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The ugly face of the Greens! The henchmen of the CIA!

  1. Don't read!
  2. Introduction
  3. Power and perversion
  4. Pädophile Greens
  5. Prostitution and the Greens
  6. Drugs and the Greens
  7. Freedom, Peace, War and the Greens
  8. Green ideology is the new Eugenics & Nazism
  9. Environment-Exploitation, Landgrabbing by Green NGOs
  10. Devastation of nature as method of abuse
  11. Nuclear technology, ClimateControl and the Greens
  12. Mass migration and the Greens
  13. Moron electors of the Greens
  14. Robbery of Water, Sunlight, Air, Soil and the Greens
  15. Russia and Germany, Water Theft for Fracking and Farming
  16. Freedom by Liberation of the Language from the Green-NLP

1. Don't read!

Fans and supporters of the Green Party,
believers in Climatism,
people deceived to believe, the Greens would be a environment protection party,
or a peace seeking party
should not read this article!

It is not about conversion from heresy, but just a wake up call. So readers should be able and willing to think critically, in addition to that they need some fundamental knowledge in physics, biology, chemistry and thermodynamics or be ready to comprehend the offered knowledge.

People who don't eat food made of animals, because the believe in "animal protection", but at the same time consider the bat and bird shredding wind farms and also the solar farms, which rob the flora and fauna of sunlight as "environment friendly" energy production should also not read!

No one should feel to be compelled to awake from own traumatic abuse and fall into depression.

Despite the use of analogy about the abuse by a specific religious organization, this article is not for general critique about faith and religion. Religions can give some people hold in a positive way, as long as the community is not hijacked by thugs.

This is the last chance for the shocked reader to decide about reading on or just leaving the webpage, before realizing the loss of ground under the feet and disappearance of protective walls around, because nothing but the opposite is the truth about "saving the climate"!

2. Introduction

Talking about climate control, also some words should be lost on the political spearhead of "environmentalism" or "conservation". So what are the "Greens" and what are they not!

The Greens are ...
  • not for the environment,
  • not for freedom,
  • not for social justice,
  • not for peace!
The Greens are a political party promoting ...
  • perversion,
  • climate control,
  • imperial oligarchy,
  • imperial wars,
  • imperial exploitation,
because the Greens are an imperial tool,
a social weapon of mass destruction,
for enforcement of imperial targets and
implementation of imperial dominance!

When criticizing the Greens, please recognize that none of the other political parties, fake environment protectors like BUND, NABU, Greenpeace, WWF and religious organizations or any other sect becomes less ugly. All of the, even the whole society, also on global scale are submitted to the Agenda of ClimateControl and Geoengineering, where the Greens deliver the leverage.

ClimateControl is the essence of globalization, because it can only be implemented globally in an effective way.

Notion like "saving the climate", "renewable energy", "sustainablity", "climate change", "energy efficieny", "energy security" etc. are all veiling and distracting slogans of brainswashing to make ClimateControl acceptable!

Truth is always the opposite of lie!

3. Power and perversion

Power always tempts to abuse, as it lends the powerful the perception of inviolability and impunity. The feeling of the end of own freedom where the freedom of the other one begins disappears. Most of the victims succumb to their impotence. Therefore any clerical system, maybe of a religious community, a state administration, a political party etc. always results in promotion and benefit of a pervert, psychopathic and pedophile clerics (PPPC).

It is not a coincidence the the common ground of the Greens and Roman Catholic Church (RCC) is the pedophilia! Obviously, the abuse of children without being punished seems to be the evidence of abysmal omnipotence, at least according the distorted perception of the pedophiles, a "normality".

As long as the victims brush the systematical abuse as "rare single cases" und ascribe the system a moral highness and integrity on the whole, they won't perceive the system as a organized crime and the perpetrators as perverts, psychopaths and pedophiles.

The sheeple of RCC submit themselves to the abuse by the clergy at least since 1800 years. So it is not astonishing, that the adherers of Green Perversion still elect this party.

