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Return of Fascism, now global, with Greta Thunberg as its mascot!

  1. Historic review
  2. Definition
  3. Tasks of Fascisms
  4. Racism:
  5. Discriminatory
  6. Warlike:
  7. Murderous:
  8. Torture chambers:
  9. Fraudelent:
  10. Greta is an ambassador of global Fascism!
  11. Greta Thunberg is a propagandist of Geophysical Warfare!
  12. Politicians as henchmen of Eco-Dictatorship!
  13. Irritating fear instead of illuminated freedom!
  14. The prophecy of Eco-Dictatorship
  15. Conclusions
  16. Summary
  17. Recommendations

1. Historic Review

After the catastrophic end of the First World War, the monarchies lost their legitimacy and most of them became "republics", but they were unable to solve the political and economic problems. Millions of veterans were unemployed and families were hungry. In this state of economic catastrophe and power vacuum, some ambitious and powerful capitalists saw their chance to seize political power by using fascist representatives as dictators. So they looked for "talented candidates" and supported them.

Adolf Hitler was the most promising in Germany, Benito Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain and others. All of these characters accepted their role and developed, or at least believed to do so, their own nationalist idealistic agenda.

In the United States, one of the most respected men, retired General Smedley Butler, was to play the front man, but the latter lured the corporatists into a trap and reported everything to Congress and newly elected President Theodor Roosevelt. Only because of his heroic deed did no dictatorship emerge in the United States in 1934. Please take a look at the two historical documentaries to learn more about them.

Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA - A Warning ...

The Right-Wing Plot to Overthrow FDR (FULL Documentary)

These Wall Street millionaires literally plotted to overthrow the president
When FDR messed with their money, they began engineering a coup

Matt Reimann, Aug 11, 2017

"It is impossible to say exactly how close the Business Plot — also called the White House Coup and Wall Street Putsch — came to overthrowing the president. Nearly all we know about the plot is the result of an investigation conducted by the House McCormack-Dickstein Committee in November, 1934. Its chief whistleblower was one Major General Smedley Butler, a respected and tenured military leader with a talent for rallying support to his side. His part in the story began on July 1, 1933, the day he met with two members of the American Legion who had ties to Wall Street heavies."

"At this point, Butler knew MacGuire was taking orders from someone, and requested to speak up the chain of command. It was then he met with Robert Sterling Clark, whose net worth of $30 million owed much to a recent inheritance from the Singer sewing machine fortune."

"“I am willing to spend half of the 30 million to save the other half,” Clark confessed. As Butler suspected, this appeared less and less to be about veterans’ interests."

"Clark also bankrolled MacGuire’s seven-month trip abroad in December of 1933, in which the bond salesman was to survey the transforming political tides of Europe. He observed the ascending Nazis. He appreciated the Italian Fascists and their symbiotic relationship with the country’s powerful business interests. But MacGuire’s ultimate model ended up being a right-wing nationalist league in France called the Croix-de-Feu, which had managed to summon 150,000 supporters, many of whom were veterans."

"Yes, MacGuire admitted, it was true that the money came from a coalition of concerned captains of industry. At the moment, they had invested $3 million in the project, and MacGuire estimated he could raise $300 million need be. What he wanted, he told Butler, was for the major general to assemble a paramilitary force of some 500,000 veterans, and to use them to throw President Roosevelt out of office."

"MacGuire informed Butler that the press would soon make an announcement about the league of businessmen fatigued by the president’s reckless economic reforms. They planned to plant stories about Roosevelt’s ill health, and expected the president to comply with orders from his fellow patricians to hand over the highest seat of government. He would be permitted a ceremonial position while Butler and his allies steered the country in the proper direction."

"An astounded Butler debated where to turn first, and decided to enlist a liberal Philadelphia paper to verify the details of his outlandish story. The paper sent their star reporter Paul Comly French who feigned anti-Roosevelt sympathies to interview MacGuire, who was candid about his views and details of the plot. He mentioned that the Remington arms manufacturers would supply the army, thanks to a working relationship with the DuPonts. “We need a Fascist government in this country,” he told the reporter, “to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America. The only men who have the patriotism to do it are the soldiers and Smedley Butler is the ideal leader. He could organize a million men overnight.”"

