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Der “Glaube an die Wissenschaft” wird seine Gläubigen in den Massentod treiben! Wissenschaft als Betrugsmasche der Eugeniker!

Viele Menschen glauben nicht wirklich daran, was Priester, Mullahs, Rabbis und Mönche über Gott und die Welt erzählen, aber sie glauben unbedingt an die Wissenschaft!

Da sie nicht wirklich eine Ahnung von all den Wissenschaften haben, woran sie zweifellos glauben, ist die Wissenschaft für sie nur eine allmächtige Ersatzreligion.

Sie leisten keinen Widerstand, wenn die gestellten Forderungen als wissenschaftlich "begründet" werden.

Deshalb muss jede Art von Betrug wissenschaftlich verpackt werden, ob es sich um Reinigungmittel, Medikamente, Klimawandel, Eugenik, Nukleares Fracking, Kernfusion, Corona-Pandemie, CO2-Abdruck oder sonstwas handelt.

Diese widerstandslose Glaube macht ihre Gläubigen für jeden Missbrauch zugänglich.

Die Verwissenschaftlichung aller großen Lügen, Betrügereien und Verbrechen, schafft eine bodenlose Idiotisierung der Gesellschaft, insbesondere repräsentiert durch hoch-diplomierte akademische Idioten.

Wenn es nicht unsere Verwandten und Freunde wären, die “freiwillig” in die “Impfzentren” rennen, dann könnten wir es ignorieren. 

Wie sollen vermeintlich mündige und erwachsene Menschen vor dem Massenselbstmord bewahrt werden?

Nobelpreisträger Luc Montagnier sagt, alle geimpften Menschen werden innerhalb von 2 Jahren sterben!

"Der Nobelpreisträger Luc Montagnier hat bestätigt, dass es keine Überlebenschance für Menschen gibt, die irgendeine Form des experimentellen RNA-GEN-Impfstoffs erhalten haben. In dem schockierenden Interview erklärte der weltweit führende Virologe unverblümt: “Es gibt keine Hoffnung und keine mögliche Behandlung für diejenigen, die bereits geimpft worden sind. Wir müssen darauf vorbereitet sein, die Leichen zu verbrennen.” Das wissenschaftliche Genie unterstützte die Behauptungen anderer bedeutender Virologen, nachdem er die Bestandteile des Impfstoffs untersucht hatte. “Sie werden alle an der antikörperabhängigen Verstärkung sterben. Mehr kann nicht gesagt werden.”"

First published at 04:35 UTC on October 4th, 2022.

Signing of treaties on accession of Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia
September 30, 2022, 16:00, The Kremlin, Moscow

"I want to underscore again that their insatiability and determination to preserve their unfettered dominance are the real causes of the hybrid war that the collective West is waging against Russia. They do not want us to be free; they want us to be a colony. They do not want equal cooperation; they want to loot. They do not want to see us a free society, but a mass of soulless slaves."

"I would like to remind you that in the past, ambitions of world domination have repeatedly shattered against the courage and resilience of our people. Russia will always be Russia. We will continue to defend our values and our Motherland."

"And all we hear is, the West is insisting on a rules-based order. Where did that come from anyway? Who has ever seen these rules? Who agreed or approved them? Listen, this is just a lot of nonsense, utter deceit, double standards, or even triple standards! They must think we’re stupid."

"Western elites not only deny national sovereignty and international law. Their hegemony has pronounced features of totalitarianism, despotism and apartheid. They brazenly divide the world into their vassals – the so-called civilised countries – and all the rest, who, according to the designs of today's Western racists, should be added to the list of barbarians and savages. False labels like “rogue country” or “authoritarian regime” are already available, and are used to stigmatise entire nations and states, which is nothing new. There is nothing new in this: deep down, the Western elites have remained the same colonisers. They discriminate and divide peoples into the top tier and the rest."

"Western elites are even shifting repentance for their own historical crimes on everyone else, demanding that the citizens of their countries and other peoples confess to things they have nothing to do with at all, for example, the period of colonial conquests."

"To emphasise, one of the reasons for the centuries-old Russophobia, the Western elites’ unconcealed animosity toward Russia is precisely the fact that we did not allow them to rob us during the period of colonial conquests and forced the Europeans to trade with us on mutually beneficial terms. This was achieved by creating a strong centralised state in Russia, which grew and got stronger based on the great moral values​​of Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism, as well as Russian culture and the Russian word that were open to all."

"There were numerous plans to invade Russia. Such attempts were made during the Time of Troubles in the 17th century and in the period of ordeals after the 1917 revolution. All of them failed. The West managed to grab hold of Russia’s wealth only in the late 20th century, when the state had been destroyed. They called us friends and partners, but they treated us like a colony, using various schemes to pump trillions of dollars out of the country. We remember. We have not forgotten anything."

"Western countries have been saying for centuries that they bring freedom and democracy to other nations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of bringing democracy they suppressed and exploited, and instead of giving freedom they enslaved and oppressed. The unipolar world is inherently anti-democratic and unfree; it is false and hypocritical through and through."

