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Mitigation is always a psychological component of highly damaging fraud and crime!

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  1. Mitigation in Hot Wars
  2. Mitigation in Geophysical War
  3. Mitigation against Resistance
  4. Collateral Death and Damage

1. Mitigation in Hot Wars

Even in a hot war, the warring enemies have to prepare measures to counter the harsh conditions of war for the own people and also for the enemy population and captives.

  • If You can expect air raids, the own population needs bunkers.
  • If You make captives, You need internment camps and provisions for the enemy.
  • If You attack civil areas, escape routes for the civilians have to be considered.

And You may hope that Your enemy does similar preparations. Otherwise it will be a carnage on both sides, with no protection for civilians and no provisions of captives. That will be a "war without captives"!

A very gruesome historic example for a bad war is when in 1920 the Army of Poland under General Piłsudski could beat the Red Army of Soviet Union and made 60.000 captives. They fenced them in and observed them starving.

From Polish: Historical context of the Battle of Warsaw

"On August 24, the Polish Army reached the border of East Prussia, and the Bolshevik attempts to break through the encirclement - known as the Battle of Kolno - did not open an escape route. 60,000 Bolsheviks went into Polish captivity, 45,000 were interned in East Prussia."

The "Blosheviks" were hermetically "interned" and left to death. The last ones fed on carcasses of their comrades!

As a revenge for that, the Soviet Army, after conquering eastern Poland, tried to be more accurate to punish only the responsible ones, interrogated thousands of soldiers and officers, found about 22,000 involved, made secret tribunal for each one, sentenced them with death and killed one by one and buried the bodies in the forest of Katyn near Smolensk. However, after being attacked by the Nazi German Army and got in alliance with UK and USA, the Soviets tried to blame the killing onto the Germans, as their conviction was "secret".

Who claims, that the killing of the Polish soldiers was only ideological, doesn't know about or ignore intentionally the concrete reason for revenge. The Soviets could have brought 22,000 to work camps in Siberia, but they preferred to punish them for mass murdering, investigated and sentenced the Polish soldiers, but at the end the amount of 22,000 could be considered as another mass killing.

"Once at the camps, from October 1939 to February 1940, the Poles were subjected to lengthy interrogations and constant political agitation by NKVD officers, such as Vasily Zarubin. The prisoners assumed they would be released soon, but the interviews were in effect a selection process to determine who would live and who would die."

I could collect endless examples of mitigation or non-mitigation experiences in history, but this is not our main topic here. So let us look at the ongoing and undeclared geophysical war! 

2. Mitigation in Geophysical War

The geophysical war began practically during the WWII, when weather war was used to camouflage the attacking bombers, for hiding the strategic targets or by causing artificial precipitation. But the long term geophysical war began officially in the year 1960 by involving the CIA with the "Memorandum on Climate Control".

Shortly after that in the 1960s it became also a commercially indispensable measure for water supply to the industries of large scale desert farming and nuclear fracturing of oil and gas, as in both applications clean water is the key component of production.

All applications of climate control have harshly damaging impact. Though there has to be some "mitigation", which will also help to distract from the ongoing and push the people into the required mind frame.

Following measures for climate control needed mitigation:

Asbestos has to be put into the sky and part of it will seep to the ground. Most will come down with precipitation. The mitigating counter measure is to reduce the conventional sources of contamination with asbestos in buildings. Therefore the decision was taken to forbid the usage of asbestos in buildings. The prohibition created a false perception about the reduction of asbestos contamination and political interest in clean air, but actually the amount of asbestos in the air was multiplied many million times, from the ground up to the upper layers of the troposphere.

Sulfur has to be put into the sky, it will mix with water and come down as sulfuric acid or just as sulfur powder. Therefore the the acid rain was a big propaganda issue in the 1980s. Coal power plants and steel plants had to use dust filters and separate sulfur for mitigation. Actually the collected sulfur from oil refineries and other industrial processes was used to build artificial smog cloud layers the whole troposphere. The sulfur contamination in the air was also multiplied many million times.

Coal fly ash has to be put into the sky, so coal power plants and any other plants burning coal had to be demonized. Mitigation measure was that all plants had to install filters and catch the dust. This frame also helped to prepare the prohibition of conventional coal mining and open the way for nuclear fracturing and underground gasification of coal beds. Part of the finest coal fly ash from power plant filters is used to form the artificial smog cloud layers, similar like with sulfur and asbestos. The heavy metal contamination in air was multiplied many million times and spread all over the world, not only in the areas of heavy industries and coal power plants.

