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Russia is breaking the backbone of Empire!


  • The backbone of Empire!
  • Thank You Russia!
  • Shutdown the devil machine!
  • Presumable Development of War Zone!
  • End of Saudistan

The backbone of Empire!

Russia, Iran, China, Syria, Iraq should stop climate control by the USA in the airspace of Iraq & Syria. That will finish oversupply by fracking of Saudi oil & Qatari gas.

The backbone of the global empire after the 2nd World War was the gold-based Dollar. At near collapse of this system, 1971 the real evaluation of Dollar was converted from gold to crude oil. As this method was no longer sufficient in the 1980s, the real estate bubble was blown up, followed by the dot-com bubble in the1990s , and other financial bubbles in order to maintain the viability of the dollar, culminating in the financial collapse of 2008

The last and biggest bubble is now based on CO2 and water by climate control engineering! But this is also the last backbone of global Bankster Pervert Empire of Deception (BPED).

If Russia and its allies cut off the conveyor belt for Tropospheric Water Management, they break the backbone of the global empire and its vassals, particularly the dictatorships in the Persian Gulf: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates and Kuwait. 

Russia is aware of the water supply to Saudi Arabia via tropospheric Solar Radiation Management (SRM), as climate control is also applied now within the airspace of Russian Federation and its bordering regions. Russia is obviously helping Iran to get water by climate control, as a defense measure against the BPED attack to dry out Iran.

The transport takes place across the Syrian and Iraqi airspace. The flight ban for Gulf Arab dictatorships and their accomplices would stop the water delivery for oil and gas production by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and farming in the desert immediately!

How the water lift of SRM with chemtrails works.

Russia doesn't fear to talk about its own globalwarming program for drilling into the Arctic ice shield!

A weird coalition! The unity of the enemies! Domino Effect!

War on water and energy with SRM in the Troposphere by pricing of oil and gas.

Thank You Russia!

The commitment of Russia will save Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Yemen from destruction!

Parliamentarians to Russian air use in Syria: Only assistance to government army
Parlamentarier zur russischem Lufteinsatz in Syrien: Nur Hilfe für Regierungsarmee

Iraq welcomes decision over Russian air operation against IS in Syria
Irak begrüßt Entschluss über russischen Lufteinsatz gegen IS in Syrien

Expert: Russia sends 40 to 60 pilots and two battalions protection to Syria
Experte: Russland schickt 40 bis 60 Flieger und zwei Schutzbataillone nach Syrien

Shutdown the devil machine!
Russia is doing the dirty work of dying Empire!

After the invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979, the great US strategist of Polish origin Zbigniew Brzezinski opened the war of destruction against his archenemy, namely Russia.

The Zbigniew Brzezinski Russia-China Doctrine

The ingenious idea of ​​this incorrigible Russia hater and imperialist was the new edition of the old jihadi doctrine of German top agent Max von Oppenheim, but now against the Communists.

The attempt of Oppenheim had failed because he wanted to awake the moderate Islam of the Ottoman Empire into war mode. Brzezinski used from the beginning the traitors of the Ottoman Empire, namely Saudis with their Wahabi, Salafi ideology, whose extermination, after defeating the Wahhabi's, wasn't fulfilled out of Ottoman grace and charity. That was their biggest strategic mistake and has significantly contributed to the demise of the Ottoman Empire.

With the promotion of Salafism, Brzezinski and the CIA opened a Pandora's box. In order to generate enough cannon fodder, the Salafists were allowed to open agitation centers in vassal states of the global empire and brainwash adolescents to lure them to to Pakistan for further "Islamic education" and lead them from there into the war in Afghanistan.

I will not deliver too many resources here. Interested readers may find endless text, image and video documents on the web.

The CIA's Intervention in Afghanistan

Master Mystical Imperialist Zbigniew Brzezinski, Afghanistan and Winning the Cold War


Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Evil Spirit of 5 US Presidents And Biggest Threat to World Peace

The result of this development is a huge army of Salafist terrorists who continue to be financed by the Saudis and now in the interests of the Empire and its vassals, pounce on implementation of the "Project for a Greater Middle East" and attack and ruin one country after another. The project is now failing with the brave resistance of Syria.

How should these devils be put back into the Pandora's box? The dying empire is to no longer able, so this dirty work will now taken over by Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq, and in the background supported by China.

Presumable Development of War Zone!

The selfproclaimed global empire and its weird coalition of Zionist Entity (thieves of Judaism & Palestine), Wahabist Entity (Saudi desert pirates), Moslim Brotherhood fosterer (Qatar), Erdoganist regime in Turkey, traitor resistance of HAMAS, midget king of Jordan, stupid traitor Jublat etc. etc.

All of them are on the losing side! Every of their actions pulls them deeper into the stinking mud of the failing Project for a Greater Middle East.

Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah would welcome any further stupid action of the Wahabist or Zionist entity to dump them into the history bin. Every attack will cause a much bigger response. Therefore reconcilitation would be the smarter choice for all.

IMHO the global empire would gladly leave this dirty job do be done by Russia, Iran or maybe one of the attacked Syria, Iraq or Yemen. All members of the weird coalition are now burden for each other. They slipped from the unreal win win plan into  a lose lose situation. Their space of action is shrinking dramatically!

ALERT Russian and Israeli aircraft narrowly avoid duel over Syrian coast

World War III will not happen. By Thierry Meyssan
Der Dritte Weltkrieg wird nicht stattfinden. Von Thierry Meyssan

Coming End of Saudistan

Russia and Saudi Arabia to make the new Middle East:

Saudis never had a real supremacy role in the Islamic world, except through their financing of the Salafi terrorist networks and agitation centers. That was allowed by the global imperial power and organized by the CIA since 1979, when Zbigniev Brzezinski promised the exile opposition of Afghanistan to support them.

Now the game is called Project for a Greater Middle East and when You look on the after-map, there is no more a state called Saudi Arabia, but a huge Shiite state sitting on the oil rich regions of Arabia.

The game is already in the last quarter, Saudi and Emirati ruling families are caring for their physical survival. But that cannot be guaranteed by Russia or Iran, in the way done by the formerly Britsh  and now USA based global empire. Obviously the empire has already spoken the Menetekel for the petrol dictators.

They cannot bribe Russia with petrol Dollars, promising to buy Russian weapons or threaten Russia with Salafi terror as was tried by Bandar Sultan. 

The Russian-Saudi Showdown at Sochi


Russia will react to any further terrorist threat by the Saudis with finishing response. The rockets have only to change the direction!

Russian warships in Caspian Sea launch missile attacks on Daesh positions in Syria

Have deeper Insight about the real reasons!

Direct Involvement of losing Empire

Reports: US controlling airfield in Syria

Turkish Forces Enter Syria — How Will Russia Respond?

Turkey Freaks Out After Russia Insists Kurds Participate in Syrian Talks

In Qamishli, Russians may be looking to build a second air base

ISIS sacrifices hundreds of terrorists in failed advance at Deir Ezzor

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