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By murdering General Soleimani, did Trump want to prevent Saudi Arabia from joining Iran?

  1. General Soleimani murdered
  2. Prevention of talks with the Saudis
  3. Medial preparation for killing of Soleimani
  4. Talk from the bowels of Imperial Gangsterism
  5. No winning options for the United States
  6. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth
  7. Trump only says "Netanyahu first!"
  8. Trump also says "Saudi money first!"
  9. Jail for Netanyahu or World War
  10. Conclusions
  11. Preliminary results
  12. Deep State has surfaced
  13. Broader perspective
1. General Soleimani murdered

It is important to collect all the available information of a crime scene very early and follow the detected tracks. In this case we have a very big crime with global impact.

I am deeply shaken and very saddened by the murder of General Soleimani, Commander Mohandis and other members of both delegations, as well as the actions of the United States. It is important to note that General Soleimani has already won his war against the USA. His death will only speed up the sealing of victory.

Jeremiah Chikara @inehuchi "If its true that this is the American drone footage hitting Gen Soleimani then Americains are (the most) ruthless creatures in the world, but Why killing innocent people?" [embed][/embed]

farhad @farhad55526050 "This is the drone type (US MQ-9 Reaper) used in Soleimani Killing" [embed][/embed]

‘Remove America from the region’: New head of Iran’s Quds Force promises to avenge Soleimani’s killing
6 Jan, 2020 06:34

Targeted killing is always a job of bad losers, cowards, perverts and psychopaths! The killer reveals his desperation and fear by murdering the opponent!

Dimensions of TargetedKilling! The choice of perverts, cowards, pedophiles, psychopaths & criminals!
2. Prevention of talks with the Saudis

Consider that General Soleimani had traveled to Iraq on behalf of the Iranian government to provide an official response letter for the government of Saudi Arabia to the Prime Minister of Iraq, who mediated between the two countries. Saudi Arabia had previously made a proposal to de-escalate the situation. In this way, by murdering General Soleimani the US attempted to stop the mediation talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia. In any case, Saudi Arabia is no longer a safe sub-vassal for the imperial complex. The Saudis are already working harmoniously with Russia in many areas and moving closer to Iran.

Soleimani was to deliver Tehran's reply to Saudi de-escalation letter when killed: Iraqi PM 
Sunday, 05 January 2020 11:20 PM

Israel has long been trying to win Saudi Arabia, Emirates and the other sheikdoms as officially declared allies. Since the previous common goals - smashing Iraq and Syria, pipeline construction through Syria, isolation of Iran - have failed, the Arabs lack the need and the foundation for such an alliance.

Geopolitics in the Middle East: What is the intention of Golf-Arabs? 

Israel hopes to normalize relations, increase trade, provide more fuel, use the Arabian Peninsula as an area of operations for escalating the war against Iran and to become the only dominant power in the region. These ideas are not very advantageous for the Arabs. They bring in valuable resources and a market, while Israel cannot make any material contribution, but offers trouble only. The Arab dictators may be ruthless, but they are not dumb, as the bad US and Israeli "strategists"!

However, to keep hope in success of own "strategy", Israel must do everything to prevent good relationship between Iran, Iraq and the Gulf Sheikhdoms. The artificial instigated phobia against Iran must turned into action, before it becomes irrelevant.
3. Medial preparation for killing of Soleimani

It should also be mentioned that the assassination of Soleimani was prepared in the media to make the public less sensitive to the shock. Days and weeks before the planning for assassination of Soleimani was declared and accordingly answered by the Iranian side. Both USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel had their motives to murder General Soleimani.

The talk between US and Israeli murderers about who and when to kill Qassem Soleimani is like a piece out of the novel "The Process" of Franz Kafka.

Iran foiled ‘Israel-Arab’ plot to assassinate General Solaimani
October 3, 2019

"The intelligence unit of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has thwarted an Arab-Israeli plot to assassinate Major General Qassem Soleimani, a globally famous defense strategist who played a key role in the counter-terrorism operations that led to the collapse of the Daesh terror group in Iraq and Syria."

"... terrorists were supposed to buy a place next to a Husseiniyah (religious hall) belonging to General Soleimani’s late father, plant 350-500 kilograms of explosives beneath the place, and blow up the site during Tasu’a and Ashura ..."

"“Through this ominous act, they were after igniting a religious conflict and portray it (assassination) as a domestic revenge case; ..."

