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Deindustralization by Dumbification! The biggest crime of fatty Siggi! Germans to the climate-front, of doom!

It may always become more dumb, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Germans to the front!
Next doom is in making! 

  1. Preface
  2. Fatty Siggi is lobbying for Siemens to rescue Osram
    1. The Phoebus Cartel is alive!
    2. Siemens seeks to dispose Osram
    3. Fatty Siggi helps Siemens by proposing TWIB prohibition.
    4. Prohibition is welcomed by EU
    5. Prohibition law is agreed without debate!
    6. The TWIB prohibition has become a religious persecution by EU inquisitors.
    7. Siemens sells Osram with great profit!
  3. Curse-prayer for fatty Siggi
  4. Why cursing fatty  Siggi?
  5. Ask questions!

1. Preface

The pervert empire of fakeness doesn't need to threaten the people in the western world by weapons of mass destruction (WMD) like nuclear bombs or geophysical warfare!

These people are so particularly dumbified, that they allow their own annihilation by sunlight deprivation, suffocation, food deprivation (veganism), energy deprivation, nature destruction, privatization of water cycle and carbon cycle and supporting the deindustrialization of their societies.

Nothing is really useful anymore in the dumbified societies!
  • Lamps that don't deliver light, but an imitation of it.
  • Fake cheese that imitates real cheese.
  • Vacuum cleaners, that don't create vacuum and don't clean.
  • Cars that drive only 150km and need hours to load.
  • Fruits that don't taste and contain any nutritious content.
  • Corn that is full of biological WMDs like Glyphosat!
In the past few years, have you tried watermelons and noticed that they taste more bitter than sweet?

Do you even know what real watermelons taste like? The melons taste more like bitter gourd because the melon seedlings are inoculated on gourd stems. Pumpkin below, melon above!

Grafting watermelon on pumpkin and sponge gourd_Students practice
May 30, 2018 

Grafted watermelon plants take in more pesticides
ACS News Service Weekly PressPac: January 25, 2012

What You Need To Know About Melon Grafting
By Richard L. Hassell|June 1, 2009

"Grafting has become a routine technique in continuous cropping systems in many parts of the world. It was first introduced in Korea and Japan during the late 1920s by grafting watermelon onto bottle gourd rootstocks to address the problems of declining yield due to soilborne disease in plants."

Do you know why tomatoes last a long time but don't taste like anything?

Das Saatgut Kartell | ZDFinfo Doku
May 3, 2020

Have you noticed that in the EU isomalt E953 (by the way, rule of thumb, the higher the ID number, the more toxic) no longer has to be declared separately from conventional sugar?

From German: The dangerous sugar lie of the food industry
Veröffentlicht am 29.01.2015 | Von Marion Meyer-Radtke

From German: Be careful when shopping: Now comes isoglucose!

"On October 1, 2017, the isoglucose quota system in the EU ended. What sounds bureaucratic and abstract will soon have a very specific effect on our food - and above all on our health.."

Did You realize that Your pizza doesn't have real cheese any more?
Did You replace Your diesel or gasoline car with an "electromobile" which drives 150km and needs hours for loading to "save the climate"?

Did You replace Your vacuum cleaner with an "energy saving" model and realized that it is not comparably cleaning like Your old one?

Did You realize that the "energy saving" lamps cause head aches and other diseases?

Which kind of dumb crooks are leading this society and industry?

Are they dumbified enough to ignore the rules of the free market?

Do they believe that stampeding on consumer rights will save their power?

'Absolutely bonkers' EU ban on powerful vacuum cleaners set to spark major sales rush
EU RULES that will suck the power out of vacuum cleaners are poised to cause a stampede at electrical stores.
By NATHAN RAO PUBLISHED: 08:20, Mon, Aug 28, 2017 | UPDATED: 09:10, Mon, Aug 28, 2017

"It is predicted that buyers will want to snap up more powerful models before the legislation kicks in. Imports of machines which operate at more than 900 watts will be stopped from Friday.

It is the second blow in a round of regulations brought in three years ago to curb household energy use.
Initial legislation slashed 2,000 watt motors to 1,600 watts, with the latest drop set to render the motors of some weaker than those of food blenders. "

The youth want to destroy the infrastructure without being aware of the consequences.


