The water-poor will be named the water-rich!

  1. Footprint
  2. Water poverty
  3. Water wealth
  4. Coordinates of the water grabbing!
  5. Water delivery
  6. Global Secession and Disintegration
  7. How is this done?
  8. Behavior of water
  9. Freedom on sunlight!
  10. Everything depends on the sunlight!
  11. WATER

1. Footprint

Talking about "global warming" and "climate change", two newly invented notions are used very often.

CO2 footprint and water footprint!

In this context the "footprint" is part of a quasi-religious concept and should be translated in this sense as "sin"!

Sin produces immediate feelings of guilt and requires atonement by drain! This is the revival of the old Roman Catholic fraud. An old wine in new bottles!

If we omit the "fingerprint", the remaining notions are carbon dioxide and water, but what is the conclusion?

We sin against the climate by emitting CO2 and H2O!!!

CO2 is supposedly evil, so let's talk about the good old water before H2O is also declared to be a terrorist gas.

2. Water poverty

Don't we all want to be "climate savers" and save the human race from dying of thirst, drowning and extreme hails and ligtnings?

Look, what the "Magazin für Klima- und Energiwende, KLIMARETTER.INFO" is teaching us!

From German: Climate change is exacerbating water scarcity

"In the case of a warming of the global climate by three-degrees, ten out of a hundred people will face the risk of being affected by absolute water scarcity. 40 percent more people are affected by climate change, compared to a state without any change by the man-made greenhouse effect."

Is this statement a brazen threat or a "well-meaning" warning?

Look at the origin of the statements, the German branch of the "Climate Counsel" (IPCC), the first Holy Church of Climatism, has proclaimed it!

"This was calculated in a study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK), in collaboration with research groups from all over the world, including so many climate impact models like never before."

Now a treacherous note is given, which will be further explained:

"One reason for the aggravation of the water shortage due to global warming is, by climatic changes also the water cycles and thus rainfall and evaporation have changed."

This is followed by a hint about too much water:

"Nevertheless, also an increase of precipitation is a challenge, as additional water can cause flooding and disruption of infrastructure such as the sewers."

Don't forget! WHO IS TO BLAME? 

Anyone who reads such articles and believes in their content pays indulgences "voluntarily" so that some sins can be forgiven before entering climate hell!

Wiederholungen dieses "Gedankengangs" findet Ihr auch beim offiziellen "Verblödungsserver". Wenn wir darin den Begriff "Klimawandel" gegen Klimakontrolle austauschen, dann werden die Lügen im Text zur Wahrheit! Die "Erwärmung" wird gegen Erhöhung der UVB-Strahlung und "Treibhausgase" gegen  künstlichen Wasserverdampfung ersetzt.

You can find repetitions of this "thoughts" on the official German dumbification server. If we exchange the term "climate change" against climate control, the "warming" against increased UVB radiation and "greenhouse gases" against artificial water evaporation.

From German: Water cycle and climate 

"A look into the past shows that the water cycle is heavily dependent on the climate. Therefore, the question arises of how current and future climate change [climate control] by humans will affect the water cycle. Global warming [increased UVB radiation] by almost 0.8 ° C in the last 100 years should also be reflected in a strengthening of the water cycle. With a warming [increased UVB radiation] by 1 ° C, the water vapor capacity of the atmosphere is theoretically increased by 7%. It is generally assumed that the hydrological cycle as a result global warming [increased UVB radiation] is intensified by the increase in greenhouse gases [artificial water evaporation]. [2] Almost all climate models show that warming [increased UVB radiation] on the earth's surface by 1 ° C due to the increase Evaporation, especially over the oceans, results in an increase in precipitation of 2-3%."

For understanding the background, I recommend the following articles:

Heat waves are feasible at any time by ordering ozone holes! Climate Control!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Horizontal shift of temperature and water, naturally and through climate control!


Or just read it in a paper of a presstitute you trust:

From German: Water shortage threatens two billion people

You are warned about a rise of "5°C"! Who offers more degrees?

"At five degrees of warming all ice-free areas would be affected by changes in the ecosystem. Particularly vulnerable parts would be Asia, North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East."

Please read the article artikel about the ozone layer, to understand, why they are so trumping on "warming". The temperature targets are not the ones they want to prevent, but to reach. ..................................................................