"He also pointed out that members of the team had confessed after their arrests that they had wanted “something big” to disrupt the internal order and public opinion."

"General Soleimani was present on the ground to supervise the decisive stages of Iran-backed operations against Daesh, which lost in late 2017 all the territories it had seized in Iraq and Syria."
"Earlier this week, the senior IRGC commander gave an interview to the website of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, during which he gave an insight to his key role during Israel’s 33-War on Lebanon in 2006."

"In November 2018, The New York Times revealed a March 2017 meeting in Riyadh to assassinate Iranian officials, namely General Soleimani."

US approves Israel’s wish to kill top Iranian commander: Kuwaiti sources
By Andrew Illingworth -2018-01-02

"On Monday, the Haaretz – claiming to cite exclusive sources within Kuwait’s Al-Jardia news group – reported that the United States has given Israel permission to assassinate Qasem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)."

"Furthermore, the Haaretz went on to claim that several years ago, Israeli forces had Soleimani in their cross-hairs and were ‘on the verge’ of assassinating the Iranian commander only to be called off by US."
4. Talk from the bowels of Imperial Gangsterism

Where else did we observe the same recipes? In Afghanistan, Ukraine, Turkey, whole Latin America etc.!
  • Threatening for enforcement of bad deals with imperial corporations!
  • Threatening with imperial mass demonstrations as a measure of social warfare!
  • Threatening to kill demonstrators and security personnel alike by snipers!
  • Killing demonstrators and security personnel by imperial mercenary snipers!
  • Threatening to assassinate the heads of the government.
Vital: The Deeper Story behind the Assassination of Soleimani
By Federico Pieraccini - January 9, 2020

"Abdul-Mehdi spoke angrily about how the Americans had ruined the country and now refused to complete infrastructure and electricity grid projects unless they were promised 50% of oil revenues, which Abdul-Mehdi refused."

"This is why I visited China and signed an important agreement with them to undertake the construction instead. Upon my return, Trump called me to ask me to reject this agreement. When I refused, he threatened to unleash huge demonstrations against me that would end my premiership."
"Huge demonstrations against me duly materialized and Trump called again to threaten that if I did not comply with his demands, then he would have Marine snipers on tall buildings target protesters and security personnel alike in order to pressure me."

"I refused again and handed in my resignation. To this day the Americans insist on us rescinding our deal with the Chinese."

"After this, when our Minister of Defense publicly stated that a third party was targeting both protestors and security personnel alike (just as Trump had threatened he would do), I received a new call from Trump threatening to kill both me and the Minister of Defense if we kept on talking about this “third party”."

Tweet thread about the speech of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi. [embed][/embed]

Iraq should expel all these thugs out of the country and cooperate the security measures only with its neighbors and Russia as a mediating and securing power.
5. No winning options for the United States

In the Middle East, there are no longer any winning options for the United States. This has been foreseeable ever since the US mercenaries branded as ISIS were forced out of Iraq. The other mercenaries under the marketing names AlQaeda, AhrarAlSham, FSA are either severely decimated or defected to Turkey and already fighting for Turkish interests in Libya. The empire has hardly any powers left on the ground. The Kurds had to give up the dead promises of the United States, Israel and some European Union countries.

Geopolitical status of Turkey | Interests of Europe | Precarious USA| Dilema of the Kurds 

Many US military bases in Syria have already been taken over by Russian and Syrian forces. Turkey and Syria cut off US troops' access to Turkey.

Syria: Russian military police take control of former US air base
Nov 15, 2019

In Iraq, the US troops are reluctantly tolerated. If the "guests" do not voluntarily leave, they will be forced out the door. It is still possible for the USA to withdraw from Syria and Iraq without needing to be humiliated. I also doubt whether they can stay in the Gulf sheikhdoms for a long.

Zbigniew Brzesinski about Iran, Israel, USA and more:
17. Januar 2010

"We (the USA) would be held as complicit (if Israel attacked Iran) and we would be paying the price for it. ... An increase in that conflict conflict involving the Iranians in collision with us would make our task in Afghanistan absolutely impossible. It would probably reignite the conflict in Iraq, which set the Persian Gulf ablaze, would increase the price of oil, 2-fold, 3-fold, 4-fold, and Americans would be paying 5 to 6 Dollars a gallon at the gas stations. Europe would become even more dependent on the Soviet Union (Russia) for energy. So what's the benefit to us? ... Frankly i think it will be disaster for us more than for Israel, in short-run and a fundamental disaster for Israel in the long-run. Because of the consequence of that is, in the end we would be forced out of the region. ... And, have no illusions about it, when the conflict spreads, we are going to be alone. ... And if we were finally driven out, how much would you bet on the survival of Israel for more than 5 to 10 years?"


