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Twittering Chemtrails!

Twitter following to explain the difference between natural and Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (#TAI) clouds, starting with #chemtrail.


The weather and the clouds are the result of rising humid heated and sinking cold dry air.

Rising heated humid air starts to condensate at ca. 2km and 0°C. The visible result of this process is called as "cloud".

The invisible part of such a thermal #cloud reaches down to the surface. It has a flat concave shape at the bottom and and a pyramidal upcoming at the top.

The thermal clouds are named #cumulus (cumuli). They are dynamic non-stable and can dissolve very quickly if the temperature differences diminish.

The second type of clouds are the ice clouds, called cirrus (cirri). They build beginning at ca. 6km and ca. -40°C and consist of relatively stable ice clusters.

For the water droplets need condensation nuclei in the troposphere to freeze to ice crystals, which can be any kind of fine dust, blown over 6km.

Naturally fine desert dust, volcanic ash, cosmic dust serve as condensation nuclei in the upper half of the troposphere (6-11km in the temperate climate zone).

Natural fine dust doesn't appear very often and is not orderly distributed. Therefore cirrus clouds are a rather seldom phenomenon.

#SolarRadiationManagement technoloy is using this natural phenomenon of ice cloud building. In contrast, the fine dust is sprayed orderly by airplanes.

The material consists of industrially produced nano-particles, having a purposeful normed corn size.

The nano-particles have metallic compounds, because metals react to radio waves and can be better steered.

Fly-ash contains metallic components is abundantly available. Additionally sulfur powder from petrol refineries is used as #TAI material.

Metals like aluminium, barium, strontium are causing big damage to the nervous system!

Spraying the industrially produced fine dust, the water droplets of the troposphere bind to them and build these long and lasting ice clouds.

Because of their chemical condensation nuclei and their shape along the flight path, these cirri are called #chemtrails.

These cirri consist of stable ice clusters and don't dissolve in contrast to contrails which dissolve withing seconds.

Withing a short time frame (ca. 60 minutes), if enough humidity is available the #chemtrails grow and widen to a closed structure.

The chemtrails are distributed over a target area in grid, cris-cross shape. Subsequently they are trimmed with high frequent radio waves, #HAARP.

The trimming is for optimal distribution and smoothing of the level and if required lifting by heating an air package.

The aim of the process is to build a closed cirrus ceiling and further accumulation and storage of water to this chemtrail-blanket.

The direct effect on life is lesser building of Vitamin-D, because of lacking #sunlight in addition to the damages caused by HAARP waves and the metallic chemicals.

The 1. chemtrail-blanket is built at ca. 6km, the 2. at ca. 8km, the 3. at ca. 10km and the 4. at ca. 12km.

An uncontrolled premature precipitation is prevented, more water stored and lifted and transported by the high winds to the target area.

However, this is a new type of industrial architecture. The facilities are elusive and need to be maintained and rebuilt.

An elusive conveyorbelt is created, that constantly efficiently delivers water.

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