The website ""-- another trap for well-meaning people -- cheer jumps!

From German: Water, climate and justice

Despite the joy.

"In Paris, there were bright faces in the light of historic climate protection agreement.

They must maintain the tension the fear!

"Nevertheless, climate change is for many people, the long-threatening reality. Lack of water is one of the consequences."


The department of development of German government "cares" for you!

From German: Water and climate

They already reveal that some areas will have "too much" water! Is that a "well-meaning" warning, apologizing the water grabbing, or are we threatened?

"At the same time, India and the Philippines fight regularly against high water, parts of Central America, and Asia with heavy rains. And even in Central Europe, actually in a Temperate Zone, the rivers overflow their banks. Drought and flooding: These two opposite phenomena are already a burden of many regions of the Earth; they will occur yet more frequently in the future."

"Climate change shows itself particularly in the extremity of water: in the devastating rains or unusual drought, in overflowing rivers or falling ground water levels. Mostly the poor, settling often in vulnerable areas, are affected by these events ..."

Christian heart is touched by that. Yet again, it is about the POOR! Are Germany, France already water-poor countries?
Aren't you, by your mere existence, responsible for the several deadly floods there, as perpetrators of "climate change", due to the "global warming"?

Shame on you, you constantly CO2 breathing out creature!

Now you have a choice between death by suffocation or by ceasing to exhale CO2, by drowning in the floods or dying of thirst in the drought, with which the God of the IPCC already punisches us regularly.

You are sinners! Repent!
The CO2 tax will redeem you!


Even if you still don't feel "poor", you have been warned, your future consists only of poverty! Look what has announced!

From German: Lack of WATER

"As a result of climate change mainly in north-east of Germany the rainfall in the summer and thus the main formation of ground water will decrease. Since water is the basis for many land uses, a lack of this resource will have serious consequences."

"First and foremost, agriculture and forestry are affected by water scarcity, as well as the natural or near-natural ecosystems, where sufficient water availability is significant. Declining groundwater levels can lead to existential changes. The water supply of the population is endangered in the long term, where drinking water collection areas are at risk. Low water levels in rivers and canals can make the cooling of power plants and industrial facilities impossible. In addition, low water levels have a negative impact on the inland waterways. Various claims on water as a resource can result considerable conflicts."


INGENIEUR.DE has to admit something! It threatens more openly with the removal of water! :-) The desert comes to Europe!

Dramatic water scarcity threatens Europe

You will learn where your children should not study, else they would come back as a brainwashed Climatism believers!

"Scientists at the University of Kassel,
together with Italian colleagues, have created a study about the expected increase in water consumption."

"In Spain, water shortage is real. About a third of the land is already affected by desertification."

Kindly we learn even the name of the Climatism priestess! Packs a bunch of garlic and a cross in your pockets, if you come to Kassel and meet the vampire!

"The Kassel scientists are calling for measures to adapt. "Politics, economy and society in the European countries will have to adapt to growing water scarcity," says Dr. Martina Flörke, head of the research group "global and regional dynamics – water"."

3. Water wealth

Fossil oil is bad, fossil water is good!

The climate God takes your water, which doesn't disappear in nowhere, but will be given to another lamb of the Climate Kingdom, says the "green Prophet"!

Wasn't it revealed, "The water-poor will become the water rich."?

Didn't Libya find "fossil water", to green his desert?

Libya's pivotal irrigation in the Sahara proves that money can do anything

"The water being fed to the crops is measured and dispersed from a series of circular pipes that are rotated on wheeled platforms and the gradually moved out from the center of the circle; the place where the water originated from."

The truth is totally different!

Global Shale Gas Initiative of Hitlery Killary Clinton and the water theft of Muammar Gaddafi!

The Saudi agriculture is expanding!

Saudi agriculture sector register solid growth

"Saudi Arabia's agriculture sector has been witnessing tremendous growth over the past few years, thanks to a series of projects that complement the expansion and enhancement of local agriculture infrastructure ..."


NASA shows us by observing one spot, that the agriculture in Arabia is progressing!

NASA Sees Fields of Green Spring up in Saudi Arabia

"Saudi Arabia is drilling for a resource possibly more precious than oil."

