the demand. So it is mainly the management of the variations!

2. Gradual thinking!

1. Grade

Hen sees corn and picks! Looking, seeing, picking, eating, digesting, absorbing, dropping out!

Most human programs of thought run the same way. Please imagine similar process and write them into a comment, if You find nice and common applicable examples.  :-)

2. Grade

Hen sees corn, but doesn't pick, it realizes the voice of the farmer, who is calling back!

Now, two parallel events are combined and one is selected.

3. Grade

Hen interrelates the corn picking with the feeding point in time and waits for the farmer!

Here, a experience of time is integrated, relating with the past: Because yesterday at 08:00 AM corn was spread, the hen assumes that it doesn't need to invest efforts in looking for food.

4. Grade

Hen expects that the feeding will be pursued also in the future and resigns any search for good feeding areas.

The experiences of the past and the events of the present are used for the projection of the future.

All further mind activities are based on these principles, but more circumstances (variables) are combined with each other, more projections are done for the future and the steps have be accorded dynamically. The memorizing of the action patterns is the process of learning! This dynamic and learning make life adaptable and all that together is the intelligence.

3. Separate the wheat from the chaff!

Why am I reaching out so far, to explain something, which is self-evident and daily used by the majority, if not by all?

Because I am sure that not only the huge majority of the humanity all over the world doesn't know anything about the most important development of our times, but is easily distracted by loughable dumb NLP tricks and is dragged like a heard of sheep and wants to jump over the clips like swarm of mad lemmings. Probably the real lemmings are not as dumb as the humanity!

"It may always become more stupid!" I wouldn't have ever assumed that this German proverb expresses a deep wisdom!

Dear naiveinnocent, bad educatedbad informedlazy thinking and big-headed readers, if You are not upset now or have already left this page, than You are at the right place. The deterring first part of the this article served to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Not everyone is able to understand everything and not everything can be explained to everyone!

The elucidation is always done in waves and the survivors building the first wave are the right audience of this blog. Thank You for Your courage and steadfastness.

Facing the biggest threat on humanity and all life, the imagination fails.

People are unable to see and understand the interrelation, because they have to combine to much and think many steps forwards and backwards. Their minds are separated and isolated by own ignorance, which is intentionally deepened and widened by the abusers.

4. Imagination Knowledge and Cognizance!

How should anyone imagine that rising CO2 level means decreasing O2 level. That would be two corns to pick at the same time! Many people even don't know that O2 is oxygen for breathing. Without readiness to think, this knowledge would not have any value. It is not a coincidence that we have sciences but not "thoughtes".

How should anyone imagine that his daily fatigue is caused by oxygen deprivation, because of dramatic reduction of photosynthesis by the algae in the oceans, without having knowledge that 70% of oxygen is produced in the oceans?

How should anyone imagine that the death of millions of sea animals is a foreplay of his/her own future?

Without knowledge, it is not possible understand and create cognition!

Please obtain fundamental knowledge of meteorology and of climatology and nephology. You don't need much of it!

Question the founding lie of the  Climatism sect, which says!

"CO2 is causing a global greenhouse effect!"

"But only the carbon dioxide (CO2) by human activity is the reason of that and therefore the humanity is sinning against the climate!"

"Man made carbon dioxide (CO2) is causing ...

This statement is a chain of lies! Not only the first statement is a lie, which degrades the following chain members to absurdity, but all following statements are lies! Even the notion "carbonic acid" is wrong, as CO2 is not an acid and the real carbonic acid (H2CO3) is very rare in nature, nearly non-existent in open waters like oceans and as a weak acid would not have any effect in in oceans which are far basic-alkaline!

If we would change the statement according evidence and truth, the statements would get a sense!

Enabled by technical development and research in meteorology, particularly in nephology and climatology, it is possible to manage the full global cycles of water and carbon! As this is already applied since WWII and systematically rolled out since 1960 and globalized since 1991, we experience the deadly impact of Global Water Cycle Management (GWCM) by Climate Control!

Global warming and climate change are disguising marketing names for geoengineering and Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Grabbing (TSRWG)!

By appliance of these methods and technologies the carbon and water of the troposphere have become harvested commodities.

Tools and methods of industrial harvesting of the troposphere are mainly Sunlight Robbery Menace (SRM = Solar Radiation Management) and HAARP!

