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The opposite of the LIE is always the TRUTH!

  1. Truth is always the opposite of the lie!
  2. Abuse without resistance!
  3. The dumbness of the victim is the main asset of the deceiver!
  4. Neutralize NLP with Counter-NLP!
  5. Reversal of processes!
  6. Mythological Monsters!

1. Truth is always the opposite of the lie!

Dear friends and readers, every fraud begins with a fundamental lie. No deceiver lives from the truth, he is compelled to lie.

The proven method of finding the truth is simple, just assume the opposite of the lie!

If the liars claim, CO2 would heat the Earth, then the opposite is, that CO2 is contributing to the cooling of the Earth surface!

Frequently asked questions about CO2!

The liars could also claim, water vapor would heat the Earth, but the cooling effect of water is too obvious for the layman.

The liar could be caught too early, the victims could resist the fraud or even decide to punish the deceiver dearly.

Please, don't think what the fraud frame expects from You by suggestion, but think the opposite! It is even better to always question and close all knowledge gaps so that is no room remains for belief and ignorance.

Break the fences of cognitive dissonance! These fences are part of mind control frame to control You personally and as a community!

2. Abuse without resistance!

The psychology of abuse works by tricking victims to think that they are being protected from the things that are being done to them, like ...

UV radiation, which is increased by intentional perforation of the ozone layer,

warming and heat waves, which are the desired consequence of the ozone holes,

extreme weather events, which are the impact of horizontal shift of humidity by climate control,

fine dust, which consists of, fly ash from coal-fired power plants and sulfur powder from oil refiners,

asbestos, which is also available in bulk and inexpensively and, due to its structure, particularly suitable for aerosol formation,

viruses that are developed and released as part of biological and psychological warfare,

earthquakes and tsunamis that result from nuclear fracking,

radioactivity, which is also a result of nuclear fracking,

nuclear bombs, as without them no fracking would be possible,

extinction of species, which is an inevitable consequence of all types of geoengineering.

Precisely what is so aggressively framed as "protection" in the mass media is the crime that is done to humanity and nature.

The pretended care distracts the victims from the crimes of their abusers and prevents them from questioning, thinking and defending themselves.

3. The dumbness of the victim is the main asset of the deceiver!

The victims should learn everything necessary about carbon dioxide and meteorology, to protect themselves from being deceived. It is really not that much to learn. Nearly all required knowledge and also the exposure of the fraud is offered here in the Geoarchitektur-Blog.

Basic knowledge about CO2 is commonly available. Only those who have knowledge are able to ask the necessary questions!


All the CO2 fraud is not highly sophisticated. In contrary it is shockingly dumb and an insult on the intelligence of every human who fell into that trap.

The liars depend, as on other big lies, on their manipulation machinery consisting of presstitutes, maulhuren and science-whores.

It is very important to name these pretenders and perpetrators accurately, to avoid mixing them with and to protect the real news services, journalists and scientists.

Particularly the science is currently in a very bad shape. Nearly all global academics expose themselves as deadly dumb non-scientists, by believing and repeating the propaganda of the goengineering lobby.

4. Neutralize NLP by Counter-NLP!

It is always the same trick, the merchant with the worst tomatoes is the laudest crying on the market!
The daily propaganda is dazzling the mind!

Protect Your language by Counter-NLP to protect Yourself!

Don't be fooled  by suggestive manipulation by language!

MindControl by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)!

Recognize der creepy conditioning, particularly of our children!

Who is to blame? The deceiver or the victim?

IMHO always the victim is to blame for his own dumbness!

All required knowledge is freely available! Nothing is really secret, nothing is hidden or could be hidden!

Nothing is spared from health and life impact of geoengineering, also not the obedient servants of the fraud and the swindlers themselves. Think about it, every time planning a flight or sitting in an airplane or just seeing one.

Thunderstorm asthma is Aerotoxicsyndrome!

SRM chemtrails make aviation very dangerous, the reason for aerotoxicsyndrome!