"What Nina says: "Instead of new highways and even more space for motorized individual traffic, we need a dismantling of the infrastructure for cars. Not more highways, but fewer! Not more cars, but more #ÖPNV . ""

2. Fatty Siggi is lobbying for Siemens to rescue Osram

The prohibition of healthy and perfect tungsten wire incandescence bulbs (TWIB) is a lobby crime story which needs to be considered in detail, but in short it consists of following components:

1. The Phoebus Cartel is alive!
2. Siemens seeks to dispose Osram.
3. Fatty Siggi helps Siemens by proposing TWIB prohibition.
4. Prohibition is welcomed by EU.
5. Prohibition law is agreed without debate!
6. The TWIB prohibition has become a religious persecution by EU inquisitors.
7. Siemens sells Osram with great profit!

1. The Phoebus Cartel is alive!

Phoebus cartel

"The Phoebus cartel was a cartel that existed to control the manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs by appropriating market territories and fixing the useful life of bulbs.[1] Founded on December 23, 1924 for thirty years (1925 to 1955), it was suspended in 1939 due to World War II. The cartel included manufacturers Osram, General Electric, Associated Electrical Industries, and Philips,[2] among others."

The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy
The Phoebus cartel engineered a shorter-lived lightbulb and gave birth to
planned obsolescence
Posted 24 Sep 2014 | 19:00 GMTBy MARKUS KRAJEWSKI

"The cartel’s grip on the lightbulb market lasted only into the 1930s. Its far more enduring legacy was to engineer a shorter life span for the incandescent lightbulb. By early 1925, this became codified at 1,000 hours for a pear-shaped household bulb, a marked reduction from the 1,500 to 2,000 hours that had previously been common. Cartel members rationalized this approach as a trade-off: Their lightbulbs were of a higher quality, more efficient, and brighter burning than other bulbs. They also cost a lot more."

"Indeed, all evidence points to the cartel’s being motivated by profits and increased sales, not by what was best for the consumer. In carefully crafting a lightbulb with a relatively short life span, the cartel thus hatched the industrial strategy now known as planned obsolescence."

"Today, with many countries phasing out incandescent lighting in favor of more-efficient and pricier LEDs, it’s worth revisiting this history—not simply as a quirky anecdote from the annals of technology but as a cautionary tale about the strange and unexpected pitfalls that can arise when a new technology vanquishes an old one."

"Alliances among lightbulb makers were not exactly new. The Verkaufsstelle Vereinigter Glühlampenfabriken, for instance, was a European cartel of carbon-filament lamp manufacturers that formed in 1903 to stabilize industry ties. It was rendered superfluous when in 1906 two European companies introduced a superior lightbulb whose filament was made from tungsten paste. That bulb was itself eclipsed in 1911 by General Electric’s metal-filament bulb, which used pure drawn tungsten wire, and in 1913 by GE’s gas-filled tungsten bulb. Dubbed the half-watt bulb, the latter was infused with argon or some other noble gas, which preserved the tungsten better than a simple vacuum; it produced five times as much light per watt as its carbon-filament predecessor."

"The Berlin-based patent pool fell apart with the geopolitical reshuffling during the war. As soon as hostilities ended and the lightbulb business once again surged, a new cartel, the Internationale Glühlampen Preisvereinigung, sprang up to try to control prices for much of continental Europe."

"None of these efforts, though, had quite the reach and ambition of the Phoebus cartel."

"How exactly did the cartel pull off this engineering feat? It wasn’t just a matter of making an inferior or sloppy product; anybody could have done that. But to create one that reliably failed after an agreed-upon 1,000 hours took some doing over a number of years. The household lightbulb in 1924 was already technologically sophisticated: The light yield was considerable; the burning time was easily 2,500 hours or more. By striving for something less, the cartel would systematically reverse decades of progress."

Photo: Landesarchiv Berlin

"Whether or not these pricier bulbs will actually last that long is still an open question, and not one that the average consumer is likely to investigate. There are already reports of CFLs and LED lamps burning out long before their rated lifetimes were reached. Such incidents may well have resulted from nothing more sinister than careless manufacturing. But there is no denying that these far more technologically sophisticated products offer tempting opportunities for the inclusion of purposefully engineered life-shortening defects. After all, few people will complain, or even notice, if a bulb burns out 9 years after it is installed rather than 14."