The process is applied large scale, at least on a whole climate cell and has negative impact on all life, which depends on water carbon and sunlight! Summary notion for all this is called Geoengineering or Climate-Engineering or could be also named Climate Business, Climate Banksterism, Climate Mafia, Climate Corportism/Fascism.

The impact of climate business is deadly dangerous!

The practical management is mainly done by buildup of orderly artificial 
aerosol clouds by spreading various industrial fine powders.

The negative impact of SRM and HAARP are ...

  • reduction unhindered sunlight,
  • reduction of the spectrum of sunlight, which leads to the
  • reduction of photosynthesis of plants and the mass death of algae and trees,
  • massive increase of wild forest fires by death trees and endless droughts,
  • as indicator of reduced photosynthesis, increasing share of CO2 and decreasing O2 (oxygen) in the atmosphere,
  • reduction of vitaminD production by humans animals and
  • increase of resulting diseases of  vitaminD deficiency,
  • pollution of all troposphere with aerosol dust chemicals,
  • resulting in increase respiratory diseases and
  • creeping poisoning of the body by aerosol chemicals,
  • drought at the coast side by shifting the humidity into desert and water poor regions and
  • increase of inundations in the desert regions,
  • mass death of  the reef-fauna and reef-flora, as the water is harvested at the ocean coasts by SRM and sunlight is reduced, which leads the ...
  • corals to lose their algae and die, as well as all the other animals of the reefs,
  • ice bergs and parts of the northern ice cap and also of south cap melt, because water is harvested also here by SRM,
  • some glaciers which are in the water source regions of SRM are also melted,
  • the chemical pollution of the upper troposphere causes very often cases of toxic fume events in passenger jets resulting in non-treatable damage on the health of the crew and passengers for life and also death,
  • the unusual saturated air of upper troposphere, which would be dry and calm under natural conditions, results in dangerous turbulences, facilitating jet accidents,
  • SRM are HAARP are made to overload natural wind streams with more water and to create artificial streams, which lead to 
  • artificial hurricanes, flash rain, flash super sized hail, and flash floods
  • causing huge damage on property and
  • death and devastation.

The provable truth stays against the lies of Climatism fraud!
  • Oceans cannot acidify, because they are far basic and alkaline,
  • CO2 and H2O are not heating but cooling the earth surface,
  • CO2 is not the reason, but the indicator of temperature variations,
  • SRM serves commercial water management as well as a military weapon to cause mass annihilation and forced mass emigration!
  • We have already entered 3. world war, but its main weapon are not nuclear bombs yet, but SRM!
  • Nuclear demolitions in large scale are conducted to break deep subsurface rock formations and prepare for exploitation of enclosed petrol and gas reserves by  Hydraulic Fracturing! These demolitions cause deadly earthquakes on the surface! 

5. Why is that done? Who is profiting?

Like ever it serves to gain power and profits and the sustainmant of global empire!
  • Follow the water and find petrol and shale gas,
  • follow the petrol and shale gas and find the petrodollar,
  • follow the petrodollar and find the world empire,
  • follow the world empire and find the bankster, 
  • follow the bankster and find the real fraudster, finance bubbler and gangster of the world!
The privatized, stolen, annexed water is mainly used to produce shale gas and petrol by fracking.
The second main pillar industry is the extensive, intensive, automated agriculture in the desert regions!
Is Your mind able to combine and understand so much? Take a break. Also I had to take some breaks before understanding it. :-)

It takes some time to let all knowledge set down in in mind, however please begin to study desublimation and nephology, go over to the chemtrails and from there conquer the whole world by Your mind!


Many people, bombarded with knowledge get dark eyes, their brain shuts its windows, but they have already got enough, which they must consider ass plausible, are frightened!


They seem to be aghasted.

Instead of closing their knowledge gaps, asking more, they come with fear-questions like ...

"Will I get in trouble, when I visit that website?"
"Will I get in trouble, when I search for those notions?"
"Will I get uninvited guests, when I comment or on those websites or send an email, if I have further questions?"

Suggestive fear is a measure of dumbificaiton.
Because of suggestiver Angst, people don't dare to think.
Because of suggestiver Angst, they don't dare to research.
Because of suggestiver Angst, they don't dare to learn.
Because of suggestiver Angst, they don't defend themselves anymore.
Because of suggestiver Angst, they prefer to suffer without resistance.

How can this wall of fear be broken and knocked down?