Open Your mind & eyes, the opposite is the truth about CO2!

Take pictures when You fly! Recognize the height and outside temperature!


How far are You manipulated?

Question Yourself by listening to the lecture of Prof. Dr. Rainer Mausfeld, which part of the manipulation is Yours? (in German)

Rainer Mausfeld: „Why are the lambs silent?“ - Techniques of opinion and outrage management
Jun 28, 2015 (in German)

Rainer Mausfeld: „Why are the lambs silent?“ - discussion
Jun 28, 2015 (German)

Australia's Fraudulent Climate Change "Science" Exposed

Nigel Farage confronts Barroso on global warming scam (State of the Union 2013)

Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt

Gain deeper insight to learn the real reason!

5. Reversal the processes!

The corona fraud reveals that the lie also consists in the reversal of procedures.

It is normal and correct that the doctor examines the sick person, uses the symptoms to make an initial assessment of the disease and, if there is uncertainty, sends samples to the laboratory, where further encirclement should be premised.

However, it is completely wrong, malicious and nonsensical that ..
  • without symptoms, 
  • without disease and 
  • without consultation of a physician
probes are take from healthy people, not to search for a pathogen in a laborator, but for a gene sequence, which doesn't deliver any evidence about an infection.

However by
  • intentional abuse of notions,
  • manipulation of statistics,
  • think up of statistically senseless values,
  • agitation with absolute values,
  • definition of untenable, unrealistic thresholds,
  • exclusion of relations,
  • bribing the relatives of the deceased, to register them as corona deaths,
  • faking of disease data, to generate more corona cases and corona deaths,
  • threatening and compelling of senseless, damaging, wrong and fake protection measures,
  • blackmailing to mask compulsion by high penalty fees,
  • economic ruin and enforced closure of shops,
  • etc.
A state of fear, uncertainty created, where the forced vaccination is shown as the only way out of repression, but immediately declaring this horror as the "new normal", which is an endless series of forced vaccinations.

All of this corresponds to the analogy of slaughter cattle that are cherished, cared for and protected until the day comes when the animals are led through a last passage and no other way out than the entrance to the slaughterhouse, without the opportunity to turn back.

The globalists lead us to decimation and elimination through the last vaccination, which is not a vaccination against a disease at all, but genetic programming for immunological self-destruction. That is the only real function of this mRNA vaccination. The "shot" is not against any virus, but against the humans, because the Eugenicists consider the humans as the pathogen of the Earth!

The mRNA serum ensures that healthy cells are manipulated in such a way that they present themselves to the immune system as infected. The immune system is activated and attacks all manipulated but healthy cells, when a natural virus of the target pattern appears.

This is programmed mass killing!

6. Mythological Monsters!

The worst monsters are those who are too pervert, coward, and devious to flaunt their wickedness. They prefer the way of manipulation and lying to lead their victims to voluntary annihilation.

So don't expect from the villains of this world to introduce themselves and be recognized by you.

Do not behave like slaughter cattle so that you are not treated as such and do not behave like slaughter cattle just because someone treats you as such!

Be intelligent, thinking, questioning and learning, that You deserve to be referred to, viewed, treated and respected as human beings.

I would like to recommend an easy way to find the right decision, without too much thinking!

Don't do what the mythological monsters of our times want, recommend, ask for and require from You to do! Just do the opposite!

In many cultures there is a gruesome time under the rule and abuse of mythological monsters and with the elimination of them the new era of freedom begins.

Who are the mythological monsters of our times?

Currently the monster pack is lead by Bill Gates!

Which probability of 1 in 10,000 death do you prefer, guaranteed by an RNA vaccination or presumably due to illness?

Population control (global mass murder) through global sterilization with synchronized vaccination!

Here is the a small collection of the worst, most powerful and most dangerous monsters!

Goldman Sachs boss says banks do "God's work"

"The chief executive of Goldman Sachs, which has attracted widespread media attention over the size of its staff bonuses, believes banks serve a social purpose and are doing “God’s work.”"

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