Atzmon: Clauswitz, Trump and Soleimani
By Gilad Atzmon - January 9, 2020

"Despite Israel’s relentless threats to attack Iran, it has never been clear whether Israel has the military capacity to cause significant damage to Iran."

"It isn’t clear how Israeli pilots are supposed to cover the distance and fly undetected over Jordan, Syria or Iraq. Where, or how would the Israeli plane refuel and so on. Israel has not managed to solve this logistical military riddle."

"But it has been clever enough to grasp that pushing America into an all out conflict with the Islamic Republic may provide a solution to the riddle. Despite the competition (with Britain, France and Germany), the USA is Israel’s most subservient colony. It has been happily sacrificing its sons and daughters on the Zionist altar for years."
6. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth

In the absence of any other legal system on a global level, the old right of atonement and vengeance applies for states that disregard existing international law. To emphasize this, the Iranians raised the flag of revenge in the city of Qom. This is a legal act that can only be resolved by an atonement offer of the USA or by the murder of senior US military personnel, having the same value like General Soleimani. This is an impossible choice as the whole political establishment, all deep state in the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia cannot compensate the loss of Mr. Soleimani.

Knowing that here eye for eye and tooth for tooth applies, the Swiss embassy delivered a strange US letter to the Iranian government, begging that the Iranians should "only take appropriate revenge" and sent new US soldiers to the region as atonement victims. This is pure cynicism and absurdity, but obviously the US is no longer embarrassed of anything.

Israel: US Asks Iran to Not Sink an American Carrier, “Just Kill Some Troops Instead” (You just can’t make this stuff up)
Good deal for the US...unless you are one of "the troops"
VT Editors -January 4, 2020 

WATCH Terrifying moment Iran unveils red flag at Mosque warning of severe battle to come
By GERRARD KAONGA, 00:07, Mon, Jan 6, 2020


Although international law cannot really make a difference, Iran's Foreign Minister has considered legal action. But, there is no higher jurisdiction that can independently judge such a case.

Iranian scientists have been systematically murdered before, and their atonement is also imminent. So far, Iran has held back on revenge because the overall strategy of General Soleimani to eliminate and drive out imperial forces worked well. He was a genius architect of long-term revenge and success. His death opens a big gap, which has to be filled by the people who worked intensively with him.
7. Trump only says "Netanyahu first!"

IMHO this murder was commissioned, requested, and blackmailed by Netanyahu. I think the rumors surrounding Jeffrey Epstein about dirt sticking on Trump are true and that Netanyahu is using them to control Trump like a puppet.

Who were the rich and powerful people in Jeffrey Epstein's circle?
The wealthy financier was connected to well-known names including Trump, Clinton and Prince Andrew before his July arrest
Edward Helmore in New York, Sat 10 Aug 2019 15.58 BST

Jeffrey Epstein madam allegedly hiding in Israel Ghislaine
Maxwell reportedly on the run from authorities ever since Epstein’s mysterious death in prison.
by Israel Hayom Staff Published on 01-02-2020 15:13

"Ghislaine is protected. She and Jeffrey were assets of sorts for multiple foreign governments. They would trade information about the powerful people caught in his net – caught at Epstein’s house,"

There is also evidence that Trump could be financially blackmailed. Whatever the means of choice, many of Trump's decisions cannot be interpreted otherwise. He does not resist Netanyahu's demands at all. That was different with Obama.

His "America first!" has become "Everything what Netanyahu demands!". Trump is risking the security of US soldiers and the further staying of US forces in the Middle East, only to serve his puppet master.

In the meantime, the Iraqi parliament has requested the withdrawal of US troops.

Also from important neighbors of Iran, the US cannot expect any support for war. Pakistan's Foreign Minister has stated that his country will not allow operations from own territory. Turkey will not allow the access to the military bases on which the US troops operate, because this war would be against Turkey's interests and break an centuries old peace treaty with Iran. The Gulf Arabian territory is only of limited use. They would be razed to the ground by Iranian missiles.
The impression remains that the Netanyahu henchmen in Washington have duped Trump.
8. Trump also says "Saudi money first!"

