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MindControl by Neuro Linguistic Programming for Geoengineering

The programming by language was always used. It is part of our daily behavior to manipulate and achieve a favorable position. The scientific implementation at society level begins with the need for a steering method in "Democracies" and the development of "Neuro Lingustic Programming" (NLP) technologies.


  1. Programming Language
  2. Creation of Taboos
  3. Trauma-Based Transformation
  4. Power of Defining and Redefining
  5. Think, Look and Help the Opposite
  6. Further Resources
  7. Connected articles
  8. Teaching about Clouds

1. Programming Language

In the computer world, You need a computer language to write a program. With that language a code is created to INPUT an information and it will be ENCODED, PROCESSED, DECODED and presented as OUTPUT.

Nearly the same applies for human beings and societies. You may say, the information is transmitted not only in verbal or written language but also by pictures, gesture, mood, sounds etc. but let us talk about the language, written or spoken, as the other means of communication can be dealt similarly.

The programming by language was always used, it is part of our daily behavior to manipulate and achieve a favorable position. The scientific implementation at society level begins with the need of a steering method for "Democracies" and the development of "Neuro Linguistic Programming" (NLP) technologies.

As Edward Bernays said: "

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ..."

Edward Bernays: Conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses!

Why is it wrong to call for panic or listen to children like Greta Thunberg?

In German: Edward Bernays about propaganda: Emotionaization - Philosoper Dr. Dorchain, Aug 2, 2017

In German: The art of manipulation - Edward Bernays
Gunnar Kaiser, Jan 30, 2017

In German: Psychology of the masses - of Gustave Le Bon
grasinggrounds, Oct 8, 2013

George Orwell in his "1984" called the manipulation by language "NEWSPEAK". By having the might to define and redefine the notions, the INPUT and OUTPUT in the concerned language will be modified in a way that the listener can be manipulated and steered into the required direction.

In our era of climate control and "Peaceful Nuclear Explosions" in the underground framed as "natural disaster" and eugenics under the guise of pandemics, the "New Normal" is the result of perfect implementation of Newspeak.

2. Creation of Taboos and Moral

Taboo zones can be defined with the creation of blame words. Sure, the most successful blame words in the history of the humanity are "original sin" from the oriental and "karma" from the Indian religious tradition.

The most famous and most successful one of our times is "conspiracy theory" or as personal description "conspiracy theorist". When was this notion invented and by whom?

It is about the dominance on the public realm by MindControl on the society. The ruler of public MindControl decides about Political Correctness by defining bad-words and the good-words. By setting up these filters a fake-moral or a design-religion is formed, which prohibits to think outside of its framework.

It's not about truth, justice, politeness and correctness, but only about a suggestive and offensive dictation, which those in power defined as "politically correct".

The dominance is enabled and secured by all time and omnipresent repetition. The positive wording is connected to positive think patterns, that any use of the defined good or bad wording triggers automatic reactions within the framework of Mass-MindControl. It becomes nearly impossible to talk and think outside of it.

3. Trauma-Based Transformation

Trauma-Based MindControl originally was developed on individuals. By causing extreme, unimaginable fear, combined with hypnosis and other measures, are used to implant multiple personalities into an individual. This is the utmost way of abuse and transformation of mind.

The mind-controllers must be really bad people, as they programmed children and young people to sexually abuse them under these programmed identities, as evident in the case of Franklin Coverup where the MindControl meets the pedophile Catholic Church and political establishment. Franklin Coverup is only one of the big cases, which are so gruesome, that "covering up" is the only way to deal with. It reveals the whole rotten core of the US political and military establishment and the Catholic Church.

"Transformation" is a very important key word, which is very often used for changing the national and global societies, instead naming it colonization, imperialization, submission, repression, abuse and enserfment and similar. It is very often used by the promoters of "Global Governance" and "Geoengineering".

People are not forced to submission, but "convinced" by suggestive manipulation with fear. Fear is used to build invisible tight and high fences, to keep the human cattle in line and steer into the required direction. Increasing fear  accelerates the intended social transformation.

Methods to cause mass fear are ...