I have no recipe, get desperate and regret every time, that I have tried to talk with a person.

"That was the wrong person!",  "All effort was a waste!
I say to me and recognize that any direct natural conversation with a total stranger has become senseless.
Communicating over social networks is much easier, as the people coming there are looking for information about specific topics, at least a filtering in communities is possible.
But this is also a trap, because it creates marginalized groups in virtual jails. The community members talk to each other, like talking to yourself.

"You feel Your chains first You try to move."

When You move Your chains, You realize the others who are chained to You.

These people realize their chains, when their imagination is touched!

Simon Phipps: "Greatest enemy of freedom is a happy slave!"

Today's serfs aren't happy but they are unable to realize that they aren't free.

Dear Readers, I am chained to YOU and will become free, when You move with me, instead of keeping me down. Pull at the chains to move more people. We will always be chained together and together only, we will liberate ourselves!

7. Suggestive Goodness.

A lobbyist will never admit Lobbyist, that he is promoting 
but will always claim to be against all that.

He will never talk about the "necessity" and "advantages" of Global Water Cycle Management for fuel exploration by nuclear fracking and industrial food production in deserts. As You only listen to this fake authority You will never research by Yourself. You will never observe the hard reality. 
The lobbyist will pretend to be a "scientist" and tell You his  "conviction", talk about "justice", "fair sharing", "environment protection", "saving the climate", "energy efficiency". He will even openly promote "Tesla" and admit owning one such a car and also corporate shares of Tesla. He will subliminally drive You to do the same.

He will never tell You that the only real business of Tesla is the buildup of a huge Pyramid fraud system, where 700 million Dollars are sucked up every year. 

Manipulation is done by suggestion!

Gaps in the arguments are left at the right places that the victims may close them by their own imagination with positive content, which follow the traps of "affirmation" and "denial" by the fake authority.

The victims will remember the alleged "good statements", won't know anything about the what wasn't said and assume that they have "thought" and "decided" by themselves. They will blame themselves for their losses and never connect them with brainwashing of the lobbyist.

A collection of fake authorities is here:

Here is an example of extremely slippery and slimy lobbyist. He is from Switzerland and his name is Daniele Ganser!

8. Dimension of unimaginable.

What makes the people so blind?
What makes the people so submissive?
What makes the people coward?
What makes them so obedient?
What makes them look unimaginably idiotic?

The unimaginable begins, where the imagination ends!

Idiocy begins, where the intelligence ends!

Believing begins, where knowledge ends!

Cowardice begins, where bravery ends!

We have reached the end! The institutional education is in the process of meltdown by dumbification.

Obviously the conditions promote only coward, dumb, submissive, mind blinded educational "elites", where the notion of "elite" becomes perverted.

Why else the "top-leaders" of top-institutions becomes easy prey of the omnipresent, well financed, well organized climate mafia?

Are these top people not well educated?
Are they not intelligent?
Don't they have strong character?
Are they susceptible to blackmail?
Are they corrupt?

Why else are they allowed to "lead" anything?

By selling their souls, they also sell and treat the institutions, the societies bearing them, the whole humanity and all life.

Their treason is unimaginable!

The dumbified fake elites are the greatest shame of our times!

Now also the famous "Senckenberg-Institut" is in this degeneration queue. We look into the gorge of the societal nuclear meltdown.

The inteview with Volker Mosbrugger, general director of Senckenberg-Institute "Understanding the system of Earth, to sustain it"
Published at 04.10.17 16:50 Uhr,mosbrugger-104.html

IPBES is the poisoned honeypot, which has the task to veil the murdering of life by climate control and promote the legalization and global implementation of climate control.

The monster is also named "World Biodiversity Council" or in German "Weltbiodiversitätsrat"! It is the cynical sister of the degenerate IPCC which is named "World Climate Council" or "Weltklimarat". Everything which begins with "World" and ends with "Council" is an organ of World Government under New World Order (NWO)!

Welcome to IPBES

"The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is the intergovernmental body which assesses the state of biodiversity and of the ecosystem services it provides to society, in response to requests from decision makers."

Another ceasing beacon of science is the Max-Planck-Institute, dragged into the dirt by

"Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie" (MPI) in Hamburg.

