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What is the connection between this cold winter in the Middle East and the relatively "warm" winter in Europe
What connects Europe with North Africa and Middle East? 

The brainwashed and mind-blinded Europeans would say it is the climatechange by human made globalwarming! :-) LOL :-)

You cannot win the people in Middle East with this dumb argument!

SRM bringing snow to Middle East
The real answer is two folded! 

1. Europe is in the same climate cell with North Africa and Middle East, that means the warm & dry air from Subtropical Weather Zone and cold humid air from Temperate Weather Zone are exchanged between them. 

2. Under natural conditions the cold would be in Europe and relative heat in North Africa & Middle East, but as the Tropospheric humid wind streams are managed by Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management to deliver immense amounts of water to the deserts of North Africa and Arabia for desert farming & desert fracking of oil & gas, the natural humidity and temperature balance is now upside down.


SRM & water


No VitaminD under SRM skies

In addition to the contested pipeline projects, Tropospheric water storage, steering, trading & harvesting is the main reason of war in the Greater Middle East! 

The most apparent sign of Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management are the artificial seeding trails, also called chemtrails,in the skies! As You can observe by the shape of these cirri, they are formed along the trail of airplanes

Airplane exhaust output doesn't contain enough dust particles to offer re-sublimation surface for such bug cirri. Naturally cirri form because of natural sources of hard particles as fine dust from deserts, cosmic dust, fine ash of volcanic eruption, seldom but possible industrial dust. Normally all dust particles are under 3km or 6km where they can only form fluid aerosols. Over ca. 6km, up to ca. 12km in the Temperate Zone the humid droplets are underfrozen and re-sublimate on any hard surface in crystalline form. The often occurrence of such icy, crystalline aerosol clouds in criss-cross form is the active appliance of TROPOSPHERIC (0km - 11km in Temperate Climate Zone (TCZ)) of Solar Radiation & Water Management.

Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is often referred as a Geoengineering technology in the STRATOSPHERE (21km - 80km height in TCZ) to "fight" "climatechange" by CO2 based "globalwarming" and "save the climate". But this is only the marketing side of the Geoengineering SRM propaganda. Actually it is is about accumulation, steering, transport & trade of TROPOSPHERIC water for FRACKING & FARMING in the oil & gas rich but water poor regions like North Africa, Arabia, Texas, New Mexico, Mongolia etc. 

All this is explained in over 70 posts in this blog. 

But let us first look at the actuality of cold winters in the Middle East!

Winter 2016 in Middle East!العاصفة الثلجية على مخيمات اللاجئين السوريين في عرسال


Winter 2015 in Middle East!العاصفة بشرق المتوسط تشل دولا عربية وتحاصر لاجئين سوريين - أخبار الآن Winter 2013 in Middle East!
وقع العاصفة الثلجية على أوضاع اللاجئين السوريين

صرخة استغاثة من لاجئين سوريين من عرسال

Some sources about practical Meteorology!
Meteorologie für Segler

Meteorologie für Gleitschirmsegler
Wolken Wind und Thermik (Teil 1)

Wolken Wind und Thermik (Teil 2)

Wolken Wind und Thermik (Teil 3)

Wolken Wind und Thermik (Teil 4)

WETTERKUNDE, knowledge about weater

Wetterkunde, Meteorologie, kurze Einführung 1. Teil

Wetterkunde, Meteorologie, kurze Einführung 2. Teil

Cold Front vs Warm Front

Atmospheric Circulation

Following video is sometimes recommended to show that vapor can build "persistent trails".
Boiling water & water gun in extreme cold (Northern Ontario)

That is not what the experiment shows. It shows only how non-persistent trails build or in more general manner, how humidity in they air condensates to build a small cumulus cloud.

Non-persistent vapor trails, also called contrail, are similar to cumulus clouds.

The persistent ones are similar to aerosol clouds, or more concrete when they build over 6km frozen aerosol clouds, also called cirrus clouds und under 6km fluid aerosol clouds. They build when another material, e.g. dust delivers a surface for the vapor to bind on.

The aerosol material is sprayed into the trail of the exhaust, therefore the combination is called CHEMTRAIL.

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