UVB ray level on the surface increases with punching of ozone holes by spraying chlorine and other halogens into the ozone layer. This holes into the ozone layer have to be opened to get the required solar energy for tropospheric water cycle control. The direct impacts are the extreme increase of UVB rate, vertical shift of temperature gradient and short time extreme heat waves. Mitigation was the demonizing of UVB and integration UV protection in buildings, cars, sun bath creams and other products. But the whole impact of too much or too low UVB onto all living creatures causes extensive mass death and break of symbiosis chains that species of fauna and flora are killed in masses. To "mitigate" the geoengineering propaganda pretends to care for "biodiversity".

Radioactivity by nuclear fracturing was increasing and more people getting sick of cancer and dying. The fake mitigation measure was the foundation of a fake anti-atom movement, which gave the people a fake hope of "atom free world", but did not prevent the buildup and extension of the nuclear industry. One of the strategic targets of this frame was to prevent and demolish any nuclear industry in Germany. The Germans believed the lies, gave up development in this sector and also decided to close all existing nuclear power plants until 2022. This is a technological and economic catastrophe for Germany, but the German are so heavily brain washed and brain dead to "believe" that other countries "will follow" their example.

Original image without "FRAUD!" is from:
Copied and modified according GNU-Lizenz für freie Dokumentation, Version 1.2

Death and damage by earthquakes and tsunamis are inevitable impacts of onshore or offshore nuclear fracking of oil and gas. Causing mass killings by that, the only mitigating measure was to create a medial hysteria of help for the survivors. Most of the money never reached the victims but was siphoned to so called "foundations" of super-villains like of the Clintons as could be observed after the nuclear detonation in the underground of Haiti.

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians
By DINESH D'SOUZA, July 18, 2016 8:00 AM

"Countries around the world, as well as private and philanthropic groups such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, provided some $10.5 billion in aid, with $3.9 billion of it coming from the United States."

"Foreign governments and foreign companies got Haitian deals in exchange for bankrolling the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation lists the Brazilian construction firm OAS and the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) as donors that have given it between $1 billion and $5 billion."

When by artificial storms and tornadoes people are killed and property and infrastructure is destroyed, also all attention is distracted onto a medial hysteric "help" frame. The fake help is the only way of "mitigation" in those cases as the victims kept believing that the disaster was a "natural" catastrophe where the victims have to blame themselves for "climate change".

The same applies for intentional burning by directed energy weapons in the USA, all over Australia and other locations. There is no real mitigation for the death and damage.

3. Mitigation against Resistance

All these "mitigation" frames are not implemented to really counter the bad impact of the crime but to prevent resistance, which could endanger the roll out and full legalization and implementation of the project.

When people loose members of their family, property and basics of self sufficient living, they are depressed and thankful for any shelter and food. But the "shelter" they get offered is their camp of internment and the supplied food a weapon of total control. Leaving the internment camp means no food and no protection.

No soldiers and guards are required to control the people in the internment camp, as it is considered as a shelter where "good willing helpers" from organizations which pretend to be non dependent on governments care for the victims.

Money is collected and good willing people are engaged to manage the "help" for the victims. It is not possible for the victims and helpers to consider each other as enemies. However, the whole "help frame" is a measure of war.

4. Collateral Death and Damage

The deadly and damaging impacts of all measures of geoengineering are considered as inevitable components of the struggle for "energy security" and all "efforts" for the long term "common good" of whatever community.

When I explain the climate activity, some people ask me, "If the Americans have these capabilities, why don't they prevent the deadly storms, which cause death and damage there, to protect their people?".

My counter question is "Who are their people? Do You consider that the poor and common people belong in the same community and have the same value like the Wall-Street people, from the perspective of the super-rich? Who cares about some drowning poor in New Orleans, Mozambique, Middle East or anywhere else?".

If people live on a valuable spot of land, where huge amounts of oil and gas could be fracked, like in Louisiana, paying all these people compensation and building a "New-New Orleans" somewhere else would cost too much time and money. The effort would become a non-profitable business.

A few big storms solve the problem without costing anything. On the contrary, maximizing water supply to the fracking and farming sites of Texas and New Mexico, without caring for any death and damage under the wind-water-route maximizes the efficiency and profit of climate engineering. 
  • The destruction of Louisiana is just a collateral damage of effective water supply.
  • The destruction of Haiti is just a collateral damage of effective fracking of oil and gas.
  • The destruction of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc. is also for effective fracking of oil and gas.
  • The destruction of Japan is collateral damage for building cavities for carbon capture under the sea bed.
  • The death and damage by radioactive contamination and and near fracking sites is collateral damage for energy security.
  • Death and destruction by technical storms are collateral damage of "testing" the geophysical warfare!
Mitigation is like "adaption" more a psychological component of warfare and is basically a method of distraction and fraud!

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