Just to complete the suspicion, this murder could also be financed by Mohammad Bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the killer of Khashoggi. He may have paid only to the corrupt network of Netanyahu around Trump, which may have delivered fake knowledge about an "imminent war" to him. The Saudis are still financing all imperial terrorist groups of the CIA, which are framed as Jihadists.

In case of money, for Trump any stupidity is possible, depending on how much MBS offered, as "the killing business" could have been highly lucrative despite the costs for damage by counter attack. If soldiers and civilians were killed, that won't cost the criminal cynics anything.

Both murder cases have a certain similarity. Khashoggi went to the embassy of his own state to settle his passport affairs and was cut into pieces. Soleimani was an official guest of the Government of Iraq in the role of a diplomat and was blown up to pieces.

There are many indications that both MBS and Netanyahu were involved. Shortly before the threats against General Soleimani and the murder, intense “secret” air traffic was noticed between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Did Netanyahu fly to Saudi Arabia to meet Crown Prince Bin Salman?
The mysterious flight between the two nations had many asking "Whodunnit?"
By TZVI JOFFRE OCTOBER 25, 2019 01:58

"A privately owned, unidentified Challenger 604 jet departed from Ben-Gurion International Airport, landing first in the Jordanian capital of Amman and then in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh on Tuesday evening, causing many to question which Israeli decided to pay the Saudis a visit."

"The plane has also made trips in recent months between Tel Aviv and Cairo. US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was also in Riyadh at around the same time, pointed out Haaretz reporter Avi Scharf in a tweet."

Mysterious Private Jet Flight From Israel to Saudi Arabia Has Media Guessing
By Alisa Odenheimer October 24, 2019, 1:08 PM GMT+2

"Yossi Melman, who writes for the Maariv daily, tweeted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Mossad spy chief Yossi Cohen may have been on board the flight to the Arab kingdom, which has no diplomatic ties with Israel, possibly to discuss the situation in Syria."

"Although Israel has no formal relations with Saudi Arabia, ties are gradually warming up, in part due to shared concerns over Iran’s growing influence in the region. In the absence of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, most of the cooperation has taken place behind the scenes."

Saudi First: Trump Wants to Start a War With Iran When MBS Gives the Order
Mehdi Hasan, September 17 2019, 7:43 p.m.

"Or is this further evidence of how this commander-in-chief is financially compromised by his business connections to the Saudis? As I explained in a video essay last year, the Saudis have been bailing out Trump since the 1990s — and have continued to do so since he entered the White House. “Saudi Arabia … they buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million,” Trump once declaimed. “Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.”"

Trump Asked Saudi Arabia for $4 Billion to Fund Anti-Assad CIA Op in Syria, New Book Reveals
Published 13 September 2018

"“General Kelly informed the president that his two top foreign policy advisers, McMaster and Tillerson, were in a ferocious fight over who would negotiate with Saudi Arabia to get $4 billion. The money was in part to fund operations in Syria, including a top-secret CIA project for the Syrian rebels code-named TEAK.”"

"Prior to the meeting with Kelly, as per a report by the Washington Post, Trump, in December, over a phone call, asked King Salman to contribute the exact same amount mentioned by Woodward i.e., US$4 billion to reconstruction and stabilization efforts in parts of Syria which are not held by government forces. The report confirms that U.S. finalized the deal with Saudi Arabia."
9. Jail for Netanyahu or World War

Following the failure of the rightful annexation of the Golan Heights and the impossibility of establishing a Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq, the Israelis should give up their decades-long strategy of escalation, but obviously they see no alternative.

Geopolitics in Middle East: What about the Kurds?

The Israeli strategists bet on one bad card only. Therefore, they are still pursuing the goal of (ab)using the US forces against Iran. Netanyahu personally had been able to incite the US against Iraq and promised a "domino effect" across the region.

Netanyahu an the USA in 2002: When you take out Saddam, than I gurantee ...

They don't care how many Iranians and Americans die in the process. Iran's allies, however, say they will attack not only the US bases but also Israel by any direct attack on Iran, knowing the origin of the aggression.

This disaster can only be prevented if the United States moves away from the conflict zone and gives up all acts of war, including economic sanctions, against Iran, so that the Israelis are forced to look for other ways outside of a war.

Netanyahu is currently concerned about his political survival and personal freedom, as the Israeli Chief Prosecutor has an arsenal of corruption allegations and charged Netanyahu. May the Israelis succeed in getting rid of the Netanyahu, that hope for resolving the conflicts in the Middle East can be restored instead of further escalation.