Recall that during WWII the United States and Britain reduced Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities to rubble, without the least military necessity. It was done ostentatiously and, to repeat, without any military necessity. They had only one goal, as with the nuclear bombing of Japanese cities: to intimidate our country and the rest of the world.

"The United States left a deep scar in the memory of the people of Korea and Vietnam with their carpet bombings and use of napalm and chemical weapons.

It actually continues to occupy Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea and other countries, which they cynically refer to as equals and allies. Look now, what kind of alliance is that? The whole world knows that the top officials in these countries are being spied on and that their offices and homes are bugged. It is a disgrace, a disgrace for those who do this and for those who, like slaves, silently and meekly swallow this arrogant behaviour.

"They call the orders and threats they make to their vassals Euro-Atlantic solidarity, and the creation of biological weapons and the use of human test subjects, including in Ukraine, noble medical research.

It is their destructive policies, wars and plunder that have unleashed today’s massive wave of migrants. Millions of people endure hardships and humiliation or die by the thousands trying to reach Europe.

"Washington demands more and more sanctions against Russia and the majority of European politicians obediently go along with it. They clearly understand that by pressuring the EU to completely give up Russian energy and other resources, the United States is practically pushing Europe toward deindustrialisation in a bid to get its hands on the entire European market. These European elites understand everything – they do, but they prefer to serve the interests of others. This is no longer servility but direct betrayal of their own peoples. God bless, it is up to them."

"But the Anglo-Saxons believe sanctions are no longer enough and now they have turned to subversion. It seems incredible but it is a fact – by causing explosions on Nord Stream’s international gas pipelines passing along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, they have actually embarked on the destruction of Europe’s entire energy infrastructure. It is clear to everyone who stands to gain. Those who benefit are responsible, of course."

"The dictates of the US are backed up by crude force, on the law of the fist. Sometimes it is beautifully wrapped sometimes there is no wrapping at all but the gist is the same – the law of the fist. Hence, the deployment and maintenance of hundreds of military bases in all corners of the world, NATO expansion, and attempts to cobble together new military alliances, such as AUKUS and the like. Much is being done to create a Washington-Seoul-Tokyo military-political chain. All states that possess or aspire to genuine strategic sovereignty and are capable of challenging Western hegemony, are automatically declared enemies."

"These are the principles that underlie US and NATO military doctrines that require total domination. Western elites are presenting their neocolonialist plans with the same hypocrisy, claiming peaceful intentions, talking about some kind of deterrence. This evasive word migrates from one strategy to another but really only means one thing – undermining any and all sovereign centres of power."

"At the same time, the West has clearly been engaged in wishful thinking for a long time. In launching the sanctions blitzkrieg against Russia, for example, they thought that they could once again line up the whole world at their command. As it turns out, however, such a bright prospect does not excite everyone – other than complete political masochists and admirers of other unconventional forms of international relations. Most states refuse to ”snap a salute“ and instead choose the sensible path of cooperation with Russia."

"The West clearly did not expect such insubordination. They simply got used to acting according to a template, to grab whatever they please, by blackmail, bribery, intimidation, and convinced themselves that these methods would work forever, as if they had fossilised in the past."

"Such self-confidence is a direct product not only of the notorious concept of exceptionalism – although it never ceases to amaze – but also of the real ”information hunger“ in the West. The truth has been drowned in an ocean of myths, illusions and fakes, using extremely aggressive propaganda, lying like Goebbels. The more unbelievable the lie, the quicker people will believe it – that is how they operate, according to this principle."

"But people cannot be fed with printed dollars and euros. You can't feed them with those pieces of paper, and the virtual, inflated capitalisation of western social media companies can't heat their homes. Everything I am saying is important. And what I just said is no less so: you can't feed anyone with paper – you need food; and you can't heat anyone’s home with these inflated capitalisations – you need energy."

"That is why politicians in Europe have to convince their fellow citizens to eat less, take a shower less often and dress warmer at home. And those who start asking fair questions like “Why is that, in fact?” are immediately declared enemies, extremists and radicals. They point back at Russia and say: that is the source of all your troubles. More lies."

"The current neocolonial model is ultimately doomed; this much is obvious. But I repeat that its real masters will cling to it to the end. They simply have nothing to offer the world except to maintain the same system of plundering and racketeering."

"They do not give a damn about the natural right of billions of people, the majority of humanity, to freedom and justice, the right to determine their own future. They have already moved on to the radical denial of moral, religious, and family values."

"Let’s answer some very simple questions for ourselves. Now I would like to return to what I said and want to address also all citizens of the country – not just the colleagues that are in the hall – but all citizens of Russia: 

do we want to have here, in our country, in Russia, “parent number one, parent number two and parent number three” (they have completely lost it!) instead of mother and father? 

Do we want our schools to impose on our children, from their earliest days in school, perversions that lead to degradation and extinction? 