2. Siemens seeks to dispose Osram.

Rumors about Osram-Separation, Siemens share go up 
Freitag, 21.09.2007 12:35 Uhr

"The Siemens group could separate itself from its traditional subsidiary Osram. This rumor circulates at least on the stock market - the Siemens share has become significantly more expensive."

"Finance manager Joe Kaeser said in a newspaper interview on the daughter's future in early August: "Organizationally, an IPO would be possible very quickly, but there are currently no plans or intentions." Osram stands for energy efficiency and environmental technology, which also benefits Siemens areas such as building technology or plant construction. However, at the beginning of the year, Kaeser had also announced in the course of the original stock exchange plans for VDO that Siemens would retain the industrial leadership of the automotive supply division in the long term. Nevertheless, VDO was sold."

Siemens rebuilds - Osram may be sold
(This article seems to be from 2011)

"Barely six months after the end of the most recent reorganization, Siemens plans to restructure its business, including an IPO of Osram, a profitable lighting subsidiary, with the start of the new fiscal year on October 1, with a fourth sector named "Infrastructure & Cities, "the company said after a meeting of the Supervisory Board."

"At the heart of the rebuild, the next big deal since the radical overhaul in 2007, is the creation of an Environmental Technologies division, which will become the Group's fourth pillar alongside industry, health and energy, bundling the growing business with the world's burgeoning giant cities. According to Siemens, this is a market worth 300 billion euros, including trains, smart grids, and building services, which have been part of the energy and industrial sectors so far, and Siemens wants to participate in the dynamic growth of cities and cities Infrastructure, according to the board."

Siemens Sector Infrastructure and Cities

"Infrastructure & Cities (IC) was from 1. October 2011 to 30. September 2014 a main business area (sector) of Siemens AG."

"To 1. October 2014 the sector layer of the Siemens AG abrogated and by the also the Siemens Sector Infrastructure & Cities."

Siemens restructures: Planned IPO of Osram
29.03.2011 08:46

"Osram is due to be listed on the stock market in the fall, but Siemens wants to remain involved as an" anchor shareholder "in the long term." With the IPO, we want to give Osram full entrepreneurial freedom to fully develop its leading competitive position in the technologically changing lighting market, "says Löscher. "

IPO of Osram is delayed
Aktualisiert: 15.03.13 12:50

"Siemens had named April as the earliest possible date for the stock market listing. The spin-off will not take effect until it is registered in the commercial registers of Berlin and Munich, the company explained. The lawsuit, which according to company information was submitted by a handful of shareholders, now causes first a register lock."

3. Fatty Siggi helps Siemens by proposing TWIB prohibition.

LOBBYISM for Hot stuff

"From the end of this week, the last light bulbs disappear from the shelves." The European Commission's regulatory rage is likely to hit other products soon."

"Just in February, after Australia announced a ban on incandescent bulbs, Gabriel wrote to the EU Environment Commissioner:" The location of Europe can no longer afford products that, like traditional light bulbs, have an efficiency of only five percent."

"As the legal basis for a ban on incandescent bulbs, he proposed the Ecodesign Directive, which was developed in the European Parliament in 2005. According to the energy-saving products should be designed as energy-efficient."

Gabriel: Climate protection pays off
Information about the "incandescent ban" on the Internet


"A model household with four people can halve its annual electricity costs if it consistently relies on energy-efficient electrical appliances, which shows that climate protection is not only worthwhile for the environment, but also for every individual," said Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel today. He referred to a report released today by the independent Stiftung Warentest.

Stiftung Warentest points out in its current special issue "test Spezial Energie" that the greatest savings potential lies in the use of energy saving lamps. "Consumers can use a single energy-saving lamp over the life of more than 100 euros to save electricity costs," said Gabriel. "Hamster purchases of old light bulbs not only harm the environment, but also your own household budget.

"The sale of light bulbs will be progressively banned in the European Union from 1 September 2009. The switch to energy-saving light bulbs will save more than 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the EU by 2020.

Many consumers have questions about the new regulation. These concern the scope, the effectiveness of the measure, the disposal due to the mercury content of some lamps, as well as health aspects.

4. Prohibition is welcomed by EU.

"The EU parliamentarians were just as enthusiastic as the Council of Ministers. Perhaps because a quick successes could be reported on the climate front with the relatively easy to implement ban on incandescent lamps. The EU's promise to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020 was, after all, highly ambitious from the outset anyway. There bulb-ban came as as called."