The billions flowing annually from the United States and the EU distort the Israelie perception of the reality. With the turning off of the money tap, Israel's politics and economy will take a healthier shape, forcing politicians to enter into regional partnerships without the intention of territorial expansion.

The concealed gesture as a nuclear power is only the expression of the real-existing fear.

Netanyahu drops clanger, calls Israel ‘nuclear power’
Published at 5 January 2020

"The significance of this project is that we are turning Israel into nuclear power,” Netanyahu said before he rectified himself to say “energy power”"

Obviously, they are deceived into thinking that their own nuclear arsenal is deterrent enough to fuel all conflicts, without needing to fear a blow, and that the United States will always sacrifice themselves to save Israel.

It is hoped that Iran's aggression can be channeled against the United States only. These Israelis are really great friends of the United States and would like allies of the Saudis. Those who have such friends don't need to fear their enemies. Israels gambles high and can lose everything.

Israelis Wonder If Iran Will Avenge Soleimani Killing By Attacking Israel
January 3, 20204:11 PM ET, DANIEL ESTRIN

"ESTRIN: ... Israel has been pushing the U.S. to act more forcefully against Iran. But Israel also hopes not to take the blame for any military action against Iran."

"ESTRIN: Former Israeli military intelligence head Amos Yadlin tweeted that he doesn't think Israel is at the top of Iran's list of targets for revenge. He thinks U.S. positions in Iraq are an easier target, as are the Saudis. And he says Israel has shown in the past it would respond forcefully to any Iranian attack."
10. Conclusions

Everything what General Soleimani has foreseen will be carried out on schedule.

There is no reason to change General Soleimani's successful strategy.

US forces will be driven out of Syria and Iraq.

The Iranians and allies will take revenge for the blood of their martyrs.

Israel must get rid of Netanyahu as not to drown in a major regional war.

USA and the EU must drastically reduce the multi-billion dollar donations to Israel.

Zionist imperial dreams must be buried.

USA must also reduce their imperialist goals.
11. Preliminary results

Shakthi Vadakkepat @v_shakthi "WATCH: The moment Iraqi parliament passed a resolution Sunday calling on the government to expel U.S. troops in response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani and the leader of an Iraqi militia in a drone attack in Baghdad

Iraqi PM tells US to start working on troop withdrawal

"Iraq’s caretaker prime minister asked the U.S. secretary of state to start working out a road map for an American troop withdrawal from Iraq, his office said Friday, signaling his insistence on ending the U.S. military presence despite recent moves to de-escalate tensions between Iran and the U.S."

"The Iraqi leader asked Pompeo to “send delegates to Iraq to prepare a mechanism to carry out the parliament’s resolution regarding the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq,” according to the statement."

"“The prime minister said American forces had entered Iraq and drones are flying in its airspace without permission from Iraqi authorities and this was a violation of the bilateral agreements,” the statement added."

The US government is in a state of self-delusion, believing to be earnestly accepted as a real state while acting as a mafia gang.

U.S. Rejects Iraqi Demand to Withdraw Troops. Can We Do That?
By JOSHUA KEATING, JAN 10, 20201:04 PM

"The U.S. response to Mahdi’s demand has been more or less “No.” A State Department statement on Friday, after beginning dramatically, “America is a force for good in the Middle East,” made clear that any future negotiations would be “dedicated to discussing how to best recommit to our strategic partnership—not to discuss troop withdrawal."

Iran has since carried out its limited revenge. Religious leader Khamaney described it as a slap in the face that had been carried out.


It would have turned into a punch-up if the United States had reacted. All military bases in the region and all US warships would have been attacked.
The USA put up with this slap in the face, as none of the missiles was intercepted.
  • The Patriot system was not used at all.
  • No fighter jet has risen and
  • the expensive AEGIS warning system was also not activated.
The United States has evidently realized that it made a huge mistake.

Iran bombards al-Assad Air Base, puts Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan on notice - America’s MSM in full lying and fear mongering mode…

Iran Standing Down After Proportional Attack in Accordance with UN Article 51- Zarif - US media under full blackout, the lies begin…

The killing by Israeli fighter jets of Iranian and allied forces in Syria is going on without military answer.

