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Return of Fascism, now global!

The return of fascism, this time globally!

How fascism defined itself?

Many people know only its practical side, which is known as misanthropic, racist, discriminatory, bellicose, murderous, full of torture chambers and fraudulent..

How should the global privatization understood, if not as the appropriation of community assets by super-rich entrepreneurs and infinitely rich banksters, where the term super rich is no longer sufficient  to express their power. The source creator of the money, doesn't need to count the money.

Let us question the characteristics of Fascism by referring it to current time!

1. Racism:

In a global dictatorship, racism in the sense of racial theory does not make sense, since only one world nation is formed.

The model Fascist Mussolini has already ruled it out!

2. Discriminatory

Discrimination remains in the form of rich against poor. The best description comes from Warren Buffet. All the little millionaires and the good middle class people are among the poor and will feel real poverty after the implementation of the world dictatorship .

3. Warlike:

The world has witnessed the 1st and 2nd World War. In 1st the monarchies were executed, in the 2nd  peoples and cultures were destroyed and subjected, by thugs like Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Stalin. As the basis of a global state of the world bankster currency, the Dollar, was enforced.

We are witnessing the swansong of the Dollar now. It has not been really effective because subjection of the world has not yet grasped. Even the curent imperial spine is attacked and will be broken soon but the world empires hands are tied, in its self-generated webbing of lies.

Was there a year, where the current main-vassal of world empire has not conducted a war somewhere, sometimes just for exercise or to distract from a bigger crime?

Obviously the empire fears the return of US troops, they could unexpectedly wake up and liberate their own country!

The Empire is organizing wars, in the best project management methodology manner and with all the brutality. The current project is called "Project for a Greater Middle East". It is from the same stinking grotto like the failed "Project for a New American Century".

Now it's about all for corporatists or nothing for the people!

War on water & energy, SRM in the Troposphere (not Stratosphere) by pricing of oil & gas.

That does not mean, that they don't touch the stratosphere. They are intentionally depleting the ozone in the stratosphere to deliver more energetic radiation to evaporate and lift more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers! This is another topic!

Weird coalition! Unity of enemies! Domino Effect!

This "project" is a supportive and building element of the current imperial backbone, that is crumbling under the great resistance of Syria, the determination of Iran, the fearlessness of Hezbollah and the great courageous support of the glorious Air Force and Navy of Russia under the leadership of Abu Ali, also known under the names Wlad or Putin!

Abu Ali will be sung in the world's history as the conqueror of the world monster, like Siegfried against the Lindworm or Kava against Zahhak.

3. Murderous:

What is the policy of the red and black lists, whereby people are defined and observed as terrorists or as victims of targeted killings, if not a list of murder?

What are the targeted killings by CIA killers?
What are the Worldwide murders by drones, shot very often into a wedding party, funeral society, street or market place, in order to eliminate a target person?

4. Torture chambers:

Do I need to mention Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Guantanamo in Cuba, Szymany in Poland, Baghram in Afghanistan, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, or other secret torture chambers only to make this clear?

5. Fraudelent:

Never expect that of Corporatism wants something good for You! It just wants more power through more money, more dependency, more submission. Do not expect it to "save the world", "abolish poverty", "rescue the climate", "clean the air",  "protect the forests, oceans, endangered animals, the ozone layer".

It tells you only horror stories in order to keep the docile, manageable, anxious. It keeps you mentally always under tension. This method is called the Strategy of Tension.

Look at a collection, to realize the lie stories in context.

Selfrevealing propaganda!

Lies of distraction!

If You are constantly being cheated, learn to assume and think exactly the reverse of the propaganda .

Accordingly, the opposite would be:

  1. The Earth is not a greenhouse!
  2. There are no greenhouse gases that warm the Earth!
  3. The CO2 is a rare gas!
  4. The CO2 doesn't warm, but helps to cool the Earth's surface, slightly next to the water vapor!
  5. The ice caps are not melting.
  6. The polar bears will not become extinct.
  7. The oceans will not rise.
  8. The persistent streaks in the sky are not contrails!
  9. Proponents of geoengineering don't want to switch off fossil energy sources!

Open Your mind for the truth about CO2!

Biggest Ponzi scheme, CO2 finance bubble will blow You away!

Designed like a religion, dangerous like the mafia!

Backend Corporatism & Frontend Fascism

After disastrous end of WWI, the monarchies lost their legitimacy and most of them were change to "Republics", but they were unable to solve the political and economic problems. Millions of veterans were jobless and families hungry. In this state of economic catastrophe and power vacuum, some ambitious and powerful capitalists saw their chance to grab the political power by installing Fascist proxies as dictators. So they started to seek for "talented candidates" and supported them.

In Germany the most promising was Adolf Hitler, in Italy Benito Mussolini, in Spain Franco, in Turkey Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) and others. All these characters accepted their role and developed their own agenda or thought to do so.

For USA they wanted one of the most respected men, the retired general Smedley Butler, but this man lured the Corporatists into a trap and reported everything to the Congress and freshly elected president Theodor Roosevelt.

Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA - A Warni...

The Right-Wing Plot to Overthrow FDR (FULL Documentary)

Today Corporatism/Fascism looks like this:

... to be continued. Suggestions are gladly welcome!!

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