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William Ruto, the President of Kenya is a propagandist of WEF and CIA! Please read why?

Dear readers,

first I will explain this topic and at the end offer articles for deep knowledge about the complex topic! Please consider that the pervert Globalists have always four targets:
  • Genderism to destroy human families by enforcing and normalizing all kinds of perversion!
  • Genetic selection & targeted killing under the pretext of vaccination to control the health of global population and particularly the children to prevent unwanted procreation. 
  • Legalization & global implementation of Climate Control as a measure of Geophysical Warfare against the humanity and to control the fundamental resources of the planet Earth.
  • Global financial control on all fundamental goods!
The globalists subsidize many political puppets to become "leaders" in their countries and enable neo-colonialist exploitation without resistance. One of the main targets, from the beginning of Colonial-Imperialism and its ideological manifestation as Eugenics in the year 1883, is Africa! 

William Ruto is one of the promoted as a programmed fake heroes, who pretends to demand independence for Africans from western Neo-Imperialism. Therefore he is allowed to play the rebellious, but actually he is a totally controlled puppet of the USA based Globalism.

William Ruto doesn't say anything new, but exactly what the globalists of WEF want and WEF is a front organisation of the US CIA! Listen to him: 

President Ruto shuts down French President on IMF in Paris
LuiSpot, Premiered at 25.06.2023

"We need a financial transaction tax at a global level, where even countries like Kenya pay!"

"... making sure that 
  • number 1: renewable energy. We invest in decarbonization
  • Number 2: adaptation, mitigation, smart agriculture
  • Number 3: Restoring our planet, restoring our biodiversity and making sure our carbon sinks work."
First I translate the used slogans into their actual meaning:

Financial transaction tax at a global level: This is the basis for financial power grab and control by a global oligarchy of Eugenicists. The financial power will be transferred to a One World Government and the national states will be dissolved and abolished.

Decarbonization: This means nothing but depopulation of the humanity, down to 500 Million genetically selected by the Eugenicists. Natural space can only grow, by reduction and elimination of cultural space! Less humans means more nature!

Adaptation: This means that the climate system is controlled and exploited and You are already suffering, but cannot do anything against it. You have to accept the deprivation of food, water, clean air and clear sunlight.

Mitigation: This means that You get minimum food and shelter, which You deem as "help", but You are deprived of everything and got jailed in concentration camps of global Eugenics-Fascism and are derided as "climate refugee", but You are a victim of Geophysical Warfare by Climate Control!

Renewable energy: This means no reliable technology and energy for the humanity, except to the selected 500 Million by the Eugenicists.

Smart agriculture: This means no agriculture and no food for the current humanity, but a shrinked and automatized agriculture in dry and desert regions as we can observe already in Arabia, Australia and parts of USA for a reduced population under total control of an Eugenics global dictatorship.

Restoring our planet: This means that this planet belongs to the Eugenicist and a selected population of maximum 500 Million, not to the current humanity of 8 Billion. 

Biodiversity: This means more space for animals and plants, but no space for humans!

Carbon sinks: These are deep underground cavities which are build by exploding nuclear bombs. The carbon containing trash will be stored and processed there to produce Methan and Hydrogen. The whole method is named Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) and the concrete technical process is named Underground Coal (Carbon) Gasification (UCG).

So let us remind about the targets of WEF, which are nothing but imperial targets of the USA, imposed globally by the CIA and its affiliates.

World Economic Forum: A New Global Tax Agenda
Jun 1, 2021

"After decades of a ‘race to the bottom’, major economies are now backing a global minimum tax estimated to bring in $100 billion in new revenue annually. How can international tax reform contribute to a more equitable economic recovery?"

All that is well summarized by the WWF, another globalist organization. I quote their statement completely, so You will find the same wording, like William Ruto is using:

WWF: Statement on the Financial Transaction Tax in Europe
MAY 2014


Between September 28 and October 23 of 2012, 11 EU member countries formally indicated to the
European Commission that they wished to proceed with a Financial Transaction Tax using the
Enhanced Cooperation provisions of the EU Treaty, followed by the Commisison’s proposal on October
25th¹. Those countries are Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal,
Slovenia and Slovakia². The European Commission proposed that exchanges of shares and bonds
would be taxed at 0.1 per cent and derivative contracts at 0.01 per cent
³. The initiative is estimated to
generate revenues in the range of tens of billions of Euros and could be implemented by 2014. The
existing initiative does not specify what the funds will be used for, and without such agreement it will
be left to the individual governments to allocate the funds as they deem appropriate.


WWF welcomes the initiative of 11 EU Member States to move ahead with a coordinated Financial
Transaction Tax
. WWF asks other EU countries to take the opportunity now to join this initiative,
which could raise as much as 35 billion Euro a year⁴ from the financial sector, whose transactions
involving shares, bonds, derivatives and other assets are widely considered to be undertaxed. If more
countries join, this sum would increase accordingly. WWF supports international cooperation to
implement financial transaction taxes globally, covering the major financial centres worldwide, as a
source of financing for global public goods including in the areas of development and environmental
, with a particular focus on measures to promote sustainable, low carbon and climate resilient development. This initiative within the EU can help to build momentum and support towards a more broad-based international or global system, such as that proposed by the 60-country Leading Group in Innovative Financing for Development in 2010⁵. These 12 countries are demonstrating leadership, while some other EU countries, such as the UK, have said they will only support FTTs if there is a global agreement first. 