Do we want to drum into their heads the ideas that certain other genders exist along with women and men and to offer them gender reassignment surgery? 

Is that what we want for our country and our children? This is all unacceptable to us. We have a different future of our own."

"Let me repeat that the dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This complete renunciation of what it means to be human, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, and the suppression of freedom are coming to resemble a “religion in reverse” – pure Satanism. Exposing false messiahs, Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” These poisonous fruits are already obvious to people, and not only in our country but also in all countries, including many people in the West itself."

Allen Savory - What Is Science?
Sella Ommekeer, Oct 14, 2020

Allen Savory über was Wissenschaft (wirklich) ist (und sein sollte). 

1:45 Fragment von "Return to Eden" von Marijn Poels, eine schöne Dokumentation, sehenswert. Bitte den Links a Ende folgen.


Tolle und aussagekräftige Beschreibung, wie Studenten heutzutage Naturwissenschaften lernen/erleben (eigentlich auf die falsche Art und Weise). Allerdings gilt diese praktisch zutreffende Beschreibung nicht nur für die Wissenschaft. Diese Behandlung von Studenten und späterem Verhalten findet sich überall, wenn es um einen Beruf geht, der etwas extrem Neues erreichen muss. Meistens (und leider) müssen die wirklich neuen Erkenntnisse (außerhalb des bereits Bekannten) von außen kommen, weil die Menschen gelernt haben, nur dem zu vertrauen, was in den offiziellen (peer-reviewten) Papieren dokumentiert ist. Wir können dies nicht nur in der Wissenschaft beobachten, sondern auch in der Politik, der Landwirtschaft, der Umwelt, der Automatisierung, dem Gesundheitswesen, der Medizin, dem Schulwesen, der Energieversorgung und so weiter. 



"Was ist Wissenschaft? 

Die Leute reden oberflächlich über Wissenschaft. Was ist Wissenschaft?

Leute, die mit einem Master-Abschluss oder einem Doktortitel von einer Universität kommen und wenn man sie in die Praxis mitnimmt, glauben buchstäblich nichts, wenn es nicht in einer von Experten begutachteten Arbeit steht. Das ist das Einzige, was sie akzeptieren. Und wenn du sagst: Lasst uns beobachten, lasst uns nachdenken, lasst uns diskutieren, dann tun sie es nicht!

Sie sagen: „Ist es ein Peer-Review oder nicht?“ Das ist ihre Sicht auf die Wissenschaft. Ich finde das erbärmlich!

Sie gehen als kluge junge Leute an die Universität und verlassen die Universität hirntot, ohne überhaupt zu wissen, was Wissenschaft bedeutet. Sie glauben, dass es sich um von Experten begutachtete Arbeiten usw. handelt, nein! Das ist die akademische Welt. Und wenn eine Arbeit einem Peer-Review unterzogen wird, bedeutet das, dass alle das Gleiche dachten, bevor sie sie genehmigten.

Eine unbeabsichtigte Konsequenz ist, dass neue Erkenntnisse, neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse, niemals einer Peer-Review unterzogen werden können. Wir blockieren also alle neuen Fortschritte in der Wissenschaft, die große Fortschritte sind.

Wenn man auf die Durchbrüche in der Wissenschaft zurückblickt, dann kommen sie fast immer nicht aus der Mitte des Berufsstandes, sondern vom Rand, wo die Leute es anders sehen.

Die besten Kerzenmacher der Welt konnten nicht einmal an elektrisches Licht denken. Sie kommen nicht von innen, die Angebote kommen von außen. durch die Brüche.

Wir werden uns aus Dummheit umbringen. 

Allen Savory - 2020


Danke an Allen Savory
Danke an (c) Marijn Poels (c) 2020
Danke an (c) ON Omroep (c) 2020 Enthält Niederländische Untertitel


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Es gibt keinen Konsens in der Wissenschaft, sondern nur Beweise!

Wenn also vermeintliche Wissenschaftler über einen vermeintlichen Konsens sprechen, dann entsteht daraus keine Wissenschaft, sondern nur pseudo-wissenschaftlicher Betrug!

Dieser Form des Betrugs wirkt im großen Maße, weil die totale Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung von Wissenschaft zwar keine Ahnung hat, aber einer wissenschaftlich verpackten Behauptung nicht widersprechen kann. Der Glaube an die Wissenschaft ist für diese Menschen einfach nur eine totalitäre Ersatzreligion.

Viele der Begriffe, die heute als "wissenschaftlich" hingenommen werden, haben gar keine wissenschaftliche Basis! Es gibt keine(n) …

Energiefreisetzung durch Kernfusion,
Herzinfarkt durch Cholsterol,
Krebswucherung durch Mutation von Zellen,

aber diese Begriffe klingen glaubwürdig und können mit den Beobachtungen vermeintlich verknüpft werden. Folglich ist der Laie, gar der vermeintlich gebildete, dieser Form des Betrugs völlig ausgeliefert.

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