"In a few days, the story hit the news cycle. “$3,000,000 Bid for Fascist Army Bared,” read one headline. Much of the press found the story risible. “Details are lacking to lend verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative,” wrote the New York Times. “The whole story sounds like a gigantic hoax … It does not merit serious discussion.”"

"Shortly before the committee hearings, in September of 1934, the newly formed American Liberty League—made up of leaders and captains of industry opposed to the president “fomenting class hatred” and his handling of the Depression—released a statement. Among its members were the DuPonts, S.B. Colgate, Sewell Avery, John Raskob, Alfred P. Sloan, and former secretary of State Elihu Root. Butler noticed Robert Sterling Clark’s name on the list, as well as Grayson M. P. Murphy, Gerald MacGuire’s boss.

Also implicated in the plot was Al Smith, former New York governor and 1928 Democratic presidential nominee, as well as Prescott Bush, a banker, future Connecticut senator, and father to George H. W. Bush and grandfather to George W. Bush.

Of these wealthy and prominent people, none was called for testimony, and none was punished."

"In the 1930s, Germany and Italy proved that no form of government should be taken for granted. At this exigent time in America — brought forth by the Depression, a destabilized world, and a transformative president — the rich doubled down on what they always do: protecting their own."

Prescott Bush was a key financier of the NSDAP of Adolf Hitler!

Prescott Bush

"Throughout the Bush family's decades of public life, the American press has gone out of its way to overlook one historical fact – that through Union Banking Corporation (UBC), Prescott Bush, and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, along with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, financed Adolf Hitler before and during World War II. It was first reported in 1994 by John Loftus and Mark Aarons in The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People.

The US government had known that many American companies were aiding Hitler, like Standard Oil, General Motors and Chase Bank, all of which was sanctioned after Pearl Harbor. But as The New York Times reporter Charles Higham later discovered, and published in his 1983 groundbreaking book, Trading With The Enemy; The Nazi American Money Plot 1933-1949, "the government smothered everything during and even after the war." Why?

2. Definition

Many people know only its practical side, which is known as misanthropic, racist, discriminatory, bellicose, murderous, full of torture chambers and fraudulent.

How fascism defined itself?

Benito Mussolini: "Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power."

Definition of Fascism by former US-President Ronald Reagan: “Someone very profounding once said: "If Facism over comes to America, it will come in the name of Liberalism."

What is Fascism?
Fascism is private ownership, private enterprise, but total government control and regulation. Well, isn't this the liberal philosophy? The conservative so called, is the one that says "less government, get off my back, get out of my pocket and let me have more control of my own destiny".

Ronald Reagan was right when he claimed that liberalism was fascism because the funders and masterminds behind the installation of Smedley Butler as dictator were organized in the American Liberty League!

From a commentary of my friend no_nwo under the the following article:

"Fascism from an economic historical point of view: From 1860/70 - 1900 the economic age of monopolism, a time of gigantic and powerful companies, which were called monopolies and were partly joint stock companies or also in the hands of individuals, dates from so-called robber barons.

Monopolies already acted globally by incorporating the entire value chain from raw material to end product. Now it made sense to expand bottle necks in this chain with targeted technical innovations. To this end, companies were founded that dealt exclusively with R&D. The productivity of monopolies finally became so high that unemployment increased and the sales markets of the countries of origin of the monopolies were no longer sufficient, which forced the transition to the economic age of imperialism, to the warlike competition of monopolies against each other for raw materials and sales markets.

The funding needs of monopolies was such that their owners or managers allied themselves with those of major international banks, creating a quasi-intertwined new power structure, the so-called "supranational financial oligarchies" (sources: John Atkinson Hobson, "Imperialism", 1902 ; and Lenin, "Imperialism as the highest phase of capitalism", 1917). The world wars arose in the course of the power competition of those oligarchies. The post-war boom continued until the early 1970s.

The "neoliberalism" that then sets in is actually just a fashion concept, because in fact there was only a return to the imperialist normal state: austerity and wars both externally and internally. The latter, the internal war, is also known as fascism. Fascism is a form of rule that asserts itself with terrorist violence and intimidation and offsets economic profitability and the right to life: the total rule of capital and its maxims."

How should the global privatization understood, if not as the appropriation of community assets by super-rich entrepreneurs and infinitely rich banksters, where the term super rich is no longer sufficient to express their wealth. The source creator of the money doesn't need to count the it. The super-rich corporatists only need the fascist thugs to defend the robbed and to establish robbery as a permanent system.