5. Prohibition law is agreed without debate!
6. The TWIB prohibition has become a religious persecution by EU inquisitors.

Bulb-ban was an invention of Sigmar Gabriel
Deutsche Mittelstands Nachrichten | 28.01.13, 00:15

"The ban on light bulbs in households in Europe is often cited as evidence of the pointless EU bureaucracy, which few people know: the ban goes back to SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, and EU Commissioner Oettinger even pushed for the ban to be monitored."

"Günter Oettinger continued to burden the image of the EU: The former prime minister of Baden-Württemberg, who was provided with the post of commissioner, managed to ensure that the ordinance was not just a recommendation. Since the introduction, compliance with the regulation has been enforced with its own secretariat. The taz writes: "In order to enforce the total ban on the manufacture and sale of light bulbs - ie their replacement by energy-saving lamps - from 1 September 2012, demanded the German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger area-wide controls, in order to ensure full compliance The federal states then create 50 new posts for inspectors (7 alone in the former 'City of Light'), which almost immediately - as in the case of the smoking ban - pull through the shops and ruthlessly sanction any infringement."

"Citizens were not just ignored because Gabriel was following a blind ideology, and now, as a taxpayer, they can pay for their surveillance - the aspect that the light from the new lights is not just cold and bad, but, like a scientist, the Telegraph said, perhaps even unhealthy, appears in this light almost incidental."

This article has to be particularly recommended for reading!

Now comes the hour of the lamp spies
Von Ulli Kulke | Veröffentlicht am 28.08.2012 | Lesedauer: 5 Minuten

"Especially with the ban on incandescent lamps it is worthwhile to get a better idea of ​​how it actually came into being, and you already discover that - as with many plants that thrive in the wildly proliferating forest of climate protection - the seedling was laid, nurtured and raised in Berlin It was the SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, who proposed the ban in 2007 in a letter to the EU Commission."

"During Germany's presidency under the leadership of Angela Merkel, it was soon adopted by the heads of government at the EU summit, wrapped up in an"action plan for energy policy"- as its small printed appendix, which nobody had read "Advised in a consultation forum, where environmental associations set the tone, finally waved without debate in the Environment Committee, it has never been the subject of debate in the European Parliament."

"With the argument that it's all about climate protection, Social Democrats and Greens pushed any public discussion about banning an achievement that makes up a good part of the lifeworld of 500 million Europeans, who now have to be content with their cold and toxic energy-saving bulb."

"The ban on incandescent lamps was suddenly there, it is "made in Germany". Just one and a quarter percent turns off the lighting energy consumption. However, it's all about climate protection, and it's all about the principle in this country, where the dictatorship of the proletariat invented and you are not averse to the motto that the end justifies the means."

"Wherever you have to, if you have to, you're ready to bypass Parliament, you know that you're right, so it just fits too well when German Commissioner Günther Oettinger from Brussels publishes the Ukas these days: Now that the phased ban on bulbs is in place, it is important to enforce full compliance through controls in the stores."

"A total of around 50 new jobs have been created for inspectors, who are now to move through the shops and report any violation." In Berlin, where an airport cannot be build and do not get a proper S-Bahn service, at least seven sniffers in the implementation of the bulb prohibition be present at the front. Heating mushrooms are already banned there, private air conditioning systems are probably next to it.The control could develop into a future industry."

"But also to assume that beyond the 50" market observers "entire host of volunteers will move across the country to report any violation." Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) has already announced that it will bring any alleged infringement to justice. It is important to check travelers for incandescent lamps as well as drugs or protected animals."

"It's not just a question of checking whether incandescent bulbs are actually old remnants, or whether a shopkeeper may have hoarded them." A thorn in the side of every enemy of incandescent lightbulb is also the exemption that the production of special lamps for commercial use. Although they are more stable and much more expensive, they donate the popular old light."

"They are now becoming a sort of 'bow goods', as were once politically undesirable but extremely popular things in the GDR: the special lamps must not be placed next to the politically allowed energy-saving lamps, it could also be too tempting means: Commissioners of the German Environmental Aid, take over."

"It is striking how much those who otherwise come to the public with every trace element of heavy metals or harmful gases claiming prohibitions and investigative committees, this time discussing the mercury-containing, phenolic and other pollutants of energy saving lamps are closing their ears and eyes. A if it were the Holy Light that someone dares to criticize, and even if doctors certify that light can cause mental damage, that's not an issue for them."

