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EMF health impact! | Global sensoric climate control!


1. Preface
2. What is the health impact of cellular EMF?
3. The sea mammal analogy!
4. The DTrace analogy!
5. Internet of the Things (IoT)!
6. How is this network connected to the global cimate control?
7. Smart prophecy of crime!
8. The technical advantages of 5G.

1. Preface

Generally speaking, energy, matter, all our universe and we consists of Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) waves, but life exists only under specific types of EMF. Modifying EMF conditions may be inadequate for healthy life. Currently existing creatures cannot "adapt" to a drastically changed EMF environment.

With the ability to make and use fire, humans began creating their own controlled EMF waves and the development of civilization by using electricity brought us into the realm of artificial high frequency EMF, but what is the tolerable barrier, where we should stop to prevent damage on our health, viability and nature?

The frequencies used for mobile communication are not the reason for the current huge change of our EMF environment! The biggest damage is done by the mobile and immobile doppler radar network of climate control, which is now attacking the layers of troposphere and stratosphere with high frequency hyper-sonar and radio waves.

Sometimes, people feel a pulsing in their head and body, even hear a sharp sound, which seems to disappear after a short time. Most people deem it as a personal perception, a mood change, a bad feeling or beginning of tinnitus.

If they would be in a room with many people and talk to each other, instead of covering it as something from inside, they would realize that this pulsing is coming from outside. Because of missing knowledge and imagination, also the communication about an EMF, hyper-sonar attack becomes impossible.

The radiation of the troposphere and stratosphere is not the only reason of EMF damage. By dropping out the ozone from the stratosphere and polluting the stratosphere and troposphere with fine dust particles, which get ionized by EMF, the stratosphere and troposphere, instead of isolation from, become penetrated by cosmic radiation. This is easily observable by multiplying damages by lightnings.

Additionally the artificially created and "enhanced" water spouts and storms for fast lifting and transportation of water create a direct conduct for current from Earth surface to upper layers of troposphere and stratosphere up to the ionosphere.

So let us find our way step by step questions.

2. What is the health impact of cellular EMF?

Money turns everything upside down that much more studies are financed and framed to discredit any claim about the dangers of mobile communication radiation. But I won't post this lobby papers here.

May be not enough and not critical enough, but some scientific research is done and studies written about the bad impact of cellular radiation.

Effect of Ultra High Frequency Mobile Phone Radiation on Human Health
Mosa Moradi,1 Nasrollah Naghdi,2 Hamidreza Hemmati,3 Majid Asadi-Samani,4 and Mahmoud Bahmani5
Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ►
Electron Physician. 2016 May; 8(5): 2452–2457. Published online 2016 May 25. doi:  10.19082/2542 PMCID: PMC4930268

The results of this study and International Commission of Non Ionization Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) reports showed the people who spend more than 50 minutes a day using a cell phone could have early dementia or other thermal damage due to the burning of glucose in the brain."

Effect of Cell Phone Radiations on Orofacial Structures: A Systematic Review
Sunil Kumar Mishra,corresponding author1 Ramesh Chowdhary,2 Shail Kumari,3 and Srinivasa B Rao4
J Clin Diagn Res. 2017 May; 11(5): ZE01–ZE05.
Published online 2017 May 1. doi:  10.7860/JCDR/2017/26547.9883 PMCID: PMC5483827

Cell phone emitted radiations had their adverse effect on salivary glands and facial nerves. Studies showed that cell phone emitted radiations had effects on oral mucosal cells and causes changes in salivary flow rate. It was still unclear that cell phone radiations cause tumours of the salivary glands."

Prüfung des Sozialverhaltens und  and brain magnetic resonance imaging in chicks exposed to mobile phone radiation during development
Zien Zhou,corresponding author# Jiehui Shan,# Jinyan Zu, Zengai Chen, Weiwei Ma, Lei Li, and Jianrong Xu
BMC Neurosci. 2016; 17: 36.
Published online 2016 Jun 10. doi:  10.1186/s12868-016-0266-7 PMCID: PMC4902983

Mobile phone radiation exposure during chick embryogenesis impaired social behaviors after hatching and possibly induced cerebellar retardation. This indicates potential adverse effects of mobile phone radiation on brain development."

The Influence of Electromagnetic Radiation Generated by a Mobile Phone on the Skeletal System of Rats
Karolina Sieroń-Stołtny, 1 Łukasz Teister, 2 Grzegorz Cieślar, 3 , * Dominik Sieroń, 4 Zbigniew Śliwinski, 5 Marek Kucharzewski, 6 and Aleksander Sieroń 3
Biomed Res Int. 2015; 2015: 896019. Published online 2015 Feb 1. doi:  10.1155/2015/896019 PMCID: PMC4331479

" Conclusion
The electromagnetic field generated by Nokia 5110 (900 MHz) mobile phone does not have a direct impact on the macrometric parameters of bones; however, it alters the processes of bone mineralization and the intensity of bone turnover processes (osteogenesis and bone resorption) and thus influences the mechanical strength of bones."