Let us question the characteristics of Fascism by referring it to current time!

3. Tasks of Fascisms

This is a contribution of my friend no_nwo, who wrote it in response to my HC post.

@no_nwo No_NWO today at 5:55 PM

On the different types of Fascist regimes

Last but not least, the world wars also destroyed masses of capital and created a need for fresh credit. From this point of view, Italian fascism was above all a dictatorship of modernization that gave capitalists the opportunity to make extensive investments and therefore did not require an ludicrous ideology as usual.

The latter also applies for the brutally industrializing Stalinism, which served to
 import US capital and as an ideological wedge to prevent the geopolitical alliance between Russia and Germany, feared by the banksters (Mckinder's Herzland strategy).

Besides importing the banksters' capital and being that very important ideological wedge, the German fascist regime's additional task was to ruin and depopulate Russia, Germany and the countries between these two main players. For mostly that latter three reasons the banksters brought Hitler and his extremely genocidal ideology in power. 

The German nazifascist regime's ideological backbone was the ancient cosmographical thinking in dualist terms: Immaterial Spirit versus Material Substance.

Starting in America in the 1960's, the banksters newly made use of that backbone but now on an international scale: (Buddhist escapist) New Age, then Environmentalism, then Climatism. The Immaterial Spirit resp. the High Above, set as morally worthy and God's exclusive realm, mustn't be soiled, stained or violated by its fictitious adversary, by the Low, by the Material Substance. The latter's WILL is violation. (On that cosmography see Developmental Psychologist Erich Neumann in «The Origins and History of Consciousness», 1949). What formerly were German Nationality and Arian Race now have globally returned as Environment and Climate.

Nelson Rockefeller, Vice-President to Gerald Ford, once argued for a "fascism with a democratic face". Let's take a look back to the German socialist party + green party coalition government, in power between 1998 and 2005. Frenetically applaused by the middle classes and the proletarian aristocracy, the agitation against the precariate used key elements of the nazi ideology, which described jews as dirty, lazy and anti-social. Exactly this pattern of Low was now applicated to the "Unterschichtler" (person in the economic position of precariate; Unter = Low; Schicht = stratum). In those years a nowaday's German public has regressed to dualist nazi ideology. In 2001 alone, and together with the Trade Unions, that German government spent more than 20 billions of Euros for the only task to violently teach the moral of working to that new Unterschicht by means of FORCED LABOUR and FORCED EDUCATION.

Fascism with a democratic face doesn't need a Führer."

4. Racism:

In a global dictatorship, racism in the sense of racial theory does not make sense, since only one world nation is formed. The model Fascist Benito Mussolini has already ruled it out:

"Race? It is a feeling, not a reality. Ninety-five per cent, at least. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be show to exist today .... National pride has no need of the delirium of race."

So a real and high-ranking fascist cannot be a racist. He only uses racism to keep his minions together. That is why racism remains a primary element of fascism.

Racism can divide society from within so that hostile groups are engaged and distracted from taking action against corporatism.

By establishing external enemy images, the masses can be militarily shaped and directed towards the outside in the interests of corporate interests.

This instrumentalization of racism for internal and external expansion of power can be studied on the basis of Nazi rule, but in a similar way in all other corporatist-fascist entities.

Globalist corporatism defines those who oppose the implementation of the new world order as an enemy, be it for ideological reasons, such as the nationalists, or because they defend their local resources against the access of the corporatists, as in the case of Syria, Iran or Russia.

The corporate world agenda is marketed as climate protection, environmental protection and species protection, so everyone who participates in it has a hearing and everyone who resists is hostile to the system. With the implementation of the climate empowerment laws, these "climate enemies" are persecuted as capital criminals and put out of business.

Mind you, the implementation of all types of geoengineering is the cause of the unnatural climate change, the damage to the environment and the mass extinction of the species! Exactly these methods are brought closer to the manipulated masses as "solutions" for climate protection, environmental protection and species protection! Reality is completely reversed, cause and effect are reversed, people are mentally confused and blinded!

5. Discriminatory

Discrimination remains in the form of rich against poor. The best description comes from Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet: 
"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning."

All the little millionaires and the good middle class belong to the poor and will noticeably move towards real poverty with the implementation of the world dictatorship. You are simply passed down. The poor class has already been given a suitable name, namely the precariat. Since there are no more workers, they do not even deserve to be called the proletariat.