"The way in which the ban on incandescent lamps has been initiated and since then declared taboo despite widespread public criticism is thought-provoking, given that we are only just at the beginning of our agenda in the eyes of the climate campaigners."

7. Siemens sells Osram with great profit!

Germany's Siemens ends Osram chapter with $1.4 billion stake sale
OCTOBER 4, 2017 / 6:25 PM / 3 MONTHS AGO Emma Thomasson, Arno Schuetze

"BERLIN (Reuters) - German engineering firm Siemens (SIEGn.DE) has sold its remaining 17 percent stake in Osram Licht (OSRn.DE) for 1.2 billion euros ($1.4 billion) to institutional investors, severing links with the lighting group."

"Osram is a market leader in automotive lighting and is developing new products including smart LED headlights and special laser diodes needed for sensors in self-driving cars."

Siemens Exits Lighting With $1.4 Billion Sale of Osram Stake By
Oliver Sachgau, William Canny, and Ruth David
4. Oktober 2017, 18:12 MESZ Updated on 5. Oktober 2017, 18:05 MESZ

"For Kaeser, the move came after Osram’s value more than doubled since an initial public offering in 2013, and a week after he unveiled a proposed combination of Siemens’s train business with that of Alstom SA of France. Siemens has also withdrawn from businesses making phones, hearing aids and ovens. For Osram, a former division of Europe’s biggest engineering company, the severing of ties comes after its own strategic shift into high-technology as energy-saving light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, eclipse classic light bulbs."

"“This has been a successful investment” for Siemens, Morgan Stanley analyst Ben Uglow said in a note, adding that he remains cautious on Osram. The stake sale “removes speculation around a strategic investor buying the Osram stake and potentially bidding for the whole company.”"

"Osram sold off its traditional lamps business, moving along a different path from long-time competitor Philips Lighting NV. General Electric Co. also announced the sale of its light-bulb division. Amid its refocus, the market for infrared products has become one of Osram’s fast-growing businesses thanks to demand for a component used in smart phones to scan human irises."

"In a decision attacked by Siemens, Osram is spending about 1 billion euros on a Malaysian plant to make semiconductors for LEDs."

3. Curse-prayer for fatty Siggi

I am cursing fatty Siggi!

I am cussing him!

I wish him hell torture!

His biggest crime, in addition to weapon exports, was the incandescent bulb prohibition.

Fatty Siggi is culpable for millions times of injury and death crime for compelling the people to use the dangerous LED and mercury lamps!

May he peg out in agony!

May he suffer thirst!

May he fear sunlight!

May he sink and decay in a dark and stinky swamp!

May he burn from inside by consuming pharma poisons!

May he choke and suffocate consuming the food from industrial farms of Arabian desert!

May he turn into a toad by by eating industrial food and full of hormones!

May he be befallen by all diseases of vitaminD deficiency, starting with rickets, thank psoriasis, osteomalacia, multiple sclerosis, cancer and depression!

My he remain eternally in hellfire!

May he be shredded by thousands of wind turbine rotors!

May he burn in solar farms!

May he be radiated by thousands of doppler-radar antennas!


4. Why cursing fatty Siggi?

Who wants to understand why fatty Siggi deserves this curse, together with all his pedophile, drug-addict pervert friends, may read some of the following articles.

Ugly face of the Greens! The pedophile agenda of the Greens.

Wind turbines kill birds & bats! Solar farms steal sunlight from living creatures!

Rickets Fibromyalgia Psoriasis MultipleSclerosis Autism Cancer

5. Ask questions!

What are aerosol clouds, build by fine and superfine dust (Tropospheric Aerosol Injection = TAI)?

What is Solar Radiation Management (SRM) by creating artificial Pinatubo-Effekts?

What is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI)?

What is Tropospheric Water Management?

Which desert gets huge amounts of precipitation since 1991?

In which deserts industrial desert farming can be observed?

What are mammatus-clouds?

How are cirrus-clouds build?

Which impact has the artificial cloud cover on environment?

Which impact  SRM, SAI und TAI have on nature and the people?

How are the rock formactions fracturued during the exploration of gas and oil by fracking, before pressing water into it?

Where are the global fracking sites, except the Mediterranean Sea, Haiti, at both coasts of Mexico?

These and other questions are answered in this blog!

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