  • acts of terror by so called terrorists,
  • mass shooting by so called lone lunatics,
  • pseudo-scientifically supported catastrophe stories like rising sea-level,
  • disease pandemics generated by pseudo-statistics etc.

For example, decades of lies about CO2, rising sea-level, melting glaciers and ice-caps could not prevent people from driving cars, flying into holidays, going to huge festivals, relishing fine meals in restaurants, sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives and even celebrating children birthdays. People did not change their way of life for conservation of nature, saving resources, reducing the human impact on environment.

However, telling them that they may die from a virus pandemic named Convid-19 resulted in voluntary global lockdown of nearly all social and professional activities, up to closing kindergardens, schools and universities, forbidding birthday celebration with friends, turning nursing homes for old people into jails without any resistance.

The victims deem their voluntary submission as "helping to save lives" by "slowing the spreading pace of the virus". The following is just one of such examples of propaganda or suggestive belief - it doesn't make any difference! The target is to implement global vaccination, where everyone who knows a little bit about viruses should know that the variation of the year cannot be predicted and vaccines can only be for the type which existed many years ago.

Coronavirus lockdown: Why we can't release the brakes
By Timothy Sly, April 22, 2020

"Let’s be very clear: without social distancing, the only guaranteed way to end a pandemic is to have enough people develop immunity. It doesn’t have to be 100 per cent of the population, but 40 to 60 per cent of the population. They would need to have been infected, survive, recover, and produce antibodies to see the curve permanently flatten and decline. Alternatively, the same result can be achieved rapidly and safely by the use of an effective vaccine, but don’t hold your breath for that. Vaccines are complex, and require both effectiveness testing and safety assessments."

"But wasn’t “curve flattening” what the social distancing and merciless suppression of just about every aspect of a vibrant community’s normal characteristics was supposed to achieve? Yes, but even when it has been somewhat effective, it’s just a temporary solution, aimed at reducing the height of the great wave heading toward us such that hospitals might be saved from inundation and collapse."

Even if people in the colder regions may fall into this trap, but why the equatorial countries have been caught by fear of Covid-19, where more die because of the panic and lockdown by hunger, instead of the disease.

Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases.
This is more than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Fear prevents the people from seeing the brazen faking of statistics and pseudo-scientific justification of repression, isolation, segregation.

Is the humanity ready to sacrifice the lives of millions or billions, that a few remaining may observe the "healing of the planet"?

7 ways the planet is healing, thanks to global lockdown
From air pollution levels plummeting to the canals in Venice clearing up

"While the global population continues to battle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Planet Earth has been carrying on as usual... in fact, she has been healing. The worldwide slowdown in human activity has had a number of positive effects on the environment, including decreased air pollution due to less carbon-guzzling planes in the sky and less fuel-burning cars on the road.

We've rounded-up some positive environmental stories that show how the planet is reacting positively to the global lockdown..."

Less human means more nature! Isn't that the main target of every friend of nature?

Is the humanity going to accept the hunger-death by the global lockdowns?

The human cost of India's coronavirus lockdown: Deaths by hunger, starvation, suicide and more
Published: April 15, 2020 17:07, Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor

"India is losing people not just to the COVID-19 but also to the coronavirus lockdown. On April 15, India’s Covid-19 death toll was 405. However, as India extends the country-wide lockdown, there is a statistic that no one seems to be focusing on - the human cost of the lockdown. Nearly 200 people have reportedly died because of the lockdown."

Daily wage workers are more worried about starving to death than Covid-19
Anup Ojha, Published at : March 26, 2020

"“We have been sustaining our family with our daily wages,” said 38-year-old Chhetri. “If the lockdown continues, we will die of starvation.”"

The Convid-19 fear is the weapon of synchronized global coup of Corporate-Fascism. By that and the next lockdowns the national states are dissolved and the humanity is "transformed" into the Global-Governance. If an enemy would use come with tanks, war-ships and fighter jets, the people would fight back, but there is no resistance against the Convid-19 coup. A virus is not a visible military target.

The societies are traumatized by a chain of escalation of fear-mongering with invisible enemies. Even the arch resisters present the sign of submission, the enserfment mask.



