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Energy Security by Climate In-Security and WAR?!

  1. Secure energy by war?
  2. What to sacrifice for energy?
  3. Extend imagination!
  4. Germany and Russia!
  5. Decoding the wording of threat!
  6. Dying and desperate empire!

1. Secure energy by war?

This water enables the Energy Security!

But the methods of vertical and horizontal "water management" are the reason of Climate Insecurity!

Energy Security is like "climate change", "global warming", "renewable energy", "sustainability", "adaptation", "carbon footprint", "water footprint" etc. one of the NLP wordings, within the framework of geoengineering propaganda!

Energy Security suggests that we have insecurity in delivery of energy resources, because the owning countries don't give it away or at least not at a price we can afford. Maybe others can afford it and make a good deal with the producer.

As the main target of"securing" the energy routes by military measures is Russia, should NATO attack Russia for selling its gas and petrol to China? Is this the target of the campaign? 

US imperial military campaign against Russia is inevitable! Europe serves as a deployment and front area and source of cannon fodder!

Maybe we would damage more by war, than we ever could gain by making fair deals with Russia. Can war really be an option against Russia?

Geoengineering Governance over the Arctic, as target of Globalism! Russia must resist and fight!

2. What to sacrifice for energy?

If the Energy Security should become so important for the NATO members, which other securities are we ready to sacrifice?
Do we want to sacrifice the secure availability of

3. Extend imagination!

Could You ever imagine that someone could rob Your free and secure access on sunlight and cause You become vitaminD deficient?

Could You ever imagine that someone would poison Your breathing air with Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (TAI) dust, consisting of asbestos, coal fly-ash, sulfur powder etc.?

Could You ever imagine that someone could prevent plants from building oxygen (O2) by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Could You ever imagine that someone would tell You a really dumb fake story about "global warming" by CO2 and You would not realize that rising CO2 means decreasing O2?

Are You so dumb that You buy such lies?
Who is to blame?
Why don't You think?
Why are You so easily distracted and deceived?

Do You know that You don't know anything about science but You are ready to believe anything what is presented as scientific?

Why do You treat science like a faith?

Science is only based on evidence, not on trusting people with fancy titles, heavy sounding names of institutions or any other kind of fake authority!

Why are You blinded in mind and unable to see what cannot be hidden from Your eyes?



4. Germany and Russia!

Let us think about gas delivery from Russia to Germany:

North Stream pipeline is a very secure and cost effective way for Germany to get natural gas from Russia!

No interference with other countries, no payment of transfer fees!

It is the best affordable way of peaceful "energy security" for Germany and "delivery security" for Russia!

It is worth reading the imperial publications about "Energy Security", because the main base of current global empire is on a strange island and far away from all main markets and resources and so imperial access to nearly everything and also to energy is very "insecure"!

Fearing the loss of control on imperial vassals in Europe, the "imperial strategists" try to break secure energy delivery to European countries and propagate the intentionally stirred insecurity as a long term strategy. So "Energy Security" is yet another spin, designed like a religion You need to believe in!

When You are lied at, the opposite is the truth!

Let us dissect a publication of Carnegie Europe! Please be aware of NLP wording. Some important notions will be highlighted!

Germany’s Ambiguity Toward Russia and Energy Security

"Angela Merkel has won much praise for her policy toward Russia and Ukraine. The German chancellor has kept the EU united over continuing the sanctions that were imposed on Russia for its March 2014 annexation of Crimea and interference in eastern Ukraine."

The only source of praise for the ruler of Germany are its people. "Praise" from any other source may be a way to treason! So Mrs. Merkel cannot "win any praise" from other sources!

Why should Germany continue sanctions against Russia and damage its own economy and industry?

Crimean people have decided by public referendum to join Russian Federation. Russia accepted the bid according to all rules of Russian law!

The fascist occupiers of Ukrainian government threatened to persecute the native Russian population of Ukraine. Should Russia allow the mass persecution and genocide of Russians? Should Russia let the people to be starved and killed? 