Die Supperreichen nennen sich unter anderem die Herrscherklasse der Plutonomy, gemäß einem Schreiben der CitiGroup an seine erlesenen Kunden.

"In einer Plutonomie gibt es kein Tier wie "der US-Verbraucher" oder "das Vereinigte Königreich"
Verbraucher “oder in der Tat der„ russische Verbraucher “. 

Es gibt reiche Verbraucher, nur wenige an Anzahl, aber unverhältnismäßig in der gigantischen Scheibe von Einkommen und Konsum, die sie nehmen. Es gibt den Rest, die "Nicht-Reichen", die unzähligen Vielen, die aber nur dafür verantwortlich sind
überraschend kleine Bissen der nationalen Torte.

Citigroup attempts to disappear its Plutonomy Report #2
November 11, 2010 from Edward Fullbrook

In 2005 and 2006 Citigroup issued two now notorious but highly significant reports for the exclusive use of its richest clients. The first, from October 16, 2005, was “Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalance”. This 35 page report begins:

"The World is dividing into two blocs – the Plutonomy and the rest. The U.S., UK, and Canada are the key Plutonomies – economies powered by the wealthy. Continental Europe (ex-Italy) and Japan are in the egalitarian bloc.

Equity risk premium embedded in “global imbalances” are unwarranted. In plutonomies the rich absorb a disproportionate chunk of the economy and have a massive impact on reported aggregate numbers like savings rates, current account deficits, consumption levels, etc. This imbalance in inequality expresses itself in the standard scary “global imbalances”. We worry less.

There is no “average consumer” in a Plutonomy. Consensus analyses focusing on the “average” consumer are flawed from the start.
And it continued:
"We project that the plutonomies (the U.S., UK, and Canada) will likely see even more income inequality, disproportionately feeding off a further rise in the profit share in their economies, capitalist-friendly governments, more technology-driven productivity, and globalization."

The full report is available here:

Citigroup’s second Plutonomy report, titled “Revisiting Plutonomy: The Rich Getting Richer”, was issued on March 5, 2006 and began:

"The latest Survey of Consumer Finance data was released Friday 24th of February. It shows that the rich in the US continue to be in great shape. We thought this was good time to bang the drum on plutonomy.

Back in October, we coined the term ‘Plutonomy’ (The Global Investigator, Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances, October 14 2005). Our thesis is that the rich are the dominant drivers of demand in many economies around the world (the US, UK, Canada and Australia). These economies have seen the rich take an increasing share of income and wealth over the last 20 years, to the extent that the rich now dominate income, wealth and spending in these countries. Asset booms, a rising profit share and favourable treatment by market-friendly governments have allowed the rich to prosper and become a greater share of the economy in the plutonomy countries. Also, new media dissemination technologies like internet downloading, cable and satellite TV, have disproportionately increased the audiences, and hence gains to “superstars” – think golf, soccer, and baseball players, music/TV and movie icons, fashion models, designers, celebrity chefs etc. These “content” providers, the tech whizzes who own the pipes and distribution, the lawyers and bankers who intermediate globalization and productivity, the CEOs who lead the charge in converting globalization and technology to increase the profit share of the economy at the expense of labor, all contribute to plutonomy. Indeed, David Gordon and Ian Dew-Becker of the NBER demonstrate that the top 10%, particularly the top 1% of the US – the plutonomists in our parlance – have benefited disproportionately from the recent productivity surge in the US.

Shortly after this memo, the financial bubble burst in 2007 and the inflated CitiGroup shrank to a micron misery.

Is there someone who shouts "Precaries get united!"

That wouldn't make any sense either, because the precariat has no function, no benefit, no productivity. How are they supposed to confront the class of plutonomists?

The proletarians were still an indispensable element of the capitalists. They were able to paralyze industrial production through strikes. According to Emanuel Macron, the precariat consists of those  who are leftover and nobody needs!

6. Warlike:

The world has witnessed the 1st and 2nd World War. In 1st the monarchies were executed, in the 2nd  peoples and cultures were destroyed and subjected, by thugs like Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Stalin. As the basis of a global state of the world bankster currency, the Dollar, was enforced.

We are witnessing the swansong of the Dollar now. It has not been really effective because subjection of the world has not yet grasped. Even the current imperial spine is attacked and will be broken soon but the world empires hands are tied, in its self-generated webbing of lies.