We learn where they have got the water from, namely, "from the last ice ages" and in the following several 100,000 years of accumulated rain water! What a stroke of luck, for such a long time it did not evaporate. The Arabs don't have live in a desert, but on a float that hovers on a freshwater lake! Great story, isn't it?

"The green fields that dot the desert draw on water that in part was trapped during the last Ice Age. In addition to rainwater that fell over several hundred thousand years, this fossil water filled aquifers that are now buried deep under the desert's shifting sands."

Now the Arab drill into this water storage and use it for their pivotal irrigated fields. The Climate God must be a Saudi. He endows them not only with petrol and shale gas but also with water for fracking and desert farming!

"Saudi Arabia reaches these underground rivers and lakes by drilling through the desert floor, directly irrigating the fields with a circular sprinkler system. This technique is called center-pivot irrigation."

So that is not the result of flash rain but "water from subsurface" lake! :-)

Hail Storm in Saudi Arabia Caused Floods - NOV 202


The Difference - The Choice is Simple. Here’s why.

Jack King from Ireland working in Saudistan explains how it is done!

“There is almost no surface water available in KSA,” says JK, who moved to Saudi Arabia from Ireland. “Water is only available from wells or bore holes, which range in depth from 150 meters to 2,000 meters (492 to 6,562 feet) depending on the area. Most of the wells in our area range in depth from 250 meters to 450 meters (820 to 1,476 feet) and are producing between 1,000 and 1,500 U.S. gallons per minute, with a few wells reaching 2,000 gallons per minute.”


Either the Saudi are to lazy to do their own work or they want to feed the world with food made by "fossil water" based agriculture. They import workforce from Bangladesh!

Bangladeshis to bring revolution in KSA agriculture


Now You may look at some images of greening deserts, not only in Arabia!

Pictures: Greening the Desert


Documentations about huge diaries were also shown on German public TV. Here is the self promotion of the Watania Agriculture company, which produces fruits and vegetables and keeps sheep!

Watania Agriculture

Documentary About Al Watania Poultry KSA


4. Coordinates of Water Robbery!

Please look at following locations on or satellite imaging services and find out more!

These ones and further coordinates are collected in a separate article!

25.206528, 44.532959 Arabia

24.479798, 45.853786 Arabia

27.550174, 47.604900 Arabia

29.950194, 38.333957 Arabia

28.631813, 36.315802 Arabia

27.969480, 41.935823 Arabia

25.225486, 44.477178 Arabia

20.118302, 44.870307 Arabia

23.695085, 49.439430 Fracking in Arabia

26.001213, 50.555494 Fracking fields in Bahrain!

26.950638, 21.975399 Libya

26.514197, 14.313411 Libya

27.647705, 14.133341 Libya

32.897567, -111.752657 USA ARIZONA

32.540247, -114.833502 Mexico

33.036905, -101.135642 USA, Fracking in Texas!

33.167095, -101.371183 USA, Fracking in Texas

-16.273631, -45.171765 Brasilia !

-16.344573, -46.384294 Brasilia

-30.050109, 29.843975 South Africa

31°46'14.8"S 18°18'09.0"E South Africa

42.651963, 114.812905 China

5. Water delivery!

You may claim and believe, the desert farms would use this magic "fossil water", but does the following look like coming from 1000 depth?

6. Global Secession and Disintegration

You may now understand, why the Saudi and their dependents are attacking the neighboring countries,

not only because of pipeline routes for petrol and shale gas, they need also the the airspace of their neighbors for having control on the wind-water streams,

and you should conclude, why they take part in the weird coalition of united enemies, conducting a war against Syria, Iraq and Yemen!

Accordingly it should become clear, why the resisting coalition, consisting of Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and China is already breaking the backbone of global empire!

The imperial expansion ends in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, although the empire is in a dead end since its failed missions in Somalia and Afghanistan. The empire has outspent its power, but did not reach any of its targets. So the war has to be escalated as long as the empire doesn't feel to be defeated.

Most people don't realize but the empire is currently conduction many secession wars, namely on Kurdistan, Baluchistan, coast of Myanmar, Tibet, East-Turkestan (province Xinjiang) and fuels the disintegration in India, Nigeria an Philippines. In Belutschistan and Myanmar its about closing out China from important entry points to the Indian Ocean. In Philippines the conflict is triggered to prevent to the escape from vassalage.

