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Dane Wigington, The Unwilling False Prophet or an Geoengineering Lobbyist?


  1. Dane as crisis actor!
  2. Dane als false authority!
  3. Dane would need!
  4. What Dane is really doing!
  5. Dane as fake leader!
  6. Dane as master of distraction!
  7. What Dane needs to read!

1. Dane as crisis actor!

If Dane Wigington, the owner of, is not an agent and crisis actor of the geoengineering lobby, but himself a victim of suggestive brainwashing, he needs to overcome this. Effectively his motivation doesn't make any difference for his publications.

By understanding climate control, Dane may close his gaps of knowledge and all my following critique may become obsolete!

Dane Wigington seems to be willing actor for the scam designers, who must be cocaine addict, lazy but greedy Hollywood morons, as they apply their "terror" scripts like one for catastrophe films which are used many times. Greenhouse gases are criminalized like star terrorists of "war on terror". When the popularity of a top star seems to sink a new more gruesome is invented. As the lies about CO2 meet the reality and fall apart, the scam house is placing methane as the next "terror greenhouse gas".

So what is the role of Dane Wigington in this screen play? Is he a crisis actor?

2. Dane als false authority!

Dane Wigington is an extreme example of fake-authority, because he takes the critique against geoengineering very far, gets a lot of attention and huge community of followers, without really exposing geoengineering. For all the people who trust and follow him and are distracted by him, Dane is their fake-authority. Because of huge arsenal of information he publishes, Dane has an advantage over all people who are seeking sources, which may explain. what they experience and observe and still cannot understand. This gives him power of control and manipulation over his followers.

Many of Dane's followers treat and protect him as if he was prophet and try to silence any dissent against him and expect everyone to respect and admire him.

He may not have the intention to become a fake-authority, but really wants to fight geoengineering, but as long as he remains in his current role, Dane is more a promoter of the geoengineering agenda and an agent provocateur of a criminal geoengineering lobby.

Without having the complete knowledge, full understanding of the interconnections and taking the "scientific fraud as science", he accepts the NLP fences of the scam and walks with all his sheeple, who follow him, to the gate, which leads to the slaughterhouse, where other sheeple of IPCC are already knocking at the door!

Sheeple of IPCC!

3. Dane would need!

For Dane Wigington to escape this cam, he would need to ...
  1. know enough about the Stratosphere,
  2. know enough about the Troposphere,
  3. know all about Physics,
  4. know enough about Meteorology,
  5. take a satellite perspective and look from above,
  6. think in scales of at least Climate Cells,
  7. observe the water routes,
  8. observe where it comes down,
  9. observe how it is used there and
  10. observe what else is going on, like wars in and around a region!
Sorry to say this, but Dane has not reached this point of knowledge yet. I have tried to contact him by social media, but without success! My comments on his website have been deleted.

Dane's problem is that he is too much following the designed NLP paths. He treats the NLP henchmen as "scientists", he takes their propaganda papers as "serious studies" etc. So Dane is hindering himself and others. Dane believes that their claims about global warming and climate change by CO2 has some actual meaning.

But maybe he will stumble on this post soon and wake up himself and his followers, who deem him as their authority and follow him blindly, because they are lazy thinkers or don't think at all, but prefer to believe and trust. They "protect" him by building an impenetrable wall against information around him.

What if Dane is a henchman of the Geoengineering scheme and just pretends to fight it?

4. What Dane is really doing!

Dane repeats the propaganda about appliance of SRM in the Stratosphere!

Dane is using their terminology like "Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI)". If he would know about Atmosphere and Troposphere, he would understand that the notion "Stratosphere" is used to distract from "Troposphere", as 99% of atmospheric water and ca. 80% of total air mass exists only in the Troposphere. Any kind of water seeding by "aerosol injection" has to be done where the water is.

Dane repeats the propaganda about global warminggreenhouse effect and and climate change, by repeating the lie about using SRM methods against it!

Dane repeats the lies about methane being another "greenhouse gas", causing "global warming".

Dane is very often talking about the increased UVB rate. He is right about that, but doesn't explain the reason behind it.

Ozone is intentionally depleted in the stratosphere to deliver more energetic radiation to evaporate and lift more water from the oceans, ice caps and glaciers! Heat waves are evidence about holes punched into the ozone layer.

Dane also fears to use the word chemtrails, because NLP suggests it as a "bad word". So Dane is a NLP victim like most of the people! He has to escape this mental trap. I hope he will!

5. Dane as fake leader!

I was banned from some social groups, because of criticizing Dane as he is deemed as a "leader of the community against geoengineering"! As to be expected from sheeple, many of his followers did not answer to any point of my critique, didn't deliver any knowledge, they just began to insult and protect the "integrity" and "leadership" of Dane.

IMHO not Dane is the problem, as he may not have all knowledge, he also may work for geoengineering lobby instead of fighting it, but the sheeple following him without questioning, without own knowledge and ideas, they prevent also Dane from questioning his mistakes and improving himself.

Is there a hierarchical community and does it have some gurus?
Are we adding a new fake-authority to all the other ones?
Didn't we want to break the censorship, the mainstream fraud, the oppression?
Didn't we want to research, study, learn and fully explain all aspects of geoengineering?

I am not part of any community hierarchy in the WWW!

G. Edward Griffin Responds to Attack by Dane Wigington
Nov 14, 2016

6. Dane as master of distraction!

Dane Wigington is a master of distraction. He says a lot of the right things, so that he puts himself at the head of the supposed enlighteners, but cleverly always avoids naming the core of the poodle.

When the forests and settlements are set on fire, Dane Wigington avoids mentioning DEWs (Direct Energy Weapons) and the weather drones that provide the controlled winds, from which the DEWs can be deployed! The DEWs can also set fire to targets from helicopters and planes, but the Weather Drones can be cloaked with artificial clouds during daylight hours.

As for geoengineering, he avoids mentioning climate control for commercial purposes, specifically the management of the global water cycle to provide water for the fracking of oil and gas and agricultural industries.

When it comes to fracking, he avoids mentioning atomic bombs to pulverize the gas and oil-bearing hard rock formations, followed by gamma radiation, earthquakes and creeping radioactivity. Gamma radiation is particularly noticeable at night because the atmosphere is illuminated. Colored layers of air are sometimes visible during the day. The supposedly critical observers connect all this with "HAARP", although they have no idea about it either. This rumor about HAARP would cause earthquakes was deliberately spread and greedily received by gullible dissidents and repeated many times, so that it is burned into people's heads as "alternative knowledge".

The operator and authors of self assumed "alternative media", who repeat what Dane publishes, do not yet come across the horizon of perception to find the necessary knowledge and be able to recognize the connections. They show that in all their articles. 

Even if all my articles have been already published on a platform, the publishers can't process this information. They lack the basic knowledge of physics and meteorology to be able to read and recognize the value of what is presented.

The eyes don't see and recognize when the mind is blind!

7. What Dane needs to read!

A selection of many articles with sources and knowledge:

What is CLIMATE CONTROL? Who does it, who benefits & who is harmed?

Process of ClimateControl. Water theft in 10 steps. Ozone hole - Chemtrails - Tornados - Fracking & Farming!

Heat waves are feasible at any time by ordering ozone holes! Climate Control!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Treaty Between The United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Underground Nuclear Explosions For Peaceful Purposes (and Protocol Thereto) (PNE Treaty)



Earthquake's for fracking gas & petrol by nuclear demolition of deep rocks in Haiti!

Fracking Colonialism! Vulcanism by Fracking!

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