However, in order for this initiative to fulfil its potential to scale up financing to support development, environmental protection and therein most notably climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, two things must happen: 

First, and most urgently, countries that are part of this initiative should agree to allocate part of the revenue to global public goods, including development and climate action. Given the current financial and fiscal crisis some EU countries are currently facing, it is understandable that they prioritise addressing this crisis at home in the short term. However they should also make provisions for a periodic review of revenue allocation to enable contributions from this revenue to international sustainable development efforts over the medium and longer terms. France has taken an initial step in this direction by allocating 10 % of the revenue from its existing unilateral FTT to international development and environment from 2015. WWF recommends that countries allocate between 30% and 50% of the revenue from FTTs to global public goods in developing countries. This amount must be new and additional – that is, on top of existing and projected budgetary allocations. Among other potential multilateral and bilateral channels WWF would ask that countries contribute part of the revenues from FTTs to the newly established Green Climate Fund

Secondly, WWF is asking governments to build on this 11 country initiative to create a global, broad- based, coordinated financial transaction tax that can cover all major financial markets and a wider range of financial market transactions, including all derivatives and major currencies, with the revenue being predominately used for development, environment and achieving the shift to green, low carbon economies. This will ensure that the global financial sector makes a significant contribution to global sustainable development. It will also ensure a level playing field and prevent traders from shifting their activities to off-shore tax havens and financial centers that attract financial activities by keeping taxes low. 

It is too soon to tell whether the world will take full advantage of this opportunity, but in the meantime, this group of pioneering countries should be congratulated for their vision and courage.

For further information: Sally Nicholson Manager Development Policy & Finance WWF European Policy Office Email: Tel: +32 740 09 37 Alois Vedder Director Policy WWF Germany Email: Tel.: +49 311 777 418

1 These “Enhanced Cooperation” provisions allow a minimum of 9 countries proceed with initiatives using the EU institutions and procedures 
2 European Commission. Proposal for a Council Decision authorising enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax.
3 The Times of Malta. Malta to study EU financial tax proposal. October 24, 2012
4 German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)
5 Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development. 2010. Globalizing Solidarity: The Case for Financial Levies. Report of the Committee of Experts to the Taskforce on International Financial Transactions and Development."

And now the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are enforced step by step! Don't ignore it, just read it critically, from the perspective of Eugenics ideology!

169 Targets, 3843 Events, 1344 Publications, 7573 Actions

"Today, the Division for Sustainable Development Goals (DSDG) in the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) provides substantive support and capacity-building for the SDGs and their related thematic issues, including water, energy, climate, oceans, urbanization, transport, science and technology, the Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR), partnerships and Small Island Developing States. DSDG plays a key role in the evaluation of UN systemwide implementation of the 2030 Agenda and on advocacy and outreach activities relating to the SDGs. In order to make the 2030 Agenda a reality, broad ownership of the SDGs must translate into a strong commitment by all stakeholders to implement the global goals. DSDG aims to help facilitate this engagement."

Now I offer You some articles which contain the key historic documents and documentaries. Please read, look and listen, because we are in the future of all, what was begun after the WWII!

CIA, 1960, Memorandum for : General Charles P. Cabell, Subject: Climate Control

How the Geoengineering Scam began in 1965 by turning Geophysical Warfare into "Protection of Environment"! LBJ, JFK!
"Restoring the Quality of Our Environment!"

Treaty Between The United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Underground Nuclear Explosions For Peaceful Purposes (and Protocol Thereto) (PNE Treaty)

Consider that offshore or onshore fracking always means nuclear bombing of the underground!



Here You learn more about the impact of Nuclear Fracking and Underground Coal Gasification!

"Sustainability" by geoengineering! Mastering the carbon cycle! CCS in Japan!

Earthquake's for #fracking #gas & #petrol by #nuclear #demolition of deep rocks in #Haiti!

And more explanation about Climate Control:

What is CLIMATE CONTROL? Who does it, who benefits & who is harmed?

Process of ClimateControl. Water theft in 10 steps. Ozone hole - Chemtrails - Tornados - Fracking & Farming!

Heat waves are feasible at any time by ordering ozone holes! Climate Control!

No globalwarming, but only the vertical shift of the temperature gradient of the atmosphere!

Horizontal shift of temperature and water, naturally and through climate control!

And some background about Eugenics:

The Great Eugenic Anti-Intelligence Test! Those who pass are "released" by "vaccination"!

Who is against eugenic globalist justice? Sarcasm on the gallows of Eugenics!

Eugenic population control (global mass murder) through global sterilization with synchronized vaccination!

That should be enough for now. In the blog all Your potential questions will be answered in various articles! If You want to ask anything additional, please comment.

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