Effect of Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted from 2G and 3G Cell Phone on Developing Liver of Chick Embryo – A Comparative Study
Mary Hydrina D’Silva,corresponding author1 Rijied Thompson Swer,2 J. Anbalagan,3 and Bhargavan Rajesh4
J Clin Diagn Res. 2017 Jul; 11(7): AC05–AC09.
Published online 2017 Jul 1. doi:  10.7860/JCDR/2017/26360.10275 PMCID: PMC5583901

From our experimental outcome, we conclude that the chronic exposure of chick embryo liver to RFR emitted from 2G and 3G cell phone resulted in various structural changes and DNA damage. The changes were more pronounced in 3G experimental group. Many researchers now opine that cell phones may turn out to be the cigarettes of 21st century as their effects or interactions with biological tissues on long term exposure are yet to be explored especially in foetuses and children. Hence, children and pregnant women should use the cell phone with caution. ..."

3. The sea mammal analogy!

Sea mammals, particularly the whales communicate with each other, defend themselves and hunt their prey by using high frequent sonar system. Each species is using a specific range of frequency and also being damaged by another range.

When the dumbified fake environmentalists push and pull the nearly dead, sickened and stranded whales back to the sea, these idiots pretending to protect the animals fully ignore the genocide on sea life by sonar exploration and explosions for global fracking colonialism.

Please read about this with examples and more details in following articles.

Sea mammals are dying by industrial and military SONAR or HYPER-SONAR of geoengineering!

Fracking Colonialism!

Earthquake's for fracking gas & petrol by nuclear demolition of deep rocks in Haiti!

Connecting 911 with fracking by radioactivity!

4. The DTrace analogy!

I would like to show You an analogy from a seemingly different realm, which is part of the global communication infrastructure, as everything now runs on computer systems and these are driven by operating systems

Let us talk about DTrace!

Dynamic Tracing Guide

"DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for the illumos™ Operating System. DTrace provides a powerful infrastructure to permit administrators, developers, and service personnel to concisely answer arbitrary questions about the behavior of the operating system and user programs. "


  • Dynamically enable and manage thousands of probes
  • Dynamically associate logical predicates and actions with probes
  • Dynamically manage trace buffers and buffer policies
  • Display and examine trace data from the live system or a crash dump

Just to make the point about DTrace clear, DTrace is a wonderful instrument to inspect and optimize applications on such wonderful operating systems like Illumos, SmartOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, QNX but proprietary systems like Solaris and MacOS use it either.

Here again, it is not about the method it is about the ownership, the intention of the controllers and the control on the controllers!

5. Internet of the Things (IoT)!

Imagine Your town, country or the whole Earth as an operating system and translate the DTrace probes to sensors of imaging (cameras), sound (microphones), temperature, humidity and chemical detectors, which are always available and can be used to observe any activity within the society.

Like DTrace can be used on operating systems to track any system call, Your life and environment is getting tracked by growing amount of electronic sensors. This development is call Internet of the Things (IoT).

Similar methods can be applied on a town to optimize the traffic or the flow of other operations.

The "Smart Phones", "Google Glass", "Google Home", "Alexa Echo", "Samsung Bixby", "Smart Cities" are all part of a global instrumentation and orchestration system. You need to answer Yourself, who are the idiots, tricked by the "smart" ones? 

When "SMART" is DUMB
Transmitting Smart Meters Pose A Serious Threat To Public Health

"Chronic exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventative public health action."

Why We Care? The stakes are very high.

"Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body."

Based on this total control sensor system, each individual is "socially scored". Naming it "scoring" doesn't make the enserfment, discrimination, domination, incapacitation really acceptable, but people are dumbified by word gambling and entertainment, that they happily jump into the catastrophe.

The coming of IoT is inevitable, like the invention of agriculture, usage of iron and copper, the industrialization and computerization could not be prevented. With growth of population, the world has to be reorganized. By IoT the states lose the reason of their existence. Corporations are already much more powerful and their power base is replacing all other administrative structures.

6. How is the wireless network connected to the global cimate control?

Knowing the power of IoT, it is easily imaginable that all sensors will also contribute to the global climate control, to make the "management" of solar radiation, water cycle and carbon cycle more "sustainable" and "energy efficient".

I already hear it ringing in my ears, the brainwashed masses of climate zombies are drooling for redemption in the climatists heaven. Finally, "climate protection" and "energy efficiency" become a common duty and the non "sustainable" and non-economically living creatures are held accountable.

Resistance is futile.
Down with humanity.
The world has become a single "national park".
Human beings are fenced in to reserves.