Has there been a year in which the current main empire vassal (USA) has not been at war somewhere, if only to distract you from an even greater crime?

Obviously the empire fears the return of US troops, they could unexpectedly wake up and liberate their own country from the bankster empire!

The Empire organizes wars with the best project management methodology and with all brutality. The current project is called "Project for a Greater Middle East". It is from the same stinky grotto as the failed "Project for a New American Century".

The Empire is organizing wars, in the best project management methodology manner and with all the brutality. The current project is called "Project for a Greater Middle East". It is from the same stinking grotto like the failed "Project for a New American Century".

Now it's about all for Corporatists and nothing for the people!

The attempt to conquer the resources of the "Great Middle East" is only one piece of the puzzle in gaining control over all resources on Earth.

War on water & energy, SRM in the Troposphere (not Stratosphere) by pricing of oil & gas.

That does not mean, that they don't touch the stratosphere. They are intentionally depleting the ozone in the stratosphere to deliver more energetic radiation to evaporate and lift more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers! This is another topic!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

It is not possible to enforce Geoengineering without war.

Weird coalition! Unity of enemies! Domino Effect!

This "project" is a supportive and building element of the current imperial backbone, that is crumbling under the great resistance of Syria, the determination of Iran, the fearlessness of Hezbollah and the great courageous support of the glorious Air Force and Navy of Russia under the leadership of Abu Ali, also known under the names Wlad or Putin!

Abu Ali will be sung in the world's history as the conqueror of the world monster, like Siegfried against the Lindworm or Kava against Zahhak.

The world empire must find a way to attack and defeat Russia or to cease to exist so that the United States can become a normal non-imperial state again.

President Donald Trump has recognized that there is nothing to be done in the Middle East against the determination of Turkey, Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Yemen and is dropping the Kurds who should play a key role in transforming and subjugating the region.

Donald Trump abruptly pulls his troops out of Northern Syria

"Rapid action leads to the deception of an already superficial and inconsistent policy in the Middle East"

7. Murderous:

What is the policy of the red and black lists, whereby people are defined and observed as terrorists or as victims of targeted killings, if not a list of murder?

What are the targeted killings by CIA killers?

What are the Worldwide murders by drones, shot very often into a wedding party, funeral society, street or market place, in order to eliminate a target person?

What is the point of dropping the "mother of all bombs" over Afghanistan?

How should the desiccation of Somalia, Iran, Syria, or the flooding of Pakistan, Mozambique or other countries be described, other than mass murder by geophysical warfare?

The mass extinction of animals and plants is mass murder by climate control!

8. Torture chambers:

Do I need to mention Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Guantanamo in Cuba, Szymany in Poland, Baghram in Afghanistan, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, or other secret torture chambers only to make this clear?

Climate control destroys habitats so that healthy living is no longer possible. The algae and corals die away, followed by all the other sea creatures. In the country, the forests are dying, diseases are rampant. People develop so-called auto-immune diseases due to a lack of vitamin D, polluted air and polluted water. The entire earth is transformed into a torture laboratory through the use of all types of geoengineering.

9. Fraudelent:

Never expect that of Corporatism wants something good for You! It just wants more power through more money, more dependency, more submission.

Do not expect it to "save the world", "abolish poverty", "rescue the climate", "clean the air",  "protect the forests, oceans, endangered animals, the ozone layer".

It tells you horror stories in order to keep you docile, manageable, anxious.

It keeps you mentally always under tension. This method is called the Strategy of Tension.

Look at a collection, to realize the lie stories in context.

Selfrevealing propaganda!

Lies of distraction!

If You are constantly being cheated, learn to assume and think exactly the reverse of the propaganda .
Accordingly, the opposite would be:
  1. The Earth is not a greenhouse!
  2. There are no greenhouse gases that warm the Earth!
  3. The CO2 is a rare gas!
  4. The CO2 doesn't warm, but helps to cool the Earth's surface, slightly next to the water vapor!
  5. The ice caps are not melting.
  6. The polar bears will not become extinct.
  7. The oceans will not rise.
  8. The persistent streaks in the sky are not contrails!
  9. Proponents of geoengineering don't want to switch off fossil energy sources!
Open Your mind for the truth about CO2!

Biggest Ponzi scheme, CO2 finance bubble will blow You away!

Designed like a religion, dangerous like the mafia!