The sheeple of RCC may have sympathy for using the RCC as the analogous example for the Green Perversion. After all, the Green Perversion is able to submit the RCC under the leadership of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Francis) to its relgion of Climatism. As long as Francis preaches Climatism, instead of the teachings of Jesus, the system press stays silent about the pedophilia of RCC, although the news about that are so abundant, that it is not possible to hide them totally.

Another component of power, which the Green Perversion shares with other fake-religious ideologies is that the supporters need always to believe but none of its claims has a real rational foundation!

They have also the lie about "helping the poor" in common. The other ideologies can only exploit their own followers, but the inconsiderable Green Perversion has submitted the whole humanity, even all living creatures on Earth to its destroying, decimating, robbing and murdering machinations. Whenever the propagandists lose the arguments, they just utter, that it is irrelevant if the all claims about global warming by human CO2 was wrong, finally it would serve a "good cause". The ClimateControl is praised as a system for establishing "global justice" between the poor and the rich.

The following tweets warn that "climate change" would deprive the poor of their wealth. If the term climate change replaced with climate control, then the statement becomes true!

Courtney Milan
"Describing climate change [ClimateControl] as a transfer of wealth from the poor in the southeast to the rich in the northwest sounds pretty right.
It’s also a global transfer of wealth from equatorial and low-lying nations.
The only question now is how many billions will be killed by our inaction."

Michael Aschauer
"before the drought hit, the people of Angkor Wat probably thought they were invincible, the biggest bad-asses on the planet." .. "climate change [ClimateControl] may result in the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the country's history."…

4. Pädophile Greens

The Greens support sexual freedom only,

when it serves the interest of global pedophile networks. Therefore the Greens promoted the decriminalization of pedophilia from the beginning of their foundation as a party. Even before, the becoming Greens promoted the "normalisation" of sexual child abuse!

Why are these people at top positions in the German and European politics?

Why aren't they in prison?
Pedophilia scandal: Green party politician Künast has difficulties in explanation!

Dark history: Greens publish a report about their involvement in pedophilia!

Pedophilia accusations: Greens accept their responsibility!

Why could the pedophiles be engaged in the Green party?

Pedophilia in Kreuzberg: No one wanted to listen!

Daniel Wesener and Bettina Jarasch, leaders of the Greens in Berlin, answer the questions of journalists during the presentation of the pedophilia report.

The Greens and Pedophilia!

Germany's Green Party leader (Daniel Cohn-Bendit) regrets campaign to 'legalise paedophilia'

Volker Beck - freie Fahrt für Kinderschänder
Sep 21, 2013

5. Prostitution and the Green

Greens propagate sexual freedom, only when it servers the interests of imperial prostitution and human trade mafia, therefore the decriminalize prostitution and human trade!

Prostitute as neighbor – a normal neighborhood? | Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN Berlin

Freedom as Commodity
"The wanted to liberate the whores – but their red-green prostitution law is considered as failure. What do the initiators think about that?"

6. Drugs and the Greens

The Greens are only than for the mitigation or the strengthening of the drug criminality law, when it servers the interests of the imperial drug mafia under the leadership of the CIA.
  • Therefore they promote imperial wars to build drug production territories, e.g. in Afghanistan and ...
  • they cover the delivery and distribution of the drugs into the main consumer markets, particularly to Europa and Germany!
The so called secret prisons of the CIA in remote and isolated European airports are drug distribution centers of the CIA!!

Please just think, why should the CIA, after the total defeat of the Taliban, which had totally stop and forbidden the production and trade of opium, should need to "interrogate" Afghan terrorists in secluded European airports?

In Afghanistan there are many torture chambers of the CIA and other state-accredited terror organizations. Next imperial military base is on the island Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. I make my conclusion based on historic knowledge about the CIA drug trade! CIA depends on criminal business to finance its "clandestine" crimes, using its own accredited criminals and by cooperation with common organized crime networks, which are also founded by the CIA, if they don't exist yet. Drug trade is one of main occupations of the CIA.

