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This is Geophysical Warfare by nuclear bombing from underground! Attack on Libya, Turkey, Morocco & more!


  1. Entry
  2. Climate Control
    1. Punching of ozone holes into the Ozone Layer
    2. Blowing out fine dust particles
    3. Directly lift water
    4. Prevent unintended precipitation
    5. Conduct controlled precipitation
  3. Nuclear Fracking
  4. Further reading

1. Entry

I wrote many articles and used many sources about Geophysical Warfare by Climate Control, Nuclear Bombing in the Underground and Direct Energy Weapon. Here I want to summarize it with examples to ease the entry into the complex topic and raise the awareness and help to improve the cognition of the current reality of warfare.

Any kind of Climate Control causes damage. That means, even if the intention was not to destroy a habitat by artificially produced drought and extreme weather events, these impacts are not preventable. In that case they are considered as collateral damage of higher interests.

Nuclear Fracking of the underground always causes death and damage by earthquakes, gamma ray bursts and radioactive contamination. 

2. Climate Control

Climate Control consists of 5 main methods which have to combined and coordinated timely to reach the maximal intended benefits. In any case it is all about instrumentalization and weaponization of wind & water in the Troposphere.

2.1. Punching of ozone holes into the Ozone Layer to open windows for higher levels of sunlight, particularly UV-B radiation. The target is to cause more evaporation and higher lifting of water as under natural conditions. That is the reason for the heat-waves and the propaganda about "global warming".

2.2. Blowing out fine dust particles in layers of Troposphere hold, further lift and steer the humidity.

2.3. Directly lift water from oceans, lakes & rivers in very fast way.

2.4. Prevent unintended precipitation and fine steer the water package to the intended area.

2.5. Conduct controlled precipitation in the destined spot. It becomes non-naturally cold there.

Collateral damage cannot be prevented or may be intended!

Libya has been definitely attacked by geophysical warfare by using measures of climate control, mainly the by AvroCar VZ-9 like storm (tornado) drones and explosion of two dams. 

"Libya.. An explosion in the dawn hours led to the destruction of the #Derna Dam , and water swept over the city, washing it away, and it became a disaster-stricken city."


Daniel was ha huge storm. It was formed, steered and brought to precipitate huge amounts of water in a very short time.

The video of the tornado seems not to be from Libya, but from Florida. Irritation is part of the operation to distract from the demolition of the dams.


3. Nuclear Fracking

Even if the officially declared target is "only to frack rock formations" to produce oil & gas, this method is always damaging and used to attack a country from the underground. 

Knowing the physical, technical and regulatory background, it is easy to separate earthquakes by underground nuclear explosions from natural earthquakes!

At the earthquakes in Turkey & Morocco multiple gamma burst with less than 5 seconds time difference and less than 40 km distance between each other could be clearly observed. Both are rules of Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty between the USA & Soviet Union (Russian Federation).


Also some AvroCar VZ-9 like tornado drones could be observed. They were on the way to their operation area.


Hatay'da deprem anı bir geminin kamerasına yansıdı
TRT Haber, Feb 13, 2023

The Mystery of Earthquake Lights! Why did the sky light up seconds before the earthquake in Turkey?
FA Weather, Feb 19, 2023

MOMENT: Dramatic video shows building collapsing after Turkey quake
Premiered Feb 6, 2023

4. Further reading

Heat waves are feasible at any time by ordering ozone holes! Climate Control!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Horizontal shift of temperature and water, naturally and through climate control!

Not UFO but AvroCar drone! Climate Geoengineering vehicles for desalination by waterspout tornado storm!

No UFOs, aliens & spirit, but Weather Drones & Mind Control!

In Germany, the underground is "unconventionally" fracked with atomic bombs since 1961! Why the coal should "stay down"!

Treaty Between The United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Underground Nuclear Explosions For Peaceful Purposes (and Protocol Thereto) (PNE Treaty)

Earthquake's for fracking gas & petrol by nuclear demolition of deep rocks in Haiti!

Fracking Colonialism! Vulcanism by Fracking!

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