Kurdistan is about getting control on the most important water resources, the tropospheric water routes and petrol and gas resources of the Middle East. This target can only be realized by also destroying Turkey. Macabre as it may sound, the storm of imperial mercenaries on Turkey cannot be started yet, because Iraq, Syria, Yemen and not at least Libya keep them busy and impede them.

Which consequences would it have, particularly for Europe, when a country of about 80 million citizens, would be thrown into a bloody war, similar to Syria? The war on foundation of Kurdistan won't be apologized by "spreading democracy" or "religious conflict" any more, but only as a late coming Nationalism.

Greater Kurdistan: A Work in Progress Brought to You by NATO, President Peace Prize and… Israel

7. How it is done?

Now I get a little bit desperate, because I know that most people don't have the fundamental knowledge of meteorology to recognize the complex background, so I explain it in small steps.

Climate Cell

Because of more or less globular form of the Earth, the sunlight reaches the surface with different intensity. In the equatorial region the rays come more straight, in the polar region more angular. The heavy cold air from the poles sinks and flows to the Equator and the hot light air from equatorial region rises up and flows to the polar region.

The wind streams are diverted by the Earth's rotation and divided into three parts within each hemisphere. The area of each part is named a climate cell.

As observable Europe and USA are mainly within the Ferrel Cell and partly the Hadley Cell with Nord Africa and Arabia. Changes in the wind-water balance of a cell leads to shifting temperatures and precipitation levels between the regions.

If there is less rain in Europe, the water has been carried further by the wind streams to somewhere in the south on the route, at last in North Africa and/or Arabia, the water has to come down.

Another explanation: If I need the water in Arabia, then I have to prevent it from raining down above Europe!

The method is to lift the water as high as possible and let it flow with the wind stream as long as possible. For that I would like to offer You a schematic animation, showing the lifting process and giving the cornerstone altitude numbers of troposphere.

Talking about about wind, water and weather, our room of space of action is nearly only the troposphere, because about 80% of total air mass and 99% of water in the atmosphere exists only here.

Warm air can absorb up to 4% water, which accords with 100% relative humidity. At ca. 97% the mist begins to build. The natural clouds are the areas of rising hot humid air, reaching their dew point above 97% relative humidity. Far above 100% the air cannot bear the water anymore and it begins to rain down.

Colder air always absorbs less humidity, therefore at about -56°C and ca. 11km altitude above Central Europe the humidity ends, which accords with the upper border of troposphere. The altitudes variate depending on time of day, season and dynamic, so that the line can oscillate between 10km and 12km.

The troposphere ends at ca. 8km at the poles and ca. 18km at the equator.

8. Behavior of Water

Please study desublimation and condensation, to learn about the mechanisms and understand the technologies of Tropospheric Sunlight Robbery and Water Grabbing (TSRWG)!

Elucidation is done by clearing the notions! Brainwashing is mainly done by distortion of language! Defend yourself against this assault by reconquering your language!

Please deepen Your understanding by reading the article about counter NLP!

Desublimation is the KEY to understand Water Grabbing and Solar Robbery Menace (SRM) and what Chemtrails basically mean! Newspeak like "Solar Radiation Management" (SRM), "global dimming", "albedo modification", "cloud brightening" are invented to trivialize the crime.

Study the clouds in the skies, learn the difference and foremost have a global perspective!

9. Freedom on Sunlight!

The Sun and the sunlight have already been mentioned above but now we have to deepen that aspect, as we are not really aware of the importance of daily sunlight for us.

In former times no one could imagine that a human being can own land, until some began to build fences. A very sad history of Germany is about the robbery of the land of Herero in Namibia, where the Herero suddenly stood at the fences!

In former times no one could imagine that anyone could sell air, until the air compression machine was invented.

In former times no one could imagine that anyone would demand money for water, until someone put the water into tradable bottles.

Now we have reached another turning point, where we have to realize, that we won't have free access on rain water anymore without buying water-rights.

We have also to accept, that by implementing CO2 certificates and CO2 taxes, air rights are defined and traded. Maybe you are hesitating to give this construction the right naming, air right, although your are less prim about rain water rights.

Foremost we ought not resist the implementation of sunlight rights, because all other "rights" depend on that. Could you ever imagine that you would not have free access on sunlight anymore?