"The "Deutsche Klima-Konsortium (DKK), together with nature protection organisation WWF Germany,  has created an online lecture about climate change, named "Climate Change, Risks and Challenges". With Prof. Jochem Marotzke, Dr. Tatiana Ilyina und Dr. Marco Giorgetta also some scientist of Max-Planck-Institut for ..."

Here You find some other abused famous formerly scientific institutions as "members" of DKK.

A leading speaker at MPI is Ulrike Niemeier. She tries to sell SRM and other monstrosities of geoengineering.
Although Mrs. Niemeier is suffering from the "side effects" of climate contorl, as the vitaminD deficiency is visible on her face, she claims that the "results of modells" would not show negative side effects of geongineering - beginning at timestamp 2:47. 

When the victim is duping herself by self constructed models, than she cannot realize how she is wasting away!

It always may become more dumb than imaginable!
The dumbest dumbness is the academic one!

9. Abuse and debt serfdom as a way of rule!

Like under any other abuse, the victim survives by personality dissociation, by closing the traumatizing experience in deep in mind, where it cannot be reached by daily living. This enables the suppression of abuse.

One way of of abuse and control is done debt serfdom of individuals, communities, states and super-states. All work to pay their debt. On the other side some oligarchs, gangsters, thieves and fraudsters become multi billionaires and multi trillionairs and pretend to give some of this wealth back by "philanthropy". By split perception, people disassociate the rising debt serfdom from their treasures.

Societal abuse suppression is similar to personal one. The apology of the lying media (Lügenmedien) into a media with gaps (Lückenmedien) is the evidence for accepting the closure of truth and evidence.

I would like to give an example, to make clear how effective this method works. All the people, who have looked at the interview with Dimitri Khalezov to the end at least 2 or 3 time, should be aware of the demolition method of the 3 (WTC1, WTC2, WTC7) World Trade Center buildings.

This video can be still found on Youtube, but the end is missing, where Dimitri Khalezov even names the perpetrators. A central figure is presented with full name, background info and photography. This person is Mike Harari, the former "top agent" of MOSSAD!

Connecting 911 with Fracking by radioactivity!

The exponential debt serfdom of all citizens and states tot he banksters is one of the most suppressed abuses of humanity and victims suffer from memory gaps, self denial and victim syndrome.

10. Making by might, losing by real resistance!

The imperial complex is acting according the concept "making by might" on media, economy and military. Therefore any claim about law and right doesn't apply to it.

For correct understanding of the wars on Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan etc. should be based on consideration of power conditions to see what was done and will be made.

The weird imperial coalition of united enemies has lost in Iraq and Syria. The complex has used and strained methods of asymmetric warfare, with completely equipped murderous mercenary armies, branded as terrorists, also containing special forces of USA, UK, France and others against national armies and civil defense forces of Syria and Iraq, with open and half-covered airforce support.

List of United States attacks on Syria during the Syrian Civil War

US soldiers killed 'hundreds' in battle with Syrian forces and Russian mercenaries, says American general
American forces say air strikes were launched in self-defence following surprise attack on US base
Chris Baynes Thursday 22 March 2018 16:19

"American troops may have killed hundreds of Syrian forces backed by Russian mercenaries, a US army general has said.
Up to 300 pro-regime fighters are thought to have died in American bombing that was launched in response to a surprise attack on a US-held base in the oil-rich Deir Ezzor region last month."

U.S., Britain and France Strike Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack
By Helene Cooper, Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Ben Hubbard, April 13, 2018

"The United States and European allies launched airstrikes on Friday night against Syrian research, storage and military targets as President Trump sought to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend that killed more than 40 people."

Particularly the shoot down of two Turkish fighter jets by the Syrian air defense a decisive action. In addition to that Syria hit and sunk a hostile submarine, what is totally ignored by the mass media.

24 Months Ago: Syrian Navy Destroys Israeli Submarine
By VT Senior Editors - May 23, 2015

Different from the attack on Libya, where USA and France abused UN resolutions for mass bombardments, this been prevented by Russian and Chinese vetoes  for Syria.

Russia and China veto UN resolution to impose sanctions on Syria
France, UK and US wanted sanctions over chemical weapon use – but Vladimir Putin rejects ‘totally inappropriate’ proposal

8 times Russia blocked a UN Security Council resolution on Syria
By Euan McKirdy, CNN, Updated 0928 GMT (1728 HKT) April 13, 2017

Syria has proved its very strong statehood, as unbreakable and functional under the worst possible attack. The state didn't stop to organize and finance its education and health system, also in the areas under the control of mercenaries, e.g. the salaries of the teachers have been paid.