4. Power of Defining and Redefining

Let us give some examples:

Prior to the 911 attack on the WTC-NewYork it was the term for the center spot of a nuclear explosion. Now it is the location of 2, 3 or more terror attacks. The "owner" of the building complex has claimed recompensation from the insurance company for 2 attacks! 

Were there three nuclear explosions, as three buildings collapsed? Why is it called "ground zero"?

Is it not revealing that the buildings were demolished with nuclear explosions according to the demolition plan, which was agreed by the New York town administration during the WTC planning in the 1970s?

11. September:
Prior 911 it was the day of coup d'état in Chile and the death of President Salvador Allende.

Joghurt Mild:
This wording is used for the standard yogurt in any shop in Germany. For the same product the french word ""yogourt" or "yoghourt" is not allowed in France. What is the difference between "Joghurt Mild" and "Joghurt"? The answer is simple, "Joghurt Mild" lacks the "Lactobacillus bulgaricus" bacteria.

From German: Joghurt

"Joghurts with the addition „mild“ in the naming is not produced with L. bulgaricus, but instead with Laktobaceria (like L. acidophilusL. casei)."

The real yogurt has to have that. You don't get real yogurt.

Energy Saving Lamp:
How would You judge this product if You would call it "Poisonous Mercury & Plastic Lamp" or "Weak Light Mercury Lamp" or "Depression Fostering Mercury Lamp" or "Expensive Recycle Mercury Lamp" etc. etc. Would You buy that poisonous gadget?

For Geoengineering some new notions were invented or older ones redefined:

"Mild Winter":
When You have chemtrail-blankets over the whole winter, then You may think that You are experiencing a part of the "global warming". Would You accept it if it was called a "winter of climate control", "winter for fracking colonialism"winter under chemtrail-blanket" or "winter under chemtrail-pollution" or "gruesome fine dust smoke of climate geoengineering" or "winter under aluminum-barium-strontium-sulphur-ash".

"Solar Radiation Management":

Would You accept it if it was named, "Solar Radiation Blocking" or "Solar Radiation Stealing" or "vitamin-D diseases scheme" or "ozone layer destruction scheme"?
The sun shines freely, so every "Management" must be a kind of cutoff. Would You knowingly agree to this?

Precipitation Management:
Who will decide about the rain?
Can this power also decide about inundation in Europe and drought in Somalia or California?
What do You have to pay for not becoming a victim of drought or inundation?
Should precipitation be a tradable product?
Which chemical material will be used for "Management"?
Would You accept Aluminum and risk getting Alzheimer?

Mostly Sunny:
What does that mean, mostly sunny?
Why not fully sunny or just sunny?
What is screening us from the sun? Would You accept it if they would call it "Sun Blocked by Chemtrails"?
Why is it not just natural?
What is the difference?

"partly sunny", "partly cloudy":
What does that mean, "partly"?
Where is the other part?
Would You accept the Newspeak if it was called "partly polluted for water theft"?
Would You accept it if they would add "HAARP radiated" to the description?

This wording has to be used for IPCC in all propaganda media in Germany. It discloses the manipulative religious character of IPCC. Similar words exist, like "Evangelischer Kirchenrat", "Weltkirchenrat" etc. It fits also into the dictatorial spirit of former German language, where every wording began with "Reich". Maybe Newspeak works better in German, then in other languages. Would You understand it better, if IPCC was called "Lobby for Fracking-Gas Industry" or "International Propaganda Council Convention" or "Interstate Propaganda Chemtrail Council"?

What a meaning an "authority" may have in a scientific world. Science doesn't need that, because it works with facts, with verification and falsification of theories, where the facts cannot give all answers. Can IPCC be an authority for climate science? No, science would not need IPCC, but IPCC needs "science" as it abuses science to legitimize itself. The profiteers of the political and business project behind IPCC need fake science to push their agenda. IPCC is a fake authority!

Climate Remediation:
Why should we "remediate" a natural phenomenon?
Is our weather ill, has somebody stolen it?
Would You accept it if it was called "Climate Manipulation" or "Water Stealing Scheme" or "Water Delivery System by Atmospheric Pollution" ?