"But inside her coalition, the center-left Social Democrats are taking a different view that shows how the party is highly reluctant to ditch Ostpolitik, the defining strategy of rapprochement that has shaped Germany’s relations with Russia since the 1970s."

The Ostpolitik of Germany was very successful during the cold war. Why should Germany "ditch" it now? Wouldn't that be totally absurd?

"This determination to hold on to what leading Social Democrats still believe is the lynchpin of European stability and security is misplaced, even anachronistic."

Why should the secure delivery of energy from Russia, which was possible during the cold war, thanks to German Ostpolitik, now become "misplaced" and "even anachronistic"?

Germany is an highly industrialized country and Russia is rich on energy resources! So both depend on each other and complement perfectly!

"To resuscitate Ostpolitik would be to the detriment of Eastern Europe precisely because the policy was an exclusively German-Russian arrangement."

The Eastern European countries were part of the Ostpolitik and this enabled also a fast transition after the breakup of Warsaw Pact. Germany needs more energy resources than the Easter European neighbors as it is one of the most industrialized countries in the world. Germany has not the same interests like Eastern Europe!

"Then, during a visit to Moscow on October 28, when he [Gabriel] met Putin and Gazprom chief Alexey Miller, he lamented the sorry state of relations between Berlin and Moscow."

The relations of Germany and Russia would be perfect if the global empire on the strange island of USA would not interfere and cause insecurity!

"Gabriel went on to give a spirited defense of the Nord Stream 2 project. This involves the extension of the first Nord Stream gas pipeline network, which was built under the Baltic Sea and allowed Gazprom to transmit gas directly from Russia to Germany. That original project was championed by Merkel’s Social Democratic predecessor as chancellor, Gerhard Schröder. He is now on Gazprom’s payroll."

The government of Gerhard Schröder made many mistakes, the most damaging was the deregulation according the orders of Bankster Empire, but the only good decision he made serving German people was the North Stream project. By working for Gazprom he still serves German interests to gain "energy security" for its industry.

"Gazprom’s ultimate goal is to end Russia’s reliance on Ukraine as its main gas transit route to its lucrative European markets. Russia supplied about 30 percent of Europe’s gas consumption in 2013. About half of Russian gas to Europe crosses Ukraine. The addition of Nord Stream 2 would mean a loss for Ukraine of €1.8 billion ($2 billion) a year in transit fees."

Ukraine is a very insecure country and this was endangering the energy delivery to Germany. For German interests it would also be more profitable to donate the €1.8 billion to Ukraine but totally relinquish the transit of any product across Ukraine! Also Poland and Hungary are very insecure transit countries. Factually by financing the failing other European Union countries Germany is exactly applying that strategy.

"Critics of the plan, led by the Baltic states, Poland, and other Central European countries, recently sent a letter to the European Commission opposing Nord Stream 2. They argued that the new pipeline would contravene the EU’s Third Energy Package, besides locking Gazprom into the European market in a way that could undermine Europe’s energy security and the EU’s proposed energy union."

The global empire is planning and already applying steps to turn the territory between the Baltic and Black Sea into a war zone to split German industry from Russia, China and other Eurasian markets. So the main target of war is Germany! Under this development the North Stream pipelines secure not only the energy delivery but they are also the tools for securing the peace, because as long as Germany gets Russian gas, the German industry, economy and the state cannot be broken!

"The essence of the Third Energy Package is so-called unbundling, whereby the supply and transportation of energy must be separated and third-party access to the market must be allowed. The aim is to promote competition and create a liberalized energy market throughout the EU. In 2014, the commission’s rules persuaded Gazprom to abandon the South Stream project, which would have linked Russia to Southeastern Europe via a pipeline under the Black Sea, because it didn’t meet those requirements. Why, then, can’t the commission apply the same principles for Nord Stream 2?

The "unbundling" is a NLP wording for separation of Germany from Russia and China!

Not Gazprom was "persuaded" by the "rules" but Bulgaria was blackmailed by the EU to stop the construction work for South Stream! The wording "rules" is selfrevealing, that the decision was not based on law, but on political, financial and other pressure!