Powerful blasts rock Syria-Iraq border after warplanes strike Iranian forces
By News Desk -2020-01-10

"According to reports, the unknown warplanes heavily bombarded the Iranian forces inside the Al-Mayadeen District, killing and wounding several personnel in the process.
Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV claims the attack was carried out by the Israeli Air Force; however, there has been no confirmation from the Syrian military or Ministry of Defense."

Trump gets confirmation from his brothers in mindset!

ISIS Praises Trump’s Murder of Soleimani as “divine intervention”…just like the Israelis do, or are they “one in the same?”
By VT Editors - January 11, 2020

Mike Pence is outing himself to live in a parallel world by is totally ridiculous statements.

Mike Pence: Qasem Soleimani assisted the 9/11 hijackers! Mike Pence: Qasem Soleimani “assisted in the clandestine travel to Afghanistan of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.”
By Jonas E. Alexis - January 9, 2020

Iran has declared that the Ukrainian plane was shot by Iranian air defense because of communication mistakes and human error.

Iran video appears to show missile striking Ukrainian plane
Jan 9, 2020

We accept full responsibility for Ukrainian plane crash: IRGC Aerospace chief
Saturday, 11 January 2020 11:39 AM

"Speaking on Saturday, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said he had “wished he could die” after being informed of the matter on the same day the crash took place on Wednesday."

"The remarks come after Iran’s General Staff of the Armed Forces put out a statement saying the Ukrainian plane was shot down “unintentionally” due to “human error” earlier on Saturday."

"The incident happened as Iran had “raised the sensitivity” of its air defenses due to increased hostile American aerial activity which came after “threats by the criminal American president and military commanders" to hit Iranian targets, the statement read."

"Detailing the events which led to the tragic incident, Hajizadeh said the country’s air defense networks had been put on the “highest level of readiness” and alerted to a possible cruise missile attack prior to the incident."

"The IRGC aerospace chief added that the operator manning the system had repeatedly called for a halt in flights in the region during the night."

"He added that the operator then identified what his air defense system had detected as an incoming cruise missile 19 kilometers away."

"The operator, as required by military guidelines then proceeded to call for orders to deal with the perceived threat, but wasn’t able to do so as his communication network failed to work."

"Hajizadeh added that the operator then “took the wrong decision” of firing on the perceived threat in a “ten-second” time span to shoot or ignore the flying object."

"The aerospace chief added that Iran’s aviation authorities had no information regarding the matter and that they, along with the plane’s crew, had conducted no wrongdoing in the incident."

"Hajizadeh also said the General Staff of the Armed Forces’s Friday statement regarding the matter was released after it was established that certain parties were guilty over the incident."

That explains very well, why Trump played the "calming" role, after the Iranian revenge and why no military counter measures were declared. He was aware of the error.

Trump on Ukraine Plane Crash in Iran: "It Was Flying in a Pretty Rough Neighborhood"
Jan 9, 2020

Trudeau Says Evidence Shows Plane Shot Down by Iranian Missile 
Jan 9, 2020

The Iranian revenge was turned into an imperial trap by unprofessional operator. However, it cannot be blamed only on one person. Iran has to be blamed for bad management and bad air defense infrastructure, as well es bad training of personnel. Iran lost more than a genius strategist, patriot and hero!


Britain is yet again involved into a regime change scheme in Iran.

Iran arrests British ambassador over ‘inciting and directing’ anti-gov’t protests
By News Desk  - 2020-01-12

"British ambassador to Iran, Rob Macaire, was briefly detained outside of Amirkabir University in Tehran over his alleged role in ‘inciting and directing’ anti-government protesters, Tasnim news agency reports."

"He was released several hours later, but will reportedly be summoned on Sunday for further questioning."

"Hundreds of people flocked to universities in Iran earlier on Saturday, for vigils and protests, after Tehran admitted to accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian plane with 176 on board, many of whom were Iranian students."

"While many were bringing flowers and lighting candles, some groups blocked roads and carried banners, chanting anti-government slogans that “apologies and resignations” wasn’t enough and demanding “prosecutions and constitutional changes.”"
12. Deep State has surfaced

With this "targeted killing", the US has delegitimized itself to the bone as a state. The US National Security Act of 1947, which grants the CIA covert murders, was not used here. The USA undressed and everyone saw the public state is dead. Only the Deep State still exists.

The puppet operator seems to be the former CIA director and current chief of the State Department (US Foreign Minister) Mike Pompeo. It seems that Pompeo had never realized that he is now foreign minister and no more leading the CIA murder gang.

