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Chemtrail, Desublimation-Trail, Condensation-Trail! Jet engines are cutting smog clouds by reducing relative humidity!


  1. Notion of Chemtrail!
  2. Desublimation Trails!
  3. Condensation Trails!
  4. SRM
  5. Scientists
  6. How to estimate altitudes?
  7. Can't water vapor freeze by itself to form persistent trails?
  8. Jet trail in aerosol cover!

1. Notion of Chemtrail!

Although the notion "Chemtrail" is pithy and striking word, it is demonized by the Geoengineering Mafia and any user is degraded as a moron, it is necessary to explain the background!

In times of lies, one wisdom is assuring:
"The truth is always the opposite of the lie!
Therefore please understand always the opposite, if the statements are made by liars!"

Without shattering the mental walls of  lies, made by NLP methods to make the victims censor themselves, there won't be any escape from the Matrix of Misery.

The notion "Chemtrail" was first used by the US Air Force for two kinds of water seeding, which is also named Solar Radiation Mangement (SRM). "Chemtrails" combines both types and mainly expresses that it is not about clean Tropospheric Water but a mixture with other chemical, fine dust materials. The difference of seeding types depends on the altitude of application!

2. Desublimation Trails

Main application of SRM occurs between ca. 6km to 12km altitudes. The process begins with the buildup of Desublimation Trails. Such trails are observable very often and many people call them "Chemtrails". The meaning of  Desublimation is explained here more detailed. You may research knowledge about Desublimation also from other sources. Please verify it by Yourself.

After ca. 1 hour of spraying the Desublimation Trails form a closed Desublimation Cover, block the sunlight and dry out the airspace by accumulating more and more crystallizing water and trigger an accelerated diffusion of humidity from surface to upwards. The impact of this dry out is also detectable at the surface:
  • Abrupt change of air pressure, causing headache and disturbance of equilibrium. 
  • Electric discharges occur by touching metallic objects, e.g. when opening Your car.

3. Condensation Trails

Under 6km down to ca. 3km dirty Condensation Trails are built by spraying of fine dust particles. This kind of Chemtrails are less often to observe, but clearly separable from natural Cumulus clouds by their very long ordered shape and mostly yellow color. It is easily visible that they did not form by thermal rise of humid hot air.

Low Tropospheric SRM
The strange "Mamatus Clouds" belong also to the category of artificial aerosol clouds.

Don't disturb these low Tropospheric aerosol Condensation trails with natural near shore rolling clouds!

4. SRM

The method of water seeding is named "Solar Radiation Management" (SRM), more accurately it should be called "Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management" (TSRWM), because the the main target of TSRWM is the management of the water streams in the upper Troposphere (ca. 6km to 11km in the Temperate Climate Zone).
"Nonproven" is Geoengineering with TSRWM only for ignoramuses! The daily implementation of the water management process can be easily observed, based on fundamental knowledge of Meteorology and Water Physics.

Just to eliminate one big mistake of perception - target of SRM is not to "influence the weather", "prevent global warming" or "save climate", "rescue polar bears" or any other bullshit, but the management and trading of total global sweet water cycle, to deliver this water to clients, who need and pay for it!

Changing weather is a direct consequence of this application. The extreme weather events, material damage, killing of people by floods, lightnings, droughts, super hail are all COLLATERAL DAMAGE of TSRWM!

When they use the notion "ADAPTATION"  in the context of "global warming", they hope to find acceptance for collateral damage as a "necessary evil" of this "inevitable" technology.

The legal foundation is prepared with Climate Agreements, CO2-Tax, Water RightsAirspace Righs and Sunlight Rights.

5. Scientists

The basic mechanisms of  TSRWM are not secret knowledge, but they are the foundations of Meteorology and Water Physics.

The so called "renown climate scientists" - I don't want to vomit their names here - are not scientists. They are propaganda multiplicators, which are framed by propaganda presstitutes as "scientists".

The notion "scientist" is used as an marketing instrument, because the majority of people doesn't buy a lie from priests, rabbis, shamans or mullahs, but when lies are presented with "hallmark of science", no critical questioning arise.

Intimidated by the exaggerated respect from "assumed intelligence" of scientists and self limited by own low level education, most people don't dare to challenge pseudo-scientific scam.

For example more than 31.000 real scientists have organized themselves in the USA and have declared that the Climatism prophets are wrong with their speculations. Some 100 German scientists also explain the errors of this ideology, but the presstitutes (main stream media) ignore their publications totally. Counter opinion and counter evidence can't find their way to the public.

The science community has evolved to a decadent science caste and has dumbed itself. People with some degree in Meteorology, Climatology, Physics, Chemistry or any other discipline, are easily tricked out with silly ideas like "positive feedback by CO2". They just believe the scam without knowing and understanding anything!

6. How to estimate altitudes?

The altitude of a jet can be estimated by its visible size, but there are also some important borders within the Troposphere.

1. At ca. 2km altitude the 0°C line.
2. At ca. 6km altitude the cirrus border.
3. At ca. 9km altitude the slight beginning of contrail formation.
4. At ca. 10km altitude the clear formation of contrails.
5. At ca. 11km altitude the upper end border of Troposphere and the beginning of Tropopause.

All altitudes are for Temperate Climate Zone!

Any visible trail building below 9km altitude needs an addition of dust into the flight trail.

Any persistent trail above 9km needs also the addition of dust into the flight trails.

This is practical Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (TAI) as a method of Solar Radiation Management (SRM = Sunlight Robbery Menace).

7. Can't water vapor freeze by itself to form persistent trails?

No, when micro droplets of vapor freeze without desublimation, they freeze as droplets and don't form crystals. As droplets they keep their size and and cannot grow to big crystals.

8. Jet trail in aerosol cover!

When there is already a layer of aerosol clouds, a jet flying through it, would cut this, because the exhaust air is hot and has a much lower relative humidity rate. The result would look like below.

If the flying through jet would spray aerosol building dust, it first would cut and than build new persistent trail within the aerosoled layer like below.

Namibia: NASA Scientists Arrive in Walvis Bay

"The coast of Namibia is one of three places on earth with persistent low-level clouds, and the only such location with a steady supply of tiny aerosol particles in the form of smoke from inland fires that mix with the clouds. NASA's Observations of Aerosols Above Clouds and their Interactions (ORACLES) mission will observe and measure how these particles interact with clouds and change their ability to warm or cool the planet."


  1. May you be blessed for the sharing of this information! You made this quite simple to understand. God Bless You! I am no scientist but would love to know how to see the daily movement of the water in this process. Is there a satellite or something one may watch?

    1. You may observe the daily images of NASA weather satellites, or look at the GoogleEarth images, where You get also some hint.
      This one should be the best!,-1.826175,3z,sat,am,2016-08-10




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