"Gabriel seems determined to keep the commission at bay. He told Putin that Nord Stream 2 would remain “under the competence of the German authorities, if possible. So if we can do this, then opportunities for external meddling will be limited. . . . We will limit the possibility of political interference in this project.”"

Be aware, whatever else the empire may impose on Germany to damage its own interests, like some sanctions on Russia and Iran, cutting the natural gas delivery from Russia would be the end of all political class in Germany. They all would be considered as traitors, not find the time to escape to their bribers and would be persecuted, convicted and jailed, because without energy the German industry would have been attacked.

Like Russia means energy, Germany means industry. Germany cannot sacrifice the core of its existence.

"Ukraine’s gas comes from the pipeline that crosses its territory. Germany too would become more dependent on Russian gas, which has accounted for some 30 percent of Germany’s gas needs in recent years."

The suggestion is that Germany would be more dependent on Russia, when it becomes independent from the transit across Ukraine and Poland! The empire must be very desperate about losing control on Russia and Germany, when it needs to invent such dumb constructions!

"Berlin’s support for Nord Stream 2 and the EEU is winning it few friends among its Eastern neighbors. They fear that Germany’s longing for Ostpolitik would be to their disadvantage as they try to wean themselves off Russian energy and finally break free from Russian meddling."

Germany doesn't need the "few friends" in Eastern Europe, but these countries need German industry as the driving motor of European Union. With getting Russian gas without interference of these neighbors, Germany should also stop financing them, to show the consequences of their treason against European interests!

Following propaganda piece is perfectly exposing as it "connects" NATO, Energy Security, "Climate Change" and anti Russian agitation together.

NATO Energy Security Strategy Crucial to Checking Russian Aggression

"Russian gas supplies are dividing Europe on sanctions. Recognition of the security implications of climate change are becoming widely recognized. NATO can and should play a key role in driving positive on both by building energy security for its members. Including specific, targeted mandates to enable mutual energy security in NATO's mission moving forward would be to both recognize the key challenges of our time and bolster longstanding alliance precepts."

It is real satire. I cannot read it without laughing. 

"According to recent analysis by the European Council on Foreign relations Central and Eastern Europe, in particular Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic States, remain highly dependent on Russian gas and would be highly vulnerable in the event of a disruption in these supply chains."

It is funny, when a bad manipulator points to one of the imperial manipulation machines (CFR) to support own weak arguments. These countries, depending on Russian gas are neighbors of Russia, separated by Ukraine. Russia is willing to sell its gas to all European countries as long as they can and want to finance it. For Russia, Europe is the next huge market. Why should Russia ever want to stop gas delivery. Russia is trying to circumvent the problematic transition across Ukraine by build North Stream, South Stream and North Stream2. Why should Russia invest so much to deliver, if it did not to sell it?

"The launch of the Energy Security Centre of Excellence in response to recommendations from the 2008 Budapest Summit is a promising development in NATO's institutional awareness of energy infrastructure as a fundamental element of security."

This is a very revealing statement. It is not about "energy security" it is about robbing energy from Russia! If the European Union can get oil and gas from other sources, build by other corporations and countries, who invest at least the same efforts to build pipelines, why should anyone need a military threat by NATO?

The bubbling global empire is in the dire situation of having its main base on the territory of its main vassal (USA), which is separated by thousands of miles of deep oceans from all resources and markets and in the long term it will lose control and power and fall apart. It has to create an atmosphere of war and let the Europeans attack Russia to eliminate a competitor and a resource owner to grab both territories!

"... a greater impact could be had by enabling the Centre to pursue knowledge transfer with civilian authorities with the explicit mandate of securing energy supplies in an intra-NATO framework. This should be integrated with the increasing recognition on the part of NATO and other security sector representatives of the security implications of climate change and a push for clean energy."

How can the "securing of energy supplies" be in an "intra NATO framework" if Russia can directly deliver to Germany? The German part may be NATO, but German police is enough to secure it and doesn't need NATO troops to protect pipelines in Germany. Do they intent to conquer Russia and make it a NATO member? 

5. Decoding the wording of threat!

What is meant with "securing implication of climate change"?

What is "clean energy"?