The CIA Drug Connections as Old as the Agency
By Larry Collins Published: December 3, 1993

"CIA ties to international drug trafficking date to the Korean War. In 1949, two of Chiang Kai-shek's defeated generals, Li Wen Huan and Tuan Shi Wen, marched their Third and Fifth Route armies, with families and livestock, across the mountains to northern Burma. Once installed, the peasant soldiers began cultivating the crop they knew best, the opium poppy."

"During the Vietnam War, operations in Laos were largely a CIA responsibility. The agency's surrogate there was a Laotian general, Vang Pao, who commanded Military Region 2 in northern Laos. He enlisted 30,000 Hmong tribesmen in the service of the CIA."

"A pair of BNDD agents tried to seize an Air America DC-3 loaded with heroin packed into boxes of Tide soap powder. At the CIA's behest, they were ordered to release the plane and drop the inquiry."

Allegations of CIA drug trafficking
"A number of writers have claimed that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is or has been involved in drug trafficking. Books on the subject that have received general notice include works by historian Alfred McCoy; English professor and poet Peter Dale Scott; and journalists Gary Webb, Michael C. Ruppert and Alexander Cockburn, as well as by writer Larry Collins."

Confessions of a CIA Drug Runner
Beau Abbott's testimony against the CIA and DEA.

CIA Corruption CIA Drug Trafficking
Nov 23, 2010

CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries 'offered covert support'

"Report finds at least 54 countries co-operated with global kidnap, detention and torture operation mounted after 9/11 attacks"

10 Secret CIA Prisons You Do Not Want To Visit

Black Site

"In military terminology, a black site is a location at which an unacknowledged black project is conducted. It can refer to the facilities that are controlled by the CIA and used by the U.S. government in its War on Terror to detain alleged unlawful enemy combatants.[3]

U.S. President George W. Bush acknowledged the existence of secret prisons operated by the CIA during a speech on September 6, 2006.[4][5] A claim that the black sites existed was made by The Washington Post in November 2005 and before this by human rights NGOs (non-governmental organizations).[6]

The consumption of drugs by parliament members of the Greens is not a secret, e.g. Volker Beck was caught with crystal meth, Claudia Roth and Brita Haßelmann were observed exchanging drugs!

Did Claudia Roth get drugs in German Bundestag?

Volker Beck and Crystal Meth: Green politician caught with drugs!

Greens with drugs in regional parliament!

7. Freedom, Peace, War and the Greens

The Greens are for political freedom, only if it denounces the lack of freedom in countries, which are enemies of the empire or at least not accepting the submission under the imperial order.

If the freedom is rejected by imperial vassals, the Greens ignore any crime and distract from it!

The Greens ignore and whitewash the Fascist and Racist state terror in Ukraine, in the Arab dictatorships, particularly on the Arabian Peninsual, in the USA and other imperial vassal states.

The Greens talk about peace, only if it serves the geostrategi interests of global empire! Otherwise the promote imperial attack wars! Examples are Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia etc.

Many other countries are also covertly assaulted and ruined with Geophysical Warfare. These aggressions are sold by the Greens as the the "results of climatechange".

8. Green ideology is the new Eugenics & Nazism

The Greens are top Nazis because they are just as eugenicists as the Nazis, except that they formulate their atrocities in a calm and friendly manner.

The new kind of euthanasia! The Eugenicists do not build concentration camps anymore, but transform the entire society into one.

9. Environment-Exploitation, Landgrabbing by Green NGOs

The Greens are not against the exploitation of the world, but they are the tool of exploitation by imperial oligarchy!

Similar to the colonialists claiming to have a "moral duty" to "mission" the "wilds", the Green-Colonialism is marching with its NGOs, more amoral than the paleo-colonialists ever could be.

Also the eternal sin and trade of indulgences are back on the scene, packaged as climate footprint and climate tax, like CO2 certificates, CO2 tax, "water( non)rights"!

Designed like religion, bad as mafia!