The environment and climate rangers know how to prevent people from breaking out of smart cities. Every human being carries several sensors from birth to serve his surveillance and punishment.

All smart devices will form a totally "smart grid" of "artificial smartness" controlling the flow of every molecule of CO2 and H2O along all the layers and routes of troposphere. Also every photon coming from Sun, crossing the layers of atmosphere reaching the surface of the oceans and land will be controlled and accounted. The non-energy efficient ozone layer is already "smartly eliminated". A smart system prevents the natural rebuilding of the ozone.

All food will be grown in the deserts, the water poor are becoming water rich. Is it not wonderful to have desert greening? Who cares about death and devastation under the wind-water routes?

All we need is to "adapt to the collateral damage"!

Imagine, the smart grid will turn the Earth into an artificially intelligent bionic robot with one orchestrated system! This intelligent united being wont need so much humans anymore!

I am making gallows humor about it, because all this is so deeply absurd and psychopathic and the humanity lets it happen without resistance.

For now, please get aware of the big picture and talk about it to grow the global awareness against climate control!

Get aware about the big dangers!
Connect the dots!
Don't ignore the obvious!

7. Smart prophecy of crime!

The implementation of societal monitoring by IoT is already real!

But it is not used to catch the drug mafia, to bust the terrorist networks, to catch all corrupt politicians and managers! It is only used to protect the decadent system owners and their henchmen from being kicked from power!

China using big data to detain people before crime is committed: report

"Called the Integrated Joint Operations Platform, or IJOP, it assembles and parses data from facial-recognition cameras, WiFi internet sniffers, licence-plate cameras, police checkpoints, banking records and police reports made on mobile apps from home visits, a new report from Human Rights Watch finds."

"If the system flags anything suspicious – a large purchase of fertilizer, perhaps, or stockpiles of food considered a marker of terrorism – it notifies police, who are expected to respond the same day and act according to what they find. “Who ought to be taken, should be taken,” says a work report located by the rights organization."

"Another official report shows how reports generated by IJOP are used to send people to an “Occupational Skills and Education Training Centre” where political re-education is carried out."

"The big-data platform in Xinjiang’s Jiashi County, for example, “covers all sorts of information, such as geography, the migrant population, fertilizer purchases, gasoline and vehicles. Once finding abnormal data, the system will automatically alarm,” a police officer named Xu Linglei told China’s Nanfang magazine."

"He added: “Before the application of big data, police often only arrested people after they had committed wrongdoings and the victims suffered losses as a result. Now, relying on information technology, they can take preventive measures in advance.”"

"Remember Sesame Credit, the social credit score system in China? Collection and connection of meta-data leads in this direction. This is not a “only in China” thing. Nations in the western world are exploring the same thing, using different approach, but the end goal seem to be the samecontrol and power. Its a new form of totalitarianism and its happening right in front of our eyes, we are the lobster being slowly boiled."

Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology

"Palantir’s prediction model in New Orleans used an intelligence technique called social network analysis (or SNA) to draw connections between people, places, cars, weapons, addresses, social media posts, and other indicia in previously siloed databases. Think of the analysis as a practical version of a Mark Lombardi painting that highlights connections between people, places, and events. After entering a query term — like a partial license plate, nickname, address, phone number, or social media handle or post — NOPD’s analyst would review the information scraped by Palantir’s software and determine which individuals are at the greatest risk of either committing violence or becoming a victim, based on their connection to known victims or assailants."

8. The technical advantages of 5G

What’s new in 5G, how it’s different from its predecessor?by Geekboots | Technology | Tue, 10 Jul 2018

"Currently, 4G LTE transfer speeds top out at about one gigabit per second. That means it takes about an hour to download a short HD movie in perfect conditions. But, 5G will increase download speeds up to 10 gigabits per second. That means a full HD movie can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

4G occupied the frequency bands up to 20 MHz. In the case of 5G, it will likely sit on the frequency band up to 6GHz.

It took 15 seconds to down a 5MB MP3 file via the 3G connection. With 5G, you may be able to download an entire movie in just moments.

While 2G, 3G, and 4G focused on mobile radios, 5G covers an entire ecosystem of radios, impacting categories beyond smartphones.

5G is expected to drive emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 5G is going to have a big impact on segments beyond mobile broadband, such as smart cities, robotics, self-driving cars, healthcare, agriculture, and education.

5G will ensure that the communication cycle of your input, smart home device, cloud servers and output is ultra-fast. This requirement will exponentially grow when humans begin using more smart home devices. At the moment, 4G networks haven’t been scaled up to handle such heavy loads of data.

Your 4G-capable phone will work on older 3G networks. They aren't forwards-compatible, though, so you'll have to buy a new phone to work with the 5G standard.

Thanks to @Mi for pushing me to write this article. :-)
Thanks to @Brigitte for the initial translation into German. :-)

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