"Brighter Clouds":
They use this wording to disguise their intention to legalize chemtrailing, which is already done under secret contracts with the Deep-State. Secret contracts with the Deep-State are illegal.
Is poison less dangerous, when You color it "brighter"?
Should we claim to get green, red, yellow and pink clouds to "feel better", when we are poisoned for Geoengineering and theft of our water for Fracking?
What about the change and lack of sunlight. Is this not also a theft and poisoning of sunlight!
What does it cost to pay for the damage done by Fracking and Geoengineering?

"Persistent Contrails": 
Are there also non-persistent contrails. Which ones are good and which ones bad?
What makes some contrails "persistent"?
If they would say "Contrails with Chemical Nanoparticles" or "Contrails for Solar Radiation Blocking" or "Acidic Contrails" or "Metallic Contrails" or "Alzheimer Contrails" or just "Chemtrails", would You love it more and take a deep breath, when Your airplane crosses a chemtrail?
Would You accept the poisonous air in the plane, if You would know, that people died from it, or became badly sick for their life.

Some more examples could be given, but I hope You understand, that the topic is programming the society by language.

To break this bad programming code, You have to reprogram Yourself by giving the words their real meaning. By freeing Yourself, You also free the society You live in. Defend Yourself by counter-NLP!

5. Think, Look and Help the Opposite

IMHO there is only one way of escape from this mind jail. it is by developing a counter-NLP framework.

Because the manipulation has to be based on lies and lies cannot be of truth, learn to think the opposite!

Because the manipulator wants to keep Your attention on one directions, look to opposite and all other directions!

Because the manipulator wants to use Your resources for his case, resist and join forces with the opposition, if one exists!

Because the manipulation has to be build on a religious concept and needs You to believe it, stop believing, and question everything. Never stop to question.

Because the manipulator builds virtual walls around You, break this walls or just walk through them, because they don't really exist. Don't behave like prey in a chivvy!

According this method the lies about Climate Change and Athropogenic Global Warming are very likely not true. So go back to the beginning of the propaganda and look for the founding lie(s). It is not difficult to find! Yo will understand, how it is created like a religion and that You and Your children pay for the risks of climate control with losing money and health.

6. Further Resources

Controlling People Through Language
16 September 2010, Boris Kagarlitsky, Published at The Moscow Times

"The new vocabulary hides behind the mask of political correctness, although it long ago lost any connection to it. Thirty years ago in the United States, people started to clean the language of racist and stereotypical terms that were offensive to women and minorities. In this way, they hoped to create a culture of equality and tolerance. It was a noble goal that never went beyond the level of language. The social problems themselves did not improve."

"Worse, by fiddling with the language, participants in the debate increasingly lost sight of the goal and became mired in a discussion of linguistics. Meanwhile, the social aspect of the problems was regarded as taboo."

"Totalitarian regimes of the 20th century showed that control of the language is one element in maintaining control over the people. Deprived of an adequate complement of words, the people are unable to express thoughts contrary to the standards imposed on them and become helpless and easily managed. Even if they are unhappy or dissatisfied with conditions, they are unable to put that discontent into words, much less actions. Control is more easily maintained at the linguistic level than through police repression and brute force."

The Orwellian Movement of Global Warming  

Chomsy himself is a propaganda crisis actor, but he talks about propaganda!

Noam Chomsky on Propaganda - The Big Idea - Interview with Andrew Marr

Sebastian 23 - Trojanische Worte (& Numerisches Meeting)
Poetry Slam TV
Apr 24, 2016

Media Lies (1995 SPIN) unauthorized footage

7. Connected articles

Persecution of heresy against Eugenics by false flag blaming on "Climate deniers"!

Chomsky the chief manipulator of the geoengineering lobby!

8. Teaching about Clouds

Now some Chemtrail-Images in the evening of 04.11.2014:

The fresh chemtrails are being created, but the other clouds aren't natural either, but are remnants of former chemtrails.

In this part, the syk is "mostly open", but the chemtrail sprayers are working to make it full covered.

Do You see the grey Chemtrail-Blanket in contrast to the blue sky in the horizon? This sky is according to Newspeak "mostly covered", the sky without the chemtrails is "mostly sunny". They are still lay new chemtrails to stiffen the Chemtrail-Blanket. I define my own Newspeak :-)


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