What do you think about the meaning "Solar Radiation Management"? Is there an administrative body about sunlight management? Do you know about a sunlight management law? Was there a public discussion before implementation, any hearing and voting in any parliament or a referendum? Is that a fraud similar to TTIP and CETA?

There were a lot of "climate conferences", attendee pocket money for the brothels inclusive. The last important one was in Paris, where the terrorist made an attack! Do You remember, "Wir sind Paris!"?

After this conference most states of the world have already signed this "Climate Agreement"!

DayOfShame ParisAgreement! Recognize your traitors!

Look more closer at this! Obviously you are missing the most important train of your life! The word "green" gets a poisonous taste! Are there companies managing sunlight?

List Of Companies Engaged in Weather Modification

The Companies that Will Make a Business Out of Geoengineering

10. Everything depends on sunlight!

Sunlight illuminates, heats, purifies, heals and protects.

Without sunlight there wouldn't be life on the surface and in the oceans, except the areas in the deep sea, which are heated by the hot core of our Earth.

Without sunlight there wouldn't be rain, snow, clouds, weather, wind, climate cells and climate zones.

Without sunlight there wouldn't be photosynthesise, vitaminD, plants and animals! You wouldn't exist either!

If you have already realized that more people have to take vitaminD supplements or you are one of them, that would mean .... you don't get enough sunlight on your skin!

You have veiled yourself with a transparent or intransparent bourkha. At least you have prevented the UVB rays to heal you, maybe because you fear the UVB rays, have been brainwashed to think like that and therefore cover your skin with sun-milk, sun-creme, sun-glasses and sun-umbrellas with a bourkha!

VitaminD deficiency and SRM chemtrails! MIH dental chilren's disease!

Bourkha prevents vitaminD and destroys the society!

Are you aware that Germany, Europe and other regions of the world are fully covered? The bourkha on the skies is webbed every day! :-(


Water vapor is one of the lightest components of the atmosphere and can easily spread across all altitudes of troposphere.

All are talking about CO2, but it is mainly about water. Do You know the components of atmosphere?
Nitrogen 78.000000%
Oxgen 21.000000%
Argon 0.934000%
Helium 0.000520%
Neon 0.001820%
Krypton 0.000110%
Xenon 0.000009%
Radon 0.000000% (insignificant)
Methan 0.000180%
CO2 0.037000%
Remaining 0.026361% (Other trace gases S0x, N0x etc.)
Total 100.000000%

With a share of only 0, 037% CO2 is a trace component but areas of troposphere can bear up to 4% water!

Please read more in "FAQ about CO2"!

Water moves in air so good, because it reacts better on heating, where CO2 performs badly, whatever lies they tell about the positive feedback magic causing global warming!

Specific heat absorbtion of gases under constant pressure:
Water Vapor 1.93
Nitrogen 1.04
Oxygen 0.919
CO2 0.844

Any kind of "sunlight management" is primarily "tropospheric water management". Whoever can manage the water may decide about its precipitation, about who has to be drowned and die of thirst, which price will be demanded for water and which price for sunlight. Management of sunlight and water gives the ultimate power about life and death!

As long as the sheeple deem the massive shift in water balance as "natural", "weather" und "severe weather", no one will make claims or sue the perpetrators! The grabbing business costs nearly nothing, but delivers only profits for the "eternal winners"!

The dead are dead and the sick are the losers!

Are you surprised about the industrial desert farms in Arabia, Africa, USA and China?

Are you also surprised about private land grabbing in the deserts of the world?

Connect the dots and find the wind-water streams! Water is now the backbone of global empire, not petrol!

Water is the foundation of the biggest Ponzi scheme and finance bubble of mankind.

It is started with CO2 certificates and CO2 taxes, but the main blowing up comes with water rights, air rights and sunlight rights.

Water is the reason of wars, mass emigration and devastation! It is your personal bad luck, if you settle under a tropospheric wind-water route.

Open your eyes and your mind! Connect the dots and see the full puzzle! Break the NLP fences limiting your mind!

Please have always a global perspective, because climatecontrol has to be applied globally.

You will find water and sunlight everywhere or your mind is blinded!

License of Enkidu Gilgamesh - Sharing is Caring! 

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