Just to compare, the USA failed to support their citizens before, during and after deadly storms many times.

Iraq outed itself as a society with a multi-layered organization, which is able to supply and defend itself also without having a real central state. The long and deep history of Mesopotamia spoke to the humanity.  The word Iraq is derived from name of the Sumerian town Uruk, which means an island formed by the rivers.

Sure, the alliance partners Russia and Iran play a big supportive role, but having such partners is also an advantage. Iran and Russia are classical states, resisting successfully the neoliberal corporatist/fascist fraud.

Russia and Iran are not under debt serfdom. On the other side all the so called western democracies are highly indebted and actually bankrupt. They are walking deads, feeding themselves by murdering and robbing other states and societies.

All these abuses become maculature, when they are compared to the already experienced and expected impact of Climate Control, which is already the backbone of pervert finance empire.

This biggest crime, fraud and Pyramid scheme is marketed under the propaganda about "Climate Change".

Climate Change is the result of Climate Control!
Climate Control is the assault on elementary resources of life: air, water, sunlight and soil.

Pease read the following article and make some own research:

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl

or here (

It contains knowledge, which should be obtained by everyone!

Don't miss the train of Your life!

Please consider that this article is only the entry into the topic. Use it to climb up from there.

After understanding it, please join the resistance by teaching and awaking other people. We need the critical mass of about 5%, to use it as a leverage against the Climate Control Oligarchy. All resources of the blog are at Your disposition. Please consider this knowledge when writing own articles.

11. Societal TRAUMA based Mind Control!

Don't expect from a pervert and abuser to think outside of the concept of abuse and terror.

We may study the live application of trauma based Mind Control on the societies of the Middle East.

The titles of "strategic papers" and the used notions may change.
The amount of victims may vary from single to billions.
The weapons may be simple or sophisticated.
They may hope it to gain by "shock and awe" assaults.
They may explode unaware people as fake car bombers.

Fake bomb detectors? Yes, Pakistan is still using them
Faraz TalatNovember 29, 2016

There was a report of Robert Fisk from Amman, about a young man working for the US forces and ordered to drive a car to a crowded place in Baghdad. Calling his American officers, that he has parked the car at the ordered place, the car exploded. He survived only because he had no signal at the parking spot, so walked around the block. He wasn't aware that he should be a "suicide bomber". I could not find this report now. If anyone has a link or a copy, please put this into a comment.

Earnings from fake bomb detectors to be confiscated, judge orders
Jim McCormick from Somerset was jailed in May over fraud that included the sale of £55m-worth of devices to Iraq and Syria
Robert Booth Wed 15 Jun 2016 16.25 BST

The target is always gaining control by causing shocking traumas in mind.

Societies without similar experience may be shocked and easily put under control, but what about a society which is hardened by many big traumas along its thousands of years of history?

Societies which experienced the wars during the rule of Egyptian, Iranian and Roman empires and later the Mongolian and Crusaders carnage also know how to resist and defeat such enemies. These societies own instinctive answers, programmed into their genes. They don't flee and hide, but stay and fight. More carnage triggers more resistance.

Syria and Iraq, supported by Iran and Russia has demonstrated this power of unbreakable, uncontrollable mind.

Such a war on minds is always an uphill struggle for the attacker and maybe only become successful in a total defeat of the enemy like Japan and Germany at the end of WWII under the perception of "just war".

Carthage Syndrome! Water & Carbon Empire!

There is nothing "just" in the wars of the Project for a Greater Middle East.
No control but growing resistance is the result of any attack.

Please, open Your mind,
complete Your knowledge,
connect the dots,
close Your mind gaps and 
observe the shattering of Your abusers,
when they cannot control Your mind anymore!

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Eugenics -> ClimateControl

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Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

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Klimakontrol-Lobby hat mit Daniele Ganser und Co. KenFM geentert!

Klimakontrolle ist die Ursache des Klimawandels, nicht dessen Lösung!

Bitte achtet! An dem, was sie verschweigt, sollte die Falsche-Alternative erkannt werden!

GEOENGINEERING is changing weather and climate to grab TROPOSPHERIC WATER by SRM and HAARP for FRACKING and FARMING in DESERTs!

Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

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