Taxing the air to breathe:

Together with so called "environment organisations" like WWF, Greenpeace etc. the Greens prepare the ground for global land grabbing by enforcing so called "national parks" and so called protection zones". The native people are expelled from these imperial protectorates. It is a limited scale of colonialist depopulation and ethnic cleansing. Later exploitation certificates are emitted under propaganda slogans like "conservation", "sustainability", "fair trade"and sold to multinational corporations.

Factually the grabbed soils become the property of global oligarchs. The Greens are the brood of the eugenicists!

The greens promote the protection of nature, only if it serves the exploitation interests of global oligarchy.

The embedding of following youtube video is rejected, because of someones "requirement". Here is only the link:

WWF Black Book

The Corporatism in backend always needs a kind of Fascism in the frontend. The Greens are the fascists of the global Corporatism, quasi the "soft" vanguard. Whenever the Green-Fascists cannot enforce imperial interests against the victims by "voluntary" submission, first the geophysical warfare comes with drought, storms, wildfires and inundations, followed by mercenary troops, which are framed as terrorists and eventually military boots, tanks with depleted uranium ammunition and bombers with " tactical" nuclear bombs.

Somalia in Focus of ClimateControl! Geostrategic importance of Yemen!

Return of Fascism, now under the global Oligarchy!

Wind turbines kill birds and bats in masses!
Solar farms rob the sunlight of plants and animals!
Both methos of fake alternative energy production deadly fail, when they are desperateley needed and have always to be backed up by coal and nuclear power plants!

The origins of the Green Party – Eugenics and Euthanasia

Anonymous | 18.04.2015 00:31

"The Green Party's origins lie with the document 'Blue Print for Survival'; signatory (amongst others) Julian Huxley, eugenicist (selective human breeding), member of the British Eugenics Society, Fellow of the Royal Society.

The origins of the Green Party – Eugenics and Euthanasia

The Green Party's origins lie with the document 'Blue Print for Survival'; signatory (amongst others) Julian Huxley, eugenicist (selective human breeding), member of the British Eugenics Society, Fellow of the Royal Society.

The Blueprint was signed by over thirty of the leading scientists of the day—including Sir Julian Huxley, Sir Frank Fraser Darling, Sir Peter Medawar, and Sir Peter Scott.

The Green Party (from Wikipedia):
The Green Party was originally formed as PEOPLE, or the Ecology Party, in Coventry in1973, with the first edition of Manifesto for a Sustainable Society as the party's statement of philosophy and policies. This document was inspired by Blueprint for Survival, published by The Ecologist (then edited by Edward Goldsmith). The party changed its name to become the Green Party in the 1980s."

10. Devastation of nature as method of abuse

That is the "nature" of the pervert, pedophiel green-fascists! They are the biggest enemies of flora, fauna and humanity.

They abuse nature and pretend to protect the environment.

From German: No protests: Forest is cut down for wind-mills

From German: Trouble in the heath: Forest against solar energy

Sie zerstören einen Wald, weil sie eine Heide "wiederherstellen" wollen, oblgeich die Heide das Ergebnis einer früheren Entwaldung war.

From German: Eleven hectares of forest in Lingen is cut down

11. Nuclear technology, Mass Migration, ClimateControl and the Greens

The Greens are one of the key carriers of climatecontrol agenda, operating with slogans like saving the cliamate, climate change, sustainability, conservation, water and carbon footprint, adaptation, Geoengineering Global Governance, climate agreement etc..

The Greens, in addition to their other perversions, were founded according to Hartmut Bachmann to abolish the nuclear technology in Germany and enable the legalisation of climatecontrol.

Currently the Greens have the order to support the steering of the global refugee streams of Geophysical Wars to Europe, particularly to Germany.

By that a mass army is prepared for the coming war against Russia and in parallel to hamper and break the economic cooperation with Russia and China.

Russian Gas: Green politician requires the stop of the construction of the Nord-Stream-Pipeline

Whose interests serves the cut of Germany and Europe from Russian gas delivery???

