I am suspended on twitter and blocked on fakebook !
Also admins of some Diaspora pods are limiting my activity against ClimateControl.
Most are not employed to act as censors, they are MindControlled by NLP .
You feel Your chains when You move! ClimateControl Mafia is desperate!
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Greenpeace, WWF & Co are trojans of global Oligarchy!

Knowledge will protect You, else You become a victim of fraud!

Be informed, be educated, be confident!

Don't be dumb!
Don't be coward!
Don't be shy!
Don't be distracted!
Don't be conditioned!
Don't care about trolls!
Don't blame the SWEAT for the HEAT!

Every scam has a profound lie. The scam about globalwarming and climatechange begins with lies about CO2. Learn the truth!

This document about CO2 may help!


In simple text format for translations!

German: CO2_Das_Lebensmolekuel.pdf

Italian: CO2_Molecula_Vita.pdf

You cannot ignore it, as SRM is an attack on You, Your children, Your people, Your environment!

You have no more the luxury of listening about the far away dangers and living in "security"!

People are dying and killing for geoengineering. Bloodshed is spreading all over the world!

Greenpeace, WWF and many other so called Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) are lobby-trojans of Corporatist/Fascist Geoengineering Mafia. They want to get control on the global cycles of CARBON and WATER!

The brainwashing propaganda about ending the usage of fossil fuel is distracting from grabbing our sky, water and land for more oil and gas by occupation, theft and privatization our TROPOSPHERE, supported by aviation industry, presstitutes, hollywood and Trojan NGOs.

Greenpeace and WWF-UK are "stakeholders" of Solar Radiation Management Research Governance Initiative (SRMGI)

Can You imagine, what it means for plants, animals and humans, to block and abuse the sunlight for Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management? Do You know, that You need the daily sunlight on Your bare skin for VitaminD generation and it is very unhealthy to hide from sunlight?

Is SRM in Your interest? Are You in this circle?

To learn more about the scam where such Trojans are used for, please read also the other posts of this blog.

If You would like to question the own statements of Greenpeace and WWF, please look in following articles.

Greenpeace’s view on ‘Chemtrails’

Greenpeace Magazin Ausgabe 6.12 Labor Erde

Geo-engineering – useful tool for tackling climate change, or dangerous distraction?

The Oligarchy pets are creating and fostering fake grassroots movements and campaigns! They use following hashtags for promotion!

#DemocracyAwakens #DemocracySpring

Such fake grassroots are designed to counter real movements like OccupyWallStreet which are directly attacking the Oligarchy! The trojans aim to replace or hijack a real grassroots movement.

The biggest fear of Oligarchy is the loss of control, as the assume they would have control on the society!

WWF Schwarzbuch (embedding disabled)

A friend told"How do you know that Greenpeace etc are trojans of global Oligarchy? There is no information posted. I have been donating to Greenpeace for years and they always told me that they were completely independent!!"

Look where WWF & Greenpeace operate and what comes next.
They always clean the area of people by pretending to protect the animals and after that the big corporations come to frack oil & gas or for industrial farming or just fun tourism for the oligarch clans.

For example look to the Inuit. They were expelled from their hunting grounds. Now the oil firms produce there the only thing the people got is cancer, which they never had before.

This is part of a bigger documentary of German television.

In former times that was colonialism and imperialism, today the pretext is different.

Government U-turn halts tribal eviction from India’s national parks

Karen People forcibly expelled from the Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand

Evicted fight back against nature parks

Thousands of Tanzania’s Maasai evicted from their land ‘for tourism’

Fortress conservation in Kahuzi-Biéga National Park: Evictions and extrajudicial killing

It is named “protection” but the result is always controlled exploitation.

WWF “gives” certificate for deforestation as if it was the property of it.


Implementing Sustainable Forest Management Through Kuba’an-Puak Corridor Project

The final statement of the same friend: "Evil organisation puppets once again!! Thank you for that information."

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Evidence of Water Delivery by ClimateControl!

Water Delivery by ClimateControl Irkaya Farm- Qatar

Eugenics -> ClimateControl

Carbon Tax, Life Tax, Carbon Eugenics, Technocratic Terror

Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

Weather Warfare

Klimakontrol-Lobby hat mit Daniele Ganser und Co. KenFM geentert!

Klimakontrolle ist die Ursache des Klimawandels, nicht dessen Lösung!

Bitte achtet! An dem, was sie verschweigt, sollte die Falsche-Alternative erkannt werden!

GEOENGINEERING is changing weather and climate to grab TROPOSPHERIC WATER by SRM and HAARP for FRACKING and FARMING in DESERTs!

Geoengineering is never the solution against but the reason of killing and devastating changes!

This blog is absolutely not "peer reviewed" and not written by a "renown" scientiputa!

You can verify all content by Yourself!

Evidence and knowledge is not hidden from eyes, but only hidden from minds! Just open Your mind!



It is NUCLEAR FRACTURING, not hydraulic!
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