How Pompeo convinced Trump to kill Soleimani and fulfilled a decade-long goal
By Nicole Gaouette and Jamie Gangel, CNN, Updated 21:02 GMT (0502 HKT) January 9, 2020

"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a driving force behind President Donald Trump's decision to kill a top Iranian general, sources inside and around the administration tell CNN, a high-stakes move that demonstrates Pompeo's status as the most influential national security official in the Trump administration."

"Taking Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani "off the battlefield" has been a goal for the top US diplomat for a decade, several sources told CNN."

"Targeting Iran's second most powerful official -- the leader of the Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force, the politically and economically powerful military group with regional clout -- was Pompeo's idea, according to a source from his inner circle. That source said the secretary brought the suggestion to Trump. Pompeo "was the one who made the case to take out Soleimani, it was him absolutely," this source said."
13. Broader perspective

Dear Readers,

single incidents cannot be explained and understood without looking at the broader background. As many people would guess, it is not about delivering "human rights", "democracy", "saving the climate", "climate security", "conservation", "protection of biodiverdesity", "fighting big oil" or whatever slogan is trumpeted by the main stream propaganda media. If all these intentions were not fake, the USA had to attack all Gulf sheikdoms. As confronted with lies, always the opposite is the truth!

It is about nuclear fracking of oil and gas, industrial desert farming, Petrodollar and global dominance. For achieving all this, it is about water-cycle, carbon-cycle, airspace, sunlight, and wind-streams for water delivery by measures of Climate Geoengineering.

Please read the articles linked at keywords and the following ones to get more insight. This is just the entry into the complex topic! Take Your time and please be sitting, when You wake up.

Why Iran needs the atom-bombs? Not for war or deterrence, but for NUCLEAR FRACKING!

Iran under attack by Geophysical Warfare methods!

Europe is poor & Arabia is rich on water!

Somalia in Focus of ClimateControl! Tropospheric water bridge!

ClimateControl hub Yemen! The importance of Yemeni airspace for water transfer to Saudi Arabia!

A way to peace for Yemen. Giving the USA & the Saudi Arabia what they urgently need. A tropospheric Water-Route!

Saudi water pipelines (thousands of kilometers) & dams (at least 230) & Gasification in the underground, CO2 pyrolysis to Methane!


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All censored content will be transferred and linked to other platforms. This blog may become only a collection of links with less updated content.


Access to this blog is censored!
I can't do anything to prevent censoring! You win if You reach the sites and start reading!
Der Zugang zu diesem Blog wird zensiert!
Ich kann die Zensur leider nicht verhindern. Du gewinnst, wenn Du die Seiten erreichst und mit dem Lesen beginnst!
Attention! The visitor of the blog could fall away from his supposed knowledge and beliefs! Read and watch at your own responsibility! Achtung! Der Besucher des Blogs könnte von seinen vermeintlichen Kenntnissen und Überzeugungen abfallen! Lesen und Anschauen auf eigene Verantwortung!
Replace CLIMATE CHANGE by CLIMATE CONTROL to decode all manipulation about that easily! Ersetze KLIMAWANDEL durch KLIMAKONTROLLE, um alle Manipulationen darüber leicht zu entschlüsseln!


I am suspended on twitter and blocked on fakebook! So don't miss me there.
Also admins of some Diaspora pods are limiting my activity against ClimateControl. Most are not employed to act as censors, they are MindControlled by NLP.

You feel Your chains when You move!
ClimateControl Mafia is desperate!

Evidence of Water Delivery by ClimateControl!

Water Delivery by ClimateControl Irkaya Farm- Qatar


Klimakontrol-Lobby hat mit Daniele Ganser und Co. KenFM geentert!
Klimakontrolle ist die Ursache des Klimawandels, nicht dessen Lösung!
Bitte achtet! An dem, was sie verschweigt, sollte die Falsche-Alternative erkannt werden!


GEOENGINEERING is changing weather and climate to grab TROPOSPHERIC WATER by SRM and HAARP for FRACKING and FARMING in DESERTs!

Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

This blog is absolutely not "peer reviewed" and not written by a "renown" scientiputa!
You can verify all content by Yourself!
Evidence and knowledge is not hidden from eyes, but only from minds! Just open Your mind!

It is NUCLEAR FRACTURING, not hydraulic!
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Lizenz von Enkidu Gilgamesh - Sharing is Caring!


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