12. Mass migration and the Greens

Aktuell haben die Grünen die Aufgabe, die Lenkung der globalen Flüchtlingsströme aus Geophysischen Kriegen in Afrika, dem Mittleren Osten und Asien nach Europa, insbesondere nach Deutschland, zu erleichtern. Massenflucht ist immer ein "Kollateralschaden" des Krieges. Bedenkt bitte, dass diese Begriffe keine leeren Floskeln, sondern wortwörtlich zutreffend sind.

Die Menschen sind dort ein Störfaktor, wo der Boden und der Luftraum für die Klimakontrolle, für das Fracking und die industrielle Landwirtschaft systemrelevant sind. Die Entvölkerung, die Entstaatlichung und Enteignung sind in diesem Sinnen "unausweichlich", "unvermeidbar" und "alternativlos". Zumindest ist die

Wenn schon herrenlose Menschenmassen zusammenkommen, dann können sie für imperiale Zwecke "sinnvoll" genutzt werden. Warum sollten die Menschen nicht bewaffnet und für den entscheidenden Krieg gegen Russland vorbereitet werden? Parallel wird die wirtschaftliche Kooperation mit Russland und China erschwert und insbesondere die wirtschaftliche und politische Isolation Russlands in Gang gesetzt. Bisher konnte Russland alle entsprechenden Maßnahmen erfolgreich abwehren.

Russisches Erdgas: Grüner fordert Baustopp von Nord-Stream-Pipeline

Wessen Interessen dient die Abschneidung Deutschlands und Europas von den Gaslieferung aus Russland?

Amerikas Außenminister an Berlin: Wir lehnen diese Pipeline ab
AKTUALISIERT AM 27.01.2018-16:58

"Der amerikanische Außenminister Rex Tillerson hat die geplante zweite Gas-Pipeline von Russland nach Deutschland als Gefahr für die Energiesicherheit Europas bezeichnet. „Wie Polen sind die Vereinigten Staaten gegen die Nord-Stream-2-Pipeline“, sagte Tillerson in Warschau während einer Pressekonferenz mit seinem polnischen Kollegen Jacek Czaputowicz. „Unser Widerstand wird von unseren gemeinsamen strategischen Interessen getragen.“"

So wollen die USA Nord Stream 2 abwürgen
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Armin Gruber / gas cooker 07:53 15.12.2017(aktualisiert 09:42 15.12.2017)

"Das Team des US-Außenministers Rex Tillerson ist dabei, eine Methode auszuarbeiten, um den Bau der Gaspipeline „Nord Stream 2“ zu blockieren. Darüber schreibt das Magazin „Washington Examiner“ unter Verweis auf eine Quelle im Außenministerium."

Nord Stream 2

"... USA, Polen und die baltischen Staaten sind gegen den Bau von Nord Stream. Mittlerweile hat sich auch das EU-Parlament in einer Resolution kritisch zum Bau von Nord Stream 2 geäußert. Die Gegner sind allesamt der Ansicht, dass Nord Stream 2 nicht im europäischen Interesse sein könne, weil Russland dann noch mehr Einfluss auf dem europäischen Energiemarkt erziele. Das erklärte Ziel von Russland ist nämlich, die Ukraine als Transitland zu umgehen."

NABU und WWF kritisieren Genehmigung des Bergamtes für Gaspipeline Nord Stream 2
31. Januar 2018

Pipeline gefährdet Klimaziele und Lebensräume in Schutzgebieten

12. Moron electors of the Greens

The exploitation by is only possible, because blithering idiots elected (like me) and are still electing the Green Pervert Fascism. Therefore, as an act of self defense, the Greens must be kicked out of all parliaments in Germany and European Union!

A dumb good-doer is not a good doer, but worse than a thug, denn because the thug is at least aware of his thuggery!

Dumbness doesn't protect from crime complicity and punishment!

Supporting a political party of pedophilia, incest, bird and bat genocide, sunlight robbery, water robbery, air contamination is thuggery!