Backend Corporatism & Frontend Fascism

After disastrous end of WWI, the monarchies lost their legitimacy and most of them were change to "Republics", but they were unable to solve the political and economic problems. Millions of veterans were jobless and families hungry. In this state of economic catastrophe and power vacuum, some ambitious and powerful capitalists saw their chance to grab the political power by installing Fascist proxies as dictators. So they started to seek for "talented candidates" and supported them.

In Germany the most promising was Adolf Hitler, in Italy Benito Mussolini, in Spain Franco, in Turkey Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) and others. All these characters accepted their role and developed their own agenda or thought to do so.

For USA they wanted one of the most respected men, the retired general Smedley Butler, but this man lured the Corporatists into a trap and reported everything to the Congress and freshly elected president Theodor Roosevelt.

Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA - A Warning ... 

The Right-Wing Plot to Overthrow FDR (FULL Documentary)

Today Corporatism/Fascism looks like this:

10. Greta Thunberg & Geophysical Warfare

Please don't ignore the methods of propaganda!
Greta Thunberg is the propagandist of geophysical warfare!

I think everyone now agrees that the fake nurse who sold the attack on Iraq in front of the UN lied and knowingly participated in a major humanitarian crime that killed at least a million Iraqis and the Middle East was transformed into a war zone.

It should not be ignored that Iraq has marched to Kuwait with a clear justification, namely the demonstrable assumption that Iraqi oil-gas reserves have been stolen from Kuwait by horizontal drilling and fracking.

The crime which Greta Thunberg sells to the world public is not limited to one country or region, but affects the entire earth.

Greta Thunberg is the ambassador of geophysical warfare and the global robbery of resources previously called "free goods". The predatory, murderous power behind Greta Thunberg is empowered by the sunlight, water cycle, carbon cycle, global air, soil and subsoil.

This criminal empire uses geoengineering, starting in orbit, the ionosphere, the lower stratosphere (ozone layer), tropopause, troposphere, the soil, the ground and the underground.

It is irrelevant whether Greta Thunberg is educated and intelligent enough to knowingly participate or was just brainwashed effectively.

Please read the following articles first and then judge once again about Greta Thunberg!

How the Geoengineering Scam Began: Turning Geophysical Warfare Into “Environmental Protection”

1960, CIA Memorandum on ClimateControl!

Coronavirus: Why did YouTube ban my video?
May 13, 2020

Coronavirus: Why You Are Now in Great Danger
May 23, 2020

That is how Corporatism/Fascism looks like today:

James Corbett: Your Guide to the Great Reset
Oct 16, 2020

17. Recommendations

Ich will hier andere Artikel zitieren und weiterempfehlen, die die Aspekte des heutigen Korporatismus/Faschismus noch eingehender behandeln.

Posted on October 5, 2020 by winter oak

"Schwab seems to have dedicated his life to reinventing that nightmare and to trying to turn it into a reality not just for Germany but for the whole world.

Worse still, as his own words confirm time and time again, his technocratic fascist vision is also a twisted transhumanist one, which will merge humans with machines in “curious mixes of digital-and-analog life”, which will infect our bodies with “Smart Dust” and in which the police will apparently be able to read our brains.

And, as we will see, he and his accomplices are using the Covid-19 crisis to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will in what he terms a “Great Reset“.

Schwab is not, of course, a Nazi in the classic sense, being neither a nationalist nor an anti-semite, as testified by the $1 million Dan David Prize he was awarded by Israel in 2004.

But 21st century fascism has found different political forms through which to continue its core project of reshaping humanity to suit capitalism through blatantly authoritarian means.

This new fascism is today being advanced in the guise of global governancebiosecurity, the “New Normal”, the “New Deal for Nature” and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

First published at 18:55 UTC on October 28th, 2021.

License of Enkidu Gilgamesh - Sharing is Caring! 

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Klimakontrolle ist die Ursache des Klimawandels, nicht dessen Lösung!
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GEOENGINEERING is changing weather and climate to grab TROPOSPHERIC WATER by SRM and HAARP for FRACKING and FARMING in DESERTs!

Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

This blog is absolutely not "peer reviewed" and not written by a "renown" scientiputa!
You can verify all content by Yourself!
Evidence and knowledge is not hidden from eyes, but only from minds! Just open Your mind!

It is NUCLEAR FRACTURING, not hydraulic!
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