Are nuclear bombs and depleted uranium ammunition sources of clean energy?

Is production of petrol and gas by hydraulic fracturing a source of clean energy?

Is liquid gas from Qatar or petrol from Arabia cleaner than Russian gas and petrol?

If clean energy means solar panels and wind mills, how should NATO troops protect both from Russian threat?

With "climate change" they mean control on Tropospheric Water. The wind-water streams in the troposphere cannot be constrained along the borders of NATO countries. What these propaganda intends to disguise is the securing the delivery of huge amounts of water to Arabia and Africa, where it is used for hydraulic fracturing of petrol and gas and for industrialized desert farming!

By pushing the fracking industry in Arabia and Africa the empire wants to build pipelines to Europe and cut the gas and petrol delivery from Russia! This is the "core of the pudel"!

"...measures to increase US and Canadian fossil fuel exports to Eastern and Central Europe ..."

Two distractions are here:

1. US gas and oil comes mainly from fracking and is not "fossil".

2. US and Canadian fuel production is too expensive and will never be able to compete the offers from Russia, Arabia, Iran, Africa and even not from Venezuela.

"The progress made in expansive understandings of "security", going beyond the traditional military realm, has been one of the more impressive developments of NATO's mandate since the end of the Cold War. Energy supplies are rapidly being weaponized by exporting nations in an attempt to undermine core NATO objectives. Including specific, targeted mandates to enable mutual energy security in NATO's mission moving forward would be to both recognize the key challenges of our time and bolster longstanding alliance precepts."

The guys writing such propaganda must live in a parallel world. NATO has no "mandate" to attack energy producing and selling countries. The "targeted mandates" of "mutual energy security" are the day dreams of a dying empire in delirium, feeling its end.

6. Dying and desperate empire!

The time window of a island based empire is already closed.

Look at the website the conferences of insecurity!

The framework is similar to the "climate conferences".

The "energy security" and "saving climate" are connected by the imperial puppets, preparing for the 3. world war!

Munich Security Conference

The propaganda slogans of the geoengineering mafia mouth pieces sound dumb for the people with knowledge but the bad informed, bad educated and lazy thinking majority swallows easily all arguments connected with "human rights".

Fracking: ‘Gang plank to climate chaos’ or ‘necessary part of decarbonisation’?

"domestically produced" is constructed as a pro argument, just to disguise the damage domestically produced by fracking! Finger pointing to a problem to turn its meaning upside down is a very often used method!

"... the climate benefits of domestically produced shale gas outweigh the risks, argues Stephen Tindale, co-founder of consultancy Climate Answers."

"reducing emissions" is also such an burka argument. Breaking the rock layers to pull out the oil and gas containing water by pressing in clean water causes long lasting damage on soil, air, water quality! The argument of "not as bad as coal" is an absolute lie.

" ... too many of the green movement are ignoring the human rights argument but also ignoring the potential role of gas in reducing emissions and the issue of whether shale gas is used in electricity generation is not as bad as coal."

Now one of the human abusing dictatorships is whitewashed, Qatar! The false claims also applies for the the other human abusing and trading golf dictatorships! Sure Qatar donated some money for these sentences!

"The International Trades Union Congress has done an excellent report on Qatar, which says that however good the direct employer tries to be it is effectively a slave labour economy. To me, supporting a slave labour economy by trading is wrong. So I think the human rights case on importing gas from Qatar needs to be answered."

And other states without the properties of the human abusers are put under bad light! The geoengineering propagandists are totally shameless! They are opinion whores, ready to write everything for money!

"Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, all these potential places that we could import from, they have very problematic human rights records."

A propaganda website for geoengineering scam:

Global Issues: Energy Security

The Laughing Gas War

"Washingtonians have decided to resort to the one and only trick still available to them: to resort to antics that might make Russia collapse from laughing too hard.

The Washingtonians’ clown act involves pretending, in all seriousness, that they are going to stop Russia from supplying Europe with natural gas and to take over this market themselves, which they plan to supply with their liquefied natural gas exports obtained through fracking. (Conventional natural gas resources in the US have peaked and shale gas obtainable through fracking is all that is left.)

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