Only for the intention to legalize pedophilia and incest, a healthy society would shoot the perverts to the Moon, but in Germany and other so called "western democracies" the perverts are allowed to rule! Why are these society so degenerated?

Please educate Yourself on climatecontrol! The knowledge and consciousness about ClimateControl is the now the cornerstone of education, the intelligence and freedom of mind!

Currently whoever doesn't know enough about climatecontrol is factually a total idiot, whatever titles, study degrees, income or positions he/she names his own!

In times of threat, the level of education and intelligence have to be increased fast. Education and intelligence are the most powerful weapons of self defense!

Wars are always big fraud and serve to cover much bigger fraud! It is irrelevant if because of dumbness, ignorance, opportunism, knowingly or unconsciously someone has become a henchmen of ClimateControl mafia, taking part in a crime makes him a criminal and he also damages on his own health and environment.

Actually ClimateControl doesn't create real winners! Beginning from the smallest alga to the biggest redwood tree, from the smallest virus to the biggest blue whale, all life is attacked!

By the way, does anyone remember which German government " deregulated the finance business", which eventually enabled and resulted in the " finance crisis" in 2007/2008? The weapons of mass destruction don't always have the shape of bombs, even because of that they are the most effective!

The deregulation and fostering of finance business by the federal government (of Germany)

They told following about the (finance) crisis

The Pendulum swings back

13. Wars for Robbery of Water, Sunlight, Air, Soil and the Greens

Climate change is the symptom of ClimateControl and Geophysical Warfare are the reasons!

Who is conducting the global Geophysical Warfare?
Who owns the required technology?
What are the targets of Geophysical Warfare?

You will never learn the reasons for the assault on Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, if You don't know about and have understood the importance of climatecontrol!

The grabbing of control on the airspace and the ground is the reason of geophysical wars, which result in depopulation of huge regions and creates millions of refugees and the climatecontrol henchmen claim "the climate change would cause the mass migration"! Climate change and mass migration are the results of climatecontrol!

14. Russia and Germany, Water Theft for Fracking and Farming

Even if only a few understand and I wound my fingers by writing about, it is all about WATER THEFT, it is about the control on global WATER CYCLE and Russia is the biggest obstacle!

Russia dominates by its airspace and territory the biggest part of northern hemisphere. Without control on this airspace no effective climatecontrol can be implemented globally.

Germany is not only centered in Europe,

Unified Commands, CENTCOM & Components
  • CENTCOM: U.S. Central Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida
  • AFRICOM: U.S. Africa Command, Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany
  • EUCOM: U.S. European Command, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany
  • NORTHCOM: U.S. Northern Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado
  • PACOM: U.S. Pacific Command, Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii
  • SOUTHCOM: U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Florida"
it is also a pivotal center of global Geophysical Warfare!

The treasures of soil are extended by the "treasures of air".

The water streams in the troposphere are much more important that the streams on the ground, because the troposphere is the source of all precipitation.

The saturation and steering of tropospheric water streams is the foundation for fracking of shale petrol and gas in the desert regions of USA, North Africa and Arabia, as well as the extensive industrial desertfarming.

15. Freedom by Liberation of the Language from Green-NLP

Who is able to follow me?

Read the articles of this blog, wake up, wake up before it is too late, as long as You can prevent Your own doom. Soon You will be lost.

We need to create and get used to new notions. The liberation begins with the obtaining of control on the own language!
In addition to the ground resources we have now "air resources".
It is hard to create awareness for this global crime and mass killing of all life! The omnipresent NLP-brainwashing, which declares the symptom to be the reason and the missing basic knowledge on meteorology, biology, chemistry and physics make any effort to enlighten the people nearly impossible.

Obtain fundamental knowledge! Recognize the background!

Please look at the leading figures of the Greens and recognize their ugly faces!

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Evidence of Water Delivery by ClimateControl!

Water Delivery by ClimateControl Irkaya Farm- Qatar


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